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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Albany Democrat Herald. (Oregon Week)


Hello Friends.

I just have to write this blog before I burst.In the Democrat Herald yesterday I saw a video interview between Hasso Hering and two women from CARDV (Center Against Rape & Domestic Violence) which is in Corvallis,regarding the sex trade in Oregon and especially Linn and Benton Counties.

I watched it for a total of four times incase I had somehow picked up some of Hasso's questions wrongly.I mean to say, this is an extremely serious subject and one that is very close to my heart and I am sure, very close to quite a few people in Oregon's hearts.

He did not seem to think that there was a sex trade going on in Oregon, let alone Linn and Benton Counties which is where his beloved newspaper covers.Does he actually walk around day after day, year in and year out, with his head stuck up his backside so that he does not see or hear what is really going on in the outside world.

Child sex was going on right across the road from his own newspaper and on top of which, the person condoning this was the child's own mother who worked for the newspaper and may still well do.And did any of the authorities in Albany give a dam, no they did not.They turned a blind eye to it and it went on for years, But worse still, this woman's so-called boyfriend delivered newspapers himself for this newspaper and the child helped him every day because they could hardly be parted from each other.It was the talk of Albany at the time.Even worse, if that is possible, the Grandmother (a self proclaimed pastor,now deceased) and her son (another self proclaimed pastor)knew all about it and let it carry on.

But I suppose any one who is also into such violence on such a lot of people over the many years that they have been living in Albany, is hardly going to let a case of child sexual abuse worry him enough to do something about it, is he? Besides which he has three step children now who unfortunately are the ages mentioned in the video yesterday and he has my grandson whom anybody following my blogs will know of the awful life that he has had at this so called pastor's hands, and the many more people who have suffered at his hands also.The shame being that not all can tell the tale as they are no longer with us, well not in this lifetime.And do the Albany police or other agencies care, NO THEY DO NOT.No wonder that this family is now in hiding in Stayton, Oregon along with several people from Albany whom he claims that they are trying to rehabilitate. What a joke!!! Just a thought before I go,has anybody ever considered the sleeping arrangements for all of these people and this family.Are they hanging people from the rafters, or what. There are laws on overcrowding and who is sleeping with who?I hope that you all have a great week.Stay safe!