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Saturday, October 3, 2009



One would have to laugh at what the Matlands have done now, if it wasn't so serious.I said before in my blogs, that I felt that this family were collecting children for whatever reason.Obviously money would be their number one priority, because it certainly is not because they love children.George Matland actually hates children and that was the last thing he wanted in life.But they are worth money.So that is a good incentive. They are cheap labor and there are financial benefits that come with having children regarding the different things one can claim for and for what ever else these children are subjected to.

Any of you who follow my blogs know of the violence that goes on at the 'Signs of Victory'.You have only to see the photos of my grandson 'little George' to see some of what happened to him when with George Matland, after George had given poison to my daughter and attacked her five year old.Then they ended up in a women's shelter.But 'little George' was kept by his father because at the time of the attack on the five year old, he was told by Albany Police to go to his mother's for the night so that thing's could calm down. Then of course after George had completely, yet again turned the crime around so that he didn't get prosecuted, because he is a gutless little coward and control freak, he got a Restraining Order so that my daughter could not get to see her son and this went on for ages.Months and months this carried on. But that is all in the other blogs.

So anyway, in late 2005 he met his latest wife who is one of a very long stream of wives, and Maxine Matland performed another of her fake marriages and within days this new wife Priscilla not only had been on drugs, but was having a full blown affair with a fella from the Homeless people's shelter that they were then running.Top this with the fact that prior to meeting George Matland she had abandoned her three kids altogether, plus when she finally went back to Oregon and had got them back, she had them living in an old trailor in Albany with sweet f... all to live on,except drugs because Priscilla was into them still, as was the fella that she was shacking up with.

But then she spotted good old George Matland and thought that she would do better by moving in with the Matlands.So what I am saying is, that this was all only two and a half years ago.Also, just ten days after the marriage to George, her youngest child was kidnapped, but the man actually only made it to down the road as other people from their Soup Kitchen grabbed the child off of him.Not that Priscilla actually bothered herself to tell the Police until the following day.That's how much she cared.And I don't care what anybody says, I still think that there was more to that kidnapping than was ever known or suspected by the Police. And I say that because I know only to well from other families whose sons/daughters or children were unfortunate enough to end up either at the Matland's shelter or in one of these crazy marriages.Fear and violence was a very big part of their controlling ways and has been all the way back to the mid 1970's in Oregon.

So all in all, one wouldn't be to inclined, unless absolutely barking mad or from a different planet altogether, to trust the Matlands with animals, let alone their children.But hey folks, guess what their latest scam is???? They have opened a fee paying school.I swear to God that by a total accident, this information was given by the Vice Principle of the school himself.The Principle, he said, was the Pastor's wife Priscilla.They are supposed to have a Bible school there also, run by George.They have opened this school in the building at their church at 1125 Dale Street,SE Albany.Get this, they charge $250.00 per month to attend there.I phoned about a week ago and there were eleven pupils there but was told that there was room for twenty two children.Now! as the Mission is not really a Homeless person's shelter anymore, they are instead renting these people apartments (for want of a better word)but the men have to work for George. So not only are they collecting rents from these people, they are charging these people to send their children to their school and using the adults to run their shop/properties and so on for the Matlands, then as if that is not bad enough, these people are forced to go to their church (otherwise they would have no congregation hardly)and make out like they are having a rare old time raising their arms in the air and praising the Lord.And I will bet you that they are paying the Matlands tithing on top of that.

I don't know about other church schools in the Albany area, but I will bet you that they follow the laws to the last letter, or the Education office would be down on them like a ton of bricks.But hey folks, this is the Matlands that we are talking about.This school is slap, bang next to the Valu Inn Motel, and some other building also shares the same car park.I don't know how many of you reading this will know the amount of laws and money that covers setting up a venture for a school in Oregon, but there is Insurance, health and safety to consider, background checks on the staff,( ie Priscilla and the Vice Principle from the Mission), fingerprints are supposed to be taken, the school has to have strict fire checks, a proper area for the children to play (not a car park shared by the motel and another business) and there are a mass of other laws and conditions that a church school has to adhere to.Now I will be very curious as to what the State offices for Education have to say about this.Or like all of the other laws that the Matlands so flagrantly break under the officials noses, perhaps they will turn a blind eye to this latest venture as well. After all, it is not as if any of the authorities care about these children to start with, is it? Otherwise they would get off their fat butts and do their jobs.

For all of the good, decent and careing people in Albany, remember that when you are asked to give the 'Sign's of Victory' a donation, make sure that before you do part with your hard earnedcash, that this is going on the Matlands themselves, and not on restoring their filthy properties, or treating the families there to a better standard of living, this is to feed their habit.Remember also that alcohol is not their only vice,and that a lot of George Matland's friends are drug dealers and users and are used to intimidate anyone daring to upset George or the family.And also remember that if you do join the Matland's to live/work or whatever, it is all jolley fine thinking that you can leave if you want, don't believe that for one minute because they need your money, labor or whatever use you have to them, and you could very well end up crippled for life because you dared mention that you were thinking of moving on to start a fresh life.That is exactly what happened to a lady there.Crippled for life and GEORGE RAYMOND MATLAND was the one who organized it.That is what sort of Pastor he is.And did the Police prosecute him, not so bloody likely.Yet again, he got away with with a vicious attack on a woman.But he wasn't even satisfied with that, he went after her again, got a friend to punch her again another time, so as to make sure that she would definately be crippled, then he got his own son aged seven years old (my grandson) and forced him to pound on this ladies spine whilst he praised the child telling him to punch harder, till she was nearly screaming with pain.Now wouldn't one admire a Pastor with such a good Christian nature!!!! That bastard should have been put down years ago for all that he has done.Remember that this is the man who took and hid a newborn baby for three days as punishment because his wife back then(my daughter) dared to speak on the telephone in the hospital just minutes after giving birth to his only child.

So summing up what is written here, I don't think that I would want my child/children to be attending anything that the Matland's run, let alone a school.It was also suggested that this was not a proper school but only to appear as such so that people would send there children there so that the Matlands could get the money.Myself, the fact that there is a motel next to the church/school would worry me ,because who knows what else these kids are subjected to.I know the Matland's of old, these are the family who discuss who they want murdered or hurt openly in front of the kids, my grandson is proof of that.Plus my daughter was in the car when they were planning on how to arrange a murder on another man that they didn't like. So this is a very dangerous family indeed and must have a lot of sway to be able to get away with so many, many crimes.So that is all for now, but I will do another blog in a few days as I need to check some facts out, but it will be a real humdinger of a story if I can get the proof.

I wish you all a really great week. Take care, God bless you all. Angie.x

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