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Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Hello Friends,

To those of you who follow my blogs, you will already know about some of the many, many crimes that take place, and have taken place,using the Homeless people at the 'Signs of Victory Ministries' in Albany,Oregon, so as to support the Matland family to buy,lease and obtain properties, cars and trucks,utilities,and more for themselves,and to live in a style to which one has no other description for but to say that they are worse than the parasites (cockroaches)who infest their properties and wander free in their filth and dirt to which the Matland's have become accustomed to and the poor neighbors have had to put up with for years and years.

These three human beings (for want of a better word-perhaps LEECHES)would be a better word,are a cruel, bitter and insatiably greedy family trying to collect by any means possible,anybody's money, by fair means or foul. Mainly foul because they do not give a toss as to how they get this money and never have, blackmail having been used as well,but the Homeless people have been one of their main constant sources of supply plus whatever grants and handouts and donations were received also for housing these people.

For all of the marriages that have taken place using innocent people who thought that they were loved by either Pastor (that title in itself is a joke to start with)George Raymond Matland, aged now 58 years old, his sister Virginia Gale Armstrong,Russell, Cabrera and many more names, now 57 years old,and pre. 2006, their mother Pastor Virginia 'Maxine' Matland,who was no more than evil personified and was no more a Pastor than I am.This was just a case that the Matlands saw a scam that would let them live totally free of charge, get them Tax Exemption which they most certainly have done on many properties, and gave them an inexhaustible supply of Food Stamps, checks belonging to the people staying at the Mission (Gale being a trained forger)which were robbed from their church mailbox PO BOX 186, Albany, Oregon,money from the authorities,vehicles, bits of furniture,and anything that could be robbed from these vulnerable people who were simply down on their luck and looking for food and shelter.Well, they certainly came down to earth with a very big bump when they went to stay there.

But worse again, they wanted their children.Anybody's children actually.Gale even fancied herself as running a Foster Home for children.This is the woman who treated her own three (if indeed they were hers to start with,and I would say that that was very questionable, especially as she did not know her own son's proper name) so abominably that it is hard to believe that any 'mother'(that word is used very loosely) would have allowed her own young daughter to have sex for several years with one of Gales latter boyfriends who was on FBI records and as violent as they come because she was 'scared that he might leave her'.Did you ever hear anything so ridiculous?He beat the crap out of Gale,left her son black and blue from head to toe and that is not counting Gale's violence on the children also.So we are talking about a bunch of 'sicko's,George Matland also having been caught abusing certain children, by their mom's.Then they ended up under the threat of getting murdered in two cases,(my daughter being one) if it was reported to the cops, or in the case of another lady when she caught George abusing her child, he raped and beat her for daring to try and escape.

So after the nine previous marriages that George Matland was in,number ten was a right little gift.Her name was Priscilla.Oh boy!!! did she suit the Matland scams.Not only was she the living image when done up, of my daughter, whom George had tried on several occasions to kill,she was as big a scammer and thief as the Matlands themselves.

Not only was she already being investigated for thousands of dollars that she had had,(I know this because I have had several talks with those investigators)she had already done credit card fraud,and god knows what else.However she had three children and of course the Matlands loved that.So Priscilla was a good catch in several ways,well apart from when she robbed George of his Xmas Tree money, which I admit that I did find comical, and she slept with a man from the Mission right from the off,so that says a lot for this farce of a marriage, which of course is exactly what it was.A complete and total farce because Maxine did the ceremony.

Then of course Priscilla posed as a school principle, using her three kids and my grandson, and kids from the Mission and opened a school at 1125 Dale Street,SE.Albany,for which fees had to be paid.The vice-principle being a man from the mission also.A MINDER would be a better word, so as to stop the kids getting out.Both not qualified to run a cat's home let alone a school.But then, yet again, this scam of a place was turned a blind eye to, like the rest of the crimes that the Matland's as a whole, have committed.

She got herself a half share in a local shop also and quite happily scammed that couple out of every penny that they were owed.But also she pulled a stunt on a very sick person and robbed them of every penny that they had saved to be able to set themselves up in a place of their own to live.Not content with that, this person was robbed on a second occasion of all of their identity and then still not satisfied got the family GALE and GEORGE and another fella from the mission (whom George pretended was his son),to intimidate and terrify this person and on top of which he was kicked out of the shelter and spent four days and nights on the streets, with no food,identity,money or anything.If it wasn't for the kindness of a man in Albany, who knows what may have befallen this sick man who had been so atrociously treated.I hope with all my heart that her mother and stuck up, foul mouthed sister hear about this, because what Priscilla (pretend Matland)is doing is every bit as bad as the Matland family is and areal still doing.No wonder she fits in so well.And this Priscilla is looking after children and pretending to be a school principle and also helping to stop contact between her children and my grandson from their non custodial parents.EXCUSE ME PRISCILLA,GEORGE AND GALE,I THINK THAT YOUR REIGN AT SIGNS OF VICTORY MINISTRIES IS ABOUT TO COME TO AN ABRUPT END.HAVE A VERY GOOD DAY WHILST YOU ARE STILL AT LARGE! I CAN HEAR THE PRISON CELLS CALLING!!!

TO my friends, may I wish you all a very happy week.Take care and stay safe and for God's sake, do not donate or give one single cent to this family because it is definitely not going towards the Homeless people.

Saturday, October 3, 2009



Hello friends, I have not written too much lately but that is only because of new evidence coming to light, so I have a question for anybody who reads this who has ever eaten at the 'SIGN'S OF VICTORY MISSION' or their SOUP KITCHEN in Albany, Oregon.

Did you ever experience any ill effects or anything unusual occuring after eating there? This could be not just within hours of eating, I am talking about longer term illness also,and if so, WHAT???? Describe what happened,how you felt and so on because I am not referring to vomiting and so on that is associated with eating bad food.Of course people get food poisoning, but I am not referring to that, this is different.

I obviously don't want to put words into anybody's mouth but there are a couple of common factors here that keep coming up with past visitors to this Mission, especially with those that have spent a bit of time there and also especially any past spouses, but I can understand that because of the Life Policies on some of these people.You can contact me at: I would love to hear from you and you can tell me of your experiences.Believe me, it will get dealt with.

Whilst on the subject of what these people staying at the Matlands are given,you really do need to check the medication that you are taking. We know that you have to hand it over when you are staying at the Mission, or are one of the many spouses that the Matland family have had.It may not be what the doctor gave you,it seems, like with the food, that there is a lot of tampering with the medication going on and certain people are given not what they are supposed to be given.It is to keep them quiet and sedated in some cases, then they cannot cause hasstle, can they? It gets worse, but that will all come to light at the proper time.

I have called this blog 'ROACH DADDY' because that is my new name for George Matland.He and his family and housemates live in filth,cockroaches, fleas and pure dirt,and have drugs on tap,because that is where the Matlands come from. They have never known any different not even when they were growing up and yet they can get away with treating the Homeless people the way that they do and get paid good money for doing it.It is simply disgusting,inhuman and how on earth can this family call themselves christians with all the crimes that they are still doing and have done for so long.This family are about as far removed from God as it is possible to be and yet people are daft enough to believe the words of a complete farse of a pastor who is just living like a leech off of society and who with his family,scam, scheme, rob, and hurt physically and mentally any persons that they decide do not suit their ways or dare to have an opinion of their own.They are nothing but freeloading scum on a power trip of some sort.

Now that they no longer have the main Mission building,(and have lost their thrift shop in Corvallis and GRM Trailors ,which was George's business also through non-payment ) the homeless people are now hidden away in the Matland's basements at 118/120 Seventh Ave. SE, Albany.Oregon.These are two of the three addresses that Gale (Matland) Armstrong, Cabrera and Russell, who are all the same person,is purchasing for herself out of her ill gotten gains by using the 'slave labor' (Homeless people) who are unfortunate enough to fall on hard times and need to be in a shelter of some sort, to tide them over until they can get back on their feet again. That of course is harder than one would think because the Matlands will take your money, then want more and more and so you will never get back on your feet because that is not what theMatlands want.

Those paying rents live on the floors above.None of these people live for free though, even the Homeless pay to live in that disgusting place.Those running the agencies for the Homeless should be ashamed of themselves because they should actually go and check each place claiming to help these people because if they really did care, then this Mission would be shut down for once and for all and this family all put behind bars for their part in these crimes against humanity.But that is not going to happen because this helping the Homeless bit is a very lucrative business and enables the Matlands to live free of charge for as long as they can get away with it.They pay not one cent more than they can get away with for anything, so why would they want to give that up? They are adept in the lies that they tell, the money that they scam, and they have no fears that any of the children are going to give them away because they simply are not allowed to go to a proper school or mix with outsiders,but instead are shut away in that dumping ground up at 1125 Dale Street, SE Albany, which they kid the Homeschool people that it is a proper school. These fools don't seem to realize that there are rules to abide by before one opens a school and not one of these has been adhered to.This is just really a prison without bars so as to keep the kids in one place between 9-6pm.

Before I close, I must just mention the girl JayceeLee Dugard,who was found after two decades of having gone missing, that was in the news the other day. Had the authorities done their jobs in the first place she would have been rescued years ago, but like with Albany, they turn their backs.Only now that it is all coming to light what really happened do those authorities want to know. I wonder how Albany Police department and others in Oregon,who all know exactly the many crimes that the Matlands have carried out, will feel ,when it is they who will be the ones who are hung out to dry in public because of their involvement in this corruption? Believe me, your time is coming.We know who you are.You will be named. WE ARE WATCHING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

So I will finish this blog for now.I wish all of my friends a very good week.Take care and stay safe and for God's sake, to anybody moving into the Signs of Victory Ministries, think twice because your health may never be the same again.



The following words are not mine but you will already know that my blogs are regarding the gross injustices that are going on inOregon and in my family's case Albany regarding my daughter and grandson and what a family by the Name of Matland have been doing whilst hiding behind a fake church in which to cover up their thirty plus years of crimes on men, women and children and with more letters coming in exposing the cruelty that this family inflict on innocent people under the guise of running a shelter for the Homeless which thankfully has now closed down.

Certain of these Homeless families and single residents have been robbed, scamed out of their Food Stamps, their Social Security checks taken and used and every grant that can be claimed has been, but all for this family's use, not the correct recipient.On top of which not once have they been prosecuted by the authorities for their evil, sadistic crimes on men, women and children.I hasten to add that this is not on every homeless personthat has stayed there at the 'Signs of Victory Mission' but on persons who have somehow upset one of the Matland family, which from what I have received, seems to be an awful lot of people over the years.This is made worse because the crimes that the Albany Police department are called out for, are not what appears on their records.In fact one is lucky if thefact that one has reported a crime to them is even noted at all.For example in George Matland's case, if I was him and I had just given my spouse poison or attacked a child or had somebody maimed for life (all of which is true) I don't think that the callout should be referred to on the Police records as'Party-Loud Music' or 'Disturbance-Loud Party' SUSP.Other-Other.

This 'SUSP. OTHER-OTHER' was George Matland attacking my grandson aged nearly five years old because he dared to leave work in the Soup Kitchen and go up to see his mombecause he was tired.It was evening and the Soup Kitchen was over and the Matlands decided to have a few beers or in George's case, wine,and there was still clearing up to be done.This is all recorded in my other blogs along with the poisoning (which took place two weeks earlier when George fed my daughter poison, which was not the first attempt on her life by this wonderful Christian family called Matland.)However all this covering up of crimes by the Police and others in Albany and in Oregon in general led me to read up on what else was going on involving 'Children's Services', Linn County Courthouse,City Hall,Oregon State Bar and so on and so on.I thought that the Mafia were bad, but they are not a patch on what the MOBSTERS running Albany/Oregon are up to. They would knock them into a cocked hat.I am going to copy the exact wording of an e-mail that I received from an amazing group that I am proud to belong to called "A VOICE FOR CHILDREN".I hasten to add here that I did ask permission to put this on my blog. So it is all legal and above board.Some of you will remember the family by the name of Gaston because I have referred to the disgraceful treatment that thisfamily received.READ ON-YOU WILL BE HORRIFIED!!!!

(a_voice_for_children)Gastons on Wagener TV
From "Leonard Henderson"

William Wagener interviews Will Gaston in May 2009 v=SsqFD06My6A

11 years after Pamhelped WILBUR beat his Kangeroo trial,4.5 years after Pam was killed, and no autopsy done, nor an investigation, ..William Wagener,Host of On Second Thought, got this exclusive interview May 2000 with Wilbur,who had his 6 year old daughter kidnaped by cops without proper warrant based on a JURY verdict, to help CPS lesbian Perverts and hetro perverts cover up their molestation and abuse of his little girl, who turned 19.Melissa is being hidden from Wilbur even today.


Pam Gaston attacks credibility of probation Officer and the entire system while in leg shackles and handcuffs.

Pam Gaston. 3 - Voice for the Children - in chains v=dA7_uqTloke



Part 1 of a grusome TRUE Story documented in the Court Records of Oregon. Wilbur Gaston, a man with grown children in his mid 60's fathers a daughter with a unmarried woman, who soon loses all her children to CPS. Wilbur finds out, and fights to get his daughter,Melissa Gaston, OUT of the Foster-CPS system, and with the help from Pam, a local Artist, WINS. It takes 6 months for 4 year old Melissa to stop screaming spontaneously after Wilbur getscustody back. Wilbur marries 40+ tr old Pam Gaston,20 years his junior.After 25 months of custody, Melissa is feeling safe with her Bio Dad, Wilbur Gaston.

Then CPS thugs, send local police to kidnap Melissa playing in the front yard with a friend. Pam & Wilbur fight in court for years to win his daughter Melissa back. The State of Oregon, apparently! under the direct order by CPS agent "Larry Lawson" according to Wilbur, orders Oregon School teacher, Hazel S. to make a porno film on video.The idea is to get little Melissa to accuse her own innocent dad of making her dance naked and "touch herself" where it feels "good".Then use the video against Wilbur, after editing, to permanently "REMOVE" and "TERMINATE" his parental Rights,and put him in Jail so he can neverhave his daughter back - - for the crime of recuing her from CPS abuse in Foster homes. Wilbur tells us in a later clip how at 15, Melissa "found" her dad via the internet, and they got together for a afternoon, and talked and Melissa said that when she turns 18 she wants to come live with her Dad.BECAUSE the only time she felt "SAFE" was when she was those 25 months as a little girl living with her Dad. Wilbur Gaston, who rather resembles Santa Claus out of uniform.Wilbur sued those who were prosecuting him for "stalking" etc. and in the end ... either Wilbur would be found guilty or the STATE of OREGON would owe Wilbur $500 million dollars. Wilbur WON.

Oregon has a judgement against it rendered by a JURY, for $500 million they owe Mr Gaston, and inspite of the 12000 Oregon State Bar members of Oregon, none has been willing to Perfect the Judgement and start collecting the $$ owed. Wilbur struggles on Soc. Security and Pam got murdered before she could start the collection on the Judgement,. . . . by aerial Poisoning by a Helicopter that flew over and dropped a mist on their trailer in a wood, after Pam was forced out of her home in Mt.Angel, Oregon. Police refused to investigate. Ask yourself. Can this be true. Can the State of Oregon kidnap a man's daughter, use her for a porno film, send it around to CPS agents as a case example of "child Pornography" and then be caught, ordered to pay up, and after a murder of a woman, Pam, simply lock up the tape in a Judges"safe" so the father can NOT show anyone else how awful the Court system and CPS is?

Research, and start with VOICE for the CHILDREN web site, where you can find Teacher Hazel S. confession. Then call your Congress Critter and demand Federal Prosecution of the guilty judges, CPS agents, police, and the abolishment of CPS in total. Note, Wilbur's sister calls it NAZIZM.

Pam GASTON nails the Crook. v=1YGbLqUuX2M

Pam Gaston, on Michael Marsh's PEG TV program in Salem, Oregon nails the Crook. Dan Doyle 3 years before he goes to JAIL for Election fraud. And Dan got a minimum sentence. It is interesting, because Dan was both prosecutor and Legislator at same time ...which is a violation of separation of three branches of Government, and even DAN admitted that....later, Dan goes to jail sentenced to 10 months, and his wife who was also convicted, apparently while this GASTON Case was being covered up.

Weidner & Wagener on Wilbur Gaston's abused daughter v=Pm2d_h4-edl

CPS workers of Oregon Kidnap Wilbur Gaston's Daughter and use her for sexual porno film with TAX $$. Roger Weidner,former Prosecutor EXPOSES CPS.


This is me now. I do hope and pray that you will read this all thoroughly and if you wouldn't mind, pass this on to as many peoplethat you canbecause this has to be made as public as possible.
Who the Hell do these so called OFFICIALS think they are? Perhaps it is time that the members of the public who vote this scum in to office, turn the tables on them. I know damn well what I would do if I lived there.They are a disgrace to the Human Race and so are those who sit back and let them get away with it.Send this to newspapers and TV stations and let the world know what is going on in Oregon.It is nothing more than barbaric.I wish you all a very good week.



Just how many buildings does this family have to buy and rent, before people realize that this is all one huge scam.'The Signs of Victory Mission', 'Signs of Victory Ministries', 'Signs of Victory Bible School', 'Signs of Victory Albany Mission', and I could go on and on telling you all of the various different names that they call this farce of a church mission, so as to get tax exemption and con the people all around Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and Cave Junction and so on, over the very many years that their operation has been running, so as to collect money from Government and Federal grants and people daft enough to donate money to this Mission.WAKE UP!!!! The Matlands do not use your money that you give them for doing their marriages, the funerals, feeding the Homeless and so on, on the actual people that it is meant to help, it is for the Matlands themselves to get even more property and keep them in drugs and alcohol.

Has anybody ever bothered to look into the other properties and who they scam out of the money that they are supposed to be paying? It is one huge farce and the officials in Oregon are fully aware of what they are doing.How many people are stupid enough to think that the Homeless people are the Matland's priority? They rob them of anything that they can lay their hands on, and that can be their Welfare Checks, their Food Stamps, extra charges when something is needed for the Mission or one of the other buildings like basic necessities, ie. soap, washing products , toilet paper and so on. Now don't tell me that they are already donated by the generous people in Albany and surrounding districts, because I know that they are, but do you think that that is who the soap and so on goes to.? Well I have news for you. Those necessary items of packs of toiletries and other items to help these homeless people, WERE SOLD ON E-BAY. They sold loads of stuff on E-Bay including loads of ornaments,loads of shoes, animal items, cleaning stuff and the famous guitar. They tried selling and got away with,a guitar that they kidded people into believing that it was played over the years by someone famous and they said that it had been used by famous bands also.When I first read about this guitar I laughed my boots off because it was robbed off some poor fella years before.They had the cheek to have a starting price of $9,999.00.I actually phoned the person named, a couple of the bands and so on. Nobody knew a thing about this guitar. The price came down over the weeks and in the end it was sold for $2,000.00. Then I think that that was more because he felt sorry for the Homeless people because he had believed what he read in the advert that the whole of the money collected was going to help the Homeless people.FOOL!!!! They were selling everything that they could lay their hands on because they owed over $20,000.00 on Gale's own private residence that you people all helped her buy for herself, even though she has another property just down the road.It just shows you that running a Church/Homeless Shelter is a very profitable and lucrative business doesn't it?Especially with it being run as a non-profit business. I mean to say, she has got herself two houses out of it. Oh and by the way, The Sign's of Victory does not operate on E-Bay any more (unless they are using another name) because they inadvertantly forgot to send some of the items that the people paid good money for.I could have told you that that would happen when they first started doing E-Bay.They use 'Craig's List now.

Since their properties were mainly all lost due to non payment of anything that they possibly could get away with,Gale had to let some of the Homeless live in her duplex but they of course didn't live rent free, or even pay a small donation (even though again that property became tax exempt) they paid proper rent like you or I would have to.It sort of takes away from their generosity doesn't it? So Gale has two properties in one of her other names that she used to sign the paperwork.(Isn't that fraud?) So the $20,000.00 was for the ballon payment on that building, nothing to do with helping the Homeless.And definately nothing to do with paying any of their very many large debts.These going into hundreds of thousands of dollars.It is a wonder that they don't get put in prison for their property scams alone, let alone the violent attacks and attempted murder and all of the other terrible violent crimes that they have done on spouses, their children, the homeless people.But then of course, to get these crimes brought to court one has to have a Police dept., that actually records the crimes in the first place, doesn't one and then one would have to have a courthouse that would prosecute these crimes and being as Albany has neither, and this can be proved, the Matlands can do what they damn well like on who they want to do it on, knowing that they will get away with it.But then again, they are not doing this for nothing, are they!!!!

Take their (Matland's) church at Dale Street SE, the building also doubling as a Bible Study School and here is the funniest bit, a Private Children's school. Now one would definately have to laugh at the cheek of them.George's so called wife was the School Principle and a guy from the Homeless shelter was calling himself the Vice Principle.They even got hold of an old school bus and took the children from the Mission and their other properties and they became the pupils. INSTANT SCHOOL!!! All they had to do then was encourage the local punters that this was a real school and they wanted to charge $250.00 per month to attend there.But they also charged the Homeless people something like $150.00 per month to send their children there. This place was nothing more than a dumping ground to get the kids out of the way whilst the Matlands other scams were taking place.Not only that, I suppose that they didn't want them seeing the drug deals going on.The Vice Principle was nothing more than a glorified babysitter.And when that Vice Principle lost his position there of sitting on his butt doing f--- all,and a new one took over,(again someone from the shelter) he decided that he would live in there also.Totally illegal, but hey folks, this is Albany.Anything goes.LOL!!!!And guess what, they didn't pay for that building either.

Now take the Signs of Victory Thrift shops in Lebanon (now closed, I wonder why??)and Corvallis? How many times has that place been taken to court. Twice but could be three times by now as it is a job keeping up with all of the Matland's antics.It is running at present but only by the skin of it's teeth.Now all you good citizens of Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon and so on, why don't you all donate money to the poor Matlands who are struggling to keep their thrift shop running? I am only joking as you and I know that the money will be used for the Matland family not for the person they are buying this large property from.As far as the Matlands are concerned, he will have to go and whistle for his money.

Now, I could go on and on about the scams and the vast amounts of money owing on all of the Matland's properties over all the years that they have been running, but there is no point because until the people taking the kickbacks are booted out of their jobs (which actually should not be to long now) the Matlands will be allowed to carry on doing what they are doing.They believe in the power of three, that is George and Priscilla and Gale, they are behind all of these scams since Maxine passed on.Well, they were behind them when she was alive also, but we are talking about now.

Let's get on to this subject now of the children.Matland's need for children.All again part of one of their scams. They were going to open a Foster home in one of Gale's houses, even got somebody who shall remain nameless just for now, and he actually signed a paper giving Gale charge of his daughter. Priscilla actually got a baby and another girl and pretended they were in her and George's care,(the word care being used very loosely as it was one of her children who had to care for this baby) that's not counting the three that she gave birth to, plus her and George have still got my grandson of whom we are not allowed to talk to or have any contact whatsoever with. But the sick part is, the lies that they are telling my grandson as to why he cannot have any contact with his mom and family.I have it in writing what was said by Priscilla's sister.She went off on a rant because I dared to ask her to give Priscilla or George a message as we could not get any answers or contact or anything regarding 'little George', via e-mail or telephone.She told me that she had questioned 'little George' and asked him if he wanted to see his mom and he is supposed to have said that his mom was a junkie and that he did not want to have anything to do with her.George and Priscilla have to have drummed this into him, but it is very well documented that my daughter never took drugs ever, and it is in writing that the court case was fixed.Not only that,it is far more serious than I think that even Priscilla knows, because so much more has happened that he can't have told her that he did to my daughter and another couple of women,but thankfully that is all documented.So for Priscilla's sister to have spouted the most awful language that only a tramp would use, and to say that she questioned 'little George' as to whether he wanted to ever see his mom,who the hell does she think she is? On top of which she said that she knew where 'little George was living and she did not feel like telling us because it did not suit her.Does she have any idea what Hell we have gone through with the Matlands over the years and to know that this whole case was rigged to start with, because she really does not have a clue as to the enormity of this case.Does that stupid child actually think that the Custody issue is all that is at stake.My God, she is going to be in for some shock when this all comes out, isn't she.Big George has to have told Priscilla some very serious lies to keep her on side and because she is so into scamming money herself and using the system to suit herself as well as the Matlands,she has never checked out what the whole story is.I just know that Priscilla has to have told the most terrible lies to her family and because they do not do their own enquiries because they are either to thick or to stupid, so they believe what she tells them and think that I am lying or exaggerating about the danger that Priscilla and her kids are in.But then again, they have been threatened and told not to tell what goes on there, just like 'little George has.Believe me, this is a very strange family but I would say that very soon they will be wishing that they had taken notice of what I said in the beginning instead of having their snobby little heads so far up their snobby little ,unimportant butts.Mental illness runs in the family it seems.I think that they proved it.Anyway, I am going to close for now.I wish you all a good New Year and to the Matlands and the bent officials, I'd think that this will be a very memorable year for you all.

A locked fence now blocks the entrance at the former Signs of Victory Mission

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Mark Ylen/Democrat-Herald
A locked fence now blocks the entrance at the former Signs of Victory Mission.
Mission needs new home
By Cathy Ingalls
Albany Democrat-Herald

Ownership dispute leads to second eviction for Signs of Victory

For the second time, the Signs of Victory Albany Mission has been evicted from its shelter headquarters at 705 Lyon St. S.E.

The eviction was part of an on-and-off again property dispute between George Matland and sister Gayle Armstrong, who manage the homeless shelter, on the one side, and property owner Don Taylor and Associates on the other.

So that the shelter cannot reopen and to keep burglars off the site, a fence was placed at the steps to the front door.

Matland said he now is looking for two or three houses to rent or lease that would hold six to eight people each.

When the shelter closed in November, Matland said, there were about 21 people living there. He has found housing for everyone around the city, including in his house and in a duplex next door to his house on Seventh Avenue, which is around the corner from the former mission.

Anyone with a home to rent can contact Matland at (541) 990-7618. He prefers that the homes be in the downtown area as many who need housing do not have a car or a driver’s license.

The mission first was evicted from the 99-year-old former boarding house in August 2007, although there were efforts prior to that to move the mission from the premises.

Matland and Armstrong, and their late mother, Virginia, had bought the house from Alta Taylor, formerly of Albany.

In November 2007, Taylor began foreclosure proceedings. Although the Matlands said they owned the house, they had borrowed money from Taylor to run the operation. Taylor contended the loan was not paid back, so until true ownership was established, Taylor told the Matlands to leave.

Then there was a burglary at the house and, according to Matland, Taylor said the shelter could move back in to help protect her investment.

Later, Taylor attempted to sell the property at a non-judicial sale on the Linn County Courthouse steps. One prospective bidder showed up, but he declined to bid after hearing there were three outstanding mortgages on the property.

Since then, the Taylors have tried to sell the house, but there have been no takers.

Matland said he owes the Taylors money but there is a question about how much. He suggests the $2,800 worth of donated roofing materials in the shed on the property go toward the debt and that the $9,000 in house repairs he has made should be counted as well.





How dare you George Matland, Gale Armstrong and George's pretend wife Priscilla, treat the homeless people in such a manner. I know only to well how you treat those people staying there. You charge them when you should be helping them, you then scam more money from them on any excuse possible.You even charged their children to go to school in your own fee paying school that you Priscilla set up, and then had the cheek to call yourself the School Principle and used a man from the Mission and called him the Vice Principle.I mean, talk about bare faced robbery, when all it really was was a babysitting service whilst you went off and did your own thing.

Time and again things that you are supposed to provide the homeless with (and are often donated by the people in the town are used for yourselves ) are paid for by these people themselves so that you can keep even more money from helping them.You stole their Food Stamps, you stole their mail, you brainwash them into believing that you are real Pastors.You have performed goodness knows how many marriages (before the law was changed recently, so as to cover this crime up)pretending to be Ordained and then had the cheek to charge these people for this service.FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD!!!!You put utility bills in the names of people who were staying there and who knew nothing about this until they were about to be prosecuted, you use their names and Social Security numbers for your own gain, and you treat those people like dirt and get them to slave away for $5.00 per day.You are a disgusting joke , and are about as far away from the Lord as it is possible to be.You are so disgusting that you don't pay for garbage services but instead throw the garbage into the shed leaving it there to mount up month after month and stink the street out and draw rats and bugs to your buildings. You care for nobody but yourselves, your drugs, your constant supply of alcohol. You threaten and intimidate everybody and anybody that suits you.And then if they do not comply, you set about to retaliate so as to get those people in trouble for the crimes that you yourselves carry out.And another thing that you do, you arrange crimes to happen and set up other people to do them.Or you commit a crime and then give somebody elses's name as being the person who did that crime, DON'T YOU GEORGE MATLAND REGARDING THE FIRE AT 532 BAKER STREET.YOU STUPID MAN YOU WERE SEEN COMING FROM IT.Then whilst the house was burning and you knew it, you never spoke of it at the meal table because you had just left it after setting fire to it yourself.I think that if I had a house on fire, that my first instinct would be to see the fire for myself and check to make sure that the tenents were safe.But of course, you already knew that the house was empty of tenents because you just had come from there.Put that in your pipe George and smoke it.

Now let us get on to another subject.My grandson little George.Not once has he been allowed any contact whatsoever with his Mom (who George gave poison to and then tried to kill by undoing the wheels on her car) plus hiding this same child just days after his birth for several days at a time as punishment, and several times after that, from his mother for dareing to talk to me on the phone on the day of his birth.Outside contact is not allowed by the Matlands you see.Every time one tries to get to talk to big George to see if he will let us talk to little George, he slams the phone down. Phone the house, and whoever is given the job on the desk,is made to fob one off or asked to call another building, and in turn that person fobs one off and tells one to phone the other building and so on.In other words, they give you the run around, whereby they just all sit and have a laugh amongst themselves.

In August I found out the little George was not at the Matlands, and in fact not in Albany at all, but instead up in northern Idaho at Priscilla's real dad's house.I found that out, it wasn't anyone at the Matlands trying to help me.Anyway I traced him to Rathdrum, in Idaho. Now at first this man seemed fine. Was polite and I just assumed that perhaps Priscilla was a one off that had just gone bad through life's circumstances.To cut a long story short he told me that the children (Priscilla's three girls were there, arriving after my grandson was sent there, because they were at their other grandad's place)were all sent home by plane on the previous afternoon. So I was disappointed as I thought that it might have been a chance to have spoken to him after all this time (five years)and I was hoping that my daughter (George's mom)might also be allowed to speak to him, because George would never let us.When I called back at his request, to talk to him, he was totally hostile, as was his wife and whatever Priscilla had told him about me, they must have believed.

So as the children had been sent back to Albany in Oregon, at least we knew where little George was.I still tried phoning but it was the same story.Then when none of the children had been seen around by friends of mine, I started getting very suspicious.A story was put around that Priscilla had got a job and it was insinuated that she was no longer at the mission with George, but had got a job and had put all four children into school.Well, as the children do not receive schooling because that is not counted as important to the Matlands,at least the children would be mixing with children outside the church and have proper lessons. However as the Matlands tell us nothing, the children could have been living anywhere, could have even been back in Idaho.We were getting desperate as nobody saw them anywhere. So obviously I was phoning here, there and everywhere trying to get a lead.

It turned out that Priscilla had gone into partnership with a couple who were daft enough to believe that The Signs of Victory Mission was serving the homeless community and doing everything possible to help them.BIG JOKE!!! But get this, during the weeks that I could not track down my grandson, and believe me it was not for the lack of trying,I thought that I would contact Priscilla's half sister.Well, I received the foulest mouthed reply after happening to ask her if she knew where my grandson was living.Hardly harrassment being as I had had no contact with her since 2005.She had the cheek to say that she saw little George quite a bit and that she had asked him about his mother and that he had said to her that she was a druggie and that he had no interest in meeting her as he did not want to be around people like that.How's that for brainwashing? Just as a matter of fact, my daughter was not a druggie and at the time in question was under the doctor because of the poison that George Matland had given her, so if she was on drugs,the doctor would have known.She went on to say that his dad (big George) treats him well and treats his nieces good also. Well, isn't it a good job that the lady who heared from one of the girls what happened to her, never reported that.She went on to say that it doesn't need some foreign bitch on a witch hunt harrassing people.She went on to say that she did not give a flying f--- about me, my daughter or the situation.She gave out a few more f--- words and then called me psychotic and said that she spent many hours with little George each week. She said that she was not going to give me any information on him as she didn't care for me to have it.Now how is that for a first class bitch? So it appears that this family are all tarred with the same brush.Then she said (now her true colors are showing) God is not on my side anymore and that she is not some scum living in their (Matlands) facilities.So now we know what she really thinks of the Homeless people.

Well, I suppose when you deal with these jumped up little upstarts that know nothing about real life, and can't hack real relationships, I suppose that one has to expect that sort of response.Animals are the only creatures that she can relate to.It's sad, but there you are.Talk about naive, she must believe everything that her half sister tells her.

Anyway, there is no point worrying about that type of people, they know no different.My daughter is entitled by law to have her son for Visitation, as set up by the court, and holidays also, and those rights have been denied her for five years as the law in Albany, covers for George Matland and his family.Something has to be done and will be done.

I wish you all a good week.Take care.

PS. Re. message left, dated 30th October 2008,I have no way of contacting you. Please give me an e-mail address as I want to talk to you.God bless you.

PPS. To Pastor Bailey. I was delighted to read of that amazing gift that was bestowed upon you. You truly deserve it for all of the wonderful work that you do for the Homeless people. You are very much to be admired for all your hard work, long hours of toil and deep sensitivety to helping others.You are truly a man of God.


FOR GOD's SAKE, DO PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE BEFORE ALBANY POLICE GET UP OFF OF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MATLAND FAMILY AND THE CRIMINALS AND DRUG DEALERS & TWEEKERS THAT THEY HARBOUR WITHIN THEIR HOMELESS SHELTER CALLED "THE SIGN's OF VICTORY MINISTRIES INC. AND OTHER VARIATIONS OF THAT NAME (for tax avoidance reasons and because they owe so much money everywhere).A HAND GRENADE, TWO SWORDS, A PISTOL PLUS BULLETS,AND A RIFLE WERE ALL BEING KEPT IN THE BASEMENT OF MATLAND'S PROPERTY.This was a little while ago. When did it become legal to harbor a terrorist and to allow my grandson to be there and know of these items, and what other children knew about them also.And what were kids doing going into that basement anyway because that was the men's sleeping quarters? What else has happened to those children that we do not know about?

Hello Friends, the more that I find out about this place at 705 Lyon Street,SE Albany, Oregon, the more and more unbelievable it appears to be that so many officials would spend so much time and energy trying to make sure that this Matland scum are not arrested or charged with all of the crimes that they are covering up.I was told by the DA. Jason Carlile that they would have a case against them if one could prove it. In other words, is he saying that the whole Police department and Fire dept(for the arson cases) are all so totally stupid that they cannot prove one case? And these are the people who are supposed to be protecting the Public.They must be the laughing stock of America and have no right to pick up their wages each month if they really are so incompetent.

For thirty years in Oregon the Matlands have had a field day. They pay not one cent more than is dragged out of them for any of the very many properties that they have had over the years . They run up bills in the thousands of dollars. Only just in the last couple of weeks, yet again they have lost three of their storage units and their shop. Now how many buildings in the last five years have they lost in the same way? They move in, pay the first payments and seem to have a lapse of memory over the rest.It now appears that yet again, their church where they hold a bible school (big joke) and also opened it up as a Private School where people had to pay to have some ignoramous passing himself off as the Vice Principle and Priscilla Matland who passed herself off as the School Principle,and actually had the cheek to con people into paying for their children to attend there, when really it was just a front to get the kids from the Mission and the Matland houses at 118 Seventh Street SE, and 120 Seventh Street SE, which is just around the corner from the Mission, to pay out of their meagre earnings, to have their kids babysat by one of the Homeless men. Oh sorry, I should have said The School Principle and her sidekick, the Vice Principle.What a bloody joke. But they wanted to charge other children to go there also, who were not from the Mission, and for their parents to pay $250.00 per month to attend there.Did they not have the common sense to read the laws about opening a fee paying school for children, and on top of which they bought or robbed a bus to carry the children back and forth.Again, there are laws regarding carrying children on a school bus incase there is an accident.Are all of Oregons laws a total joke when it comes to people abiding by them? It seems so.And didn't these fools know that one should be qualified to run a school?They have the internet (well, providing they paid their bill) why didn't they check out the laws first? Because in the case of the Matlands, it really does not matter.They can get away with it.

This woman (Priscilla) who was passing herself off as the Principle was never in the building when we called, it was just this dopey ignoramous who always made up a story saying that she was in the other building, and would we please call there. Then phone that number and one is told that she is not there but at the school or the shop (Matland's Thrift shop in Corvallis- which also is only hanging on by a thread because they owe thousands of dollars there as well) but of course she was not there either. Oh well!!! SURPRISE< SURPRISE. Probably if the truth be known she was to busy running up bills on E-Bay and as anyone on E-Bay knows, all items for sale have been withdrawn because GUESS WHAT??? Not everyone was getting what they had paid for.Should we be surprised? Not really, it was just a matter of time.I wonder if the buyer of the guitar which was first put up for sale at $9,999.00 and then gradually reduced to $2,100.00 ever guessed that that guitar was not as advertised.Also that the money was most definately not going to charity, well unless you count the Matlands pockets as a charity, which it seems the Matlands do.I wonder if they have a Tax Exempt number for them as well. That would not surprise me.

Now here is a good one.I have always said that it was strange about these EXTRA children that seemed to appear and how keen the Matlands were to hang on to them, when in some cases, they were never their children in the first place.This family were trying to get extra children and they were pretending to want to become a Foster Home.Of all the people to try and run a foster home, this was definately a joke, especially as you will have read before in my blogs about certain ex-wives having tried to leave the Matland clan because they had caught George Matland molesting their kids , but then of course these spouses were not allowed to leave because they needed the payments that were being claimed on them, and as you will have read,I wrote about the lady who was so brutally raped and beaten and another lady who was going to get murdered and was so terrified that it took her family to come with guns to rescue them.These are shocking stories but nevertheless true.Then there was one of Gale's ex. spouses (that was an illegal marriage, like the two spouses that I just mentioned)and the Matlands refused to give him his children back.Now he had three children, only young at the time,but it went on and on and still the Matlands refused to part with them until it got to a stage whereby the police had to trick the Matlands and other Police ran in to rescue the children.But even in the present time they are still trying to collect children for their evil scams.But finishing off what I was saying about the Matlands wanting to run a Foster Home, they were trying to get people at the Mission to actually sign over their children to the Matlands.I know one person who actually did that.But of course, don't forget the scam with the many, many illegal marriages.The whole thing with these scams is that they drag other people in and try and make it appear that they themselves are innocent and that the person they drag in to do the crime is the one who is guilty, because they (Matlands) are so shit scared of going to prison.They are fine about dishing out the violence and the threats, and in my friend's case, leaving her crippled for life, because she dared to want to leave, but they are totally cowards and act like leeches stealing and hurting and acting like they are so holy, when in reality, they are thieving, lying, vicious out and out scum.It is the Homeless people that I feel sorry for because as if it is not bad enough that they are treated in such a terrible way, it is like they are frightened to not do Matlands bidding-crimes, on their behalf.They terrorise people in the area but really it is scum like the Matlands who instigate it.

So, who the hell do this family think that they are to be able to treat people the way that they do, and to have all of the relevant services cover these crimes up.As it stands at present, you would be wasting your time to call in Albany Police dept. if you were making a complaint of attempted murder or some other serious crime against one of the Matlands. You would be wasting your time if you were expecting to get any type of justice in a case against Matlands in Linn County Courthouse. And don't tell me that the District Attorney or anyone in that department and certain other offices ,which I will be only to pleased to name them, will even get your paperwork for your case into your file for your hearing, well folks, don't count on that either.And I would be only to delighted to mention the names of certain judges who KNOW THAT THE CASES ARE FIXED. Add on top of that the fact that in our case, my daughter who got scammed completely out of getting her son or any of her civil rights, NEVER STOOD A CHANCE FROM WHEN THE CASE BEGAN FOR GETTING HER SON and yet she had done nothing wrong and this was after George Matland had tried to kill her using poison, which Albany Police department refused to investigate and had attacked her son. Not only did they refuse to investigate the case, the District Attorney's office went so far as to pretend that there was a case but that Albany Police dept. had refused to send the file over.THERE NEVER WAS GOING TO BE A CASE IN THE FIRST PLACE.Jason Carlile DA had to have known that because ten years later I traced two people who admitted that this case was fixed and if I have to, (and in this case I really don't want to) I will be forced to name them. But also in this instance they are decent people just acting on orders from above, and I don't mean God, because where Albany is concerned, God does not exist.

Here is something that is really bugging me also about my daughter's court case. It was brought up in court (Linn County) by Edward Daniels Attorney,(as bent an attorney as you will find,acting for George Matland) that my daughter would never get custody of her son because she was British.Now, never in a million years did I ever think that that question of being British would ever come up.I was shocked when I heard that, but then just this week gone, it was brought up again.I won't say by who in this blog, because there is something else that needs sorting first, but believe me, that will be a very interesting blog and I will name that person and tell you all a lot more of what else has happened.Thus giving this whole saga a very sinister twist.To shock you, will be putting it mildly, but today is not the day to write it.

I wish you all a very good week, and I hope that it is a damn site better and less worrying than the past six weeks that we have and still are, going through. Like I said, all will be revealed very soon.And to those of you who are homeless, for God's sake, if you have children, please do not go to THE SIGN'S OF VICTORY MISSION/MINISTRIES/ ALBANY MISSION, OR RENT A ROOM FROM THEM AT THE ADDRESSES ABOVE. God bless you all and stay safe.



What sort of statement is that to come out of the mouth of a child? The same child I hasten to add, who was listening to a conversation one Christmas dinner time, about how his daddy (George Raymond Matland Jnr)and his Grandmother Maxine Matland wanted this lady at the mission hurt, because she dared to suggest that she was thinking of leaving the shelter and getting back on her own two feet in the outside world.That last sentence sounds really awful because the accident that was arranged by George Matland, left this lady crippled for life.And that is a fact and there is medical evidence to back that up.I have already gone into that in another blog.But she is left in permanent pain and suffering.Some Christian George Matland is.

But back to this incident of attempted murder, because someone who undoes the lugnuts on all of the wheels on a car, has to be serious about what he is doing,but to knowingly let his son 'little George' travel in that same car with his mother, knowing that they could be killed is beyond belief. What daddy hadn't remembered to tell his son was that he knew that he was letting him go on his weekend Visitation in the car that he had rigged.That is insanity but knowing George he probably has life insurance policies on their lives and that is why he doesn't care if either of them die.

I have mentioned before about how my daughter was in the car driving along, not realizing that the wheels were already tampered with.But on picking up little George and driving out of Albany, the car was really bumping and it was just getting worse and worse.In fact they were sort of making a joke out of it saying that it felt like a milkshake and little George was laughing. Little did he and Andrea know just how near to having a terrible accident they really were. So Andrea pulled the car over to the side of the road and called the garage. The garage man sent his son out to pick it up and he let Andrea and the child take his car.He drove the car a short way and all four wheels shot off. He could have been killed, but I don't suppose George Matland considered that, and really could not have cared a jot anyway.But hey folks, this is Albany in Oregon that we are talking about and nobody there is going to prosecute good old George or his family for any serious crime.And not only did he not get prosecuted for this, even though his own child told his mother about how they knelt and prayed that she would die on the journey, but he never got prosecuted for the 'ACCIDENT' (my eye) that he planned to happen to the lady who was made permanently crippled for life.

Now having said that, this psycho freak of an animal was not satisfied with leaving her crippled, he made sure that she had to receive yet more terrible pain and he, during the following weeks, got one of the men at the mission to punch her full force in the base of the spine so as to damage her nerve endings even worse.Still not satisfied, another time George Matland himself ran up behind her and punched her full force in the same place. Now if you want to hear something even sicker, this devoted and loving father (I am now being sarcastic) got little George, then aged seven years old, to punch her time and time again whilst he praised him for doing it. This was in the same spot as the others had punched her.I don't know about you who are reading this, but to my way of thinking, isn't this a serious crime????HOW ON EARTH CAN ALBANY POLICE DEPARTMENT GET AWAY TIME AND TIME AGAIN WITH COVERING UP THE CRIMES THAT GEORGE MATLAND AND HIS FAMILY HAVE CARRIED OUT FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS IN OREGON ALONE ???? That's not counting the fires, the time when all three Matlands attacked a young lad with shovels, leaving him nearly dead, the poisoning on my daughter, child abuse and murder threats on other spouses, the fella who was hanged in their old print shop (a shed in the back garden now used to fill with garbage because they are to mean to get a dumpster) then there was the rape and child abuse and all of the other crimes.

But what about this, I have said that Children's Services in Albany has something very sinister going on.Between Diane Aspengren, Peggy Davis and a couple more that I could mention, I now have seen paperwork stating that they did see photos of abuse that had taken place on my grandson and agreed that he had been burned on the sole of one of his feet, and they admitted to the bruising and another mark on the head,and other stuff and so on and so on.But the Judge in the court also knew this.This was never an ordinary divorce/custody case because it was fixed from the beginning. That can all be proved.So I don't want to write more here on that because other paperwork was also taken from that same file and consequently it can be proved that my daughter never stood a chance of getting her child even before she ever entered their courtroom.

Take the case of where George Matland gave Andrea poison, and the Albany Police refused to collect the evidence, then refused to send the file over to the District Attorney's office, and three weeks later when I called his office I was told that the Police department had still not sent the file over so (get this-and me living 3,000 miles away)could I phone Albany Police department and request them to send the file over. Now to any of you who know about Police procedure and that of the DA's joke of a department proceedure, doesn't that seem a little bit strange that I would be asked to do that? Well, I did phone and nearly got my head blown off by the woman (I could think of a better word) answering the phone and she said that it was sent off that morning. Now if it was, then the blame lies in the DA's office, but if it wasn't then why again are Albany police dept. playing silly buggers.The Matlands have to be doing something serious for them not to be prosecuting the Matlands for each crime that is called in.I know before you send comments in that the crimes on the crime sheet are not what they are called out for.So someone is getting something out of this. Then when one takes this whole saga to State level and realizes that they know what also is going on, (and I can prove that) one would have to look at this whole case from a wider point of view.But again, thank God, I can prove that they too knew what was going on in Albany.But it is not just Albany is it, this is much more to do with the Matlands running this farce of a shelter under the guise of being a church.I can't say more here because I don't want to divulge what else is happening.But one thing I can say is that Albany officials want to watch out because BIG BROTHER IS DEFINATELY WATCHING.

Now let me tell you something else.I am hopping mad over something else that I found out.I again tried phoning the mission to see if I could speak to my grandson, little George. The phone always gets slammed down.So no difference there.But this one time in particular a woman answered, I asked to speak to little George and she got in a bit of a panic, went and fetched a man who said he wasn't there, so I again phoned and this woman came on the line and again I asked and it was like they were getting flustered and talking between themselves and she came back on the phone and I was told not to call there again and besides that this was a bad day to ring because he wasn't even in the State. Now, if I wasn't worried before, I most certainly was worried then.Now I was thinking allsorts and what best to do next.I knew that little George's three step-sisters were on holiday (Visitation)for the Summer, but being as we are not allowed any contact whatsoever with little George, not even a phone conversation because George Matland will not allow it, regardless of what the court says,I could not begin to think where he could be.

Is it not bad enough that George Matland has caused so much harm to so many people,and nearly destroyed my daughter's life, and taken her child from her and all of the times on top of this, that he hid this child when just a few days old because she dared to speak on the phone to me, and had hidden him when he was in a bad mood with her,now he has sent 'little George' away, out of the State to two people who have this notion that they are his Grandparents.So my daughter and family can have no contact, nor I, his real grandmother, but he can go to these two people who are nothing whatever to do with him. Right, so one would say that at least he is getting away from the Mission and his mental father and equally mental step-mother.But hang on until you hear this next bit.I tracked down where little George was and rang and said that I was little George's grandmother.All nice and friendly, polite and so on, but I was told that he had been flown back the previous day along with his three step-sisters who had gone to visit after having their time with their dad.So they all came home on the plane together.So at least I knew where they all were.

Anyway,just a few days ago I heard from people in Albany that nobody had seen the children around. Now they normally are not seen hardly at all because they are not allowed to go to school but had Homeschooling. Then Priscilla, their mother and George Matland came up with this scam to open a fee paying school in their so called church building.I mean to anybody halfway normal, you would know that there are all sorts of laws to protect the children and their safety and there is masses of things that one has to do before taking on something like that.Here is a good bit. They are charging the people in their own Homeless shelter (whom they make pay for beds) pay for their children to go to this fake school.So this is not a Mission run to help the Homeless families, it is a mission run to help keep them in alcohol and whatever else they do with their money, because it is certainly not for the rents on their properties or to help buy things for the people there.The only charity cases there are the Matlands themselves and what they can scam from the government and get every other grant going for the homeless, but to keep for themselves.But then there has to be some way of shutting the cops up and the other places so I'd say that there are a few kickbacks going on there to keep their mouths shut. Hence the Matlands can get away with all of their scams.

But anyway, going back to the children and them not being around. I have done a lot of phoning around this week and last week trying to see what was going on. In the course of that time I again spoke to the people where little George stayed.Now get this!!! He and his wife put me on speakerphone, and had the audicity to say that I might not be little George's grandmother. Anybody can say that they said. Anybody can write blogs and make up lies. I had no business asking about my grandson.And these two lunatics went on and on.And all I asked was if they could give me a YES or a NO as to whether my grandson was in Albany with his dad.I guess that they had contacted their daughter Priscilla and she had done a great job of what she does best. LYING!!!!I don't think people realize just how much all these phonecalls and collecting paperwork and keeping up with finding out what happens to my grandson actually costs me.All that fool of a man and his wife had to say was a simple YES or NO.How dare they talk to me like I am a stranger when they pretend to be little George's grandparents.They did say that George and Priscilla and little George and her three girls were a very close contented family.Perhaps Priscilla hadn't thought to mention the affair she had within weeks of marrying George,the attempted kidnapping of her daughter just a few days after the marriage (which wasn't a real marriage) The money she stole from George. Posing as my daughter and lots more.Also of course, the fact that as Maxine Matland did the marriage ceremony,and that she was not even legally able to marry anybody, that also was a scam.But one good thing did come out of that telephone conversation. It decided me on my next course of action.So I can thank them for that.

I hope that you all have a really good week. Take care, stay safe.Angie.



I cannot even believe that I am getting into this case, but my blood is boiling so badly that if I didn't put in my two penneth, I couldn't forgive myself.

On June 30th. 2008 a young man by the name of Andrew James Hanlon who was an Irish citizen but living in Silverton, Oregon, aged 20 years old, was gunned down by Officer Tony Gonzalez who fired seven bullets at him, hitting him with five of them.Andrew was totally unarmed at the time.

Now this young man was acting in a very aggressive manner because he had been pounding on the door of a woman by the name of Shannon Kelley, who had three children and her parents in the house and naturally was terrified.He was howling and shouting strange things and there is no doubt that something was wrong with Andrew.He was then throwing himself at the door and she thought that he was trying to break in and consequently phoned the Police.He hurled himself so hard at the door that he actually left blood on it.His screams ceased to be comprehensable and became guttural and animalistic.In fact Shannon Kelly and her parents all had to put their bodies against the door so as to stop him from knocking the door down.She was shouting for him to go away.So all in all this has to have been an absolutely terrifying experience for all concerned.Then Andrew ran screaming from the door and down the wooded hill which is covered in trees and blackberry bushes.

Two Police officers arrived, Tony Gonzalez and Officer Josh Barnett.Both were Marion County Police Officers.Barnett headed to Kelley's home because she had made the 911 call and Gonzales parked on Oak Street so as to intercept Hanlon as he barged down the hill.Gonzalez heard the branches breaking as Hanlon headed down the hill.He shone his torch into the trees and saw Hanlon.Nobody could blame this officer for (at this point in the story)being very wary about what he was going to be facing.At this moment I would have every sympathy for him and not Hanlon,because he was the one acting so erratically. But remember that I said "AT THIS POINT".According to the press release, his gun was still in his holster.Gonzalez ordered Hanlon to come down from out of the trees and show him his hands.But Hanlon would not do what he was ordered to do.Hanlon decided to cut behind some cars parked in a driveway and began heading west parallel to Oak Street.He followed Hanlon on the other side of the parked cars.Hanlon ducked out of sight behind one car.Gonzalez moved between the cars, thinking that Hanlon was about to do a runner.

Gonzalez told investigators that he thought that he heard glass breaking. He drew his weapon because he thought that Hanlon could be armed with a broken bottle.However when an investigation took place, no evidence of broken glass was found.So it was thought that Hanlon could have bumped into a recycling bin thus causing the bottles to clink together.Now to those of you reading this, everybody is probably thinking that they are on Gonzalez's side.....RIGHT ???? Wait until you read the rest and then see how you are thinking.

Hanlon then stepped out from behind the car that he had ducked behind which meant that he was only between five and eight feet from Gonzalez.Admittedly this was a very nasty situation for this Officer.So no argument there.This part of the area was not very well lit either making it harder for Gonzalez to judge what was going to happen next and Hanlon was turned sideways at this point.Gonzales ordered Hanlon to show him his hands and get down on the ground.Hanlon refused to obey and Gonzalez again repeated his order.Hanlon then said "Okay" and started to lean toward the ground, let out a scream and leaped toward Gonzalez.Poor old Gonzalez must have been frightened.Do I sound sarcastic? Read on!!!

A Silverton resident who had been driving along Oak Street, Jeff DeSantis ,said that he heard Gonzalez repeatedly order Hanlon to get down or freeze.DeSantis had stopped his car behind Gonzalez's patrol car and had an unobstructed view of the incident about thirty-five feet from the two men, prosecutors said.Mr DeSantos then heard Andrew Hanlon make what he described as a primordial war scream and start toward the officer trying to strike him and kick him with what appeared to be martial art moves" the prosecutors wrote.Gonzalez retreated, clearing the two vehicles he had been in between and backing into Oak Street as Hanlon chased him.

Hanlon continued advancing for about twenty five feet, with Gonzales never more than five feet from him.At some point in his retreat, Gonzalez drew his gun and began to fire his weapon at Hanlon.He fired his weapon seven times.Hanlon continued foreward even as the bullets hit, prosecutors say, finally falling to the ground as he entered the street.

An autopsy revealed that Hanlon was shot five times, and that he died from his wounds.DeSantis told investigators that Gonzalez stopped firing as soon as Hanlon stopped coming after him and did not shoot him while he was on the ground.After all, that would be one hell of a bastard to do that, wouldn't it???Well, in my opinion, he is hardly going to say different, is he? I also read other reports and one was saying that Hanlon got one of the bullets in the back of his leg.Just a thought. If Gonzalez was running backwards from Hanlon, and didn't shoot him when Hanlon had already been pumped with enough bullets to kill several men, then how the hell did he get shot in the back of the leg???

Now if I was to say here that Gonzalez was a big chap, trained to use firearms,admittedly Hanlon was acting in a very threatening and erratic manner and would have terrified the Kelley family who did not know this man at all,only to be confronted by this man hurling himself at their front door at 11.20pm at night, shouting and screaming and at one point howling at the moon, well nobody in their right mind would be opening the door to him.He could have been mentally challenged, high as a kite, drunk or whatever, one would have to be stupid to open the door to him.But he was not armed, Gonzalez was.

I can perfectly understand that he fired once and perhaps twice, if Hanlon kept on lurching toward him, but seven times!!!!! In one newspaper it said nine times. This cop has to have been trigger happy.Now this incident took place in Marion County, not that far from Linn County that I write about.This is Oregon that we are talking about.This case is drawing international attention.Hanlon's parents live in Dundrum,Southern Ireland.Actually not that many miles from where I live.Had this shooting have happened in any other State, I would not have been sitting here today writing about this case.Also it is not because I am Irish that I am writing this, because I am not. I am what they call here "A blow-in".I am actually a Londoner.However when Hanlon's family were told of what had happened to their son, I felt so sorry for them because they were saying about the lack of information given to them by the Marion County officials.Do you know that during the weeks since the June 3oth shooting,prosecutors and police did not divulge the fact that Hanlon was unarmed? For God's sake, Hanlon was not much more than a kid. And who were the people sitting in this so called Marion County Grand Jury who said that this shooting by that trigger happy Tony Gonzalez was justified?Under normal circumstances I would uphold the law, admire the police,and go along with what they said as being more than likely true, except that we are talking about Oregon.

I am not saying that Oregon Police are all bad, because that would be very far from the truth, but one would have to question certain Police because I know only to well from how the Matland family in Albany (Linn County) get away with crime after crime and for all the writing I have done to the Police department and other officials, I know only to well how they gang up together and close ranks.Even this latest Chief of Police, Chief Boyd, had not even got the manners to reply to my letter and nor did the ones before him.And I know for a fact that certain Police there are changing the descriptions of the crimes that they are called out to, when it comes to serious crimes done by the Matlands, and have done for years. And what with some of the crap that certain Police Officers have given me over the years from Albany Police department, wouldn't I just love to give that to the newspapers.So that would make me sympathize with the Hanlon family and their frustration at not being given the correct information.You only have to read my blogs to see exactly how twisted the Matland family are and how strange it is that they are protected for whatever reason it is and allowed to carry on doing their many crimes of violence,including attempted murder and all of the rest on the people unfortunate enough to end up in the Matland's homeless person's shelter, or as in one of their illegal marriages and so on. Then one could not help wondering why they are never prosecuted for all that they have done and what it is that makes these officials go to such great lengths to cover for them.And believe me, I can prove what I am saying.

So it seems that the Chief of Police in Marion County, Rick Lewis expressed relief Thursday night with the Grand Jury's finding that this shooting (seven times or nine times, according to what papers you read) was justified, and remember this Andrew Hanlon was totally unarmed.But if you have read this far with what I have written, you will have probably got the feeling that there is something that I was leading up to.Well you would be bloody well right.There is something that I have not even mentioned yet.Supposing I said, that as terrible as this shooting is on an unarmed young man, because so many bullets were fired by a trigger happy cop, that a couple of those that didn't hit Hanlon, well it is a damn shame that they didn't do an about turn and hit the cop who fired them.

I expect that you are now cringing with shock that I should say this, but you haven't heard the rest yet. Do you know where that bastard of a cop is??? No, I bet you don't. You see he is in jail.YES!!!! You read that bit right. He (Tony Gonzalez) is in Linn County Jail of all places. I bet that that bit of information has got your attention.Not for anything to do with this shooting I might add, whereby he got totally aquitted as if he had done nothing wrong, he is in jail because he is up on sex abuse charges.WITH A 12 YEAR OLD CHILD.He did not sexually abuse her once, this has been going on for quite some time.

Linn County Sheriff's Office. Inmate Roster 7/12/08 says:

Tony Gonzalez. Age 35 years old.Master ID 148344. Date lodged 7/22/08

1. Sex abuse 1 Docket 08C45647 No bail.

2.Sex abuse 111 Docket 08C45647 $80,000.00

Now doesn't that show you just how these coppers stick together? So not only has he been sexually abusing this child for a while now, add his shooting on top of that using all those bullets, what does that tell you about Oregon Police? And why was the verdict by this Grand Jury ( for what can only be called an outrageous use of a gun on an unarmed boy)and they say that it was justified.

The law in Oregon and the officials running those offices should hang their heads in shame to think that an Officer would carry on the way that Tony Gonzalez did.But then also, perhaps it is time to name a few others in jobs of trust also and let the public know what they are also guilty of.Oregon has gone to Hell.Law and Order seems very much as though it means nothing there. And if the parents of Andrew Hanlon think for one minute that they will get justice for their son's killing, because you can't call it anything else, then they are very wrong.If the officials are worried about having an International incident on their hands, well read my blog, because I should say that in the very near future they will be having yet another because I am far from finished with Linn County for all that they have covered up regarding the Matlands and what they have done to my daughter and family.AND I WILL GET JUSTICE.

I wish you all a very good week, and to Officer Tony Gonzalez,well let us hope that you enjoy your stay in Jail. I am sure that your new companions will make you feel very welcome.I know how much prisoners love sex offenders.About as much as I do. Let's hope that you took a jar of Vaseline with you. I think that you might be needing it.



Well, one can dream I suppose.You see from what I have seen of Oregon, it is a beautiful place.So why is it then that when it comes to Albany everything changes, especially when one is walking around the Lyon Street area where' The Signs of Victory Ministries' are and the duplex on Seventh Ave .just backing on to it, with a notice stuck up saying 'The Roadside Cafe', both places which are run by the Matland family amongst others.That's George Raymond Matland, his girlfriend/wife Priscilla and George's sister Gale Armstrong.Just what is it that makes this family exempt from paying for their many crimes of violence, fraud, theft, breaking law after law, without a second thought because they simply can and have been doing so for thirty years in Oregon alone.

This is the family (not counting Priscilla in this part) that sat and discussed over Christmas dinner, along with their mother Maxine (prior to her death) and in front of my then 7 year old Grandson,and another couple, plus the then to be victim, as to how they could cause her a serious accident because she dared to say that she wanted to leave their shelter and get a place of her own.But that did not suit them because she was a very hard worker and looked after the other homeless people, cooked for the Mission, had a job outside the mission, often had to purchase toiletries out of her own money so that the people staying there had soap and deodorant and other necessities, because the Matlands were to mean to provide them.So they did something so evil and cruel that it is hard to believe what happened.George was trying to think of how they could hurt her, so as to get her back for dareing to try and get awayfrom this cockroach infested slum that they call a homeless person's shelter.So an accident was arranged and set up by George and Gale's boyfriend back then, and this lady was left crippled for life after this accident. George wasn't satisfied that she had suffered enough so he got another man to punch her consistently in the base of the spine so as to make sure that the nerves in her spine were shattered even worse. George himself ran up behind her another time and punched her full force in the back in the same area.Still not satisfied that she had suffered enough, he got my 7 year old grandson to punch her time and time again in the same place at the base of the spine until she was nearly screaming with pain, and goading him on asking him if he was punching hard enough.Now if that is not sick, then I don't know what is. That surely is a crime that a father would teach his son to treat a woman like that and praise him for doing it.And to this day this lady is spied on, followed in the street, listened in to in her apartment and never far from George's men who do this for him.And this is the man George) that raped and very severely beat an ex. spouse of his because she tried to escape after seeing him molesting her child.All three Matlands, Maxine, Gale and George went in their vehicles and hunted her down to get her back to the Mission and that is what George did to her.It was another couple of weeks before she escaped because she was so badly beaten that she could not even make it up the stairs.It took her two weeks to get over that beating.

Any of you who follow this saga will already know about how he kept my daughter doped up and gave her poison,took her new born baby (little George) and hid him for three days as punishment for dareing to talk to me on the phone when I called the hospital after hearing that she had just 15 minutes earlier had given birth.She was still in the delivery suite and George had gone for a cup of tea and saw her on the phone when he re-entered the room.He accused her of trying to phone me and had an almighty go at her in front of the nursing staff still clearing up.I need to add here that phone calls are not allowed to be made by the people at the mission or into the mission unless it was allowed by the Matlands. In other words contact is severed if they can pull it off.That way, what with their mail being stolen also, people outside don't know if their relatives are there or not and neither party knows if the other has tried to make contact.It is run like a prison without bars.Matlands have to have total control.That's why he surrounds himself with his drug dealing and drug abusing friends and paedophiles instead of decent people, because he could not relate to them or control what they do.

I have only mentioned a couple of crimes here which if reported to a proper Police department, would be investigated.But in the case of Albany, something very sinister is going on.How could my daughter for instance, ever get justice and get custody of her little boy after she escaped after George attacked her other son,if the case is set up in Linn County Courthouse so that she had not got a hope in hell of ever getting him in the first place.Why would I be told that the District Attorney was a very worried man,by a close friend of his, because I was looking into what the Matlands were doing? Why would somebody tell my daughter that if I carried on doing what I was doing, then many people would lose their jobs? What the hell does it matter so much to Linn County Courthouse as to whether my daughter did or did not get custody of her son? Why would Children's Services ask to be withdrawn from the case when they knew full well about all of the abuse going on at the Matlands on my little Grandson? Why would George Matland's attorney, Edward Daniels go to such great lengths to see that George got full custody of little George, and knowing that the paperwork which is sent in to the court for that case, was REMOVED FROM THE FILES SO THAT IT APPEARED THAT MY DAUGHTER HAD NOT BOTHERED TO RETURN IT???Now I can prove beyond doubt that not only was that paperwork handed in and filed, signed appropriately,and removed before the case was first heard but that on top of which there are two people absolutely bricking it in case they lose their jobs,knowing ten years later that this took place.I was asked if perhaps we could just wait until little George was 18 years old and then IF HE REMEMBERED MY DAUGHTER he could find us if he wanted. Now to normal law abiding citizens, doesn't that somehow slightly give one the idea that there is something seriously wrong going on in Albany, and I haven't even touched the surface yet because a lot more has also gone on.I am just mentioning a few bits and pieces because there is no sense in all of this covering up of so many nasty, vicious crimes.And that is not even counting all of the scams , and don't let us forget the arson cases which also do not get prosecuted.It is amazing how many fires can be attached to one family isn't it, especially when normally most people have none. But then I suppose one has to pay off these people or buy another property out of something, doesn't one? That is why fires are started, so as to get the money from them.

Let's take Oregon State Bar.I reported Edward Daniels, Attorney for George Matland for the divorce/custody case because he took the case and filed the paperwork and before the first hearing he was in the full knowledge that this marriage was not worth the paper it was written on because it was a case that Maxine was only posing as a pastor so as to be able to run a lot of scams and avoid tax and claim grants and all the perks one gets if running a church and helping the homeless people.Which is exactly what they are doing now, scamming the homeless and the government and anybody else stupid enough to give them money, food ,clothing and so on.But back to Edward Daniels.I thought in my naivete that Oregon State Bar were supposed to be a group that dealt with attornies who had caused injustices to clients.OK, so I was the fool.They took one whole year writing back and fourth to me, mincing over details (which was fine by me)that I took to be serious. However for a long part of that time I kept bringing up the date that I let him(Edward Daniels) know that the marriage was never legal to start with, and asking them how Edward Daniels did not know that this marriage was not worth a light, because it was ME who contacted him in the first place after my daughter had read the paperwork over the phone.I knew the marriage was illegal because I checked out the validity of the paperwork lodged in Josephine County Courthouse,Oregon with the pastor and witnesses whose names appeared on this document and with the place stated as having done the ordination.(Hence I get enormous phonebills)There was not one word of truth on this paperwork. It has been proved beyond doubt that Maxine Matland was a liar through and through. She never was a pastor.She was a lying, cheating, blackmailing, terrifying old cow posing as a person who loved God.She was evil personified.She was an insult to humanity for what she did and the crimes that she helped organize with those two lame brained things called her son and her daughter.They are the lowest form of life possible and would rob the eyes out of your head given the chance and sell them.But she was quite happy to sit and plan other people's demise without giving it a second thought.

But then doesn't it make one wonder as to why Linn County Courthouse would go to the extremes of moving their own staff, and there are others in key positions also who had to move on from their jobs, because they helped me or had something to hide,or were a bit to honest if the truth be told.So they were moved on.There is one name that I haven't ever written about yet, but I am saving him because he does not have a clue that I would mention him.It suits me to keep him on the back burner for the moment, but his time is very short now before I say what he is guilty of.

But let us just take the present time.The District Attorney Jason Carlile, and the Linn County judges know full well what the Matlands have done and are up to.So no justice there then, because if there was, they would have put right the wrongs that they are covering up.And I wouldn't have to be sitting here day in and day out trying to get justice for my daughter and grandson.But now things are coming to the crunch.The Matlands are still not paying for their properties but just running them into the ground and turning perfectly decent buildings into slums right in the heart of Albany. They haven't even been using a dumpster because they are dumping their trash in the shed. I mean to say, can you believe that?The smell from the trash is so bad that one can smell it from across the road.That is what I was told just yesterday.They are making a holy show of Albany and still nothing is done. They turn a blind eye to Matland's properties, and the state of the houses inside is just as bad so I am told by different people.So what does that say about them? And that is what my grandson lives in with those lunatics called George and Priscilla and Gale, the boyfriend and other family members,and the dogs, and the people paying rents for what they call apartments,so it is one big dumpster that they live in. And as the saying goes, 'History repeats itself' they owe massive sums of money on their Thrift Shop, their duplex and they are awaiting eviction again from the Mission.When are people going to get it into their heads that the Matlands will not pay for their properties. They never have paid a penny more than they have to, nor ever will, but they sure as hell will charge people rents for living in them and charge the homeless people for living there also.And claim every penny possible from grants and so on.

So I suppose that I had better bring this to a close.Three buildings are in jeopardy, so perhaps the Matlands are going to be homeless themselves alongside the homeless people.And this man George is the person that the Judge gave full custody to and allowed all of the abuse on him to go unmentioned.The Police and Linn County Courthouse and all of the other agencies have known all the years that I have been doing this, what has been going on and how my grandson has been hurt and they have done nothing.I wonder how they would feel if it was their families who had fallen foul of the Matlands. I bet that they would have seen that they got justice, and named who was to blame.So I wouldn't get to comfortable in your jobs if I was you.Because I will get justice regardless of however I have to do it. But legally of course!!!

I wish you all a good week .Take care. God bless. Angie.



Hello Friends, it is a while since I wrote anything because I am just mystified as to how Oregon operates.Where in America is there a place that totally covers up so many crimes all being done by the one family?Of course there are scammers everywhere, nobody is denying that.But this is all regarding just one mafia type group that runs Oregon and in this case, Albany, Lebanon and Corvallis and let us not forget Cave Junction where the Matlands used to operate, and look at all the terrible crimes that they got away with there.And let me point out here that this blog is not aimed at ordinary people working in the main offices.They just do as they are told otherwise they are fired or moved to a different position.We were warned that this would happen when I first started this, so what are they suggesting? Do we forget that there are people being very seriously hurt at the hands of this family(in my case, my family-my grandson and my daughter and two more of my grandchildren prior to that) and are we not supposed to stand up for our families and let the Matlands get away with their many crimes of violence, including attempted murder, rape, child abuse, leaving one lady totally crippled for life, and another poisoned and had more done on her just so that this family can carry on doing their scams protected by the main people who run Oregon and some of it's cities.We only have to look back over the 12 years that I have been looking into the activities of the Matland family from the" Signs of Victory Ministries" (it used to be called Mission or Albany Mission or Bible School) to see what has been going on.There is crime after crime after crime.In not one case (which is all it would take for you or I) have they been convicted of a crime of violence,YES!! they have been taken to court on numerous occasions for non payment of their properties and petty stuff.Not that you or I would call it petty but these crimes are petty when you look at the many crimes that they don't get taken to court for, but then one would ask the question, why do these cases go no further than having a couple of cops turn up to investigate and a different, practically non-crime is written down. Therefore there is no follow up because if it is listed as just a case of loud music or a verbal dispute,non violent, well who is going to take that to court?Nobody because in Oregon there really are some very serious crimes that need to be investigated. It is just a matter that it is not committed by a person belonging to the Matland family.So that alone shows you who are reading this, that something else is going on.

The fact that the Matlands run a shelter for the homeless people could be a big factor because there are so many grants and so much aid given to the people who run a place such as this. Then look at the people in it, and how many children stay there. Transients are called 'transients' because they move around a lot, going from shelter to shelter. All their details are kept like names, Social Security numbers and State ID numbers and so on, which when used by a good forger can defraud lots of money and open accounts and so on, of which that person knows nothing and as already mentioned in my blogs, their mail was very often stolen from not just their relatives or friends, but the Food Stamp people and other Welfare offices and so on that help the less fortunate people in society.Obviously those people would not necessarily even know that their mail was taken, nor in my daughter's case, that the mail that she wrote, was not posted.That way it appears that the recipients in both cases thinks that the other person has not written and thus more easily can dissappear,and nobody would be any the wiser.And when one used to phone to see what was happening, one would be told that that relative/friend no longer lived there, or that they had never heard of them in the first place.Or in the case of when I phoned just a few days ago, I was told to "Never phone here again" and that was again because I asked to speak to my grandson whom my daughter and I have not been allowed to have any contact with whatsoever for nearly five years now and yet the three girls belonging to Priscilla(George's latest live in wife/girlfriend) are allowed to speak occassionaly to their family and go away for the Summer to spend time with him and their grandparents, but still we cannot get little George for so much as a phonecall let alone a holiday. So that is totally against the court rulings.Well considering that the court case was fixed and that can be proved, it would make one question the Judges and the District Attorney as they were made fully aware of this several years ago and also just a few weeks ago when I was talking to the DA himself.SO what they are hiding I cannot say for definate but it has to be very serious for them to go to so much trouble to keep this all hushed up for so long.Also for them to block me and sack or move people on from their positions so that they can't talk.

A few weeks ago I wrote to the latest Chief of Police,(Chief Boyd) because I wanted to make sure that as he was not at the Albany Police department for very long, that he knew what was going on.This was incase that the other Police were somehow doing their own scam to cover the Matland's crimes up and (because I am a nice and considerate person) I didn't want him to look stupid if he was questioned on what was going on in his Police department and he honestly did not know. It took me hours to sit and write this letter and I sent it by Registered mail so that there was a signature. I take it that he is a fairly busy person and so gave him a few weeks to respond.Just like the other Chiefs of Police that I have written to over the years in Albany, he totally ignored it.So nothing new there then.

They say that a leopard never changes it's spots, I was surprised to see that yet again the Signs of Victory Ministries was up in court just a couple of weeks ago on at least two new cases in Benton County for the non payment of their shop, I am not sure what the third case was for at this time of writing, but now there is yet another case today for their shelter. They pay nothing for their properties and yet they take and scam every last cent that they can and keep it for buying or renting yet more properties.But this is money that they get from donations, from grants and so on.They certainly do not spend it on doing up their places to make them a bit better so that the people staying in them have more comfortable surroundings.And on top of which, the word HOMELESS should mean that the people who stay there are really homeless.The Matlands recently changed tactics so as to get more money and charge rents for these people and that under normal circumstances changes the Matland's status, but they are crafty and have drafted in as many of the local druggies and are making out that they are the homeless people, but are also charging them, plus Matlands have to bump up their figures to show just how popular their mission is as there is currently a survey being carried out in Oregon on how many homeless people there really are in the area.Well I could definately tell the people behind that survey not to take any notice of the figures given by the Matland's mission, because they recycle their names and details so as to get more grants and funding.

I don't know if any of you have heard of ebay, but it is a brilliant site where you can sell stuff on the internet.It's a brilliant idea and a great website.The Matlands have definately copped on to this site and are selling stuff on it.That is fine.Or is it.You want to see what they are selling these past few days.Packs of soap (probably donated for the people in the mission) out of date cat food, by three years can you believe, a blood pressure machine (I'd have thought that they would need that for all of the heart problems that they claim to have had) some doggie's clothing, but wait for it, a guitar.Not an ordinary guitar. This one is on sale , or was up until yesterday, for $7,999.00 but had been listed at $9,999.00. That must be some guitar mustn't it? It does say that it was played by a person that we are supposed to think is famous,and they say that he donated it, even though he hated parting with it,only if it went to "THE SIGNS OF VICTORY MISSION" and as it said in the advert, a place where it is run by people who do not get paid but are helping the less fortunate in society.WHAT CRAP. The only persons wanting that money are the Matlands because they are about to lose more properties.But what about this then. Isn't it strange that for somebody supposedly so famous to donate a masterpiece of a guitar such as this, that the Matlands cannot spell his name correctly. I got three different spellings, on top of which they would not pass on his contact details when I, as an ebay user asked for them.But in the same e-mail it was stated that they did not know which person of this name, donated it to them even though it says that they can verify the details with him. DO I SMELL A RAT OR WHAT?????? I phoned this person up and a few places besides and none of the information could be verified.Should I be surprised? For nigh on $8,000.00 dollars I know that I would not want to be buying goods that were very possibly robbed especially knowing who the seller was, if you see what I mean.The Matlands would rob the eyes from out of your head.But another thought crossed my mind. Why would anybody put such an expensiver item up for sale along with soap, dog clothes, a packet of tea, smoke alarms and out of date cat food?Unless these items cover their drug habits. These are items for three and four dollars each, which doesn't make sense as they have to be packed up and mailed. But what if somebody who is a trained forger (we know who I am talking about) uses those silly items which are worth next to nothing, to add another figure onto if a check is used. JUST A THOUGHT!!!.The Matlands are definately hurting for money bigtime.It would have to be a scam because they would never be bothered otherwise and if caught doing forgery it is not as if they will get prosecuted is it? It's not like they haven't done plenty of fraud and forgery before and that would be on government records and bank accounts and so on.And Oregon definately both knows and doesn't care about.

Anyway, enough of that. I will avidly be watching the two courts to see what happens with their properties plus I will definately be watching to see what happens to this guitar.That should be interesting.But also nothing was done about the school that they opened and there was not one legal thing about it, but the Matlands bought or obtained a school bus also to transport the children (who attend their fee paying school)around. Has anybody ever wondered if this bus is legal to have on the road to start with and if there is insurance paid on it.What if there is an accident? What if one of the children got killed. Are Albany Police dept. going to cover that up as well? But also, who is teaching these children? It is a fella from the Mission who calls himself Lonnie, passing himself off as the Vice Principle.This is the same fella who looks after these children.Doesn't anybody find that this is all a bit of a joke. The Matlands are making an absolute joke of the laws that other fee paying schools in Oregon have to abide by.And the School Principle is George Matland's wife, who has no business training monkies, let alone children.But still, the authorities turn a blind eye.Crazy or what???

Anyway I had better close for now.This saga definately cannot be allowed to continue.They have all had a chance to put things right and not one of them have.Perhaps they need to buy the blood pressure machine from ebay which the Signs of Victory Ministries is selling because I feel that there are going to be a few of these officials whose blood pressure will be rocketing in the very near future.I wish you all a very good week. Take care, stay safe.God bless. Angie.