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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,


I am nearly fit to be tied, as they say here in Ireland. It means that I am hopping mad.Hopping mad is putting it mildly, I am bloody well seething. The title for this blog entry is one that Hasso Hering wrote in his Viewpoint section of the Democrat Herald on July 29th.2007. In it he says that " increasing numbers of children suffer or are threatened with abuse and neglect at the hands of adults.He goes on to say that we ought to rethink what we've been doing about that worsening trend and how we might do a better job". What planet has that man been living on for the last ten years at least? For those of you who follow my blogs you will know that I have already mentioned the fact that this newspaper does not know truth from fiction.This is especially noticeable when it comes to reporting stories whereby the Matland family are concerned or that of their disgusting properties and their treatment of the homeless people who go there for shelter.Or cases of where the Democrat Herald print articles on the Matlands behalf asking for donations of food, money, clothing and furniture and so on, so as to enable the Matlands to continue running their homeless persons shelter, their thrift shops and their Soup Kitchen, and to give Food Boxes to those in need and so that they can continue, at as little cost to themselves as is possible, to keep the homeless people calling to their shelter for help so that the Matlands can continue to scam every government payment and Federal Grant money and any other claim that they can make, by using the names of these poor souls and any others that they can make up or turn around, so as to make it appear that far more people come to them for help, than really do.Try looking into who really stays there and it is a very different story and you will soon see that not is all as it appears. But I suppose if the Officials in Albany(Linn County and City Hall) are so corrupt themselves, then what does it matter what crimes the Matlands get away with, year after year after year.And what does it matter who they hurt in the process? As long as the officials are getting their backhanders they are not going to touch the Matlands.

But you can read all that in my other entries,let us get on to the abuse and neglect subject.How Hasso has the cheek to make out that he is even halfway concerned about the abuse and neglect that goes on in the area that this piece of tripe of a newspaper covers, I really don't know.Eirther somebody is gagging him or he has no bottle whatsoever to print the real truth, because he told me himself many years ago that as far as the "Signs of Victory Mission" was concerned and the Matland family, that over the years (prior to when I first contacted him approx.1996) that he had had many,many complaints about that shelter and the way that the people were treated there and he knew full well some of what took place in that hell hole run by the Matland family.Let me add here that we are talking about different Chiefs of Police, different Sheriff's and other people who were running different heads of departments, including Children's Services. I am going back to 1981 onwards, although I personally did not get into this until 1996, in March of that year.That was when I was very naive and thought that all these heads of the various departments were honest people. Boy, was I deluded. But it goes further.One should take a long hard look at certain Judges( I hasten to add that I am not referring to all of the Linn County Judges that are on my blog), Oregon State Bar, the District Attorney and most definately Childrens Services.

Oh boy! isn't there an uprising all over America about those people (I can't print what I really would like to call them) and I would add that from cases that I have read about, that DHS is behind a lot of the manipulation of the amount of children taken, but then again, that dirty word comes up yet again, Federal Grant money.Greed is what a lot of these crimes are about.As for Children's Services, they are practically a law unto themselves.When abuse on my grandson was reported, Peggy Davis actually said that he appeared to have been punched in the face plus she also said that when she was looking at the photos of much more abuse, that my daughter could have tampered with the film in the camera.Now only an idiot could come out with a statement like that because if one took the film from out of the camera, it would be ruined.There was not only my grandson being abused at the Matlands, George Matland Jnr's Sister's chilren were very violently abused, and the youngest daughter far worse happened and this was not only known about by each Matland,Pastor Maxine Matland and her daughter Gale condoned it.How those sick people could allow Gale's man friend to sexually abuse her for so long, and her such a sweet little girl, is absolutely beyond my comprehension. But worse, it was the talk of Albany, and Diane Aspengren knew all along that this was happening, and so did Pat Melius. Then when more abuse was reported , not only did they not want to know, in court when my daughter was trying to get Custody of her son, after she had been completely conned out of getting him in the divorce,and after George Matland trying to kill her by giving her poison, and after he had attacked her five year old son in the first place, Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davis got excused from court so that they did not have to admit that they knew what George Matland and his psycho mother, Pastor Maxine Matland and Gale were doing to their kids.

But turn this around,when the divorce was over, and Andrea had never stood a chance in the first place of getting her son, (because it was fixed), she still had Visitation Rights, but George Matland couldn't bear the thought that she could see her son, so he used to pull different stunts on her so that things would be so bad and cause her so much harrassment, that she was nearly better off staying away altogether.But he could phone Children's Services and make completely false claims against her with absolutely no foundation whatsoever, and Children's Services would jump to do his bidding. He even tried to make false allegations against her husband so as to get her other son taken.Things got so bad with George Matlands perseverence in trying to kill her in another attempt, and doing other things on her and her family, that she had to go into hiding. He kept this up for years. She has not been allowed any contact whatsoever, by mail, telephone, or visits for over four solid years plus before that since 1998, she has hardly got any of her visits.He spoilt every visit that she did get, which was not very often and now he has got three beautiful step-daughters whose safety is of great concern because he has abused other kids long before my daughter ever came on the scene. There is a bit more to that, that I can't really put here at this time.But the girl's mother, Priscilla Matland is also doing his bidding by preventing my daughter or I, having any contact whatsoever with my grandson.Now add all what I have written today to the very many other crimes that they are committing, and you will see that the "POWERS THAT BE" have to be somehow involved in keeping quiet over all of Matlands crimes, because in any normal State, they would be putting them in prison.So it is about time that certain people in Linn County Courthouse and City Hall were investigated because they cannot say that they do not know what is going on.And they would not be keeping quiet about all of their crimes if there was not something in it for themselves.

So back to Hasso Hering, why don't you stop writing articles about the Matlands which make them out to be good, god fearing people, and start writing the truth about your "FRIENDS" in the main offices and court and so on, and do a bit of investigating on them? Do some real journalism for once in your life.And as for the other abused children in Oregon, there is a lot of money to be made out of children. Any parents concerned about your children should take their cases outside Oregon completely and for God's sake, don't trust Children's Services.But then, what actual authority to do with Children, would one trust in Oregon? Not one of them.I've tried most and they all turn a blind eye and that includes the Children's Ombudsman.

NOTE: For anyone interested in getting some proper help, go to my My Space account and you will find many good agencies that can help and advise you .I am adding like crazy to get as much info. for us all, as is possible.And let's see about getting an investigation going to remove certain judges and others in official capacities, from office for once and for all.They do not deserve to have positions of trust because they are not working for your benefit, only their own. Have a good weekend and thankyou for reading my blog.

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