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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,

How are you all doing today? I hope that it is warmer where you are living than it is here .At least we have the weekend nearly upon us.Something to look foreward to.

Well, I honestly do not know what it is that George Matland Jnr. and his family have going for them, but I have been sitting here reading legal documents on the Restraining Orders, Divorce,Custody, Visitation,Mediation and so on. For God's sake, if you who are reading this blog live in Linn County, Oregon, whatever you do, do not get your court case heard in the courthouse there, because Judges John McCormick, Rick McCormick, Glen D.Basinger and Carol Bispham have not got a brain between them.

Had just one of them ever bothered to question just the basic reasons for the case of the first Restraining Order, (knock! knock! John McCormick)then followed up by at least asking a few relevant questions, they would know that George Matland won Custody of little George on out and out lies.Andrea never stood a chance from day one. But it get's worse, Edward Daniels knew this from before he even filed for the first hearing.He was George's attorney.Why would he be so keen to file for a divorce/custody and all that went with it, when he absolutely, definately knew that he was filing this case on lies? The lies of George Matland.The lies he told the police, the lies that he has told in court, and more lies so as to get not just the first Restraining Order, but a second one the following year.Judge Carol Bispham laughed in court when she knew what George had added on the second Restraining Order.Andrea is 5ft. tall , how could she steal a truck battery from George's truck which is always parked where George happens to be.A full grown man would have a job to lift one from off of the ground, let alone get it out of the truck to start with.George accused her of threatening his life out in public, harrassing him at work and so on. He seems to forget that he himself ran at her across the main road, where she was walking with her other son early one evening, and openly threatened to kill her, thus terrifying the life out of them both.Why would she be the one to go after him and threaten him, when they were terrified that he might make another attempt on her life.It is not as if he hadn't tried before, was it George? And again, she was not the first that you had hurt eirther was she? George does not give a damn for any woman.They are there for his use and that is it.Just a point that I read that George said. He got Ordained in 1973 in the Pentecostal church.Well George, if you get to read this, I am sure that the public would be delighted to hear where this actually took place,apart from in your mentally retarded brain.

When are you stupid, stupid Judges going to realise that you have not only ruined the life of my daughter (as if the Matlands hadn't already done enough to harm her and her children) plus her family, but YOU FOUR JUDGES HAVE ALLOWED GEORGE TO ABUSE LITTLE GEORGE and get away with all the very serious crimes that you are all so keen to keep under wraps.Plus, I have another little revelation for you, proving that this court case was fixed by someone in your courthouse and someone outside. I won't say more here, as I am saving that for the newspapers, but I can promise you all one thing, I WILL MAKE YOU ALL VERY FAMOUS.And as for you EDWARD DANIELS on Sixth Avenue, Albany, I really hope that it was worth your while to take George's case, and that you got great satisfaction out of helping him to ruin Andrea and little George's life, because I think that you are about to be exposed for your part in this.It was bad enough that you lied to Oregon State Bar, to save your skin, let's see how you wriggle out of this next problem, because you, you little piece of dirt, are not going to get away with hurting my family. I will get justice for Andrea and little George, but I very much doubt that that will be in Oregon.They would not know justice if it hit them in the face.And I can prove what I found out. I hope that you all have a great weekend and thank you all for your interest.God bless you all.

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