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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,


That is the title of my blog today. I really cannot understand the mentality of someone who when you try to help them, they more or less suggest that one is either telling lies or that the situation is not as I have written.Some people really do think that they know it all, when really they know nothing, because they to are being blinded by the lies that their own family wants them to believe, even though this same pattern of behaviour has gone on time after time involving many of the Matland spouses.

I have said in my blogs about the attack on my middle grandson, byPastor George Raymond Matland Jnr. himself, on the night of January 29th 1998. Kevin Manske and Chris Carter from Albany Police dept.were the two officers who were called out to 610/620 Cleveland Street, after the following incident.

It was a Soup Kitchen night and the Matlands were staying back with a few of the homeless people and were drinking.Nothing unusual in that, as the Matlands are out and out alcoholics. As usual, the children were working in the Soup Kitchen, that is including my 5 year old grandson.He was tired out and took it upon himself to go upstairs to their apartment where Andrea(my daughter) was looking after baby George.

Big George was drunk, and was drinking with his Mother( the late Maxine Matland) and his sister Gale. George saw my grandson leave the area to go upstairs and followed him. Maxine saw George go upstairs and she followed also. George saw that my grandson was sitting on a chair talking to his mom. He went over to him and started verbally abusing him, and then he suddenly kicked the chair that the child was sitting on, from under him and as he fell, he grabbed his head and hit it into the wall.

Andrea jumped up to grab her son and pulled him behind her and begged him not to beat them. She managed to get into the bedroom and locked them into it and called the police. This was after Maxine had witnessed this and she had threatened to murder Andrea if she reported this to the police.George had grabbed hold of baby George and had him in his arms. The dispatcher at Albany police dept. had taken the call and noted that it was Andrea who had made the call reporting George for exactly what I have just written.

These two policeman arrived and both my daughter and grandson were still locked in the bedroom and had no intention of coming out until the police were there.George, still holding the baby,took these two officers to one side and told them his version of what happened. That is that it was Andrea who had attacked big George,she had clawed him, and thrown knives around the room.I have written about all this before, but I was reading the police paperwork, and you can see the type of mentality that George Matland and his family have for twisting the truth, but also the two idiots (sorry, I meant policemen) who arrived to investigate this callout.

Why would Andrea attack big George, just because her son had come upstairs after being so tired from working. He was only 5 years old after all.Also, big George is a very violent man, so why would she attack him to start with? She is tiny.Just 5ft. 1 inch tall.She was said to have clawed him. George himself said that to the two policemen. SHE HAD NO NAILS.She had them bitten down as low as one can bite them. She always bit them since she was tiny.So how could these two policemen believe that she was the attacker? Also why did they not look at where she had clawed George? That's what policemen are supposed to do.LOOK FOR EVIDENCE.

Well having said that, we are talking about Albany Police dept.I suppose that if they employ idiots, they can't really expect much more from them when it comes to using their brains.So there were no claw marks, Andrea was the caller, so she was hardly going to be calling the police on herself, and that was whilst under the threat that Maxine was threatening to murder her.So that story really comes across as wrong to start with.George was still holding the baby at this point. So what about the five year old boy? Isn't it child abuse to bash a child's head into the wall??? Seems not, because these two policemen did ask him if he was OK, but this is what was written by them.

PR stands for Andrea and S stands for big George.

PR locked in bedroom. S kicked chair at 5 yrs old child. S has their 19 month old child with him. PR in apt over church with the 5 year old. No weapons except knives in kitchen. No intoxicantants.(That is how it is spelt on the report.)

111 ADV Code 4.

Verbal only.No sign of injury to either party or children.George to stay at his mothers with one child.He promises he will not be returning to location tonight. CAD

Now as mentioned in other blogs this was the night that a neighbour came and got her and the five year old boy out, saying that she had to leave because he had seen this all before. Don't forget that George had several other wives and all had had a job getting away from him.It is not like a normal family.The same went for other spouses belonging to both Gale and Maxine.All had to escape.And all were mostly treated very violently.

Now with the police reports came an explanatory letter.It says that this case was listed as a Disturbance-Domestic.It also said that "We purge records every seven years and any report from 1999 back would be purged, unless it is a Death, Child Abuse, Sex offence or Stolen Gun not recovered. (Excuse me, when did attacking a five year old boy not count as Child Abuse?) If these two policemen had done a proper report based on fact, then Andrea would not have gone through all these years of hell and another attempt by George to kill her, because she would rightfully have been given custody of her son as written by Judge Holcomb.No wonder George Matland and his family get away with all of the crimes that they commit when you have policemen like these two dumb cops that write down exactly what lies the Matlands decide to tell them.

Now, I could leave this blog at that, but I thought that perhaps you might want to see some of the other cases that I have listed here from the Police dept.It makes quite interesting reading.After all, how many times do the Police call to one's house in a lifetime? Well,if one is a law abiding citizen, it would be quite rare.However I have got 282 cases listed under the name of George Matland.So if there is anybody who lives in Albany, Oregon reading this and you have ever wondered why the police take such a time to arrive, well they are probably round at George's house listening to more of his twisted lies. I won't put all the case numbers,because I will be stuck here all night writing this lot, however if I number them from 1 starting from December 2006, then anybody interested can just ask me for the case number, dates and so on.I am really just making a point here to show you just some of what this man has listed.

1. Traffic -Parking. 2.Attempt to locate person. 3.Civil Dispute-Property. 4.Traffic-Parking. 5.Harassment.(X) 8.Threats. 7.Intoxicated subject. 8.Theft-Other. 9.Trespass.(X). 10. Trespass (X) 11.Theft-Other.(X) 12.Animal complaint-Dog at large. 13.Disorderly conduct/Subject (X). 14.Vehicle abandoned. 15.Citation. Lights All Violations. 16.Threats. 17.Death Investigation. 18.Property found. 19.Assault. (X). 20.Property found. 21.Traffic-Reckless/Careless. 22.Trespass (X). 23.Animal complaint-Dog at large. 24.Animal complaint-Bite vicious. 25.Phone Call-Harassing.(X) 26.Trespass.(X) 27.Disorderly conduct/Subject (X) . 28.Suspicious circumstances. 29.Arson-Other. 30.Trespass (X). 31.Trespass. 32.Seatbelts FAI to use when requ. 33.Information report. 34.Suspicious circumstances. 35.Information report. 36. Domestic-Verbal. 37.Domestic-Verbal. 38.Burglary-Residence.(X). 39.Mental Case. 40.Alarm-Business. 41.Disorderly conduct/Subject (X) Alarm-Business. 42.Trespass (X). 43.Domestic-Verbal only. 44. Trespass (X). 45.Suspicious Person. 46.Disturbance non criminal. 47.Vehicle Abandoned. 48.Vandalism-Residence (X) 49.Disturbance-Music (X). 50.Traffic-reckless/careless. 51.Disturbance-loud party.(X) 52.Theft-other (X) 53.Trespass (X). 54.Disturbance-loud party. 55.Information report. 56.Other-other. 57.Trespass. 58.Animal complaint-Dog barking. 59.Disturbance-music. 60.Disorderly conduct/subject. 61.Extra Patrol Request. 62.Diturbance Non Criminal. 63.Distubance Non Criminal. 64. Mental Case. 65.Assault (X). 66.Assault (X) 67 Trespass.(X) . 68.Disorderly conduct/Subject (X). 69.Disturbance-non criminal. 70.Disturbance Non Criminal. 71/72/73 Disturbance.Loud party. 74.Assist Police. 75.Trespass. 76 Liquor Violation-MIP (X). 77 Disturbance-other. 78 Domestic verbal only. 79 Warrant Service-APD Warrant. 80.Domestic-verbal only. 81.Domestic- argument (X). 82.Traffic parking. 83.Trespass.(X). 84.Information report. 85 Intoxicated Subject. 86 Distubance-music. 87 Violation of Release Agreement. 88 Intoxicated subject. 89 Suspicious vehicle 90.Disturbance non-criminal. 91 Traffic Parking. 92 Loud party.(X) 93 Trespass (X) 94 Assault.(X). 95/96Disturbances. 97.Disorderly conduct/Subject (X). 98Disturbance-Music (X) 99 Traffic Accident-non injury. 100.Disturbance. 101 Domestic-Verbal only. 102 Child neglect. 103/104/105 Disturbances. 106.Information report. 107Disturbance Non Criminal. 108 Suspicious person. 109 Disorderly conduct/Subject (X) 110 Burglary-Residence(X). 111 Domestic-verbal only. 112.Restraining/Stalk order violation.(X) 113 Disturbance-other.(X). 114 Harassment(X). 115 Drug information. 116 Warrent Service-for other agent. 117/118/Disturbance 119 Restraining/Stalk Order Vio (X) 120/121/122 Disturbances. 123 Trespass. 124 Disturbance. And so it goes on right up to 282.

I wouldn't fancy living next door to them, would you?I won't add any more here as this took me longer than I thought. It just shows you the way things are. And I have not even written out the latest cases.But it is all in the reports and anyone can buy these I believe. I did not add any of George's latest wife's cases either.These are to give you an idea of what this Matland family are like and how nothing is pursued by the authorities. I wish you all a very good week.Talk to you soon.

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