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Saturday, October 3, 2009



The following words are not mine but you will already know that my blogs are regarding the gross injustices that are going on inOregon and in my family's case Albany regarding my daughter and grandson and what a family by the Name of Matland have been doing whilst hiding behind a fake church in which to cover up their thirty plus years of crimes on men, women and children and with more letters coming in exposing the cruelty that this family inflict on innocent people under the guise of running a shelter for the Homeless which thankfully has now closed down.

Certain of these Homeless families and single residents have been robbed, scamed out of their Food Stamps, their Social Security checks taken and used and every grant that can be claimed has been, but all for this family's use, not the correct recipient.On top of which not once have they been prosecuted by the authorities for their evil, sadistic crimes on men, women and children.I hasten to add that this is not on every homeless personthat has stayed there at the 'Signs of Victory Mission' but on persons who have somehow upset one of the Matland family, which from what I have received, seems to be an awful lot of people over the years.This is made worse because the crimes that the Albany Police department are called out for, are not what appears on their records.In fact one is lucky if thefact that one has reported a crime to them is even noted at all.For example in George Matland's case, if I was him and I had just given my spouse poison or attacked a child or had somebody maimed for life (all of which is true) I don't think that the callout should be referred to on the Police records as'Party-Loud Music' or 'Disturbance-Loud Party' SUSP.Other-Other.

This 'SUSP. OTHER-OTHER' was George Matland attacking my grandson aged nearly five years old because he dared to leave work in the Soup Kitchen and go up to see his mombecause he was tired.It was evening and the Soup Kitchen was over and the Matlands decided to have a few beers or in George's case, wine,and there was still clearing up to be done.This is all recorded in my other blogs along with the poisoning (which took place two weeks earlier when George fed my daughter poison, which was not the first attempt on her life by this wonderful Christian family called Matland.)However all this covering up of crimes by the Police and others in Albany and in Oregon in general led me to read up on what else was going on involving 'Children's Services', Linn County Courthouse,City Hall,Oregon State Bar and so on and so on.I thought that the Mafia were bad, but they are not a patch on what the MOBSTERS running Albany/Oregon are up to. They would knock them into a cocked hat.I am going to copy the exact wording of an e-mail that I received from an amazing group that I am proud to belong to called "A VOICE FOR CHILDREN".I hasten to add here that I did ask permission to put this on my blog. So it is all legal and above board.Some of you will remember the family by the name of Gaston because I have referred to the disgraceful treatment that thisfamily received.READ ON-YOU WILL BE HORRIFIED!!!!

(a_voice_for_children)Gastons on Wagener TV
From "Leonard Henderson"

William Wagener interviews Will Gaston in May 2009 v=SsqFD06My6A

11 years after Pamhelped WILBUR beat his Kangeroo trial,4.5 years after Pam was killed, and no autopsy done, nor an investigation, ..William Wagener,Host of On Second Thought, got this exclusive interview May 2000 with Wilbur,who had his 6 year old daughter kidnaped by cops without proper warrant based on a JURY verdict, to help CPS lesbian Perverts and hetro perverts cover up their molestation and abuse of his little girl, who turned 19.Melissa is being hidden from Wilbur even today.


Pam Gaston attacks credibility of probation Officer and the entire system while in leg shackles and handcuffs.

Pam Gaston. 3 - Voice for the Children - in chains v=dA7_uqTloke



Part 1 of a grusome TRUE Story documented in the Court Records of Oregon. Wilbur Gaston, a man with grown children in his mid 60's fathers a daughter with a unmarried woman, who soon loses all her children to CPS. Wilbur finds out, and fights to get his daughter,Melissa Gaston, OUT of the Foster-CPS system, and with the help from Pam, a local Artist, WINS. It takes 6 months for 4 year old Melissa to stop screaming spontaneously after Wilbur getscustody back. Wilbur marries 40+ tr old Pam Gaston,20 years his junior.After 25 months of custody, Melissa is feeling safe with her Bio Dad, Wilbur Gaston.

Then CPS thugs, send local police to kidnap Melissa playing in the front yard with a friend. Pam & Wilbur fight in court for years to win his daughter Melissa back. The State of Oregon, apparently! under the direct order by CPS agent "Larry Lawson" according to Wilbur, orders Oregon School teacher, Hazel S. to make a porno film on video.The idea is to get little Melissa to accuse her own innocent dad of making her dance naked and "touch herself" where it feels "good".Then use the video against Wilbur, after editing, to permanently "REMOVE" and "TERMINATE" his parental Rights,and put him in Jail so he can neverhave his daughter back - - for the crime of recuing her from CPS abuse in Foster homes. Wilbur tells us in a later clip how at 15, Melissa "found" her dad via the internet, and they got together for a afternoon, and talked and Melissa said that when she turns 18 she wants to come live with her Dad.BECAUSE the only time she felt "SAFE" was when she was those 25 months as a little girl living with her Dad. Wilbur Gaston, who rather resembles Santa Claus out of uniform.Wilbur sued those who were prosecuting him for "stalking" etc. and in the end ... either Wilbur would be found guilty or the STATE of OREGON would owe Wilbur $500 million dollars. Wilbur WON.

Oregon has a judgement against it rendered by a JURY, for $500 million they owe Mr Gaston, and inspite of the 12000 Oregon State Bar members of Oregon, none has been willing to Perfect the Judgement and start collecting the $$ owed. Wilbur struggles on Soc. Security and Pam got murdered before she could start the collection on the Judgement,. . . . by aerial Poisoning by a Helicopter that flew over and dropped a mist on their trailer in a wood, after Pam was forced out of her home in Mt.Angel, Oregon. Police refused to investigate. Ask yourself. Can this be true. Can the State of Oregon kidnap a man's daughter, use her for a porno film, send it around to CPS agents as a case example of "child Pornography" and then be caught, ordered to pay up, and after a murder of a woman, Pam, simply lock up the tape in a Judges"safe" so the father can NOT show anyone else how awful the Court system and CPS is?

Research, and start with VOICE for the CHILDREN web site, where you can find Teacher Hazel S. confession. Then call your Congress Critter and demand Federal Prosecution of the guilty judges, CPS agents, police, and the abolishment of CPS in total. Note, Wilbur's sister calls it NAZIZM.

Pam GASTON nails the Crook. v=1YGbLqUuX2M

Pam Gaston, on Michael Marsh's PEG TV program in Salem, Oregon nails the Crook. Dan Doyle 3 years before he goes to JAIL for Election fraud. And Dan got a minimum sentence. It is interesting, because Dan was both prosecutor and Legislator at same time ...which is a violation of separation of three branches of Government, and even DAN admitted that....later, Dan goes to jail sentenced to 10 months, and his wife who was also convicted, apparently while this GASTON Case was being covered up.

Weidner & Wagener on Wilbur Gaston's abused daughter v=Pm2d_h4-edl

CPS workers of Oregon Kidnap Wilbur Gaston's Daughter and use her for sexual porno film with TAX $$. Roger Weidner,former Prosecutor EXPOSES CPS.


This is me now. I do hope and pray that you will read this all thoroughly and if you wouldn't mind, pass this on to as many peoplethat you canbecause this has to be made as public as possible.
Who the Hell do these so called OFFICIALS think they are? Perhaps it is time that the members of the public who vote this scum in to office, turn the tables on them. I know damn well what I would do if I lived there.They are a disgrace to the Human Race and so are those who sit back and let them get away with it.Send this to newspapers and TV stations and let the world know what is going on in Oregon.It is nothing more than barbaric.I wish you all a very good week.

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