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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Good morning friends,

Who the hell does this Matland family think that they are to be able to evade prosecution for all the crimes that they have carried out since the early '70's? Is it not bad enough that Albany Police dept., the Sheriff's dept., Children's Services, Albany Fire dept.,Linn County Courthouse all cover for them, but that when they lived in Josephine County, Oregon that again the officials covered up their crimes and again the Sheriff was so far up Pastor Maxine Matland's butt, that he could practically kiss her tonsils.

Who ever heard of a Bible School having "Heavies". And if you two men are reading this, I know who you are!!! And keep watching, because I might just add your names to this page along with the officials who covered for the Matland family back then....And you with the limp, are you still on Welfare? You know who you are, keeping innocent youngsters from leaving Matland's clutches. You might be handy with a gun and had no problem getting hold of the ammo, but one of these days you will meet your maker and one of these days I am sure that some innocent person will be in the forest area and turn up something that they weren't expecting to find and I am not talking about Oregon caves.It was very easy to make people disappear in that area then , along the paths of the areas of forest that had been recently cut, especially by somebody who was working there back then, and knew the area like the back of his hand.Now who am I referring to that worked in the forest back then? Who has been more into wood all of his working life (even had his own tree surgeon business in California) than our favourite wannabe pastor, George Raymond Matland Jnr. But who on earth would realise that anyone had disappeared when the people staying at Matlands are not allowed outside contact.They were again kept in what was like, a prison without bars and were so terrified of the Matlands that they lived in fear of their lives everyday.But hey people, they were only human beings, and we know only to well how Oregon officials view them don't we??? And it is you Oregonians that vote them into office.

But take today. It is year 2007. This is thirty years on approximately since that Matland family moved into Oregon, and twenty five years on since they moved to Albany. It doesn't take much detective work to check out who was in office in all of the different departments running Albany back then. So ask yourselves this. How come is it that the Matlands are still getting away with all their crimes??? What propositions do they make to these people running Albany (in this particular case) that prevents them prosecuting or even investigating what it is that the Matlands do??? Their crimes are so numerous and so obvious, but yet the officials pretend to not know what they are at, and if one does make them aware, nothing at all is done.Now what does that tell you about Albany, Oregon.? It tells you that either the officials are so corrupt that that is why they cover for them, or that the Matlands are in the business of supply and demand.After all, they are still running a shelter for the Homeless, under the guise of being a Church, so as to get tax exemption, which is a joke in itself.So who knows what people are really there or who no longer is, for whatever reason that may be.And why are the Matlands so keen to get their hands on more children????

Think about it, take George and Gale (his sister), why are they so keen to marry people from the homeless shelter that they run, that have children and why is it so hard for these same people, who are treated in such a horrific way, both mentally and physically, and so brainwashed ,that they don't really realize what has happened until something is witnessed, (as with two women at least catching George in the act of molesting their children, and another witnessed him physically attacking her son) then they try to leave and in the case of one lady, she was hunted down by all three Matlands, found by George and dragged back to the homeplace and beaten and raped to such an extent that she went nowhere for two weeks. When she asked Maxine why he did that, she told her that if that was true, then she must have deserved it, and her the Pastor.Now they did escape but of course planned it properly.The same thing with one of Gale' s several spouses.He had three young children.You have to remember that not only were those marriages( latterly), not legal to start with, but that all the spouses were treated in a very violent way, and in my daughter's case she was given poison.To this day she is still suffering from the effects.But unlike the other spouses, she fell pregnant for George and gave birth to a son.Let me add here that I have not gone into all that happened to Andrea and her children at the hands of the Matlands here, because that is in the other blogs.Anybody following this blog will know only to well what that bastard and his family did . But unknown to her at that time, she was spouse number nine.She thought that she was wife number three.

It was bad enough that George took and hid her newborn baby ,just for dareing to talk on the phone to me just minutes after having a C-Section.As soon as she was released from hospital, George took the baby from her and hid him for three days. He not only did it the once, he did it on other various occasions also, when she did something that he got pissed off at.It was George and Maxine who guarded her in Sacred Heart hospital and messed with her drip giving her an overdose of magnesium to the point whereby she got very ill and nearly died.He poisoned her like I said in January 1998, and several other offences took place on her and her children during her time with George before she finally escaped after George attacked her other son, then aged five.And although she managed to get to a phone with her child and called the Police, the two officers wrote a statement which was totally false saying that she was the one who attacked not only her child, but George himself.And that statement was used by George to get a Restraining Order against her, thus keeping her away from her baby.Then he made sure that the case was fixed, thereby depriving her of attending her own divorce/custody case and obviously full custody went to George Matland.And since then in 1998 and many court hearings since,up to 2002, George has messed about with the Visitation , on the odd occasions that she was allowed to have a visit, whereby she was intimidated over and over again, and because it was so bad, the court made the pick up place to be in the car park across the road, as it was an area where people would be.

But George Matland was not content with that, and so his family and little son would kneel in prayer to pray that she would get killed on the journey to pick him up.Then he went one better and although she had to keep moving because of the intimidation, he got Edward Daniels, his attorney to find out her address yet again, even though the court said that he could not have it, (because it put her life in danger) and George undid the nuts on the wheels of her car and she and her other son escaped getting killed because she realized that there was something terribly wrong when driving and a man from the garage ended up being the one driving the car when the front wheel fell off on the highway.Had he have not been an expert driver, George could have been the cause of his death.

But to this day George still has little George.He has entered his tenth marriage to this woman called Priscilla who has three children.Now you can read all what goes on with that woman in other blog entries and see the photos. But both of them are totally prohibiting any contact whatsoever between her girl's father and his wife , and us with little George.Except in little George's case it has been four years since there was any contact.And then there was hardly any prior to that because the Matlands broke every rule in the book regarding Visitation.George should never have had custody in the first place because under Oregon Law,as he was the abuser( but lied his butt off to the police and court judge) the child is given to the other parent.

So what I am saying is, why are no so called officials who know what is going on at the Matlands,(and please don't say that perhaps they don't know of the situation, because they most certainly do) concerned about these children who are prevented from going to school, prevented from mixing with children outside in the big wide world, prevented from having any contact with their parents, prevented from being loved and cared for like most normal children? Why would those officials ignore these children? What is the purpose for keeping them hidden away from other children at normal schools? Why do the police not investigate?Having just written that last bit, it would be a bit of a waste of time asking Albany police to investigate anything, they would not have a clue and who could ever believe anything that they said anyway.They wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.But Jason Carlile, District Attorney knows what is going on, because I told him. Now why doesn't he get someone to investigate as to why these children are being kept away from their other parents and the world.WHY DOES NOBODY TURN UP AND DEMAND TO SEE THESE CHILDREN????And do they still have this small baby that they got from somewhere and also the seven year old girl that they took in for a dying woman? Again, having said that about getting the authorities to go and see these kids, who would you actually trust to do that job? So much for Oregon Laws and the people who are supposed to uphold them.Oregon, you and your officials are a joke and your laws mean nothing to the Matlands. And as for the welfare of the children, what other little secrets are you hiding in your State Offices? Now thereby lies an even greater secret.Perhaps it is time to explore a bit more what else goes on with these so called officials.

So I have had my say for today. To anybody who follows this blog regularly, please foregive the repitition. It's not that my record has got stuck, there is a very good reason behind it.I do hope that you have a really good day today.Take care and God Bless.

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