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Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Hello Friends,

To those of you who follow my blogs, you will already know about some of the many, many crimes that take place, and have taken place,using the Homeless people at the 'Signs of Victory Ministries' in Albany,Oregon, so as to support the Matland family to buy,lease and obtain properties, cars and trucks,utilities,and more for themselves,and to live in a style to which one has no other description for but to say that they are worse than the parasites (cockroaches)who infest their properties and wander free in their filth and dirt to which the Matland's have become accustomed to and the poor neighbors have had to put up with for years and years.

These three human beings (for want of a better word-perhaps LEECHES)would be a better word,are a cruel, bitter and insatiably greedy family trying to collect by any means possible,anybody's money, by fair means or foul. Mainly foul because they do not give a toss as to how they get this money and never have, blackmail having been used as well,but the Homeless people have been one of their main constant sources of supply plus whatever grants and handouts and donations were received also for housing these people.

For all of the marriages that have taken place using innocent people who thought that they were loved by either Pastor (that title in itself is a joke to start with)George Raymond Matland, aged now 58 years old, his sister Virginia Gale Armstrong,Russell, Cabrera and many more names, now 57 years old,and pre. 2006, their mother Pastor Virginia 'Maxine' Matland,who was no more than evil personified and was no more a Pastor than I am.This was just a case that the Matlands saw a scam that would let them live totally free of charge, get them Tax Exemption which they most certainly have done on many properties, and gave them an inexhaustible supply of Food Stamps, checks belonging to the people staying at the Mission (Gale being a trained forger)which were robbed from their church mailbox PO BOX 186, Albany, Oregon,money from the authorities,vehicles, bits of furniture,and anything that could be robbed from these vulnerable people who were simply down on their luck and looking for food and shelter.Well, they certainly came down to earth with a very big bump when they went to stay there.

But worse again, they wanted their children.Anybody's children actually.Gale even fancied herself as running a Foster Home for children.This is the woman who treated her own three (if indeed they were hers to start with,and I would say that that was very questionable, especially as she did not know her own son's proper name) so abominably that it is hard to believe that any 'mother'(that word is used very loosely) would have allowed her own young daughter to have sex for several years with one of Gales latter boyfriends who was on FBI records and as violent as they come because she was 'scared that he might leave her'.Did you ever hear anything so ridiculous?He beat the crap out of Gale,left her son black and blue from head to toe and that is not counting Gale's violence on the children also.So we are talking about a bunch of 'sicko's,George Matland also having been caught abusing certain children, by their mom's.Then they ended up under the threat of getting murdered in two cases,(my daughter being one) if it was reported to the cops, or in the case of another lady when she caught George abusing her child, he raped and beat her for daring to try and escape.

So after the nine previous marriages that George Matland was in,number ten was a right little gift.Her name was Priscilla.Oh boy!!! did she suit the Matland scams.Not only was she the living image when done up, of my daughter, whom George had tried on several occasions to kill,she was as big a scammer and thief as the Matlands themselves.

Not only was she already being investigated for thousands of dollars that she had had,(I know this because I have had several talks with those investigators)she had already done credit card fraud,and god knows what else.However she had three children and of course the Matlands loved that.So Priscilla was a good catch in several ways,well apart from when she robbed George of his Xmas Tree money, which I admit that I did find comical, and she slept with a man from the Mission right from the off,so that says a lot for this farce of a marriage, which of course is exactly what it was.A complete and total farce because Maxine did the ceremony.

Then of course Priscilla posed as a school principle, using her three kids and my grandson, and kids from the Mission and opened a school at 1125 Dale Street,SE.Albany,for which fees had to be paid.The vice-principle being a man from the mission also.A MINDER would be a better word, so as to stop the kids getting out.Both not qualified to run a cat's home let alone a school.But then, yet again, this scam of a place was turned a blind eye to, like the rest of the crimes that the Matland's as a whole, have committed.

She got herself a half share in a local shop also and quite happily scammed that couple out of every penny that they were owed.But also she pulled a stunt on a very sick person and robbed them of every penny that they had saved to be able to set themselves up in a place of their own to live.Not content with that, this person was robbed on a second occasion of all of their identity and then still not satisfied got the family GALE and GEORGE and another fella from the mission (whom George pretended was his son),to intimidate and terrify this person and on top of which he was kicked out of the shelter and spent four days and nights on the streets, with no food,identity,money or anything.If it wasn't for the kindness of a man in Albany, who knows what may have befallen this sick man who had been so atrociously treated.I hope with all my heart that her mother and stuck up, foul mouthed sister hear about this, because what Priscilla (pretend Matland)is doing is every bit as bad as the Matland family is and areal still doing.No wonder she fits in so well.And this Priscilla is looking after children and pretending to be a school principle and also helping to stop contact between her children and my grandson from their non custodial parents.EXCUSE ME PRISCILLA,GEORGE AND GALE,I THINK THAT YOUR REIGN AT SIGNS OF VICTORY MINISTRIES IS ABOUT TO COME TO AN ABRUPT END.HAVE A VERY GOOD DAY WHILST YOU ARE STILL AT LARGE! I CAN HEAR THE PRISON CELLS CALLING!!!

TO my friends, may I wish you all a very happy week.Take care and stay safe and for God's sake, do not donate or give one single cent to this family because it is definitely not going towards the Homeless people.

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