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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog entry, but when I am confronted with some of ,what must be, the most ignorant fools going, then it makes one wonder why one should actually bother trying to find one sane, law abiding official in Linn County, Oregon. For God's sake, why are you all so keen to protect the Matlands from being prosecuted? What are they doing for you except showing you up to be the very opposites of standing for law and order.

How much plainer do you want me to put it. THE MATLANDS ARE OUT AND OUT CRIMINALS.They are everything that I have said on my blogs and more.Now let me get one thing straight before I go any further.I have put the Judges photos and the Matlands photos on my blog because each one of them is part of what I am writing this whole blog about.But I would also add here, that just because the Judges photos are on my blog, I am not saying that each one of those Judges is bad, but I am saying that each one was presiding over the court at different parts of all of the hearings( and believe me, George thought up reason after reason, to get yet another hearing, and another and so on ).So there are at least a couple who would be very questionable, especially as you each in Linn County knew what injuries were inflicted on my grandson from when he was a toddler and you can't deny the fact that you knew what was happening to him because I sent you the photos..And as I have already stated previously, that case was fixed before it ever got it's first hearing.The original paperwork was stolen from the file whilst in Linn County Courthouse . Also the letter with the date of the original hearing was also stolen, but this time it was from my daughter's mail box so as to prevent her going to the court and although she did get to go to some other parts of the case, because she never had the original date to start with, she did not know that the divorce/custody case had even started. She thought that she was there because she was under such pressure from threats by the Matlands and not being allowed to see her son,and that the hearings were for that.

George Matland and his family made her life hell.It is about time that the Judges actually learned the Oregon Laws.Judge Holcombe in Benton County knew the laws of Oregon which state that the one who abused the child is the one who loses custody.But although she knew the process and was going to get the police to pick up little George, the day after my daughter and her 5 year old son (who was viciously attacked by George Matland the night of their escape),Linn County jumped in and gave George Matland a Restraining Order just hours prior to my daughter getting hers(as Benton County wait 24 hours before giving one out)and George therefore got Temporary Custody using his false statement making out that it was Andrea who had attacked her own son and George Matland himself, and remember this, it was she who made the 911 call to the Police dept. who took George Matlands false statement that night.Now it does not take much of a brain surely to work out that Andrea would hardly call the Police to tell them that she had not only attacked her own son, but had attacked George Matland as well.But of course, if you have two policemen who do not possess a brain between them, then of course they will believe George Matland.After all, how many other people including children, has that man hurt?And how many times was he investigated, or his family? Never!!!

But in Linn County, Albany, the Matland family can do this time and time again, (not just on Andrea) but to other poor innocent people for whatever reason suits the Matlands at the time, and they again give false statements to the police to get that person into trouble.So what does that say for those policeman??? Exactly what it says for certain Judges (not all) whose photos are amongst those on my blog.It says that there has to be a reason why the Matlands are not brought to justice.In fact, I would be very surprised if certain of those judges actually knew what the word JUSTICE actually stood for.Then add an attorney Edward Daniells,working for George Matland at the time, who would have done anything to help George, including going behind the Judges back and against their wishes, giving him the address where Andrea moved to, so that he could carry on harrassing her and nearly killed her, and lying through his teeth in the first place because he knew that there was no legal marriage to start with.But knowing this he still went ahead and filed for the divorce, and then changed it to consolidate the custody and divorce case a short while after.Then he had the nerve to lie yet again to Oregon State Bar.

Here is another odd thing, why were the rules changed in the courthouse whereby people could not get a file out and take it to sit and read it, after it was known that Andrea's paperwork was stolen??? One has to read these files at the counter now.That is the gospel truth. And why were the laws changed regarding the rules as to who could perform marriages in Albany/Oregon??? I can't say about the whole of Oregon, I can only speak as I know. And the reason I say that is because Albany seems to be a law unto itself. Now add a District Attorney, who is supposed to investigate crimes, but if the Police can't be bothered, why should he bother??? He made out to me just recently that he hadn't hardly heard of this family by the name of Matland. Well what does that say about him? It says that he is a liar, it says that he does not read the Democrat Herald, or talk to the Police or the Sheriff who was their back prior to Sheriff Mueller,who I hasten to add, I have had absolutely no contact with, just the same as I have not had contact with the latest Chief of Police. After all, one can only contact so many of these people and when they are so plain ignorant or refuse to reply to one's concerns, or investigate any crimes carried out by the Matlands, one would have to ask oneself WHY!!!

WHY !!! WHY!!! WHY!! would no official all the way up to the Attorney General do anything that would bring a case against the Matlands? I read the Democrat Herald on the odd occasion, and they print stories about different crimes of nothing as serious as what the Matlands have done.So why not print what is really going on and has done for twenty-six years in Albany. OK, so they do print some stuff about the Matlands wanting money, which seems a bit stupid as the Matlands only want people to donate money, food, clothes, utensils and so on, so that they can run their scam of a mission, when in reality the Matlands use the money for themselves and towards getting property.But do the officials ever look into that side of things? No they don't. You can pick a name out of a hat and use that if you want, call yourself anything that you like (if you are a Matland)and buy a property in that name.For anybody else doing that, that would be fraud.

My point in this is to say, that something in Albany really stinks and has done for many years, and the good and honest people of Albany are being hoodwinked by these officials running that city, and who for whatever reason, that tight knit little clan are allowing the Matlands to get away every time with their crimes.And I would say that whatever reason these officials have for covering for that family and the cruelty that they inflict on people, men, women and children, as well as their many other crimes,perhaps the fact that they do not investigate the Matlands , is Matland's reward for whatever benefit these officialls get by turning a blind eye to each of their crimes.

I need to add here a comment to the gentleman who left me an e-mail just a few days ago.I could not reply as a notice said that you were not accepting messages, so if what you said was true about the children at Matlands, wouldn't you or your friend report it to the Police or go to a reputable newspaper outside Albany and tell them what really goes on at the Signs of Victory Mission?. I thank you for taking the trouble to leave me that message. It was very good of you.

Well I suppose that I had better close this blog entry for now.I really must thank those people who have contacted me to give me support for this gross wrongdoing on the part of Linn County, but let me just say a word to the officialls of Albany and Oregon State Offices, this is by far not resolved.I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about making each and every one of you who have been informed over the years ,of the abuse and other crimes that have taken place, that you have all so fervently continued to turn a blind eye to so as to protect the whole Matland family, and I will name you all.Until my grandson is rightfully returned to his mother, I will not let this rest.So if the fact of having your photos on my blogs alongside the Matlands embarrasses you, then believe me, I am sure that that is preferable to the newspapers and the television.If you can't put right this terrible wrong, I am sure that they will be only to pleased to investigate YOU also.

Just a thought that keeps coming into my mind.If Oregon make laws that apply to the whole of Oregon, why then can Linn County Courthouse have different laws on the time that a Restraining Order is given out? After all, if Linn Co. give theirs out more or less as soon as one applies,(the same afternoon in George Matland's case) and Benton County make one wait 24 hours,(and Andrea had applied early that morning before George) then that obviously puts the person applying for their Restraining Order in that county, at a great dissadvantage.Which my daughter is living proof of.But also, the Women's shelter is in Benton County and look how many women in there also have children.Aren't they the very people who need protection? Or is there a deeper reason for this, so as to prevent them getting the custody of their children? After all, we all know only to well what Albany thinks of it's children, because of what Children's Services cover up alongside the Police. Think about it!!!

To my friends , let me wish you a really great weekend, and I will talk to you all soon. And please do spare a thought for the children belonging to the Matlands, who are now living in a sub standard building that I believe is not safe,(with a family who is not safe) all because the Matlands refuse to pay the leases on their properties, even though they beg you all( via the Democrat Herald) to donate money to them for this.No, they would rather get evicted yet again, instead of using your hard earned money for what they requested it for.


Hi to all my friends,

I just had to write this entry because to me, as a fairly normal sane person, this newspaper defies belief.I am talking about the Democrat Herald in Albany, Oregon.It is bad enough that their articles regarding the truth behind the Matland family are biased so much in their favor and that they only print what it is safe to print, but when it comes to them writing articles almost begging for help on the Matlands' behalf, come on Mr Editor, where is your common sense? I would have thought that as a journalist, you would have been taught to first check your stories for facts, or at least something resembling them, before writing them.

You said that the Matlands needed $12,700.00 for monies owing in backpayments to save their' Signs of Victory Mission'. Also that that family were allowed to place collection boxes in various shops so that the locals could donate money out of their hard earned wages, so as to help pay this debt and save the Matlands' property yet again.How many years have this family been taking the people of Albany, Oregon for a ride? They do not pay their bills for these properties. They use that money for their own ends and then come begging and crying to the citizens of Oregon to come and save them yet again, and again, and again, and again and have done since they first opened in Albany in the early 1980's.

You only have to look in this newspapers' archives to see how many times they have been taken to court for non payment on all of their many properties. And what do they do in times of terrible adversity? They go and get yet another property.Now tell me who is the stupid one? It's not me is it? I didn't donate to their farse of a church or their homeless people's shelter, or their thrift shops (Yes, all three of them).All three of which run because people are donating free of charge, all of the goods contained within.And if they are not donated, well it is goods that have been repossessed in lieu of payments that the poor people residing in their Matland slums, have had taken to make up for the lack of rent.So it is one law for the Matlands and another for the poor staying in their premises.

So, they feed the homeless. WOW! great. But the food is donated also. So, oh! !!! that is something else that the Matlands did not have to pay for. Well they clothe the homeless you might say. Excuse me, those clothes were all donated. OK!!!! Let me just mention the fact that Maxine was never a pastor and that George never was one either.Doesn't there seem something a bit wrong with this saga?? A pastor who is not a pastor, runs a church that is not a church, who performs marriage ceremonies which are therefore not marriages (but they are quick enough to charge you for this service) and then they buy properties to rent to people , using as many people as they can to fit into the apartments and then charge them rent.However, if they are not paying the payments on their properties, but they are collecting the rents, and God help you if you owe them money because they will take your goods, then doesn't this all sound a bit one sided?.Vehicles, furniture and whatever else takes their fancy is what they will take from you to pay for the rent that you are supposed to give to them to pay for their properties with. Except they are not making those payments, are they??? Plus as they are tax exempt because the stupid tax man thinks that they are running a shelter for the homeless and a church, that is just something else that they don't have to pay.

"The Lord will provide", that is what the Matlands say when they have a problem.Excuse me, it wasn't the Lord who set fire to the homeless people's shelter at 705 Lyon Street, was it?If the Lord was in any way behind the Matlands and what they preach, why is it that they are about to flit?Your dollars and cents given from the goodness of your hearts, and those big donations from anonymous donars which it was said in the Democrat Herald, was about enough to pay in full what was owed, is total and utter lies. And that is what the Matlands told the Democrat Herald and because they don't check their facts before printing an article, who is left with egg on their faces? Not the Matlands. I am sure that they are delighted with all the money that you all donated.After all, Gale has to make payments on her two properties that she is buying for herself, and she is tax exempt as well and proffessing to have 21 people staying at her house.I'd love to stand outside her house and count them.I think that we would find it a very different story.

Plus you should take a look at what the Matlands are having to pay for their shop in Corvallis. That was no cheap property by any means.I'd also be inclined to check out if any of these people staying at Gales house just happened to coincidentally be in any of the illegal marriages which George Matland performed the ceremonies on within weeks of each other, in 2006 on Gales' own daughters and son.Please do not think that I am in any way saying anything against them, because I am not. I think that they are totally oblivious to the crimes going on at the mission and that their family are just pure and utter frauds and very violent into the bargain.

However, back to this Matland family.On top of all that they do not pay, they are very quick to collect any grants, or handouts that are given to the homeless or people who run shelters of this nature, plus of course there is the question of the different bank accounts and other accounts which are opened up in names that they should not legally be using. And tell me also about this fascination (for want of a better word) for trying to get people's children.And why would they so blatently refuse to let these children go to a proper school or have contact with the outside world? And why are we not allowed any contact whatsoever with them, and they totally ignore the court's rulings? Forget Custody laws, they do not exist at this mission.And when will Albany (Linn County Courthouse) police, Childrens Services and all of the services who are supposed to run a city, have the balls to stand up and do their job and stop covering up the many, many crimes that are taking place at this so called farse of a church? This is regarding men, women, children, government payments and Food Stamps, and taxes, and so on. You name it, they do it.

I read an excellent article this morning that was in my mailbox regarding the Freemasons and where they stand regarding their beliefs and the religions of those who are initiated into their secret society.It certainly would make one wonder in Oregon,and especially in Linn County, who is also in the Freemasons and what they are protecting and why.I think that this is a line of thought worth pursuing.And the reason I say that is because not one of the heads of the different departments will go against the others to expose what this Matland family are doing, which to my mind shows that the Matlands have to be providing some service by being in Albany, that prevents them from being treated like normal citizens, which if they committed just one of the crimes, would be thrown into prison and the key lost. Think about it !!!!

I wish you all a very good day and thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my blog.I think that to get the Matlands brought to justice, it will take a very brave attorney who probably would need to live on a totally different planet, because I would fear for his safety.But to the decent, ordinary citizens of Albany and Oregon in general, you need to start questioning exactly what the officialls are really hiding.Perhaps one of these days, we should go into some of what is really going on in Oregon.I'll talk to you soon.


Hello friends,


I would think that probably there would be quite a lot of people who would be very sympathetic towards the plight of the homeless people in our society.And I hate to see people begging on the street, and when it comes to seeing children begging, well that is definately very wrong and would tear at anybody's heart strings. I know for a fact that little George Raymond has to beg for money, and I can't say for nowadays, but he definately had to work a full day, every day making palletts as well.And as we are not allowed to have any kind of contact with him, because for whatever reasons, the Matlands are above the law, I can only say that he was working full time up to four years ago and he is only eleven years old now.At that time he was attending school, but of course that has not applied for a whole year now as he was taken out of the education system altogether, so after his years of using a hammer, he probably is a great little pallett maker.

They used to call this slave labor in the old days, like something out of Dickens, but although Oregon has offices in the state capital, to stop this, I wouldn't bother reporting any child labor, because they again DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.I should know because I phoned three of their offices.But that is not the point of todays blog entry.But just one thought, with the three girls that Matlands now have, isn't that a great little workforce.Isn't slavery something that went out in the old days? Not in Oregon it seems.

Let's move on.The homeless people have little enough to get by on. OK, so the homeless shelter should be a place where they can get a nourishing meal, perhaps some better clothing than they arrived with, a shower or bath, and a decent bed to stay in? But also a feeling of having a bit more security than if you were sleeping in the park or in some shop doorway or under a bridge somewhere.And if this homeless shelter was run by a church, then wouldn't that sort of make you think that the homeless people's shelter would be just a bit better, than one run by people who were just doing this as a way of helping the more unfortunate in society, but nevertheless doing a great job?But with the thought that "God" was behind this shelter, just sort of makes one think that they would be safe.WRONG!!!!

Just before I go on, I need to make it very clear that I am only referring to "The Signs of Victory Albany Mission" or as they are calling it also, "The Signs of Victory Faith Center", oh !!! and let me add also their other name that they recently came up with "Emergency Social Services, Signs of Victory Mission" Doesn't it all sound great? This fine upstanding family by the name of Matland, are certainly very inventive in the names that they call their church, they are also very inventive on the figures that they say regarding the people that they feed and house and give Food boxes to.The Matlands are very inventive in a lot of other ways also.Shall we use the word 'Creative' , that sounds about right. They are creative when 'cooking their books'.I am not referring to recipe books.

As you know if you are following this saga, they got the Editor of the local rag to put in an article saying that they were $12,700 dollars behind in their payments for their properties and that they would be evicted if the money was not in by the 21st. June.Well it is now the 1st. July and there was another article in this same paper whereby they said that they had collected only a couple of thousand dollars. But hang on here, isn't there something wrong? This supposed $2,000 may have made it to the Matland's pockets, for which I am sure that they are thanking those people who donated it, for being so bloody stupid, because that is where it stayed.So I expect that they are saying "Thankyou very much MUGS " Because anybody giving money to that fund has to be a mug, stupid, or whatever else you want to call it.

Of course people are willing to donate food, clothing, money, and so on to help the unfortunate but you are only lining their pockets. They just got themselves a new church building, they have three thrift shops, all full of stuff which also was donated, plus a Soup Kitchen, whereby a lot of that food is donated, plus they have got the homeless people's shelter, and do not let us forget that Gale has got herself two houses, one small one and one big one.How many people can afford all this property???? Well they can because if they are not paying the payments on their properties (which has been well advertised in the local rag for many years now) well of course they can get themselves more property.So why would good honest decent people keep this family from losing their properties, when it is their own faults that these payments are not made? Now to my mind, that is a great scam. And on top of which, (and I will never let this one drop) if they are really desperate, why not just set fire to a building of theirs, and if you watch, these fires are getting bigger.The last one had people in the building. You can read about the fires in entries that I have already made. But believe me, I find it so strange that even though there was an investigation, and I also made my point very clear about these fires in a marathon telephone conversation to the Albany Fire dept., that still nothing was done to bring this family to justice and the investigating officer who happened to be off work on the day that I called, never even bothered to phone me back regarding all of what I had said to his colleague,( who did seem very concerned), and on top of which, wasn't it a coincidence that he was about to retire.Now I think that that is bloody strange.And three years later in another article on behalf of the Matlands, George Matland suddenly has this miraculous flashback of memory and said that it was a fire set by a former resident that they had thrown out of the mission for being drunk. EXCUSE ME!!!! George himself is drunk every night of the week. Now coincidentaly I may also mention that when 532 Baker Street went up in flames that George also had this revelation that it was started by another disgruntled person from their mission. And I hasten to add, was actually two fires and not one. The first fire did not take off like it should (George must be losing his touch) so a second one was set and that never was mentioned in the local newspaper.But the person that George accused was not even in Albany that day.So I think that he got his wires crossed, because the only one from the mission that was around at the time of that fire, was George himself.WHAT A COINCIDENCE !!!!

Now, although I do tend to ramble on, let me get on to the point which this blog is actually about.I am sorry that I tend to get carried away but I get so mad to think that it does not matter what crimes this family carries out, they get prosecuted for none. I called this blog entry "A NICE LITTLE EARNER". I was sitting down all day yesterday, working out all of the crimes that I knew of and have followed all these years.I am not now referring to all of the crimes of violence on men, women and children specifically, I was looking mainly at another angle involving money and pure fear of what this family instill in people, and I don't mean just their many spouses and their children. I am again talking about the people who are unfortunate enough to end up in "The Signs of Victory Albany Mission". I can't put here the names of the people who were affected, for obvious reasons, as if the Matlands knew that I had these people's names, then not only would these victims be made to disappear, I reckon that they would see to it that poor old Angie would 'digging up the daisies' as well, after all , it's not as if I haven't been warned already.But I am buggered if they are going to keep on flouting the law and making a mockery of the ordinary decent people of Albany.

I will just refer to these peope as Mr A, or B and so on.

Mr A. was staying at the Mission and the Welfare sent him a check for $300 dollars. Maxine Matland got this check and kept it.This money I believe back then was the amount paid to a homeless person towards them getting an appartment.I have told you previously also that all resident's mail was vetted for anything useful to Matlands, and stolen. Well this check was definately known about by this Mr A. and Maxine simply would not let him have it. So he went to an attorney and George Matland saw him and ran after him and threatened to murder him, if he ever went back to the attorney again.Two years later, my daughter ran into him at the shops and he was still so frightened of George, that he was in tears talking to her.The incident whereby George had threatened to kill this man had a witness, my daughter. But she could not report this, as she would have been killed for doing that.

Mr B. had his Welfare check taken also.Another $300.00.

Mr C. got injured on the job whilst staying at Matland's shelter, and Maxine witheld his check so as to keep him there working longer as she needed stuff doing. She did however let him have his welfare check in the end.

Mr D. was staying at the mission and the Matlands instilled such a great fear in him, of them, that he was to terrified to tell them that he wanted to leave and so he left his key in a local shop.

Mr E. upset Maxine in something he must have said or did. Maxine (as with all the Matlands) would sue you for anything at all, and so Maxine filed charges against this man.The Matlands have a way of turning a mountain into a molehill, and on top of which, they will plant stuff on you or in your room, and you would not know what you would be going down for.It's one of their ways of getting you, if they have it in for you.They often say that they found Satanic material, but they would plant anything to get you and I am talking about far worse than Satanic material.Anyway this man , like my daughter, was given poison.Not enough to kill him, but enough for him to know and NO, he did not report it, because look at the strife you would then bring on yourself. If the poison didn't kill you, one of the Matlands most certainly would.There is no way that you would be going to court on something like that. You would need an armed guard.

Now I would still like to know more about the young lad who was found hanging in the Matland's Print shop.(it was a shed really), but they called it their print shop to make it sound better.They used to print their religious material there.I am sure that somebody out there must be able to tell me something.

Mr F. This poor man was released from hospital. He was getting on in years.He was supposed to be there to recouperate.The Matlands worked him so hard that he died a couple of days after getting away from the shelter. The FBI and a tv programme actually took an interest in this case. The man was so shattered from all the work that they made him do that he slept for the first two days, before dying.

Miss G. arrived at the mission with $200 on her which was towards her deposit on an apartment.On her first day at the shelter she was robbed by Matlands.

Miss H. only had $30 on her when she went to stay at the mission.Unfortunately not only was she robbed of the $30 dollars, but Gale's latest boyfriend/spouse , disliked her and so kicked her down the stairs causing her internal bleeding.Now I would have to say that she must have been having a run of bad luck because she got killed in a street accident .

Mrs I. caught George molesting her daughter and so tried to run away. The Matlands all got into their vehicles to hunt her and the child down, George caught her and dragged her back to the mission whereby as punishment for trying to leave, he raped and beat her so badly that she went nowhere for a couple of weeks. She did escape in the end however.

OK, here is another thing that was witnessed.Maxine and George trying to coax a man whom they had working with them as a general dogsbody, to see how much he would charge to murder Gale's fella, as he was so violent.They quite openly discussed this.

I have already told you of the times that they tried to kill my daughter and of the attack on my grandson, by George, but this entry was really more about the money that they rob off of the homeless and their possessions, if they want them. And still to this day, they are trying to get the people of Oregon to bail them out, by getting grants and robbing people and so on, all to enable this family to fund their lifestyle and not that of the homeless who are supposed to be the ones who benefit by having a better place to stay in.They don't even buy the paint or wood so as to restore the damage that their own fires cause.For goodness sake, they get people to donate that also.And re. the people who were in the building at the time of the fire, it was the people of Albany who brought food and payed for some to stay in a local motel,and so on.And provided materials to help make the place habitable again.Where the Matlands are concerned, this is a win, win situation.

So in closing now, I should like to say " Are you, the people of Albany, going to donate more food, clothing, and money to keep this place running?" or should we say, to keep this family running this gigantic, very lucrative scam that they have been running for the past 25 years in Albany alone? I hope that you all have a great 4th July.


Hello friends,

"Totally Crazy" is the title of todays blog, and let me tell you why.Isn't it crazy enough that this Matland family are calling their building at Cleveland Street, "Emergency Social Services, Signs of Victory Mission" in order to scam Federal Funds, on top of which they don't pay the due payments for their properties which they have, and then when threatened with eviction beg the local people and businesses to help out with donations, for all $ 12,700.00? That wouldn't even be so bad, but they forgot to mention that they just got themselves yet another property at 1533 Seventh Ave., and are calling that their Church, which was in the Cleveland Street property.But they are now calling their church "The Signs of Victory Faith Center".

Out of seven properties which they now have, three thrift shops included, wouldn't one suppose that they would make enough money to pay the payments on their buildings? But I suppose that that is a bit much to expect, after all they have a very large alcohol consumption problem between them, so I suppose that that is more important to use the money on.I mean to say, these scams that they run,they live off of donated food, donated clothes, donated money, and in certain cases property, so what I wonder actually do they use their own money for? They claim from everywhere that they can get money from, they rob the homeless and have done for years now.They repossess anything including these people's vehicles, if they get behind on payments due for the Matlands for the properties they run.They did have a load of apartments but most were foreclosed on, again for non payment, but then again if the tenents didn't pay, God help them.They lost their belongings .So we are seeing double standards here.

It's bad enough that this church was set up with the purposes of carrying out their crimes. Even worse that there was so many people (men, women and children) who have gone through hell at this extremly violent, sadistic family's hands. But then in Albany, Oregon, this has all been condoned by every authority that runs Albany.Not only have the Matland crimes been condoned, the State offices turned their back completely on what was going on in Albany.Now one would definately have to question their motives, wouldn't they?

For instance, why have a Children's Ombudsman? Whatever is the point of Gin Dennison having that job, when in her own words she said "These crimes may well be taking place,as bizarre as they sound, but there is nothing I can do".That made a mockery of her job, didn't it?

The FBI agent said that he would look into the theft of the mail from PO Box 186, Albany, Oregon, as I had said that the Matlands were stealing the transient's mail and at that time, my daughter's mail also. The reason Matlands stole the mail was to get their hands on any payments and so on, intended for these homeless people, and in my daughter's case and other of the many spouses that they have had's case, so that relatives or friends no longer believed that they were at this shelter.By cutting all outside communication meant that nobody would be questioning where these people were or how they were being treated.Then Matlands could work these people as hard as they wanted and nobody outside would know what was going on.But this FBI man did not look into any of the bigger crimes that the Matland's were running.And in the long run, what mail did this man prove was stolen? He did not prove anything, even though the case was hung out for months and months and in the end it was I who collected my own evidence.So much for his job.I tell you, if you want anything doing, do it yourself.You cannot trust any of these officials

Take the Child Labour Offices.I called three in Oregon.Would one of them go and investigate what was going on at Matlands? Would they heck.So there is no point in having those offices either.

And we all know about Children's Services in Linn County and how Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davis openly covered up all that was going on with my grandson and three other children belonging to George Matland's sister Gale.They went through absolute hell. And when I told Diane that I was reporting her to the State offices, she called me back begging me to not do that. This call went on for three quarters of an hour and then she said that the next time anything was reported about little George or the other three children, then she would investigate it.Like hell she did.That next incident was when little George had had a bang to the head which was so big that it was noticed and reported by a lady who was in the library one day which happened to be when my daughter was having one of her very rare Supervised Visitation meetings with her son.It got reported, but Children's Services took three whole weeks to go to see how he was doing, and like I have said before, this meeting was arranged to be done on the pavement outside where little George was living and it was done in the early evening when it was dark.Now come on folks, doesn't that sound strange. So again, in this case, what is the point of Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davis having their jobs.You would think that instead of being there to protect the children, that she instead hated them.

Now here is a funny one for you, and to be honest, I cannot fathom this one out.We know for a fact that the Matlands are out and out crooks.Will scam anyone.But they still are parents.Now we know about the many, many people that the Matlands have gone through marriage services with, and that many of these unwitting spouses have come from their homeless people's shelter.Now I would feel sure that when whichever Matland is intending on getting a new victim(sorry! I meant SPOUSE!) that they treat that person fairly well for that couple of weeks or so that they are wooing them, because otherwise nobody would marry them, but from the homeless person's point of view, it could be like an attractive offer because they have properties and appear to be doing fine, that's especially if they have travelled to Albany from well outside the area.So that homeless person might think that they are on to a winner.In other words, each would be using the other for their own gains.Little do they know what fate is awaiting them once that Marriage Licence is signed and the Certificate issued.So I can understand the crimes that then take place, by Matlands using the new name and if that innocent spouse has children, then even better for Matlands.Because there is good money to be made from children.

But what about this. Why on earth would Gale let her three children all get married within just a few weeks of each other, knowing that these marriages were never legal to start with, as George who is a Pastor/Minister of nothing, performs them..Each is on Linn County Marriage License records, each is on a proper Marriage Certificate. Each has copies in the Linn County Courthouse and of course it is all recorded on Oregon Viatal Statistics.But like in all of the other fake marriages on people who have all had a Matland to do the ceremony, why do they then have to go through a divorce which costs a small fortune? And Linn County know full well that these marriages are taking place.Now I only found out about the third of these three of her children's marriages just a few days ago.I just thought that I would make a call to see if by any chance, this was another done by George.I could hardly believe it when I was told that this marriage was yet another done by George.Now what I am saying at this point, is that I do not think that the three of Gale's children had any idea that all was not right.One marriage is already over and divorce has taken place, and my heart absolutely goes out to the young fella who married the eldest daughter.Whether or not she knew her Uncle was never ordained,I don't know.Whatever way, they had to pay for a proper divorce.The middle marriage seems to be going OK, but number three again is a bit odd.The boy was underage and therefore had to have consent from Gale.That's fine, she signed as Gale Armstrong.That was a surname got from one of these illegal marriages, but she does at least use it, along with others for her scams. But on the Marriage cert., same woman, different day,she put her name as something nobody ever heard of. It's a made up name.In the newspapers recently she is calling herself Russell.She is no more a Russell than I am.But the name of the girl her son married is also a Russell.How on earth can Linn County Courthouse not realize that the Matlands are using so many different names when they already know that these marriages are a totall farse?

Now I have mentioned loads of other crimes in these blogs that I write.All done by the Matlands.All reported, and all whereby the Albany Officials turn a blind eye.But I wonder why the local newspaper also covers up these crimes. I mean to say, they are sitting on a story that any normal newspaper would give their right arm to cover.Why also do they print their articles for the town to read, begging for money for this Matland family? I mean to say, the Matlands love money, why pay it on their properties, like normal people have to do, when the newspaper will do it's begging for them?Why don't they as a newspaper, print the truth?But then it seems in Albany, non of the places dare to reveal the truth or would print it anyway.

I do hope that you all have a very good weekend.And if you are passing by "The Signs of Victory Mission", please spare a thought for the poor little children living their who are not allowed to go to school or mix with other children, or are not allowed out except after Soup Kitchen and Church, to play like other children do, or are allowed any contact with their non-custodial parents and families.Just another set of laws that mean nothing in Linn County.Well, not where the Matlands are concerned.Anyway, take care. Talk to you soon.


Hello my friends.

Unbelievable is all I can say about the latest info. on the Matlands.They have aquired a new property and they are using it as their church now.They are calling themselves "The Signs of Victory Faith Center".It's a fair sized building and only around the corner from the Cleveland Street property.Nothing wrong in that, one might say.That is until you hear the next bit.

The Cleveland Street property is now "Emergency Social Services, Signs of Victory Albany Mission". Who are they trying to kid? Are they actually going to try and pretend that they are the Social Services? They are not even Pastors, so that sort of puts doubts in one's mind about the validity of why they would call themselves this name.Their church is not a church, it is a farse.The pastor is not a pastor. He just got cards printed to pretend that he was, as did his mother, except she lodged false documents in the courthouse in Josephine County to make her appear as if she was Ordained. Anybody going there and not knowing what crimes this family commit, are going to be very sorry if they fall for what lies the Matlands are going to tell them.And if they think that they are going to get any money from this church, they had definately better think again. The Matlands will be collecting their names and Social Security numbers and using them for their purposes, probably to pay for the new church and to keep up their lifestyle and alcohol intake.

It really is amazing that this family can pull all the scams they want, and not get challenged on them, let alone prosecuted.It is a total farse. And this is the family who don't allow the children contact with school, or outsiders and no contact with family outside their four walls.This is all illegal in every other place except Oregon.Because Oregon does not care for it's children, or it's laws, or anything where they can all make a few bucks.Not even the Children's Ombudsman could do anything she said. Which then would make one question as to why she had the job in the first place and who in the State Offices was preventing her doing her job.Those are my thoughts for today, that I will leave you with.That subject goes a lot deeper.

Think about it.I hope that you all have a really good day and if you want, could you please pray for the children who are with the Matlands that they will be kept safe from harm and not have to suffer all that my Grandson and other children had to suffer at the Matlands hands ,as did my daughter and other people who got involved with these very sick minded criminals.Thankyou.


Good morning friends,

Who the hell does this Matland family think that they are to be able to evade prosecution for all the crimes that they have carried out since the early '70's? Is it not bad enough that Albany Police dept., the Sheriff's dept., Children's Services, Albany Fire dept.,Linn County Courthouse all cover for them, but that when they lived in Josephine County, Oregon that again the officials covered up their crimes and again the Sheriff was so far up Pastor Maxine Matland's butt, that he could practically kiss her tonsils.

Who ever heard of a Bible School having "Heavies". And if you two men are reading this, I know who you are!!! And keep watching, because I might just add your names to this page along with the officials who covered for the Matland family back then....And you with the limp, are you still on Welfare? You know who you are, keeping innocent youngsters from leaving Matland's clutches. You might be handy with a gun and had no problem getting hold of the ammo, but one of these days you will meet your maker and one of these days I am sure that some innocent person will be in the forest area and turn up something that they weren't expecting to find and I am not talking about Oregon caves.It was very easy to make people disappear in that area then , along the paths of the areas of forest that had been recently cut, especially by somebody who was working there back then, and knew the area like the back of his hand.Now who am I referring to that worked in the forest back then? Who has been more into wood all of his working life (even had his own tree surgeon business in California) than our favourite wannabe pastor, George Raymond Matland Jnr. But who on earth would realise that anyone had disappeared when the people staying at Matlands are not allowed outside contact.They were again kept in what was like, a prison without bars and were so terrified of the Matlands that they lived in fear of their lives everyday.But hey people, they were only human beings, and we know only to well how Oregon officials view them don't we??? And it is you Oregonians that vote them into office.

But take today. It is year 2007. This is thirty years on approximately since that Matland family moved into Oregon, and twenty five years on since they moved to Albany. It doesn't take much detective work to check out who was in office in all of the different departments running Albany back then. So ask yourselves this. How come is it that the Matlands are still getting away with all their crimes??? What propositions do they make to these people running Albany (in this particular case) that prevents them prosecuting or even investigating what it is that the Matlands do??? Their crimes are so numerous and so obvious, but yet the officials pretend to not know what they are at, and if one does make them aware, nothing at all is done.Now what does that tell you about Albany, Oregon.? It tells you that either the officials are so corrupt that that is why they cover for them, or that the Matlands are in the business of supply and demand.After all, they are still running a shelter for the Homeless, under the guise of being a Church, so as to get tax exemption, which is a joke in itself.So who knows what people are really there or who no longer is, for whatever reason that may be.And why are the Matlands so keen to get their hands on more children????

Think about it, take George and Gale (his sister), why are they so keen to marry people from the homeless shelter that they run, that have children and why is it so hard for these same people, who are treated in such a horrific way, both mentally and physically, and so brainwashed ,that they don't really realize what has happened until something is witnessed, (as with two women at least catching George in the act of molesting their children, and another witnessed him physically attacking her son) then they try to leave and in the case of one lady, she was hunted down by all three Matlands, found by George and dragged back to the homeplace and beaten and raped to such an extent that she went nowhere for two weeks. When she asked Maxine why he did that, she told her that if that was true, then she must have deserved it, and her the Pastor.Now they did escape but of course planned it properly.The same thing with one of Gale' s several spouses.He had three young children.You have to remember that not only were those marriages( latterly), not legal to start with, but that all the spouses were treated in a very violent way, and in my daughter's case she was given poison.To this day she is still suffering from the effects.But unlike the other spouses, she fell pregnant for George and gave birth to a son.Let me add here that I have not gone into all that happened to Andrea and her children at the hands of the Matlands here, because that is in the other blogs.Anybody following this blog will know only to well what that bastard and his family did . But unknown to her at that time, she was spouse number nine.She thought that she was wife number three.

It was bad enough that George took and hid her newborn baby ,just for dareing to talk on the phone to me just minutes after having a C-Section.As soon as she was released from hospital, George took the baby from her and hid him for three days. He not only did it the once, he did it on other various occasions also, when she did something that he got pissed off at.It was George and Maxine who guarded her in Sacred Heart hospital and messed with her drip giving her an overdose of magnesium to the point whereby she got very ill and nearly died.He poisoned her like I said in January 1998, and several other offences took place on her and her children during her time with George before she finally escaped after George attacked her other son, then aged five.And although she managed to get to a phone with her child and called the Police, the two officers wrote a statement which was totally false saying that she was the one who attacked not only her child, but George himself.And that statement was used by George to get a Restraining Order against her, thus keeping her away from her baby.Then he made sure that the case was fixed, thereby depriving her of attending her own divorce/custody case and obviously full custody went to George Matland.And since then in 1998 and many court hearings since,up to 2002, George has messed about with the Visitation , on the odd occasions that she was allowed to have a visit, whereby she was intimidated over and over again, and because it was so bad, the court made the pick up place to be in the car park across the road, as it was an area where people would be.

But George Matland was not content with that, and so his family and little son would kneel in prayer to pray that she would get killed on the journey to pick him up.Then he went one better and although she had to keep moving because of the intimidation, he got Edward Daniels, his attorney to find out her address yet again, even though the court said that he could not have it, (because it put her life in danger) and George undid the nuts on the wheels of her car and she and her other son escaped getting killed because she realized that there was something terribly wrong when driving and a man from the garage ended up being the one driving the car when the front wheel fell off on the highway.Had he have not been an expert driver, George could have been the cause of his death.

But to this day George still has little George.He has entered his tenth marriage to this woman called Priscilla who has three children.Now you can read all what goes on with that woman in other blog entries and see the photos. But both of them are totally prohibiting any contact whatsoever between her girl's father and his wife , and us with little George.Except in little George's case it has been four years since there was any contact.And then there was hardly any prior to that because the Matlands broke every rule in the book regarding Visitation.George should never have had custody in the first place because under Oregon Law,as he was the abuser( but lied his butt off to the police and court judge) the child is given to the other parent.

So what I am saying is, why are no so called officials who know what is going on at the Matlands,(and please don't say that perhaps they don't know of the situation, because they most certainly do) concerned about these children who are prevented from going to school, prevented from mixing with children outside in the big wide world, prevented from having any contact with their parents, prevented from being loved and cared for like most normal children? Why would those officials ignore these children? What is the purpose for keeping them hidden away from other children at normal schools? Why do the police not investigate?Having just written that last bit, it would be a bit of a waste of time asking Albany police to investigate anything, they would not have a clue and who could ever believe anything that they said anyway.They wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.But Jason Carlile, District Attorney knows what is going on, because I told him. Now why doesn't he get someone to investigate as to why these children are being kept away from their other parents and the world.WHY DOES NOBODY TURN UP AND DEMAND TO SEE THESE CHILDREN????And do they still have this small baby that they got from somewhere and also the seven year old girl that they took in for a dying woman? Again, having said that about getting the authorities to go and see these kids, who would you actually trust to do that job? So much for Oregon Laws and the people who are supposed to uphold them.Oregon, you and your officials are a joke and your laws mean nothing to the Matlands. And as for the welfare of the children, what other little secrets are you hiding in your State Offices? Now thereby lies an even greater secret.Perhaps it is time to explore a bit more what else goes on with these so called officials.

So I have had my say for today. To anybody who follows this blog regularly, please foregive the repitition. It's not that my record has got stuck, there is a very good reason behind it.I do hope that you have a really good day today.Take care and God Bless.


Hello Friends,

Believe me, I do not suffer fools lightly.What on earth is the matter with these people here in Albany? As you all know, (those of you who follow this unbelievable story) that Linn County Courthouse, in Albany, Oregon, and all of the main offices that run this city, are all covering up the crimes of one family in particular whose surname is Matland and who run "The Signs of Victory Mission" on Cleveland Street, and their Thrift Shops,(three in all) Church, Soup Kitchen and shelter for the homeless, which is at 705 Lyon Street.

I have been reporting the crimes there on people who have unfortunately got involved with this family via the fake marriages that they perform,or being homeless and ending up in their god forsaken homeless shelter, violence,fraud, arson, attempted murder, rape,and numerous other crimes which this family does not get prosecuted for.A large amount of the many crimes are already in the previous blogs. Obviously there are those that I cannot write about, but it is not hard to work out from reading what I have previously already covered, that there is something drastically wrong with what the officials are being so careful to cover up, and because this has all been going on for over 25 years in this one area, so that tells you the calibre (the extent of mental qualities) of the officials running Albany.I will just say here, that I am not referring to any official who has started his job recently.

As you would already know, I started this investigation because my daughter ended up there in one of these marriages when she was looking for an apartment, which happened to be owned, by Pastor Virginia Maxine Matland, her son George Raymond Matland Jnr. and her daughter Virginia Gale Matland, but she has many surnames and variations of, for purposes of fraud and forgery and so on. And as you already know, Maxine was never a Pastor to start with and then when she died last year, her son George Jnr. started calling himself a Pastor, which of course is just another way of carrying on the scams and so on, which they already do.They are pastors of nothing.

My daughter Andrea has suffered every single day from when George tried to kill her using poison, and then attacking her five year old son two weeks later, which was when they escaped after two policemen from Albany Police dept. took a false statement by the attacker himself, George Jnr. and he used that against her to get custody of her baby, George Raymond Matland III.It's all in the blog.Then he tried to kill her after that as well by loosening the nuts on the wheels of her car in the hopes that they would come off whilst driving.But as luck would have it, another person was driving the car when the wheel on one side did come off on the highway, but he was a garage mechanic and was able to save himself.

It was only recently that it came to light that the court case for the divorce and custody case between my daughter and George Jnr. had been definately FIXED.I have the proof so nobody can dispute this.But let me just point out that Andrea was wife number nine, not that she knew that back then, so that tells you in itself that there is something drastically wrong with George Jnr. plus he has now entered another illegal marriage to wife number ten. A woman who is into scams like you would not believe, and guess what, dressed in a certain way and with her hair done in a certain way, she is the living image of my daughter, wife number nine.And is under investigation for fraud and ID theft.Doesn't take much of a brain to work out who she was impersonating.See for yourself, the photos are on the page. This woman was a homeless junkie, has three lovely children, left them and went off doing her own thing, has lied, cheated, stolen and obviously fits in well at the Matlands and as George's tenth wife. They have also got a baby from somewhere that they are trying to get to keep.This was more recently and after she had had an affair with a fella from the Mission, right under George's nose. That shows how much she loves him, plus within ten days of this stupid marriage, the youngest child was nearly kidnapped.And this so called mother, did not even bother to report it until the following day.A couple of the letters are also on the blog from this 'lover'.Plus of course my grandson, who has been so abused over the years is also there still.That's five children and I can't say definately as to whether another seven year old girl is still living with them, whom they took in, whose mother is dying, so they are definately clocking up the numbers and will be able to use these children for more scams and with George Jnr. being a child abuser,and has been since at least the late 1970's, he must think that all his birthdays and Christmases have come at once.And running true to Matland form, George and Priscilla are absolutely refusing to allow any contact whatsoever between the girl's and their family and my grandson and his mother Andrea and our family. Except in this case re, little George, we have not been allowed any contact whatsoever for four solid years now and prior to that, the Matlands did everything possible to stop contact then, so it was very spasmodic as to whether Andrea ever got to see her child and she was very intimidated every time that she did get a visit.That is also in the blog.

As it came to light for definate that her divorce/custody case was fixed, I thought that I ought to find out who knew what from back when the case took place.As luck would have it, I did get a couple of answers confirming my suspicions.So this week I thought that I would challenge the DA himself, because when I had written previously he totally ignored my letters.I mean to say that I really have sent in masses of letters to all of Oregon's officials.But all that that achieved was threats that I would get killed, my mail was stolen or stopped, Andrea's mail also suffered at the Albany end, and no one was ever prosecuted in the Matland family for anything that they had done on my daughter, let alone her children and all the other people that they had harmed.

So going back to this phonecall, as the DA was not around at the time, I found somebody else who knew exactly what I was talking about.I was very surprised as that meant that in a space of three weeks, I had three people trying to help me.Because there have been several changes of staff I was told that I should be able to trust one person whose name I dare not put here, as being an honest person.Now that is a biggy in Albany.An official who can be trusted!!!! So I was very grateful for this suggestion and said that by admitting to what they had, that in reality they were saying that the other officials over the many years, were all bent.And to my surprise that was substantiated as being true.

I thought that I was on a roll here so I again decided that it would be a good idea to call the DA and purely confront him with all the questions that concerned me as to why this Matland family had been protected for so long.To my surprise he actually came on the phone to me, he'd ignored me before, so I was taken aback a bit.He has been in office for four and a half terms, approximately 20 years. So has lived and worked in Albany for the whole length of time that the Matlands have lived there, and would have known that they had been in the newspapers and had all their many, many disputes and fires, and problems over their sale of wood and disgusting infested properties and so on.He would have had to have been deaf, dumb ,blind and stupid, not to have heard of this family, as they are so well known.

I am actually sitting here laughing, as I write this, because this is supposed to be a reasonably intelligent man. He is after all, over the Courthouse.What a joke.Well I simply asked why it was that this family were not prosecuted.He actually queried as to whather he had heard of them, and then said "Oh, didn't the old woman die last year?" That was Maxine that he was referring to.I said that she did die last year and thank god that she did because she was so evil, and I continued by saying that had I have had the plane fare over, I would have gone to her funeral and danced on her grave.

Do you know something, he asked me what it was that this family were involved in. It was as if he had never heard of them except that their mother had died.For nigh on three quarters of an hour I was naming crimes and so on that had taken place.All he would say was that I should submit my evidence to the Police and if they found that there was a crime to be prosecuted, then he would be glad to prosecute Matlands.Now what sort of a fool does he take me for? This is just yet another delaying tactic.As if I would trust any of that lot to investigate anything.But he did keep saying "Where did you get your evidence, how do you know that this is happening".Then the reference to him by me, saying that I knew about the children being sold , which involved the State Offices and that places like the Matlands could easily get rid of people because they don't admit to certain people living there in the first place well that definately got a reaction and he was off of that phone in a shot.So what does that tell you about him??? And I will leave that thought with you. Needless to say, I won't be expecting him to do an investigation, nor any of his crooked buddies.

I wish you all a very happy weekend.Keep your eye on this blog, things should get a bit interesting very soon.Big plans afoot. God bless you all.


Hello Friends,

"I don't care if your daughter worshipped Satan or is lying dead under the floorboards.I am not going to that house".

This is just one of the reactions told to me by Albany Police Department, by a Lieut. Phil McLain after I had seen photos of one of Matlands' properties in the local newspaper there. It was showing a house on Sixth Ave. owned by the Matlands and rented out into apartments (hell holes would be a more apt description)and a lady by the name of Cindy Stockman was taken ill because of the conditions that she and her family were forced to live in.The relevant photos are on my blog.I had been looking at the photos of the sewage coming from under the floor in their bathroom and rising up onto the floor and bath area and it suddenly struck me that obviously something had to be blocking the pipe up and knowing of the terrible violence that the Matlands have inflicted on some of their spouses and guests over the years,I wondered if they had put any bodies under the floor thus perhaps blocking up the sewage pipes. I called Albany Police Dept., because I mistakenly thought that they investigated crimes.I think that the words 'Police Department ' in the telephone directory misled me, as in England and Ireland, if one has a problem regarding criminal activity, that is who one reports crimes to.But not in Albany or Oregon actually.In fact, if a crime takes place at the Matlands, you would be far better off telling the brick wall, because you are not going to get any help whatsoever.

Back to this ignoramous of a sarcastic policeman, wasn't it bad enough that I am thousands of miles away, worried out of my mind over my daughter and grandchildren, having at that time realised that the Matlands were out and out violent criminals.Then I see these photos in the paper which somebody sent me, as they knew that I was following this case. Well, wouldn't you be worried if it was members of your family who was there? Of course you would. It's only human nature to try and help your family. So as I was saying, I called their Police dept. and this sarcastic bastard refused point blank to go to the Matlands to just make sure that my family were safe.And don't forget that the Matlands had cut contact between my family and myself and I already knew that she was being doped up on something.So I had cause to be anxious to start with.I would have to just add here, that there are a very few decent policemen but it seems that the more ignorant and rude and totally devoid of manners,feelings, and the more bent that you are, the better that you get on in Albany Police dept.,or you did, back when I was trying to get help for my daughter and her children.But I just want to point out also, that my daughter NEVER was a worshipper of Satan, and the only way that that ignoramous of a policeman could have thought that, was because his little buddy George Matland Jnr. had said that so as to put it in that numbskulls mind. And I know it came from George because he, to this day, is still putting round that same story to people around that area.And that is a fact.

Now this next bit, you can take how you like.I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.I had a bit of a breakthrough this week.I knew in my gut that between George Matland Jnr. and his attorney Edward Daniels, that my daughter's case was FIXED so that she was no way getting Custody of her son, George Raymond Matland III.Now the reason that I knew it was fixed was because I have the whole case and consequently certain very relevant paperwork had been removed, so that she never stood a chance in the first place.Now I do not want to get decent people in trouble but I have found a couple of people who can vouch for Andrea and what happened.It might have taken me a while to find them, because all I had were a couple of descriptions of what they looked like nine years ago, but I think that I have pestered so many people for so long, that I was helped just to get me to shut up from asking any more questions.

But once I got this help proving that I was right, it sort of boosted me up and I thought right! who shall I contact next.I was just in the mood.You are never going to believe this OK! I phoned the District Attorney's office. He wasn't in his office at that time.But sure enough this other person came on the phone and I said that I was calling about the Matlands and asked why they never prosecute them. After all,it is hardly rocket science is it? Fraud is paperwork and false names, numbers and so on written on it. Forgery is the use of people's names and so on and falsification of numbers,battered people have bruises and wounds, and that all makes sense, doesn't it? So if it is investigated, doesn't one check the relevant paperwork, re Fraud? Doesn't one check wounds in the case of violence? If one is given poison, doesn't one retrieve the bottle or whatever was used so as to get proof,and in the case of battered children, doesn't one look at what happened to them and the marks on their bodies??? Well, to me that is what I would do if I was investigating a crime. Now wouldn't one think that if one worked as a District Attorney or a deputy, or if you just cleaned the bathrooms where the District Attorney worked, that would be the way to approach a case that needed proving. YOU GET THE EVIDENCE !!!! Then when you have the proof, DAH !!!!! You go to court and prosecute the offender. Seems straight foreward, doesn't it?

Go back in time to 1998, when George Matland gave Andrea poison.She couldn't nip out to report it at that minute because she was temporarily incapacitated.Her muscles all seized up almost imediately.Plus on top of which the Matlands had her so brainwashed that she was like she was in a prison, but without bars. But after the violent attack on her five year old son by George Matland two weeks later,and her calling the Police and them taking a completely false statement from the Matlands and George using that false statement as a way to get a Restraining Order against her, whereby he completely turned the story around so that it appeared that SHE-ANDREA had attacked her own son and George Jnr. himself (who is a hardened fighter) she came out as looking like the attacker and George got away with it completely, yet again.But the point of me saying this is that it did get reported.The poisoning, I am talking about.The bottle, which Andrea was given the poison out of, was kept locked in George's private cupboard.Not in the medicine cabinet where the ordinary medication was kept.He definately wanted and intended her to take this poison because it was already in the Tylanol bottle, locked in HIS cupboard.So to my mind, that was premeditated, because there was still a drop of Tylanol in the medicine cabinet and he said to take her dose from the bottle that he had locked away.This bottle ended up in the dumpster.This dumpster belonged to the Matlands themselves. It lay there for months before the Matlands got it emptied.It was locked away so that nobody else could use this dumpster. Only the Matlands.The police absolutely refused to get the bottle and said that they were not going to go climbing into the dumpster to retrieve it.

Now what was supposed to happen was, the police would retrieve the bottle and check for evidence. They would make a file and send it to the District Attornies office.The DA would then decide if there was a case to answer. Well, I phoned and I phoned. The Police had not sent the report to the DA's office.This next bit is going to be hard to believe.I had written a letter to the DA's office telling them of the other crimes and this poisoning.I was actually told by the DA's office that the Police were holding back on sending this file over to their (DA's) office and would I phone the Police myself and tell them to send it over.Now! this is me in Ireland having to phone their police dept. in Albany, to tell them to send the file over.Well, the woman at the Police dept., nearly took my head off on the phone, but she did say that it had just gone to the DA's office.What a bitch she was. But the point of me telling you this, is this is how Albany officials treat one.They do not deserve jobs in authority.

Now come back to this week when I phoned the DA's office and spoke with this person, and I was purely at this point asking why they never prosecute the Matlands, I was told that I had to report it to the Chief of Police and he would then contact the DA's office.But there had to be evidence.EXCUSE ME !!!! I was told that they would love to prosecute the Matlands but they had to have evidence.Well I don't know if the DA knows this, but in the building where his office is located, which he has been going in and out of for god knows how many years, the very marriages that the Matlands have been performing, are all on record in the Marriage records room. The case that Andrea's paperwork was stolen from is in that same building, but a different room.The court case that was FIXED took place in the courthouse.He only had to pick up a phone and ask the Police dept., which is close by, what they had on the Matlands and they could have given him masses of proof of hhow Matlands behave.Wouldn't those simple tasks have proved beyond doubt, that the Matlands were definately crooked. Hence then perhaps his tiny little brain might have led him to think that perhaps this woman in Ireland might be making valid points as to what else the Matlands were into regarding crime. So I said to this person in the DA's office ,that did all criminals in Albany have to provide evidence of the crimes that they committed or did their accusers, because that is what they lead you to think.And another thing.When I was told that I should send the Chief of Police a letter stating all what I was accusing the Matlands of,then he would investigate it.So I said what a waste of time that would be because I already did that for the past two or three Chiefs of Police.I was then told that it WOULD be investigated by this one as there was all new staff in the positions to whom I had written before. So I said that actually I was being told then that those officials were then all bent.The reply," they will investigate it now". Need I say more? If I can sit here in Ireland and get the evidence, why can't the Police or the DA's office? It is right under their noses.

There is not much more that I can say here except that we now know for definate that Andrea's case was fixed. That the police had no more intentions of investigating the Matlands than flying to the moon.And that a lot of the people that I had contacted were bent as I had said all along. So now comes the question as to how we get this put right. My daughter has lost all those years of having little George.He has suffered all those years by being with that bunch of psycho's. No loving kisses cuddles and bedtime stories and all the things that a normal child should have. Nobody has tried to help him.They have turned their backs to all the cruelty that has gone on there.That is the Police and Children's Services I am talking about.But also the blame lies with the DA and Edward Daniels (his attorney)and other's in the State Offices.

Now George is in this tenth marriage and she has her three children there, and whatever other kids they are trying to keep with them from the Mission and so on,(a baby being one of them)and both George and this latest 'wife' for want of a better word, are not allowing us to contact, our children.They don't talk on the phone or answer their e-mails, and there is no point in writing because the Matlands (Gale and George) control the mail.So they are breaking the laws of Custody, whatever way you look at it.But also, what are they telling these children about their parents.I can tell you that little George will be lucky if he ever hears that his mommy is really Andrea.I bet you that George has well and truly knocked thoughts of her out of his mind.So what are they telling the girls.What poison are they putting into their minds.How will they stop the children repeating things that can incriminate them? FEAR !!!! They put the fear of God into the children, and of course the odd bit of violence.Nothing new there.But HEY!!! if you happen to witness any cruelty, don't bother reporting it to Children's Services because they do not want to know.They already said that they didn't.

And just before I close, a little bit of Public Information. In New York early next week, petitions and letters are all going foreward from all over America for investigating Children's Services and those covering up cruelty on children who are in an official capacity.I wonder whose names have been put foreward for investigation. Especially in Albany? I wonder if they will bring up the subject of the children that were being sold or used for prostitution and child pornography.Wake up Oregon, you've been rumbled.

I do hope that all my friends have a really good weekend.And to those going to these meetings in New York. God bless you all and keep you safe. Let's tell the world how America treats it's children and especially Oregon. Have a good day.


Good Morning Friends,

Kidnapped !!! What the heck is the matter with me? Hello my friends, isn't it funny how pieces of a conversation or memories of things can lie dorment , only to suddenly pop into one's mind from out of the blue.I was sitting there having my morning cup of coffee and it suddenly struck me about a telephone call that I had made very soon after I had found out about this marriage of my daughter Andrea to George Matland Jnr.When I came to Ireland, I rented the first place that came up, purely so that I had somewhere to live until I got properly settled.Anyway it was a condemned house, it was close to the shops, but I never got a phone put in because I wasn't planning on staying long.I ended up staying seven years, would you believe, and actually cried when I left.I could write a book on that house alone.It was called the Coffin house.And yes, coffins used to be made there and it was a very haunted building, but I had many happy , or should I say hair raising experiences there, and I have to admit that I still have very fond memories of that very old run down property.

I used to tell people that I had all the latest conveniences there.There was no bathroom, just an outside loo.The door was hanging on by sheer luck, but funnier still, it was hung inside out.The actual loo was the sort whereby you pull the chain, however this was just a piece of rope.As the cistern flushed(this was placed high up on the wall) the water gushed over the top like a shower, and the water that made it down the pipe into the actual toilet, gushed upwards as there was a hole in the pipe where it joined the actual bowl.So I used to tell people that I had a shower, and a bidet, so in other words I had all the modern conveniences.There are so many stories that I could tell you about this house, but I remember early one morning lying in my bed(which was actually an old settee, and wondering why there was such a cold draft on my head.When I got up to investigate, I saw that the kitchen window was no longer closed. The reason being that in the night sometime, the top half had fallen out of the brickwork , frame and all,and landed on the window sill just by sheer luck, upright, and was just balancing there.The landlord whom I shall call Mr Botchit, (a builder would you believe) came in to mend it.HE NAILED IT INTO THE WALL.Can you believe that?It was to dangerous to have electricity in the house, so he came up with this brilliant idea.He got an extension lead and plugged it into the kitchen in the next house, and passed it over the wall into my house.Living there certainly brings one back down to earth and makes you appreciate the simplest of things.I actually stayed there seven years.

But anyway, that's not the point of this blog.I have given this entry the title of KIDNAPPED. As I have already mentioned, I did not get a phone put in because I never gave it a thought that I would live in that house for so long, so I used to have to make my telephone calls from the main part of the town from a telephone kiosk.This was before mobile phones came into fashion, and before the price war between the telephone companies.It cost me over one punt per minute to phone America and with Ireland being eight hours ahead of Oregon timewise, it meant that I had to make a lot of my calls late on in the day and ones to the Matlands usually around 3.30 am in the morning, Irish time, because they always gave me the run around, meaning that I would perhaps call two or three times earlier in the day, but they always mess one about.They really are depraved and have it in their heads that if they piss you off for long enough, you will give up trying to talk to whoever. In my case I was trying to get to talk to my daughter.

Because the cost of the phonecalls was so expensive and I had by this time found out that the Matlands were not church people after all, but just con artists who were pulling all the scams that they could, I did not phone very often, but would write instead. Obviously one thinks that the letters are delivered to that person.You don't realize until much later, after you find that you aren't getting replies, and just thinking that they are to busy to write, that the mail was being stolen. On top of which it turned out that Andrea was writing to me and as the Matlands had total control over all mail belonging to the family, and the transients who used their church mailbox address, Andrea's letters to me were never posted in the first place.Thus leaving her thinking that I was not writing and me thinking that she was to busy.

This particular day however, I had made a phonecall in advance a few weeks earlier, saying that I was going to call at such and such a time, on such and such a date telling her that I was coming over to visit and I would give her the necessary date and times of my visit.Now you need to understand here that the number for the church (541)967-8545 is actually connected to the three properties that the Matlands lived in. They actually had fourteen properties at that time.As I explained in another blog entry, NOBODY was allowed to answer the phones as Matlands wanted to keep complete control of all calls both in and out of their buildings.So Maxine's house, George and Andrea's property where the church and soup kitchen and thrift shop are and their apartment was (and which is where George and wife number ten now live)and where the Homeless people's shelter is, all had that same number connected.

I knew that when I had called each time previously, that the Matlands were always present and listening into what was said, and if an awkward question was asked, they would eirther say that it was time to go to church and the conversation ceased, or there would be some other reason that Andrea would have to discontinue my call. So I very soon copped on that I had to be very guarded in what I actually said, but at the same time I had no way of getting her a message because I had found out that the mail was being stolen as well.That was the whole reason that I had said to Andrea on a previous call, that I was coming over for a visit which was six months from the date of this conversation.I knew that I could not afford to go as all my investigating Matlands took every penny that I could lay my hands on.However, I thought that they would have to keep her alive until I had had my visit.I knew that they listened in, so I knew that they would hear this.

Now, let's jump foreward in time to this one particular phone call that I made.Andrea was expecting it because I had told her in the previous call.That way, at least I could hopefully ensure her safety a bit.I have already told you that I hadn't got two halfpennies to rub together, let alone travel to Oregon.Now this call from the start was different but I never copped on until this morning.Gale answered the phone, I was very polite as usual (even though I knew what bastards they were) I said all the right things and then asked to speak to Andrea.Gale said that she would put me straight through.Now this in itself was very unusual, I always had to call two or three times before getting through and that would be over a period of two or three hours between each call, as they would give a set time, knowing that they were not going to put you through until it suited them.

When Andrea came on the phone, she sounded so odd.Now I have written part of this earlier, but like I said, this was just this morning that I thought of this.She sounded like she was doped up.It is only more recently that we know that George was putting tablets into her meals.These were obtained from the people staying at the shelter. The Matlands used to take their medication from them and would dish it out at their convenience.This gave them not only control over the transients, but also whoever else that they were controlling at the time. In this instance, Andrea and her children.Like I just mentioned, Andrea sounded really strange and I had been dreading telling her that my visit had to be postponed.I was simply playing for time so that I could keep her alive and find out more about what the Matlands were into.I said "Hello Andrea" when she came on the phone and she never said hello mom, which was unusual, all she said was that she didn't know where she was.She told me that Gale was looking after the children and she described a long grey wall opposite her room, which had a mailbox in it.She was convinced that she was in Eugene. She said that she had been kept in this room for two weeks.She said that she could not get hold of George, could not talk to her children, she was just left there.

Now this phonecall has bugged the life out of me because it was so strange.This phonecall was something like nine or ten years ago.I will never forget it as long as I live.Because George has had so many wives, I knew that one lived in the area that Andrea thought that she was in.But it's all jolly fine having just a name, it's harder trying to track that person down.Especially via a telephone kiosk.There was more than one woman with the exact same name and so I got a bit of help from a young man in one of the record offices.But we couldn't at that point pin it down to one definate person, because there were no details other than the name.I know now who the other nine wives were, but back then I didn't.But I made a few calls and ruled out other people with that name and knew that Andrea was not in the hospital and not in a room in that area at all as far as I could say at that particular time.She was definately in Sacred Heart hospital at one time, but that is on record, but then this morning it suddenly came to me that she had been driven around Albany only, believing that she was going to Sacred Heart, because that is what the Matlands told her.But in a doped up state, she didn't know where she was, only what she was told.They had kidnapped her so that she was separated yet again from her children, thus giving Matlands control yet again.

You see Matlands did this on several occassions.On one excuse or another, they would bundle her up and sneak her out of the house and into the car and drop her at another house.It could be for a day or two or in this instance a couple of weeks.It was always on the excuse that the police were going to arrest her and were waiting outside for her. It was all worked on fear.This morning, I realised that she was really being kidnapped for a set period of time.Kept in a room away from people until Matlands came and fetched her again.Each time, this was done to separate her from her children.But then I was thinking about the young man who was rescued from Matlands place in Cave Junction by his brothers.Taken to Crescent City in California, to a doctor because of the treatment he had received at Matlands hands, when they were running a Bible School and a church there, and as luck would have it, Matlands told the radio station that this fella had been kidnapped from their church and a news bulletin was put out on the radio.As this fella was in with the doctor, the announcement was made about this kidnapping (which was not a kidnapping, but instead a rescue) and the doctor recognised that this was the fella that he had with him and phoned the Sheriff's office.The Sheriff who was then in office in Cave Junction, drove to Crescent City to bring him back to the Matlands.Can you believe that???

Matlands got away with that crime yet again, but then one has to ask, what did the Matlands do for that Sheriff???One should also ask what the Matlands did for the Sheriff in Albany also, I'd say that we would be opening up a hornet's nest there. One case of trespass is all that is on record in Cave Junction, but there were more crimes of a very violent nature carried out there, plus there were the marriage ceremonies which of course were not worth the paper that they were written on, and terrible abuse on people there, and I am thinking of Gale's husband , who could well be the same young man who I was just mentioning whose brothers tried to rescue him. They (George, Gale and Maxine) all beat him with shovels until he was nearly dead.Now this was all hushed up, and from working out the dates on different records, I think that I know who he was.He did escape in the end, and again nearly died in the attempt, but this time it was because of the weather.But doesn't anybody reading these blogs ever ask themselves what it is that the Matlands do for these officials to make them cover up all their crimes? One kidnapping is serious, one case of arson is serious, beating a man to death surely is serious.Child abuse is serious.Fraud, forgery, illegal marriages, holding people against their will, stealing from the homeless, blackmail, shall I go on? Why are they allowed to do all of this and still do not get prosecuted for any of it except for debts and keeping untidy properties.

And then on top of which, I have only touched on a few crimes in what I have written over the past months, then there was the latest kidnapping.The man is serving time, so it has to have happened.But isn't it a bit of a coincidence that in this particular case, it happened ten days after George's last farce of a marriage, to wife number ten, who has three children.Now ask yourselves this.His marriages are all to people who are mainly single parents. Who eirther end up in the homeless shelter or in one of Matland's apartments. He or Gale, whoever they are aiming to lure into one of these marriages ,woo's that person,and within a few weeks George or Gale marry them.Then they scam everything possible using that person's name, and details.You know the story already.

But let us consider this. This case whereby the Matlands are so desperate to get their hands on people's children.I can understand about the insurance policies on the spouses' life.I can understand them opening accounts in their names, using their surnames and so on for getting property and utilities, so that they don't come out of Matland's own money.I can understand the loans, and using these people for cheap labor along with their children You see, nobody gets a free ride with Matland's. I can understand why Matland's steal their mail, after all, if one is planning on perhaps killing that person, well you wouldn't want the relatives knowing that they were at Matlands.That is why they do their best to prevent outside contact.I can understand them needing to have the odd fire, so as to get the Insurance money.But ask yourselves this.When they have got the parent of the child/children out of the way, by eirther doing it the way they did with Andrea or other people, whose names that I won't put here for fears for what Matlands would do to them, WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THE CHILDREN? It's not as if they love children, because if they did, they would not treat them like they do.If you think along the lines that the officials have all turned their backs on the Matland crimes, Children's Services have turned their backs on all of the children over the years, Gin Dennison (Children's Ombudman) definately turned her back.Brian Posstlebocker most definately did not want to know .You have the child labor offices who simply refused to help the kids.We are talking STATE OFFICES here, not just Linn County.You have the Govenor of Oregon's secretary telling me to go to the newspapers and to carry on doing what I am doing.Ask yourselves this.How the hell would she know what I was doing, being as I never contacted that office before, until I phoned that day? Isn't there one person who is in the Attorney General's office or the Department of Justice's office,(apart from one lady to whom I shall always be grateful) who actually would like to see justice done? For the woman in the Govenor's office to know what I was doing, must mean that I was rocking a few people's boats, if you see what I mean.I have already been told of conversations that I have had and the contents of some of my mail, told to me by a certain person that anybody living in Albany would know, and I had not even spoken to this person before and I only wrote once to his office, in the very beginning.So I certainly posed no threat then.Now the Matlands are trying to collect children again.How can you people of Albany stand by and let the Matlands away with it.And just regarding the last case of Kidnapping, re a six year old child. Isn't it bad enough that the child's mother did not report it to the Police, like any normal mother would, but neither did the Matlands, and namely George Matland I am aiming this at. After all, we all know what a loving, kind and decent, gentle natured father and husband he is (I am jokeing as you may have guessed) why didn't he report it, after all he was the new step father? I think that if the truth be known, this was a kidnapping that went wrong.Think about it?

So with that I will close.I hope that you are all well, and to those that pray, please keep on praying that someday, before it is to late, He will intervene.I think that thirty years of crimes are long enough, don't you?

So to the officials of Oregon, WHAT ARE YOU ALL HIDING??? I will leave you with that thought.

So let me put this again. WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THE CHILDREN??? Talk to you soon.


Hello friends,

I just felt the need to write another blog entry today.Tell me this. How can certain people profess to be Christians,when behind that facade in real life they are breaking so many of the Lord's Commandments? I am not knocking at anybody here at all, I am only referring to the family that I have been writing about by the name of Matland.Now at this point in time, I cannot say whether George Jnr. knew about the web site that Pris. had, but to see it you would think that she was a reformed character who had found Jesus and repented for all of her sins.And boy oh boy, there were some tough ones.But in reality, the page was only a way of conning people into believing that she had turned over a new leaf.Then for whatever reason, she changed her page. Dropped the "Christian" bit and then changed it again. I'd say that she has something to hide big time.Because she has gone altogether now. She now has a new hobby, along with her beloved George Matland Jnr. collecting children.Read on.And forget the words 'Love' or 'careing', it's nothing to do with that.It's all the more money for the Matlands. WHOOPEE! Children bring in good money and make very handy cheap labor also.Not that any of the agencies hearing about children working give a toss, because I rang three myself ,they took not a blind bit of notice.

The title of this blog entry today has been churning my guts up.How dare the Matlands take in more children.There is no child who should be allowed to live within miles of the Matland family.They are evil, so evil that I sincerely believe that they almost have actual powers from Satan himself. Having said that, you already know that Maxine passed on last year. I expect that poor old Satan will be cursing the day that she died.I bet that he has earache from her ever since.If you have followed my blog entries you will know of some of the stuff they have already done to my grandson. Let me make it absolutely clear that I am referring to the years before George met a lookalike of my daughter whose name is Andrea,and he saw the potential for pulling off more scams/crimes by going through an illegal marriage, yet again with this new woman.Her name is (Priscilla) and she arrived on the scene approx. 1 year and 7 months ago. She became wife number ten.She had three children with her.So the Matlands would have welcomed her with open arms, and looking like my daughter also would have been a big bonus for carrying out yet more crimes.And she was definately up for that.

I wrote earlier this week about how I had tried to contact my grandson, George Raymond Matland III to hopefully wish him a very happy birthday. But as always, I got the runaround on the phone and when I finally got hold of that piece of crap, by the name of George Raymond Matland Jnr., he did what he normally does, and slammed the phone down yet again.But I already explained all that and I did say that I wondered if little George, who was 11 yrs. old on Monday last, actually knew that it was his birthday.Because of all of the dodgy forms that Matlands claim on and altered records and so on, it's a wonder they actually remember their own names.But what I was thinking back to was when little George was finally allowed to see his mom (Andrea) on the very rare occassion that George Jnr. allowed it, the Matlands all used to pray together that she would get killed.It was bad enough that the Matlands had tried before to kill her and then after the last attempt on her life when George gave her poison from a medicine bottle that he kept locked in his own cupboard, and after the attack on my other grandson two weeks later on, which was the day that Andrea and this child escaped, George still tried to kill her.In fact, that is why everybody who has been unfortunate enough to cross paths with the Matland family, are so terrified of being found.They all say the same thing. "Don't tell them where I live".And this can be up to thirty years later.

But what I was meaning to say was, when the day for Visitation arrived, the Matlands along with little George all prayed together and the prayer was that Andrea would get killed on the journey and when the prayer was said, and they finished with "Amen" little George would not say it because he loved his mommy and he told her about how they made him say this prayer. He said to his mom, "but I didn't say Amen mommy, because I didn't want it to happen". He was only a little lad then. We are talking about before he was six years old.What kind of bastards teach a child to pray that their mother gets killed? And not just satisfied with that, they used to put religious scriptures in his bag for Andrea.Not something with a loving message from Jesus, but the worst, most awful scriptures about being lower than a snake's belly type verses.I mean real sick stuff.

Isn't it bad enough that the court case was fixed in the first place, so that Andrea never stood a chance of getting custody, then the mail was still being stolen so she couldn't get the date for the hearing, then because custody automatically goes to the other parent if the other parent doesn't turn up(because in this case they knew nothing about it) on top of which, George hounded her in the street, threatened to kill her in public, lied to the Police who thus wrote a completely false statement, lied to the court so as to get a Restraining order, and still, not satisfied with all that and more, still tried to kill her in yet another attempt.And he never complied with hardly any of the court's requirements re. what parents have to do.Then he had the cheek to say that she was mentally unbalanced so as to hang the court case out even longer.Then he lied to the psychologist on other tests earlier and each time he got away with it.And each time, children's lives were involved.

Well Children's Services,and this is really aimed at Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davies, and that out and out bitch Rose Infonte.Diane and Rose especially are cruel, heartless old cows and not fit to breathe God's air. You have done your utmost to cover up the crimes on both my grandsons and other children who were at the Matlands, whether it be in the Shelter, or whether they belonged to one of the many, many spouses to Matlands in these mainly illegal marriages.There has to be a very good reason why people such as you, would go to so much trouble to get withdrawn from the court hearing, so that you were no longer involved.And then you turned your backs completely.

It's bad enough that the Matlands have children in their care now, let alone trying to get more.The homeless people's shelter is a great way of getting children. How many people are feeling lost or abandoned or can't cope because of being homeless and end up in that den of iniquity with people who are so evil that they would rob the eyes out of your head if they thought that they would get money for them.And I am referring to the Matlands, not the homeless people.My little grandson and Gales children, when they were young used to beg from the homeless.Now that is bad !!! This was the opposite of Robin Hood. He robbed the rich to help the poor. Matlands rob the poor to feed the rich. Not that I know how much money Matland's have in their stash, but for all the scams they pulled, and the blackmail and everything else, and all the property tax evasion, they are probably doing very nicely and the money is probably not easy to find, because they are far from stupid. After all, they have been doing this long enough.And those three thrift shops have to pull in a good amount of money and that doesn't get spent on the homeless shelter like the Matlands make out.Some of that has to pay for Gale's houses, and the shop in Corvallis cost a pretty penny also, so thats where the profits all go.But not on the homeless people.

So "Signs of Victory Albany Mission", I am watching you.You lay a hand on any of those children, and it's not the wrath of God that you want to be worrying about.You are EVIL! EVIL! EVIL ! And it is about time that the authorities in Albany wake up to that fact and stop burying their heads in the sand and covering up the Matland's crimes.Because believe me, they are all three at it right now.Maxine dying made no difference.

And as for you George Matland and your so called spouse Priscilla, you are not going to prevent Andrea and her family and me from having little George back with us, because believe me when I say, The Signs of Victory Albany Mission 's days are numbered and you will all end up in prison, where you belong.

Well friends, now that I have got that off of my chest, I will bid you all a very happy weekend.And to all of my friends who keep their eyes and ears open in Albany,Lebanon and Corvallis, at what is going on there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And please keep up the good work and perhaps we can together destroy the devil (Ooops sorry, I meant the Matlands) Talk to you all soon.