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Saturday, October 3, 2009



Hello friends, I have not written too much lately but that is only because of new evidence coming to light, so I have a question for anybody who reads this who has ever eaten at the 'SIGN'S OF VICTORY MISSION' or their SOUP KITCHEN in Albany, Oregon.

Did you ever experience any ill effects or anything unusual occuring after eating there? This could be not just within hours of eating, I am talking about longer term illness also,and if so, WHAT???? Describe what happened,how you felt and so on because I am not referring to vomiting and so on that is associated with eating bad food.Of course people get food poisoning, but I am not referring to that, this is different.

I obviously don't want to put words into anybody's mouth but there are a couple of common factors here that keep coming up with past visitors to this Mission, especially with those that have spent a bit of time there and also especially any past spouses, but I can understand that because of the Life Policies on some of these people.You can contact me at: I would love to hear from you and you can tell me of your experiences.Believe me, it will get dealt with.

Whilst on the subject of what these people staying at the Matlands are given,you really do need to check the medication that you are taking. We know that you have to hand it over when you are staying at the Mission, or are one of the many spouses that the Matland family have had.It may not be what the doctor gave you,it seems, like with the food, that there is a lot of tampering with the medication going on and certain people are given not what they are supposed to be given.It is to keep them quiet and sedated in some cases, then they cannot cause hasstle, can they? It gets worse, but that will all come to light at the proper time.

I have called this blog 'ROACH DADDY' because that is my new name for George Matland.He and his family and housemates live in filth,cockroaches, fleas and pure dirt,and have drugs on tap,because that is where the Matlands come from. They have never known any different not even when they were growing up and yet they can get away with treating the Homeless people the way that they do and get paid good money for doing it.It is simply disgusting,inhuman and how on earth can this family call themselves christians with all the crimes that they are still doing and have done for so long.This family are about as far removed from God as it is possible to be and yet people are daft enough to believe the words of a complete farse of a pastor who is just living like a leech off of society and who with his family,scam, scheme, rob, and hurt physically and mentally any persons that they decide do not suit their ways or dare to have an opinion of their own.They are nothing but freeloading scum on a power trip of some sort.

Now that they no longer have the main Mission building,(and have lost their thrift shop in Corvallis and GRM Trailors ,which was George's business also through non-payment ) the homeless people are now hidden away in the Matland's basements at 118/120 Seventh Ave. SE, Albany.Oregon.These are two of the three addresses that Gale (Matland) Armstrong, Cabrera and Russell, who are all the same person,is purchasing for herself out of her ill gotten gains by using the 'slave labor' (Homeless people) who are unfortunate enough to fall on hard times and need to be in a shelter of some sort, to tide them over until they can get back on their feet again. That of course is harder than one would think because the Matlands will take your money, then want more and more and so you will never get back on your feet because that is not what theMatlands want.

Those paying rents live on the floors above.None of these people live for free though, even the Homeless pay to live in that disgusting place.Those running the agencies for the Homeless should be ashamed of themselves because they should actually go and check each place claiming to help these people because if they really did care, then this Mission would be shut down for once and for all and this family all put behind bars for their part in these crimes against humanity.But that is not going to happen because this helping the Homeless bit is a very lucrative business and enables the Matlands to live free of charge for as long as they can get away with it.They pay not one cent more than they can get away with for anything, so why would they want to give that up? They are adept in the lies that they tell, the money that they scam, and they have no fears that any of the children are going to give them away because they simply are not allowed to go to a proper school or mix with outsiders,but instead are shut away in that dumping ground up at 1125 Dale Street, SE Albany, which they kid the Homeschool people that it is a proper school. These fools don't seem to realize that there are rules to abide by before one opens a school and not one of these has been adhered to.This is just really a prison without bars so as to keep the kids in one place between 9-6pm.

Before I close, I must just mention the girl JayceeLee Dugard,who was found after two decades of having gone missing, that was in the news the other day. Had the authorities done their jobs in the first place she would have been rescued years ago, but like with Albany, they turn their backs.Only now that it is all coming to light what really happened do those authorities want to know. I wonder how Albany Police department and others in Oregon,who all know exactly the many crimes that the Matlands have carried out, will feel ,when it is they who will be the ones who are hung out to dry in public because of their involvement in this corruption? Believe me, your time is coming.We know who you are.You will be named. WE ARE WATCHING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

So I will finish this blog for now.I wish all of my friends a very good week.Take care and stay safe and for God's sake, to anybody moving into the Signs of Victory Ministries, think twice because your health may never be the same again.

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