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Saturday, October 3, 2009


FOR GOD's SAKE, DO PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE BEFORE ALBANY POLICE GET UP OFF OF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MATLAND FAMILY AND THE CRIMINALS AND DRUG DEALERS & TWEEKERS THAT THEY HARBOUR WITHIN THEIR HOMELESS SHELTER CALLED "THE SIGN's OF VICTORY MINISTRIES INC. AND OTHER VARIATIONS OF THAT NAME (for tax avoidance reasons and because they owe so much money everywhere).A HAND GRENADE, TWO SWORDS, A PISTOL PLUS BULLETS,AND A RIFLE WERE ALL BEING KEPT IN THE BASEMENT OF MATLAND'S PROPERTY.This was a little while ago. When did it become legal to harbor a terrorist and to allow my grandson to be there and know of these items, and what other children knew about them also.And what were kids doing going into that basement anyway because that was the men's sleeping quarters? What else has happened to those children that we do not know about?

Hello Friends, the more that I find out about this place at 705 Lyon Street,SE Albany, Oregon, the more and more unbelievable it appears to be that so many officials would spend so much time and energy trying to make sure that this Matland scum are not arrested or charged with all of the crimes that they are covering up.I was told by the DA. Jason Carlile that they would have a case against them if one could prove it. In other words, is he saying that the whole Police department and Fire dept(for the arson cases) are all so totally stupid that they cannot prove one case? And these are the people who are supposed to be protecting the Public.They must be the laughing stock of America and have no right to pick up their wages each month if they really are so incompetent.

For thirty years in Oregon the Matlands have had a field day. They pay not one cent more than is dragged out of them for any of the very many properties that they have had over the years . They run up bills in the thousands of dollars. Only just in the last couple of weeks, yet again they have lost three of their storage units and their shop. Now how many buildings in the last five years have they lost in the same way? They move in, pay the first payments and seem to have a lapse of memory over the rest.It now appears that yet again, their church where they hold a bible school (big joke) and also opened it up as a Private School where people had to pay to have some ignoramous passing himself off as the Vice Principle and Priscilla Matland who passed herself off as the School Principle,and actually had the cheek to con people into paying for their children to attend there, when really it was just a front to get the kids from the Mission and the Matland houses at 118 Seventh Street SE, and 120 Seventh Street SE, which is just around the corner from the Mission, to pay out of their meagre earnings, to have their kids babysat by one of the Homeless men. Oh sorry, I should have said The School Principle and her sidekick, the Vice Principle.What a bloody joke. But they wanted to charge other children to go there also, who were not from the Mission, and for their parents to pay $250.00 per month to attend there.Did they not have the common sense to read the laws about opening a fee paying school for children, and on top of which they bought or robbed a bus to carry the children back and forth.Again, there are laws regarding carrying children on a school bus incase there is an accident.Are all of Oregons laws a total joke when it comes to people abiding by them? It seems so.And didn't these fools know that one should be qualified to run a school?They have the internet (well, providing they paid their bill) why didn't they check out the laws first? Because in the case of the Matlands, it really does not matter.They can get away with it.

This woman (Priscilla) who was passing herself off as the Principle was never in the building when we called, it was just this dopey ignoramous who always made up a story saying that she was in the other building, and would we please call there. Then phone that number and one is told that she is not there but at the school or the shop (Matland's Thrift shop in Corvallis- which also is only hanging on by a thread because they owe thousands of dollars there as well) but of course she was not there either. Oh well!!! SURPRISE< SURPRISE. Probably if the truth be known she was to busy running up bills on E-Bay and as anyone on E-Bay knows, all items for sale have been withdrawn because GUESS WHAT??? Not everyone was getting what they had paid for.Should we be surprised? Not really, it was just a matter of time.I wonder if the buyer of the guitar which was first put up for sale at $9,999.00 and then gradually reduced to $2,100.00 ever guessed that that guitar was not as advertised.Also that the money was most definately not going to charity, well unless you count the Matlands pockets as a charity, which it seems the Matlands do.I wonder if they have a Tax Exempt number for them as well. That would not surprise me.

Now here is a good one.I have always said that it was strange about these EXTRA children that seemed to appear and how keen the Matlands were to hang on to them, when in some cases, they were never their children in the first place.This family were trying to get extra children and they were pretending to want to become a Foster Home.Of all the people to try and run a foster home, this was definately a joke, especially as you will have read before in my blogs about certain ex-wives having tried to leave the Matland clan because they had caught George Matland molesting their kids , but then of course these spouses were not allowed to leave because they needed the payments that were being claimed on them, and as you will have read,I wrote about the lady who was so brutally raped and beaten and another lady who was going to get murdered and was so terrified that it took her family to come with guns to rescue them.These are shocking stories but nevertheless true.Then there was one of Gale's ex. spouses (that was an illegal marriage, like the two spouses that I just mentioned)and the Matlands refused to give him his children back.Now he had three children, only young at the time,but it went on and on and still the Matlands refused to part with them until it got to a stage whereby the police had to trick the Matlands and other Police ran in to rescue the children.But even in the present time they are still trying to collect children for their evil scams.But finishing off what I was saying about the Matlands wanting to run a Foster Home, they were trying to get people at the Mission to actually sign over their children to the Matlands.I know one person who actually did that.But of course, don't forget the scam with the many, many illegal marriages.The whole thing with these scams is that they drag other people in and try and make it appear that they themselves are innocent and that the person they drag in to do the crime is the one who is guilty, because they (Matlands) are so shit scared of going to prison.They are fine about dishing out the violence and the threats, and in my friend's case, leaving her crippled for life, because she dared to want to leave, but they are totally cowards and act like leeches stealing and hurting and acting like they are so holy, when in reality, they are thieving, lying, vicious out and out scum.It is the Homeless people that I feel sorry for because as if it is not bad enough that they are treated in such a terrible way, it is like they are frightened to not do Matlands bidding-crimes, on their behalf.They terrorise people in the area but really it is scum like the Matlands who instigate it.

So, who the hell do this family think that they are to be able to treat people the way that they do, and to have all of the relevant services cover these crimes up.As it stands at present, you would be wasting your time to call in Albany Police dept. if you were making a complaint of attempted murder or some other serious crime against one of the Matlands. You would be wasting your time if you were expecting to get any type of justice in a case against Matlands in Linn County Courthouse. And don't tell me that the District Attorney or anyone in that department and certain other offices ,which I will be only to pleased to name them, will even get your paperwork for your case into your file for your hearing, well folks, don't count on that either.And I would be only to delighted to mention the names of certain judges who KNOW THAT THE CASES ARE FIXED. Add on top of that the fact that in our case, my daughter who got scammed completely out of getting her son or any of her civil rights, NEVER STOOD A CHANCE FROM WHEN THE CASE BEGAN FOR GETTING HER SON and yet she had done nothing wrong and this was after George Matland had tried to kill her using poison, which Albany Police department refused to investigate and had attacked her son. Not only did they refuse to investigate the case, the District Attorney's office went so far as to pretend that there was a case but that Albany Police dept. had refused to send the file over.THERE NEVER WAS GOING TO BE A CASE IN THE FIRST PLACE.Jason Carlile DA had to have known that because ten years later I traced two people who admitted that this case was fixed and if I have to, (and in this case I really don't want to) I will be forced to name them. But also in this instance they are decent people just acting on orders from above, and I don't mean God, because where Albany is concerned, God does not exist.

Here is something that is really bugging me also about my daughter's court case. It was brought up in court (Linn County) by Edward Daniels Attorney,(as bent an attorney as you will find,acting for George Matland) that my daughter would never get custody of her son because she was British.Now, never in a million years did I ever think that that question of being British would ever come up.I was shocked when I heard that, but then just this week gone, it was brought up again.I won't say by who in this blog, because there is something else that needs sorting first, but believe me, that will be a very interesting blog and I will name that person and tell you all a lot more of what else has happened.Thus giving this whole saga a very sinister twist.To shock you, will be putting it mildly, but today is not the day to write it.

I wish you all a very good week, and I hope that it is a damn site better and less worrying than the past six weeks that we have and still are, going through. Like I said, all will be revealed very soon.And to those of you who are homeless, for God's sake, if you have children, please do not go to THE SIGN'S OF VICTORY MISSION/MINISTRIES/ ALBANY MISSION, OR RENT A ROOM FROM THEM AT THE ADDRESSES ABOVE. God bless you all and stay safe.

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