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Saturday, October 3, 2009



FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR ALBANY POLICE DEPARTMENT TO DO IT'S JOB??? How much are these policemen being paid to write nothing but pure lies?

Picture this, Christmas dinner with the family. OK, so this is not an ordinary family that we are referring to, this is THE MATLAND FAMILY.Nevertheless, this is supposed to be a meal of celebration with family and friends.A Pastor,(well, a fake Pastor) Maxine Matland,her son and daughter,George and Gale, my grandson 'Little George' of whom we have not been allowed contact with for nearly five years now, because the Matlands will not allow any contact whatsoever.He was 7 years old then. But anyway, it was Christmas day and everyone was sitting there eating their meal trying to enjoy it.Three other people sat at the table that day.

You might wonder what the conversation was.Well I can bet you it was not anything like you are thinking.They were not discussing the Lord, or how he died on the cross for us.They were not even discussing how nice the meal was,well there was a good reason for that, some of it was burnt, but I bet that you will never guess what one of the main topics of conversation was???? Now this will blow your mind.The three Matlands were openly discussing between them, how they were going to harm a lady sitting eating her dinner along with this family of pure scum,( and that is putting it very mildly) because she dared to have the nerve to want to better herself and get back on her feet after suffering some very hard times, which is how she came to be at the Mission in the first place.She had put her heart and soul into helping out at the shelter in return for being able to stay there, was just about running it, cooking, looking after several homeless people and doing a really great job.Perhaps thinking back, had she have not done such a great job, she would not be crippled today.But one can't say that for definate because other people have come to great harm for leaving or seeing some crime or other happen to their child and Matlands would try to scare them so badly that they would be to frightened to dare to report them.Mind you, with Albany Police department ,who can blame them for not wanting to go to the Police.You would be better talking to the brick wall for all they would do.After all, look how they treated my daughter after George had given her poison, attacked her son, removed the lug nuts from all of the wheels on her car in the hopes that she would get killed and then got the Custody case fixed so that she never stood a chance of getting her son anyway, only to leave him in a house whereby he was so violently abused and believing that he had been deserted.And George was the one who openly admitted that he hates children.Now look how many he has.

This lady did not want the Mission to be her life.She had goals. She gave herself sixty days to get her life together,and worked her butt off for the Matlands plus holding down an outside job.Now this conversation taking place at the dinner table was heard clearly by my Grandson who was very shocked to hear that this lady, whom he adored, was going to be hurt by his dad.Some fine example for George Raymond Matland to set for his son 'little George'.And this is the same man who told his son that his mother was mad and had tried to kidnap him.So for all these years he thinks that he has been abandoned.And that could not be further from the truth.So little George said quite openly to this lady, so as to warn her, that they were going to harm her, and she could not understand why they would want to do that, when she was practically running the Mission and had several people under her wing to look after.All she wanted to do, was to get back into the outside world and live her own life again with some sense of normality.

But what she didn't know was that other people who have stayed at the Mission have also expressed quite innocently that they were going to leave so as to get on with their lives, and bad things happened to them also.I remember the case of the man who was(like my daughter) given poison so that he could not leave until certain work had been carried out by him because the Matlands needed it doing and he was the one that they wanted to do it.Also because it would be done for free.Never were the Matlands ones to pay for anything at all, if they could get it for free.And just a thought, has anyone ever wondered what the Matlands have done over the years with all of the money that they have had donated by the decent, law abiding, hard working, people of Oregon who have tried to help the people at the Mission, when really this money goes on nothing but the Matlands themselves for their own properties and needs.And most probably it also went on paying off certain influential people to keep their mouths shut about the crimes that the Matlands were committing.It certainly never went on the homeless people.And anybody who donates food, clothing, and money to the Mission is only aiding them to carry on with their crimes of violence, fraud, theft and so on.But you are also keeping the blood sucking vermin(the Matlands) in clover because you are simply saving them from using their own money to live.Plus, don't forget, that you are paying for the divorces which the Matlands have to keep getting through the court, to get free of the latest spouse that they have married illegaly.How insane is that?And why don't the Linn County Courthouse Judges do something about that, because there are so many cases that even a blind Judge could work it out that there is something terribly wrong with the amount of times that they have appeared.

Well, as you can imagine, this lady was very upset on hearing what my grandson told her and had not got a clue as to how they were going to harm her.And in all honesty, I get the impression that she really thought that perhaps 'little George' had heard this wrong and being only a little kid perhaps he had exaggerated.Around the time of this conversation there was a very bad snowfall, not on the same day, but around that time period.This lady had been doing her jobs at the Mission and this particular day had to go to her outside job.George had cleared the snow and ice from off of the back steps where the men had to go to do their work for the Matlands but on purpose, the front stairs were left full of snow and ice and it was like a skating rink.George ordered that it should stay like that. Nobody was to clear the steps.

Those words 'skating rink' ring in my ears because when living in California, a man upset George and he was at that time, along with dealing drugs, had been asked if he would like to help coach people at the local rink because he was a very good skater.However he was soon barred for life from this skating rink because he had attacked viciously this man who had upset him, and George got him by skating up behind him in the rink, wrapping his arm around his neck thus bending him in half nearly, and rammed his head full pelt, into the concrete surrounding wall thus cracking this man's skull.Of course, as usual with all of the attacks George has done on people, nothing was done because George got the man at the rink to take care of things, but George was barred from ever returning.

Going back to this one particular morning when this lady was having to go to her outside job,George made one of the men insist that she use the front stairs to leave the building by.But she could see that it was completely iced over and George had also made sure that it was worse by pouring more water on to make it even more icey.There was no way that she could get off of the porch any other way because this other man (whose name I have) was laughing at her and jeering her on to go down these stairs and she could not get to the back of the house because they wouldn't let her.Also she was worried about being late for work as the time was getting on.Well, with her spine already being fragile because this was not her first attack, the fall left her crippled, not helped of course by her other injuries , because when George gets upset, he knows exactly how to get his own back.George is a very sick minded, sadistic animal and it is as if these people that he turns his rage on, are his prey.I think that this sickness that he has is the only way that he can prove that he is a man, instead of a sick, perverted , child abusing mommy's boy.Time and time again I have heard parents or people who knew stuff, tell of his violence.I mean to say, whoever heard of people having to escape from a Homeless shelter??? He plays on their weakenesses.Drug addicts, people out of prison, child abusers, they all go through the mission, and Matlands get paid for taking them in, but George turns what they have done to his advantage and blackmails them into harassing, and following and causing hell to anybody who he decides to hurt or cause problems for like this lady that he now had it in for and even five years later, he is having her watched, followed, hounded night and day, and getting men from the Mission to do this and report back to him. He feels that whilst they are doing this, he is safe from facing the law.And that can be proved because it has been witnessed by a friend of mine for dareing to visit this person. Talk about intimidation, George is the master of that and mind manipulation.

So this lady did in the end get a place, and now George is scared to death that the Police will pick him up for all of the damage that he has done to her, let alone everybody else that he has harmed mentally and physically.. He even shed a few tears to pretend that he was sorry for causing this lady to be crippled for life. I have not put here all the rest of the case because this is a few years on and Albany Police dept. are still pretending that they are doing something to bring George to justice when really they are only saying that they are taking this seriously.They have no more intention of taking George to court, than flying to the moon. Albany Police department are out and out liars, they are covering for George Matland and his crazy, lunatic family.They are leaving the three girls belonging to his latest so called wife,and his own son who anybody who follows this blog will know what injuries he has suffered since he was only a toddler, at George Matland's hands, in PURE DANGER!!! And nobody in the Police department gives a damn.They are to greedy to care, or whatever it is that makes these policemen write out false reports so that the Matlands come to no harm or get prosecuted, or kicked out of Oregon.Now why would they lie for the Matland's?And why would the Matlands collect extra children, and SCF turn their backs on them knowing full well some of the violence that has taken place there?

Tell me this. What on earth are the Matlands providing that is so important that certain police and local fire officers and others would lose their jobs for, if the real truth came out. Now take Linn County Courthouse, why would they knowingly cover up all of these illegal marriages and REAL divorces(which cost a lot of money) and allow them to all go on record at Oregon Vital Statistics. That is against the law and it is the Law enforcers who are the ones breaking their own laws.

So I will close for now.I wish you all a very good evening, and would just say that you should watch this space because I have a feeling that Albany is going to get very popular in the coming weeks as are some of it locals.Have a good day.

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