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Saturday, October 3, 2009



I am shaking with temper and disgust at having to write this, but people need to know exactly what those children at the Matlands are living with.And what the Police department in Albany are turning a blind eye to , so that they do not get arrested for anything, which God forbid, would mean that they would have to go to Prison for.

This blog entry is more of an addition to the last blog. It is just that week in, week out, new information comes to light.I see programs on the television like Jerry Springer, Maury Povitch,Dr. Phil.,Oprah Winfrey, and so on, and especially in the first two mentioned, one would have to wonder if most of those people are representative of America, but I would say that they are not, but are just suitable for the sensational type of programs that get people to watch.Obviously Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey are a totally different class of show altogether, but nevertheless some of those programs would also make one wonder what is happening in America.Where are the morals? Where is the honesty? How can people treat each other with so little respect? It would make one wonder what the parents were like for some of these people to turn out the way that they do.Well here is a little example for you.Look at Albany in Oregon.What an evil hornet's nest the the officials there are covering up.

George Raymond Matland Jnr.(57) and his sister Virginia Gale (and whatever surname she is using this week)Matland (55) are two prime examples about how not to bring up one's children.Control, that is what they are all about, as was their evil mother Maxine.But when she was in control, they had to do her bidding because woe betide them if they didn't, and as for George, well the rows were so bad and lasted so long, that he would burst into tears in the apartment (this was whilst still living with my daughter), because Maxine's insanity got his temper up that bad, that that was his reaction.She treated him worse than a dog.Now he is doing the same.It is almost as if his mother's evil spirit is working within George and his sister.Maxine might be dead, but she will never die.But as old as they are now, and after having been under Maxine's thumb for so long, they certainly have not become nicer people and George's latest so called spouse, is nearly as bad.

This control however has now been taken on by George and Gale. They know no different.Have you heard the saying "Do as I say, but not as I do".Well God help any of their many spouses if they dared to disobey George or Gale's orders.That goes for Gales three children and when my grandsons were there, like I already mentioned, how Gale beat the children with a leather belt. They were little more than babies at the time. And on one of the Child Abuse web sites that I was reading, it says that that is counted as aggravated assualt.The children were seven years old and nearly three years old.How can anyone justify taking a leather belt to kids in the first place, let alone as young as that.But then I suppose when you are dealing with cronic alcoholics, they must have some sort of bad head during the day times until they get their next drink.Not that that is any excuse, because the Matlands are violent by nature, almost as if that is their solution to every problem that they had, well, that and blackmail was the other solution, plus all else that they worked so hard to achieve, to fund their habit.

But what about this next bit.This just sickens me to the stomach.Let's hope that the Linn County Judges read this, especially John McCormick who took over the case after Judge Janet Schoenhard Holcomb (of Benton County, and a very decent woman) had already ruled that 'little George' who was 18 months old at the time, should be picked up from the Matlands by the Police in Albany and given rightfully to his mother because as George was the attacker on the child, Oregon law states that the child automatically goes to the non abusive parent.

Well, that would seem logical surely, except that this was in Linn County and the Police there will not protect the children at the Matlands.Well let us get that a bit clearer. They will not protect anybody at the Matlands as they are to busy writing false reasons for being called out to crimes happening at the Matlands and being done by the Matlands.There is no way on earth that they can ever justify covering up the many crimes that this family do and have done.But that is in other blogs.I mentioned about how a person at the Mission was left crippled a few days after a Christmas dinner that had a whole new meaning to it. This was one where it was openly discussed during dinner, as to how this person was going to be harmed and was overheard by my grandson, who was seven at the time, and so worried about what he heard that they were going to do, that he actually told this person what was said and was ordered by George (his daddy) to leave the table, for having warned them.Then a few days elapsed and sure enough this so called accident (well, made to look like an accident) took place.

Wasn't it bad enough that this person had to go through so much pain and suffering, and this was all because they happened to mention that they were thinking of moving on and getting an apartment,which under normal circumstances in a proper Homeless person's shelter, everyone would be delighted for,but NO!!! not in the Matland's case. They could not bear one to leave because they could no longer rob them, abuse them, use them to work like slaves for little or no money, and they could not rob their Welfare payments and whatever else that person was getting.So George wanted this person hurt even more.There was serious spinal injury already caused by the incident, so George got this man and somehow coerced him into going up behind this person and punching them full force in the base of the spine so as to cause more damage.This man I would say, probably had no option but to do what George made him do, because he would either have had something on him, or threatened him with something, but this man did this for George.And he did it really hard causing more spinal damage.

This next bit you are going to find very hard to read.George still was not satisfied that this person had suffered enough.Remember that this is a man who passes himself off to be a Pastor, terrorises men, women and children, is a father himself and had already, in temper punched my daughter so hard in the stomach when she was pregnant with little George, that she went into labor and ended up at the hospital and Maxine was guarding her and consequently could not tell the doctor how she came to be in this state. But they knew that something bad had happened to her, without her saying and she was monitored from then on.And also they knew of several other cases of people coming from the Matlands shelter who also were injured one way and another.But just see this next bit.When George had decided to hurt this person in the spine yet again, you are never going to believe whom he ordered to do this?????

He ordered his own seven year old son to go and punch this person whom he loved, in the spine also.My own little Grandson, punched her in the spine which was so badly damaged already, because that bastard of a man ordered him to.Now obviously little George had to do what his dad ordered him to do because George would have again damaged little George, but in any other State in America, surely isn't that counted as a crime??? Can anybody tell me that a father teaching his own child to punch women is the way to bring a child up? How can the Police in Albany be so depraved that they have to feel that the Matlands have to be protected at all costs. How do the Linn County Judges and Jason Carlile District Attorney, know of all the terrible violence that goes on at the Matlands, and yet still nothing is done after all of these years. It makes one wonder who in the Police Department and/or The Courthouse. and I have to add the Fire department,and don't let us forget City Hall, because Maxine Matland certainly knew what she was doing when she moved into Albany and slept with half of the town and then blackmailed them, well it worked didn't it? If she had kept her legs shut, perhaps they would all be in prison now. CRIME DOES PAY WHEN YOUR SURNAME IS MATLAND, doesn't it and it is still working as anyone can see when passing their palatial properties.Oh sorry!! wrong word. SLUMS, that is what they leave their properties like.One only has to see what they have done in the latest property that they have just had to leave.So now there is no homeless shelter, only the two properties that Gale fiddled for herself out of the Non Profit businesses that they ran under the names of "The Signs of Victory Mission" and several variations of, and also "The Albany Mission" which is what they are trying to do business in using that name.

So Friends, what do you make of that? How could a man teach his son that that is how one treats women? And how come the Albany Police can live with themselves, knowing full well that they are not only leaving the children at Matlands in danger, but that they are protecting the perpetrators of the crimes so as to cover up whatever it is that they have to, so that the Matlands are not brought to justice?


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