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Saturday, October 3, 2009



Hello Friends, it is a while since I wrote anything because I am just mystified as to how Oregon operates.Where in America is there a place that totally covers up so many crimes all being done by the one family?Of course there are scammers everywhere, nobody is denying that.But this is all regarding just one mafia type group that runs Oregon and in this case, Albany, Lebanon and Corvallis and let us not forget Cave Junction where the Matlands used to operate, and look at all the terrible crimes that they got away with there.And let me point out here that this blog is not aimed at ordinary people working in the main offices.They just do as they are told otherwise they are fired or moved to a different position.We were warned that this would happen when I first started this, so what are they suggesting? Do we forget that there are people being very seriously hurt at the hands of this family(in my case, my family-my grandson and my daughter and two more of my grandchildren prior to that) and are we not supposed to stand up for our families and let the Matlands get away with their many crimes of violence, including attempted murder, rape, child abuse, leaving one lady totally crippled for life, and another poisoned and had more done on her just so that this family can carry on doing their scams protected by the main people who run Oregon and some of it's cities.We only have to look back over the 12 years that I have been looking into the activities of the Matland family from the" Signs of Victory Ministries" (it used to be called Mission or Albany Mission or Bible School) to see what has been going on.There is crime after crime after crime.In not one case (which is all it would take for you or I) have they been convicted of a crime of violence,YES!! they have been taken to court on numerous occasions for non payment of their properties and petty stuff.Not that you or I would call it petty but these crimes are petty when you look at the many crimes that they don't get taken to court for, but then one would ask the question, why do these cases go no further than having a couple of cops turn up to investigate and a different, practically non-crime is written down. Therefore there is no follow up because if it is listed as just a case of loud music or a verbal dispute,non violent, well who is going to take that to court?Nobody because in Oregon there really are some very serious crimes that need to be investigated. It is just a matter that it is not committed by a person belonging to the Matland family.So that alone shows you who are reading this, that something else is going on.

The fact that the Matlands run a shelter for the homeless people could be a big factor because there are so many grants and so much aid given to the people who run a place such as this. Then look at the people in it, and how many children stay there. Transients are called 'transients' because they move around a lot, going from shelter to shelter. All their details are kept like names, Social Security numbers and State ID numbers and so on, which when used by a good forger can defraud lots of money and open accounts and so on, of which that person knows nothing and as already mentioned in my blogs, their mail was very often stolen from not just their relatives or friends, but the Food Stamp people and other Welfare offices and so on that help the less fortunate people in society.Obviously those people would not necessarily even know that their mail was taken, nor in my daughter's case, that the mail that she wrote, was not posted.That way it appears that the recipients in both cases thinks that the other person has not written and thus more easily can dissappear,and nobody would be any the wiser.And when one used to phone to see what was happening, one would be told that that relative/friend no longer lived there, or that they had never heard of them in the first place.Or in the case of when I phoned just a few days ago, I was told to "Never phone here again" and that was again because I asked to speak to my grandson whom my daughter and I have not been allowed to have any contact with whatsoever for nearly five years now and yet the three girls belonging to Priscilla(George's latest live in wife/girlfriend) are allowed to speak occassionaly to their family and go away for the Summer to spend time with him and their grandparents, but still we cannot get little George for so much as a phonecall let alone a holiday. So that is totally against the court rulings.Well considering that the court case was fixed and that can be proved, it would make one question the Judges and the District Attorney as they were made fully aware of this several years ago and also just a few weeks ago when I was talking to the DA himself.SO what they are hiding I cannot say for definate but it has to be very serious for them to go to so much trouble to keep this all hushed up for so long.Also for them to block me and sack or move people on from their positions so that they can't talk.

A few weeks ago I wrote to the latest Chief of Police,(Chief Boyd) because I wanted to make sure that as he was not at the Albany Police department for very long, that he knew what was going on.This was incase that the other Police were somehow doing their own scam to cover the Matland's crimes up and (because I am a nice and considerate person) I didn't want him to look stupid if he was questioned on what was going on in his Police department and he honestly did not know. It took me hours to sit and write this letter and I sent it by Registered mail so that there was a signature. I take it that he is a fairly busy person and so gave him a few weeks to respond.Just like the other Chiefs of Police that I have written to over the years in Albany, he totally ignored it.So nothing new there then.

They say that a leopard never changes it's spots, I was surprised to see that yet again the Signs of Victory Ministries was up in court just a couple of weeks ago on at least two new cases in Benton County for the non payment of their shop, I am not sure what the third case was for at this time of writing, but now there is yet another case today for their shelter. They pay nothing for their properties and yet they take and scam every last cent that they can and keep it for buying or renting yet more properties.But this is money that they get from donations, from grants and so on.They certainly do not spend it on doing up their places to make them a bit better so that the people staying in them have more comfortable surroundings.And on top of which, the word HOMELESS should mean that the people who stay there are really homeless.The Matlands recently changed tactics so as to get more money and charge rents for these people and that under normal circumstances changes the Matland's status, but they are crafty and have drafted in as many of the local druggies and are making out that they are the homeless people, but are also charging them, plus Matlands have to bump up their figures to show just how popular their mission is as there is currently a survey being carried out in Oregon on how many homeless people there really are in the area.Well I could definately tell the people behind that survey not to take any notice of the figures given by the Matland's mission, because they recycle their names and details so as to get more grants and funding.

I don't know if any of you have heard of ebay, but it is a brilliant site where you can sell stuff on the internet.It's a brilliant idea and a great website.The Matlands have definately copped on to this site and are selling stuff on it.That is fine.Or is it.You want to see what they are selling these past few days.Packs of soap (probably donated for the people in the mission) out of date cat food, by three years can you believe, a blood pressure machine (I'd have thought that they would need that for all of the heart problems that they claim to have had) some doggie's clothing, but wait for it, a guitar.Not an ordinary guitar. This one is on sale , or was up until yesterday, for $7,999.00 but had been listed at $9,999.00. That must be some guitar mustn't it? It does say that it was played by a person that we are supposed to think is famous,and they say that he donated it, even though he hated parting with it,only if it went to "THE SIGNS OF VICTORY MISSION" and as it said in the advert, a place where it is run by people who do not get paid but are helping the less fortunate in society.WHAT CRAP. The only persons wanting that money are the Matlands because they are about to lose more properties.But what about this then. Isn't it strange that for somebody supposedly so famous to donate a masterpiece of a guitar such as this, that the Matlands cannot spell his name correctly. I got three different spellings, on top of which they would not pass on his contact details when I, as an ebay user asked for them.But in the same e-mail it was stated that they did not know which person of this name, donated it to them even though it says that they can verify the details with him. DO I SMELL A RAT OR WHAT?????? I phoned this person up and a few places besides and none of the information could be verified.Should I be surprised? For nigh on $8,000.00 dollars I know that I would not want to be buying goods that were very possibly robbed especially knowing who the seller was, if you see what I mean.The Matlands would rob the eyes from out of your head.But another thought crossed my mind. Why would anybody put such an expensiver item up for sale along with soap, dog clothes, a packet of tea, smoke alarms and out of date cat food?Unless these items cover their drug habits. These are items for three and four dollars each, which doesn't make sense as they have to be packed up and mailed. But what if somebody who is a trained forger (we know who I am talking about) uses those silly items which are worth next to nothing, to add another figure onto if a check is used. JUST A THOUGHT!!!.The Matlands are definately hurting for money bigtime.It would have to be a scam because they would never be bothered otherwise and if caught doing forgery it is not as if they will get prosecuted is it? It's not like they haven't done plenty of fraud and forgery before and that would be on government records and bank accounts and so on.And Oregon definately both knows and doesn't care about.

Anyway, enough of that. I will avidly be watching the two courts to see what happens with their properties plus I will definately be watching to see what happens to this guitar.That should be interesting.But also nothing was done about the school that they opened and there was not one legal thing about it, but the Matlands bought or obtained a school bus also to transport the children (who attend their fee paying school)around. Has anybody ever wondered if this bus is legal to have on the road to start with and if there is insurance paid on it.What if there is an accident? What if one of the children got killed. Are Albany Police dept. going to cover that up as well? But also, who is teaching these children? It is a fella from the Mission who calls himself Lonnie, passing himself off as the Vice Principle.This is the same fella who looks after these children.Doesn't anybody find that this is all a bit of a joke. The Matlands are making an absolute joke of the laws that other fee paying schools in Oregon have to abide by.And the School Principle is George Matland's wife, who has no business training monkies, let alone children.But still, the authorities turn a blind eye.Crazy or what???

Anyway I had better close for now.This saga definately cannot be allowed to continue.They have all had a chance to put things right and not one of them have.Perhaps they need to buy the blood pressure machine from ebay which the Signs of Victory Ministries is selling because I feel that there are going to be a few of these officials whose blood pressure will be rocketing in the very near future.I wish you all a very good week. Take care, stay safe.God bless. Angie.

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