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Saturday, October 3, 2009



I cannot even believe that I am getting into this case, but my blood is boiling so badly that if I didn't put in my two penneth, I couldn't forgive myself.

On June 30th. 2008 a young man by the name of Andrew James Hanlon who was an Irish citizen but living in Silverton, Oregon, aged 20 years old, was gunned down by Officer Tony Gonzalez who fired seven bullets at him, hitting him with five of them.Andrew was totally unarmed at the time.

Now this young man was acting in a very aggressive manner because he had been pounding on the door of a woman by the name of Shannon Kelley, who had three children and her parents in the house and naturally was terrified.He was howling and shouting strange things and there is no doubt that something was wrong with Andrew.He was then throwing himself at the door and she thought that he was trying to break in and consequently phoned the Police.He hurled himself so hard at the door that he actually left blood on it.His screams ceased to be comprehensable and became guttural and animalistic.In fact Shannon Kelly and her parents all had to put their bodies against the door so as to stop him from knocking the door down.She was shouting for him to go away.So all in all this has to have been an absolutely terrifying experience for all concerned.Then Andrew ran screaming from the door and down the wooded hill which is covered in trees and blackberry bushes.

Two Police officers arrived, Tony Gonzalez and Officer Josh Barnett.Both were Marion County Police Officers.Barnett headed to Kelley's home because she had made the 911 call and Gonzales parked on Oak Street so as to intercept Hanlon as he barged down the hill.Gonzalez heard the branches breaking as Hanlon headed down the hill.He shone his torch into the trees and saw Hanlon.Nobody could blame this officer for (at this point in the story)being very wary about what he was going to be facing.At this moment I would have every sympathy for him and not Hanlon,because he was the one acting so erratically. But remember that I said "AT THIS POINT".According to the press release, his gun was still in his holster.Gonzalez ordered Hanlon to come down from out of the trees and show him his hands.But Hanlon would not do what he was ordered to do.Hanlon decided to cut behind some cars parked in a driveway and began heading west parallel to Oak Street.He followed Hanlon on the other side of the parked cars.Hanlon ducked out of sight behind one car.Gonzalez moved between the cars, thinking that Hanlon was about to do a runner.

Gonzalez told investigators that he thought that he heard glass breaking. He drew his weapon because he thought that Hanlon could be armed with a broken bottle.However when an investigation took place, no evidence of broken glass was found.So it was thought that Hanlon could have bumped into a recycling bin thus causing the bottles to clink together.Now to those of you reading this, everybody is probably thinking that they are on Gonzalez's side.....RIGHT ???? Wait until you read the rest and then see how you are thinking.

Hanlon then stepped out from behind the car that he had ducked behind which meant that he was only between five and eight feet from Gonzalez.Admittedly this was a very nasty situation for this Officer.So no argument there.This part of the area was not very well lit either making it harder for Gonzalez to judge what was going to happen next and Hanlon was turned sideways at this point.Gonzales ordered Hanlon to show him his hands and get down on the ground.Hanlon refused to obey and Gonzalez again repeated his order.Hanlon then said "Okay" and started to lean toward the ground, let out a scream and leaped toward Gonzalez.Poor old Gonzalez must have been frightened.Do I sound sarcastic? Read on!!!

A Silverton resident who had been driving along Oak Street, Jeff DeSantis ,said that he heard Gonzalez repeatedly order Hanlon to get down or freeze.DeSantis had stopped his car behind Gonzalez's patrol car and had an unobstructed view of the incident about thirty-five feet from the two men, prosecutors said.Mr DeSantos then heard Andrew Hanlon make what he described as a primordial war scream and start toward the officer trying to strike him and kick him with what appeared to be martial art moves" the prosecutors wrote.Gonzalez retreated, clearing the two vehicles he had been in between and backing into Oak Street as Hanlon chased him.

Hanlon continued advancing for about twenty five feet, with Gonzales never more than five feet from him.At some point in his retreat, Gonzalez drew his gun and began to fire his weapon at Hanlon.He fired his weapon seven times.Hanlon continued foreward even as the bullets hit, prosecutors say, finally falling to the ground as he entered the street.

An autopsy revealed that Hanlon was shot five times, and that he died from his wounds.DeSantis told investigators that Gonzalez stopped firing as soon as Hanlon stopped coming after him and did not shoot him while he was on the ground.After all, that would be one hell of a bastard to do that, wouldn't it???Well, in my opinion, he is hardly going to say different, is he? I also read other reports and one was saying that Hanlon got one of the bullets in the back of his leg.Just a thought. If Gonzalez was running backwards from Hanlon, and didn't shoot him when Hanlon had already been pumped with enough bullets to kill several men, then how the hell did he get shot in the back of the leg???

Now if I was to say here that Gonzalez was a big chap, trained to use firearms,admittedly Hanlon was acting in a very threatening and erratic manner and would have terrified the Kelley family who did not know this man at all,only to be confronted by this man hurling himself at their front door at 11.20pm at night, shouting and screaming and at one point howling at the moon, well nobody in their right mind would be opening the door to him.He could have been mentally challenged, high as a kite, drunk or whatever, one would have to be stupid to open the door to him.But he was not armed, Gonzalez was.

I can perfectly understand that he fired once and perhaps twice, if Hanlon kept on lurching toward him, but seven times!!!!! In one newspaper it said nine times. This cop has to have been trigger happy.Now this incident took place in Marion County, not that far from Linn County that I write about.This is Oregon that we are talking about.This case is drawing international attention.Hanlon's parents live in Dundrum,Southern Ireland.Actually not that many miles from where I live.Had this shooting have happened in any other State, I would not have been sitting here today writing about this case.Also it is not because I am Irish that I am writing this, because I am not. I am what they call here "A blow-in".I am actually a Londoner.However when Hanlon's family were told of what had happened to their son, I felt so sorry for them because they were saying about the lack of information given to them by the Marion County officials.Do you know that during the weeks since the June 3oth shooting,prosecutors and police did not divulge the fact that Hanlon was unarmed? For God's sake, Hanlon was not much more than a kid. And who were the people sitting in this so called Marion County Grand Jury who said that this shooting by that trigger happy Tony Gonzalez was justified?Under normal circumstances I would uphold the law, admire the police,and go along with what they said as being more than likely true, except that we are talking about Oregon.

I am not saying that Oregon Police are all bad, because that would be very far from the truth, but one would have to question certain Police because I know only to well from how the Matland family in Albany (Linn County) get away with crime after crime and for all the writing I have done to the Police department and other officials, I know only to well how they gang up together and close ranks.Even this latest Chief of Police, Chief Boyd, had not even got the manners to reply to my letter and nor did the ones before him.And I know for a fact that certain Police there are changing the descriptions of the crimes that they are called out to, when it comes to serious crimes done by the Matlands, and have done for years. And what with some of the crap that certain Police Officers have given me over the years from Albany Police department, wouldn't I just love to give that to the newspapers.So that would make me sympathize with the Hanlon family and their frustration at not being given the correct information.You only have to read my blogs to see exactly how twisted the Matland family are and how strange it is that they are protected for whatever reason it is and allowed to carry on doing their many crimes of violence,including attempted murder and all of the rest on the people unfortunate enough to end up in the Matland's homeless person's shelter, or as in one of their illegal marriages and so on. Then one could not help wondering why they are never prosecuted for all that they have done and what it is that makes these officials go to such great lengths to cover for them.And believe me, I can prove what I am saying.

So it seems that the Chief of Police in Marion County, Rick Lewis expressed relief Thursday night with the Grand Jury's finding that this shooting (seven times or nine times, according to what papers you read) was justified, and remember this Andrew Hanlon was totally unarmed.But if you have read this far with what I have written, you will have probably got the feeling that there is something that I was leading up to.Well you would be bloody well right.There is something that I have not even mentioned yet.Supposing I said, that as terrible as this shooting is on an unarmed young man, because so many bullets were fired by a trigger happy cop, that a couple of those that didn't hit Hanlon, well it is a damn shame that they didn't do an about turn and hit the cop who fired them.

I expect that you are now cringing with shock that I should say this, but you haven't heard the rest yet. Do you know where that bastard of a cop is??? No, I bet you don't. You see he is in jail.YES!!!! You read that bit right. He (Tony Gonzalez) is in Linn County Jail of all places. I bet that that bit of information has got your attention.Not for anything to do with this shooting I might add, whereby he got totally aquitted as if he had done nothing wrong, he is in jail because he is up on sex abuse charges.WITH A 12 YEAR OLD CHILD.He did not sexually abuse her once, this has been going on for quite some time.

Linn County Sheriff's Office. Inmate Roster 7/12/08 says:

Tony Gonzalez. Age 35 years old.Master ID 148344. Date lodged 7/22/08

1. Sex abuse 1 Docket 08C45647 No bail.

2.Sex abuse 111 Docket 08C45647 $80,000.00

Now doesn't that show you just how these coppers stick together? So not only has he been sexually abusing this child for a while now, add his shooting on top of that using all those bullets, what does that tell you about Oregon Police? And why was the verdict by this Grand Jury ( for what can only be called an outrageous use of a gun on an unarmed boy)and they say that it was justified.

The law in Oregon and the officials running those offices should hang their heads in shame to think that an Officer would carry on the way that Tony Gonzalez did.But then also, perhaps it is time to name a few others in jobs of trust also and let the public know what they are also guilty of.Oregon has gone to Hell.Law and Order seems very much as though it means nothing there. And if the parents of Andrew Hanlon think for one minute that they will get justice for their son's killing, because you can't call it anything else, then they are very wrong.If the officials are worried about having an International incident on their hands, well read my blog, because I should say that in the very near future they will be having yet another because I am far from finished with Linn County for all that they have covered up regarding the Matlands and what they have done to my daughter and family.AND I WILL GET JUSTICE.

I wish you all a very good week, and to Officer Tony Gonzalez,well let us hope that you enjoy your stay in Jail. I am sure that your new companions will make you feel very welcome.I know how much prisoners love sex offenders.About as much as I do. Let's hope that you took a jar of Vaseline with you. I think that you might be needing it.

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