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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,

This is part 2 of "THERE IS NONE SO BLIND". I was lying in bed after having written my last entry and thinking about how strange it was that when reading the list of crimes, dates and case numbers, that they all seemed so petty. When I say petty, I am not making light of these cases, after all there are some fairly serious incidents amongst those listed and the rest of the 282, but perhaps to those honest, law abiding people reading some of them, they might think that they are serious. However, in this blog we are not talking about a normal, everyday family.This is a family where crime and violence and fraud and theft and child abuse, spousal abuse and arson, is second nature.Also remember, that there is over thirty years of crimes that have been committed by this same family.

To be perfectly honest, I was getting bored the other night from typing them out and that is why I stopped when I did.But like I mentioned previously, that it was not until I was tucked up in my bed and thinking about what I had written, that it suddenly dawned on me that although these crimes appeared plain boreing to write and probably just as boreing for the people who actually follow this blog,to read, I was in fact actually writing the proof of what Albany Police dept. have been covering up.After all, each case has a date, it also has a case number and attached to each case would be the names of the police officers who were dispatched to investigete same.I use the word 'investigate' because that is what is supposed to happen with a normal case where someone calls 911.But we are talking about Albany Police dept. in Linn County,Albany, Oregon 97321.Also please note that I am not referring in any way to the Chief of Police or Sheriff's department, who are in Albany now.But the ones prior to that, I most definately am.

This is the Police dept. that when I called them when I had not heard anything about my daughter and the children and was worried sick after reading an article in the Democrat Herald showing the disguting conditions of one of Matlands' many properties which were ridden with bugs, raw sewage seeping up from the floors and into the bath and seeing the piles of rotting garbage and hearing of the stench from the diapers and other contents that had been dumped in the entranceway to this particular house, and knowing that all contact between my daughter and grandsons had been severed by Matlands, that I thought that they could have killed her.And those of you reading this who might have any doubts as to what I am saying, well I can prove it all. Anyway on this particular day I had phoned Albany Police I could not understand why the raw sewage was rising up through the floor and thought that something could be causing an obstruction ,and I wanted the policeman to go round to Matlands and see if my daughter and children were alright.He said to me"Ma'am, I don't care if your daughter is lying dead under the floorboards, I am not going round to that house". So much for Albany Police dept. However I did get another policeman to call, but that was because I found his name and wrote to him personally.On top of which he went in his own free time which I thought was extremely kind of him.But he called to Andrea and George's apartment at Cleveland Street,not the house mentioned above.

The time that the poisoning incident happened, when George gave Andrea what she thought was Tylanol, except this bottle was different to the one in the medicine cabinet, because this was kept locked away in George's own closet, because IN HIS WORDS TO ANDREA, he wanted to make sure that the first bottle was finished before opening the second.But on this particular day in January '98 he insisted that she had this dose of medicine from the bottle that he kept instead.This, as described in my other entries, was the bottle containing Tylanol and also had the poison in which he very willingly gave her.But when reported to the Police dept. after the remains finally ended up in the dumpster owned by the Matlands themselves, the policeman on hearing this turned around and said that there was no way that they would get someone to climb into the dumpster to retrieve this bottle and also that they had not got the resources.That dumpster lay there in the same place for several months before being emptied.In fact, the stench from that dumpster actually caused complaints.This is the same Police dept. whereby when Andrea went to report something else, the policeman gave her a different policeman's personal card, thus making out he was somebody else.He probably thought that she would report him for refusing to help her and being a coward wanted to get the other police officer in trouble or to make Andrea appear as if stupid.When in reality it was he who was stupid because he did not think that she would know this other man's name.

But what I am trying to make clear here is the fact that Albany Police department are writing the crimes down in a totally different way, thus making them appear as trivial, and this is why the Matlands are not getting prosecuted.But they seem to have forgotten that I was not taking their crap lying down.I might not have been allowed any contact with my daughter and grandchildren, because the Matlands would not allow it, but I knew that she was being systematically doped up and so on, because I was getting my info. from elsewhere.So if one just takes the case of the poisoning, just because the police did not retrieve the bottle,does not mean that there was not anybody else interested in what had happened. Take the attack on my grandson two weeks later and subsequent communication with Diane Aspengren of Children's Services ,also Govenor Kitzhaber's office, well Diane may well have begged for three quarters of an hour for me not to report her, and later when she promised faithfully to help the children at Matlands and then after lying through her teeth and a report went in from one of Albany's own councillor's stating that little George had got a big lump on his head, plus a couple of ladies at the homeless mission saw how George Matland carried little George by his ankle, in temper when he was sitting on the floor with his plate of food, crying.They felt so bad that they reported this to Diane Aspengren and Diane absolutely refused to do anything and shouted at them to go tell his mother.Well one of these days, Diane will be in for one hell of a shock because 11 days later, a Children's Services person called to the Mission, in the dark, in a Children's Services car and did see little George and his dad(big George), who came out to her car and she talked to them on the street.THAT IS HOW MUCH CHILDREN'S SERVICES CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN AT MATLANDS.The lump obviously had gone down on George's head and so there was nothing to report.But what this woman does not realize is that on the evening of the meeting with little George and his dad, there were two witnesses who saw everything.And another thing, why was the meeting taking place on the pavement, in the dark? Doesn't that seem a strange place to check for child abuse? Just another thought. Does tickling a child to the point that it hurts, constitute child abuse? Because according to one particular child,it is not funny.

Now doesn't this strike anybody reading this, that it is very strange as to why so many people, in so many official capacities, do not prosecute George for any of the cases that are reported? I am only talking about George at this time because that is whose cases I am talking about in this blog entry today.But also what doesn't make any sense is, WHY would people with fairly decent jobs want to cover up the crimes that the Matlands' commit? I can understand the ex. spouses belonging to the Matlands and also the families of those spouses, not wanting to say about what happened to them, because the Matlands leave them living in fear as they did my daughter, but surely some of the officialls shouldn't have that fear.Or should they?

I think that I will leave that with you for now.I wish you all a very good weekend.Take care and God bless you all.

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