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Saturday, October 3, 2009



Just how many buildings does this family have to buy and rent, before people realize that this is all one huge scam.'The Signs of Victory Mission', 'Signs of Victory Ministries', 'Signs of Victory Bible School', 'Signs of Victory Albany Mission', and I could go on and on telling you all of the various different names that they call this farce of a church mission, so as to get tax exemption and con the people all around Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and Cave Junction and so on, over the very many years that their operation has been running, so as to collect money from Government and Federal grants and people daft enough to donate money to this Mission.WAKE UP!!!! The Matlands do not use your money that you give them for doing their marriages, the funerals, feeding the Homeless and so on, on the actual people that it is meant to help, it is for the Matlands themselves to get even more property and keep them in drugs and alcohol.

Has anybody ever bothered to look into the other properties and who they scam out of the money that they are supposed to be paying? It is one huge farce and the officials in Oregon are fully aware of what they are doing.How many people are stupid enough to think that the Homeless people are the Matland's priority? They rob them of anything that they can lay their hands on, and that can be their Welfare Checks, their Food Stamps, extra charges when something is needed for the Mission or one of the other buildings like basic necessities, ie. soap, washing products , toilet paper and so on. Now don't tell me that they are already donated by the generous people in Albany and surrounding districts, because I know that they are, but do you think that that is who the soap and so on goes to.? Well I have news for you. Those necessary items of packs of toiletries and other items to help these homeless people, WERE SOLD ON E-BAY. They sold loads of stuff on E-Bay including loads of ornaments,loads of shoes, animal items, cleaning stuff and the famous guitar. They tried selling and got away with,a guitar that they kidded people into believing that it was played over the years by someone famous and they said that it had been used by famous bands also.When I first read about this guitar I laughed my boots off because it was robbed off some poor fella years before.They had the cheek to have a starting price of $9,999.00.I actually phoned the person named, a couple of the bands and so on. Nobody knew a thing about this guitar. The price came down over the weeks and in the end it was sold for $2,000.00. Then I think that that was more because he felt sorry for the Homeless people because he had believed what he read in the advert that the whole of the money collected was going to help the Homeless people.FOOL!!!! They were selling everything that they could lay their hands on because they owed over $20,000.00 on Gale's own private residence that you people all helped her buy for herself, even though she has another property just down the road.It just shows you that running a Church/Homeless Shelter is a very profitable and lucrative business doesn't it?Especially with it being run as a non-profit business. I mean to say, she has got herself two houses out of it. Oh and by the way, The Sign's of Victory does not operate on E-Bay any more (unless they are using another name) because they inadvertantly forgot to send some of the items that the people paid good money for.I could have told you that that would happen when they first started doing E-Bay.They use 'Craig's List now.

Since their properties were mainly all lost due to non payment of anything that they possibly could get away with,Gale had to let some of the Homeless live in her duplex but they of course didn't live rent free, or even pay a small donation (even though again that property became tax exempt) they paid proper rent like you or I would have to.It sort of takes away from their generosity doesn't it? So Gale has two properties in one of her other names that she used to sign the paperwork.(Isn't that fraud?) So the $20,000.00 was for the ballon payment on that building, nothing to do with helping the Homeless.And definately nothing to do with paying any of their very many large debts.These going into hundreds of thousands of dollars.It is a wonder that they don't get put in prison for their property scams alone, let alone the violent attacks and attempted murder and all of the other terrible violent crimes that they have done on spouses, their children, the homeless people.But then of course, to get these crimes brought to court one has to have a Police dept., that actually records the crimes in the first place, doesn't one and then one would have to have a courthouse that would prosecute these crimes and being as Albany has neither, and this can be proved, the Matlands can do what they damn well like on who they want to do it on, knowing that they will get away with it.But then again, they are not doing this for nothing, are they!!!!

Take their (Matland's) church at Dale Street SE, the building also doubling as a Bible Study School and here is the funniest bit, a Private Children's school. Now one would definately have to laugh at the cheek of them.George's so called wife was the School Principle and a guy from the Homeless shelter was calling himself the Vice Principle.They even got hold of an old school bus and took the children from the Mission and their other properties and they became the pupils. INSTANT SCHOOL!!! All they had to do then was encourage the local punters that this was a real school and they wanted to charge $250.00 per month to attend there.But they also charged the Homeless people something like $150.00 per month to send their children there. This place was nothing more than a dumping ground to get the kids out of the way whilst the Matlands other scams were taking place.Not only that, I suppose that they didn't want them seeing the drug deals going on.The Vice Principle was nothing more than a glorified babysitter.And when that Vice Principle lost his position there of sitting on his butt doing f--- all,and a new one took over,(again someone from the shelter) he decided that he would live in there also.Totally illegal, but hey folks, this is Albany.Anything goes.LOL!!!!And guess what, they didn't pay for that building either.

Now take the Signs of Victory Thrift shops in Lebanon (now closed, I wonder why??)and Corvallis? How many times has that place been taken to court. Twice but could be three times by now as it is a job keeping up with all of the Matland's antics.It is running at present but only by the skin of it's teeth.Now all you good citizens of Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon and so on, why don't you all donate money to the poor Matlands who are struggling to keep their thrift shop running? I am only joking as you and I know that the money will be used for the Matland family not for the person they are buying this large property from.As far as the Matlands are concerned, he will have to go and whistle for his money.

Now, I could go on and on about the scams and the vast amounts of money owing on all of the Matland's properties over all the years that they have been running, but there is no point because until the people taking the kickbacks are booted out of their jobs (which actually should not be to long now) the Matlands will be allowed to carry on doing what they are doing.They believe in the power of three, that is George and Priscilla and Gale, they are behind all of these scams since Maxine passed on.Well, they were behind them when she was alive also, but we are talking about now.

Let's get on to this subject now of the children.Matland's need for children.All again part of one of their scams. They were going to open a Foster home in one of Gale's houses, even got somebody who shall remain nameless just for now, and he actually signed a paper giving Gale charge of his daughter. Priscilla actually got a baby and another girl and pretended they were in her and George's care,(the word care being used very loosely as it was one of her children who had to care for this baby) that's not counting the three that she gave birth to, plus her and George have still got my grandson of whom we are not allowed to talk to or have any contact whatsoever with. But the sick part is, the lies that they are telling my grandson as to why he cannot have any contact with his mom and family.I have it in writing what was said by Priscilla's sister.She went off on a rant because I dared to ask her to give Priscilla or George a message as we could not get any answers or contact or anything regarding 'little George', via e-mail or telephone.She told me that she had questioned 'little George' and asked him if he wanted to see his mom and he is supposed to have said that his mom was a junkie and that he did not want to have anything to do with her.George and Priscilla have to have drummed this into him, but it is very well documented that my daughter never took drugs ever, and it is in writing that the court case was fixed.Not only that,it is far more serious than I think that even Priscilla knows, because so much more has happened that he can't have told her that he did to my daughter and another couple of women,but thankfully that is all documented.So for Priscilla's sister to have spouted the most awful language that only a tramp would use, and to say that she questioned 'little George' as to whether he wanted to ever see his mom,who the hell does she think she is? On top of which she said that she knew where 'little George was living and she did not feel like telling us because it did not suit her.Does she have any idea what Hell we have gone through with the Matlands over the years and to know that this whole case was rigged to start with, because she really does not have a clue as to the enormity of this case.Does that stupid child actually think that the Custody issue is all that is at stake.My God, she is going to be in for some shock when this all comes out, isn't she.Big George has to have told Priscilla some very serious lies to keep her on side and because she is so into scamming money herself and using the system to suit herself as well as the Matlands,she has never checked out what the whole story is.I just know that Priscilla has to have told the most terrible lies to her family and because they do not do their own enquiries because they are either to thick or to stupid, so they believe what she tells them and think that I am lying or exaggerating about the danger that Priscilla and her kids are in.But then again, they have been threatened and told not to tell what goes on there, just like 'little George has.Believe me, this is a very strange family but I would say that very soon they will be wishing that they had taken notice of what I said in the beginning instead of having their snobby little heads so far up their snobby little ,unimportant butts.Mental illness runs in the family it seems.I think that they proved it.Anyway, I am going to close for now.I wish you all a good New Year and to the Matlands and the bent officials, I'd think that this will be a very memorable year for you all.

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