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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Welcome to 2008."TATTERED FLAG WILL REMAIN!" That is the title of Cathy Ingall's article in the Albany Democrat Herald dated 28th December 2007.OK! So the flag is hanging up on the front of the building which used to be the Homeless people's shelter, before the Matlands were evicted from three of their properties in the summer of that year, plus they lost another of their properties in December 2006, all for non payment.They live like pigs in dirt and expected the homeless people to do the same.Except of course they do not have a homeless persons shelter now, nor do they have two out of three of their Thrift shops.In fact,Rev. George Matland,his 'wife'(who is not legally married to him)her three children and my grandson are shacked up in one of Gale's houses.So this wonderful christian pastor who preaches to everyone else about loving the Lord, not only is living in sin but is carrying out all sorts of crimes of violence and other types of crimes, on men, women and children and getting away with it, time and time again.For over thirty years in fact, in Oregon alone.

Those of you who are reading this might well be thinking to yourselves what on earth am I writing about a faded, tattered old American flag for, which has 48 stars on it.Let me tell you the reason.For many years now this newspaper has written total tripe about the Matlands because they dare not write the real truth of what has gone on behind the doors of ' The Signs of Victory Mission'.In the article George,through his wife Priscilla says that this flag has sentimental value because it was given to his mother (Virginia Maxine Matland,who also pretended to be an ordained minister like her son now does)by a grateful veteran, back in 1981 when the Mission first opened in Albany.This is back when the veterans were kept in the basement of this shelter, with the windows nailed down and the catch put on their door at night so that they could not escape into the hallway of the building, let alone out of the front door.This was a hellhole.This was a fire trap, except in this case, the fire inspector turned a blind eye to the conditions that these people were living in, and I might remind you, that fought for your country.No comfort or kind words were given here.This is where the poor were robbed and beaten, and if you think that I am lying, believe me, I will give out names and so on of these people that Albany Police dept. deny, or help or in fact do sweet FA to help anybody who has ever got in trouble with this band of criminals of the very worst type.The scum of the earth that all of the Albany officials ignore so as not to get the Matlands prosecuted .Now I have written numerous times about the goings on at this place.You have only to read my blogs to see some of the cruelty that has taken place at the hands of this family who have carved out a life of crime by robbing, hurting and abusing the poor and homeless people who have been desperate enough to have to stay at this place.

Forget the attempts at murder, hiding a new born baby, the theft of the homeless people's belongings, their mail, their vehicles or bits of furniture if they couldn't pay their rents when living in one of Matlands many apartments.Foget all the crimes of putting utilities in these people's names, the many illegal marriages performed on people not only staying at the mission, but outsiders who paid to get married there,(that is fraud in itself) then take the many Matland marriages performed on each other, to poor unsuspecting people from their shelter and apartments, to themselves.All done to gain new surnames, more bank accounts, more benefits from anywhere benefits could be got.And let us not forget the Life insurance policies that they took out on their spouses.Add on the insurance from the several cases of arson, then this running a homeless person's shelter under the guise as a church, is a very lucrative business.Even more lucrative when one knows that none of the authorities are going to prosecute you.Let's not forget the adult and child labour, well should I say 'cheap labor', very cheap labor and for very long hours.

But what doesn't make sense is, why would Albany Police dept. and Linn County Courthouse, be so keen to also help this family cover up their crimes? I mean ask yourselves, what are they getting out of this ? Obviously one would say that they are getting backhanders,well I expect that for police to go to one crime and report a totally different offence, well that I could see would be a payment in return for making a false statement.But then, it would have to be a fair sized payment to those certain policemen, which then would bring up the question as to how much the Matlands would have to give them, because if it came out then those policemen would surely lose their jobs, so for a supposedly poor struggling paster and their family, WHERE IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM????Well obviously the last lot of money raised to save the mission, which totalled $12,700, given by local people to help the homeless, obviously never went further than Matlands own pockets, because it certainly never went to pay for their properties.Hence they would still be in them otherwise.So prior to that money being collected, how much other money was obtained under false pretences from citizens, goverment schemes and so on.Let us not forget the saga about the Food Stamps belonging to families living at the mission or the once yearly payments to homeless people to help them get an apartment.I have already told you what happened to those payments.All nice little earners for the Matlands.

It is plain to see that the Matlands are a bunch of low life, lying, cheating, violent, thieving scum and very dangerous also,so why would you people of Albany support their cries of help for money, when in reality it is only being used for their own purposes and to pay off certain people in Albany so that they don't get prosecuted for their crimes.On top of which, this bunch of leeches are being given food and clothes and more, and it is costing them next to nothing to live.And where are the homeless people?They are not in the shelter now, well, all except for a couple who are house sitting, so as to speak, in a property that Matlands no longer legally have. The main homeless now are Gale's relatives.How much is she claiming on them and their kids? How many homeless people really ever went to their mission in the first place? Certainly not the numbers that the Matlands tell the Government or the newspapers, that's for sure.

Cathy Ingalls should get her act together and do some real reporting.All that flag covers is a pile of crates.It was never on the building since 1981 like she was told.If she looked through old photos of the Shelter she would know that it was thick plastic which covered the front where this supposedly special flag is pinned across.There might only be 48 stars on it, but that is not because it is so special, it was probably robbed from a Veteran or is a sick reminder to George and his family of at least that amount of people who have suffered severely at the hands of the Matlands.This blog actually was going to be slightly different, but the subject that I haven't written here is so serious and sickening, that I would be very concerned for that person's life because Albany Police dept. are covering it up.I wonder how much they got paid for that?

This is a message to the normal, very decent, non official people of Albany. I wish you all a very happy 2008, but I have to say that you are living in a very sick,depraved area run by officials who do not give a toss about you or your families, but are to busy covering up the Matlands crimes to worry about your safety.You should all stand together and get rid of the Matland scum and those who are covering for them.

Oh, and by the way as usual, George Matland would not let us speak to my grandson whom he has held there through lies and deceipt, yet again.There has been no contact now for four and a half years, of any kind, because he will not allow it.Plus it has come back to me what George is telling my grandson about why there is no contact allowed.He has told him that his mother is mad and tried to kidnap him.Well, and that is after he poisoned her and committed all of the other crimes that he did on her and her family and to other people's families also.Wake up Albany, and kick the rot out or stand up to them and bring them to justice.This situation cannot continue. Have a good day!

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