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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,

Well, what a strange week I have had. It really looks like I have upset somebody regarding my blogs. But hey! when you are dealing with nothing more than greedy, bent officials and out and out criminals, what more can one expect.

I have called this blog "Accountability" because when I look back at the past thirty plus years of crimes that the Matlands have been involved in, it makes one wonder as to why they have not been made accountable for any.I mean to say, isn't it strange that a family can literally get away with doing so much.If you or I went out one day and walked over to a dog and kicked it, you can bet your bottom dollar that we would get the Police or Sheriff called on us, and we would end up in court getting prosecuted.You can tune in to Judge Judy and see people brought to court on far less, but regarding this Matland family, whose crimes are of a far, far more serious nature, nothing happens.I find it absolutely astounding that people are so willing to cover up what they do so that they get clean away with it every time.

Take the case of the time when George was dealing drugs in California.The Matlands used to frequentiate a Roller Skating Rink.They were, all three, really good at it from what I was told.Some man really upset George at some point, George wouldn't take this lightly, couldn't let it go, so when he was at the rink one day and saw this man, he skated up behind him, wrapped his arm around him, thus bending him over and skated his head straight into the wall.That was his payback for upsetting George.This incident was seen by the instructor who was a good friend of George's.For whatever reason, he let George leave on the understanding that he and his family would never come back to use that rink again.I don't think that this man died, I think he did however get a fractured skull, and trying to find out more on that incident from the owners of the rink has been very hard and they have moved on, and no records seem to be around anymore, because I have tried several times to find out more.The instructor however took care of everything,perhaps that is why there are no records.So George got off scott free on that incident.

Gale was a trained forger.Trained in a clothing sweatshop by a professional.She was greedy for more money and that is how she got trained up to do this.And to this day, nothing has changed.She seems to have a talent for it.After all, that was what I would say was a great career move on her part, because when you think of the numbers of homeless people that pass through their hands(well don't take the numbers that they tell you because that is purely to make them sound as though they have lots of people, which they don't.It's just so they can claim more grants and so on)that is a lot of peoples' names and Social Security numbers and mail, and Food Stamps that go through their mail box for their church, which isn't and never was a church to start with.The fact that their church was never a church to start with, is a crime. Forget all of the marriages performed there, before Oregon changed it's laws and let any piece of trash pretend they are able to perform marriage ceremonies.I mean to say that that is a joke in itself.But hey folks, Oregon officials got a bit windy when I wouldn't let this subject of the illegal marriages drop, so they had to do something a bit quick to make themselves look good.A District Attorney, in Oregon actually told me that just one marriage ceremony done by Maxine, whereby the couple had to pay them money,at the time that I was talking to him, was fraud.Isn't it a shame how you can get one decent law abiding DA in one area, and then you have to deal with some of the corrupt officials that I have had to deal with.If Matlands' crimes had happened in another area in Oregon, things could have been so different.When you have a crooked courthouse, a crooked City hall, and certain police Chiefs who definately do not want to prosecute the Matlands for anything, it makes you wonder what the point is of having a Police Department, Sheriff's Office and Courthouse, in the first place.And another thing, how can certain of these officials live with themselves when at the end of the day, they are really worse than the real criminals who get brought to court for doing whatever, only to get judged by certain (not all) judges who have double standards.

Here is one to think about. "DIY". Those three letters here would stand for "Do It Yourself", which usually would refer to people who rather than pay for a professional workman to come in and paint the house, make some furniture and many other things, who then choose to take on that job themselves.We've all seen the case of someone putting up shelves for themselves, or painting or wallpapering the walls and it not perhaps looking very professional, but that is a typical couple of cases of "DIY".And if the job didn't turn out great, we would probably have a good chuckle at the expense of that person.But in Albany, Oregon, they take "DIY" to a whole new level.Forget the wallpapering and painting, they have raised the bar, so as to speak.

As anybody who follows what I write knows, I have been very open about the fact that I live here in Southern Ireland.I am actually a cockney speaking Londoner, but ended up living here in Kells, which is just so brilliant, I just fell in love with the place and it's amazingly friendly people.So when my daughter escaped from the Matland's clutches on the night that George Matland attacked my middle grandson, just two weeks after he had given my daughter poison, and that is not counting all of the other things that he did on her , but i am just trying to make a point here,it meant that she and her middle son went into a Women's Refuge.The baby, George Raymond Matland III had been grabbed by George so that she could not have him.It's all in the blogs.But because all contact was severed by the Matlands between my daughter and grandchildren and myself, just on the second day of her arrival at the Refuge, she was able to call me for the first time in a long while, because Matlands never allowed outside contact of any sort because it would interferre with their scams.I am referring to all of their many spouses here, not just Andrea.

Anyway, back to this call.I was delighted to hear from Andrea, but in the conversation it came up about how George had deliberately given her poison.Now this Refuge came under Benton County, but she had been living in Linn County,so the poisoning was reported to Linn county.Now as you have already heard in my other blogs, reporting anything to the Albany Police department, to do with the Matland family and their "Signs of Victory Mission",you would be better reporting it to "The Battersea Dog's Home" in London, for all the good it would do.Anyway, it got reported.But although Andrea was fresh out of the Matlands prison without bars, (sorry, I meant their home)I was already very well known for trying to get something done about all of the Matlands crimes that I had found out about.So I could definately say that I was not number one on any officials Christmas card list ,as they knew that I was doing a lot of digging into the Matland's activities.But anyway it was reported.The bottle that had contained the poison was a Tylanol bottle and it was a new refill and George had put it in his own private cupboard which he had just for his own use and he kept it locked. The medicine cabinet had the remains of a bottle of Tylanol in it, but George insisted that he get her the new bottle for her dose to come from.Which she took, not knowing that there was anything wrong with it until she had taken it off of the spoon and realized that something was very wrong with it's taste.It was so awful, she told me that as stupid as this sounds, she swallowed it because she just wanted to get it out of her mouth, and it would have taken longer to run to the sink to spit it out.But it sent her muscles into spasm and she couldn't move. George panicked because it acted so quickly, but he gave her some milk and tried to make out that he was concerned.Well, I suppose a potential murderer would panic as it is not something that you would do every day.Not that Andrea was the first to be given poison by the Matlands.And not that this was the first time that they had done something very serious on her.

But back to the point that I am making about "DIY". Also " Accountability".When this incident was reported to the Police, they did not want to know.In fact, she was lucky that they even bothered to write it down.Over the following days, I was in contact with Andrea at least once a day and sometimes two or three times a day trying to piece together the other crimes that I had already found out about or ones that had taken place that I did not at that time know about.I kept asking whether the police had questioned George, as in a normal city, that is what the police are supposed to do.I asked if the remains of the poison in the bottle was still where it had got thrown.The police in Albany absolutely refused to go and retrieve the bottle, I was told.It actually lay in the Matlands' own dumpster for months.It was a dumpster that was in the yard and nobody could tamper with it.But anyway, the police refused to investigate it.I called the DA's office,well I might have guessed that that was a waste of time, but I suppose one thinks that somebody has to be honest surely, however he was conveniently out, as he usually was when I called.But I did get talking to a really nice person who knew about this and said that they were waiting for the Police to send the file over.I was told that they had requested the file but the Police still had not sent it over.So weeks are passing here, and the Police are totally blanking the DA's office.That says something about them, doesn't it? So I was asked by this person in the DA's office, (and don't forget that I am in Ireland)if I would phone the police and try and hurry them up by requesting that they send the file over to the DA's office,(which is just a walk away)and although to this day, I do not know if this person was being serious in asking me to do that or not.It sounded so daft to me that I would be asked to do this. So I did phone the police dept.and asked about this file and well! you should have heard this bitch on the phone.She nearly took my head off on the phone, but did say that it had just gone over.Now whether or not that was true, I don't know.I did phone back to the DA's office out of courtesy and let them know that the file had been sent over, so I was told.Not that they did anything, well should I have expected that they would.George never even got questioned.Albany really is a great place to live if you are a criminal and your name is Matland.But I was saying about DIY.Isn't it their job to investigate crime in both the Police dept., and Sheriff's office, and then the DA is supposed to prosecute.You don't ask members of the public to do the job instead.Oh sorry, they do in Oregon.I think that to get a job there in anything to do with justice, you have to first obtain a degree in "CROOKEDOLOGY" I just made that word up.But in other words, you have to be crooked to start with.

But also when I was finally talking to the DA for real, ten years down the line, he told me to send him my evidence of what I was claiming.What are these people paid for? Do I, from Ireland, have to not only investigate the Matlands, but do the jobs of the Police and DA as well.I mean to say, if I have to investigate the crimes from Ireland, then tell the police, then get the DA to prosecute, once I have got the evidence, why dont they give me their wages for doing their jobs which they get a handsome salary for? This is what I call DIY in the extreme.So are they then , (let's take this a bit further) saying that as their jobs are totally a complete waste of time, that criminals can commit their crimes, investigate themselves and then prosecute themselves and act as their own Judge and Jury.Which really boils down to the fact that these people are not needed in the first place.If I was running Oregon, and especially Linn County, I'd kick the lot of them out and start again.But I will tell you something. I would not employ anybody that had had a job there for more than a couple of years, let alone the ones who have served in Albany for twenty years or more.I would bring in a whole new bunch of people from outside Oregon altogether and then perhaps one might see some honesty.But on top of which, I would make sure that those involved in covering up certain crimes, were held accountable and made to do time in prison if proved.That would be far more satisfactory than what they do now, which is either give them promotion or move them to a different area.I was told by one of the main people there that the people who I wanted were either moved on or promoted. So much for accountability.

And just to close, re. the Matlands.They were evicted in December from Maxine Matland's house for non payment. Then it was in the newspaper that they needed donations to keep their church, soup kitchen, and thrift shop going and also the Shelter for the homeless people. It was then stated in the local rag that $12,700 had been raised. WHOOPEE!!! Well one would have thought that, except of course we are talking about the Matlands. Also in the paper it said that all donations should be made out to Priscilla Matland.Now I had to laugh over that, as she is as bigger scammer as the rest of the Matlands, and owes thousands.So much in fact, that the investigators laughed.Plus I believe that that was put because it took the onus off of George and Gale. So if $12,700 dollars was collected, then where did it disappear to? They lost the shelter on August 31st.'07, plus the church and their Soup kitchen, and thrift shop, and their apartment, on July 31st.'07. So as they are now all shacked up at Gale's house, plus, according to what she told the newspaper, 10-15 people from the Shelter,doesn't that constitute overcrowding.Don't forget that there are at least five children at minimum also.On top of which the Matlands are now going to charge the Homeless people rent, something is very wrong with that story. The food for the Homeless is donated, so who is eating it all.To you people in Albany who donated money and food to help the Sign's of Victory Mission, I would just like to point out that YOU HAVE BEEN HAD!!!! There is also rumour of a gift of $70,000. If I told you where that is supposed to have come from, there would be a public outcry. More on that later.

I do hope that you all have a very good week.Talk to you soon.And remember, crime does pay!

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