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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,

I have been pondering most of the week about the latest revelations from Albany.I mentioned in my last blog about the blackmail and so on going on because it made what I have been told over the past few years much more feasable.But it has left me with some awful niggles in my stomach that will not rest because they take these things that I have been telling you all, in a very different direction even though I had my suspicions.I have sort of touched on these subjects, but didn't know that it was as serious as it really seems to be.

Firstly however, I have to say that there are some very decent people in Albany, and in Oregon in general. I would hate people to think that I hate all Oregonians because that couldn't be further from the truth.I have been in contact with some of the nicest people on earth, it is just a few who are rotten to the core.And let me add here, EVIL to the core.You have so many religious denominations in Oregon, but boiling it down you nearly all preach that Jesus Christ is your Saviour.So that gives you a common denominator.I am not picking out one religion from another because everybody has the freedom of choice to go to whichever church they choose and feel closest to, regarding how they worship.But what I don't get is why the real churches don't band together and get rid of those that are evil.Yes, I am talking about "The Signs of Victory Mission"and the other half a dozen names they call that place.In other words, anything owned by the Matlands and being passed off as a church.

I don't think that there is one church in Albany that can say that they don't know some of the terrible things that were going on there.But why would they be allowed to continue preaching their twisted ideas of religion and hurting so many, many people in the process, over so many years. And in their case, the most vulnerable people going, those that were homeless.You all know from what I have written previously about the disgusting conditions that they had to live in.Some of whom were nearly worked to death slaving away for the Matlands who treated them like dirt.All so that the Matlands did not have to pay them a reasonable sum of money for their toil.It is not as if it cost them anything to have those people stay at their mission, because everything was donated.And if it wasn't donated then the Matlands stole a lot of it, robbing the actual homeless people themselves. I mean to say folks, how low can anybody sink.To rob the homeless of what few possessions they had, so as to give them(the Matlands) a few extra dollars.So that to me, would I should have thought, made it very obvious that this family is in no way, shape or form, representing Jesus Christ.Nor are a lot of those officials who sit in their churches pretending to be holier than thou,and yet quite happy to cover up the many crimes that the Matlands carry out.So what does that make them!!!!!!

You probably noticed the title of today's entry and thought that it sounded a bit odd. Far from it, it is the honest truth. Now let me move on to what has been going through my mind.We are talking about pure unadulterated evil here.Nobody there ever knew of me before I found my daughter and grandchildren there in Albany.And when I first made contact with them I thought that all was fine.Well, that is until I found out that all was very far from fine.I asked a few questions around Albany when I realized that there was something drastically wrong with this so called church mission.Then as different concerns were brought up about the family and this tangled mess got bigger and bigger and stranger and stranger, then I knew that there had to be more to this family than met the eye.My search obviously went out further than Oregon because I was hearing such awful things that this family had done to their supposed 'loved ones' over such a long period of time . Some of which I have already written about because I was in contact with them or their families or friends. Or they heard it through the grapevine and contacted me themselves to say what had happened to them at the Matland's hands.I mean to say, it reads like a horror story.

I did not realize just how terrified certain people are who have had to come into contact with this family.I mean to have a man on the verge of tears when he heard Maxine Matland's name mentioned, and he didn't know me from Adam, definately is a bit offputting.I don't mean that I didn't feel sorry for him, that is not what I am saying.But to say that I was shocked at his reaction, to what I thought was a perfectly simple everyday question, does leave one wondering.He described Maxine saying that he was terrified of her and he didn't want to be near her because "she walked with a black shadow".Now, I thought that that was a bit dramatic to say the least because some of these people who are steeped in religion do come out with stuff that sounds a bit heavy or over the top compared to someone who is more laid back on the subject.But then when you hear that somebody else says that when Maxine walked into their Thrift shop and each time she did, business would go down and so did the lights in the shop.They went dim!!! Strange to say the least.But what about this.In the library one day there were a couple of boys who actually recognised my grandson, even though they were a good bit older than he was.They stopped him whilst he was with my daughter and asked him how his brother was and he said fine.Then out of the blue my grandson said for no reason at all, "my grandma has flames coming out of the top of her head". Now think about it. Isn't that an odd remark for a small child to make.That left the two boys and their parents totally gobsmacked and they sort of laughed to cover up their surprise.

But think about it.This is the woman who slept with anything in trousers who she could blackmail.Who along with George and Gale, nearly beat a man to death when they all turned on him,each beating him with a shovel.The same woman who when one of George's wives tried to escape after seeing her child being molested by George, and was hunted down by all three Matlands in their various trucks, was brought back to the Mission and beaten and raped so badly that she went nowhere for two weeks(she couldn't even get up the stairs)and Maxine said that if George did that then she deserved it.The same when one of George's earlier wives also caught him molesting her child and she tried to escape but they were going to murder her.This is the woman who sat quite openly in their car one day with George and my daughter was in the back of it, and her and George were planning along with one of the men at the mission, on how best to murder Gales latest fella, because he was very violent also.Now take the man who had a falling out with the Matlands, many moons ago and so they decided to get him back by burning his cabin down.Take the latest case of the lady left crippled for life and how they sat at Christmas dinner openly discussing how they were going to harm her , and this was in front of my grandson who was so upset that he told her. Also he heard and was the one who warned his own mom that they were going to do something to her wheels so as to kill her whilst going to pick him up for visitation.This is the same woman who her and George needed some work doing at the mission and there was a very respectable man staying there and he was a handyman but had held a very good job and fallen on hard times.But he was hoping to move on and so that he didn't, Maxine gave him poison.Now as to whether this was the same type of poison that was given to Andrea by George Matland, I can't say but nevertheless, Maxine had no qualms about giving this man enough poison to make him have to stay and then he did the jobs that had to be done and got away.This is the same loving grandma (I'm only joking) who used to lock little George in his room as a toddler, rather than babysit him,leaving him with an old tv., a bed, some food,a potty for if he wanted to pee and that was that.He actually used to be doped up on cough mixture, three spoons three times a day, and he was nearly out of his face doped up.In one of the photos, you can see clearly how doped up he was.This room that he was locked in had a cupboard with alcohol kept in it. He actually got hold of it one day and drank some of it. He himself said this.Now tell me. What sort of people are these to allow all this to go on and in little George's dad's full knowledge.What sort of father does that make him? Is that the way that the Judges think that children should be treated, and nobody can say that they did not know, because back then I was very busy with my pen and paper.And to the person who is saying that they are interested in this case, if you had a brain you would know that the photos could not have been tampered with because they were taken on a cheap camera, using an ordinary roll of film, which if opened and exposed to light, would be useless anyway.And just before this same idiot says that it could have been done using a computer. Well dipstick! who happens to have a computer conveniently for their use when living in a shelter for battered women.Use your brains if you have any. Children's Services came up with that stupid remark also.

So what I am actually saying here is that all the relevant people who belong to the courts, the welfare, the police, and all of the other official bodies who are supposed to protect people, right the way up to the Attorney General's office, the Children's Ombudsman and so on, all knew this was going on, as did every church in Albany and surrounding districts(because I wrote to 92 of them) and many government offices.

So my train of thought now is ,after many years of looking into what this family does,more the fact that people are just so terrified of this family that they are being threatened by the Matlands and are scared for their lives because the Matland family are pure EVIL, and hiding under the guise of praising Jesus Christ.So in which case, why don't the people of Albany get together and rid themselves of this evil that lives amongst them.Where I have thought that this all boiled down to scams for getting money, perhaps there is a more sinister reason that the officials do not do anything to help people who are, or have been at the Matlands.Is their want for collecting children, not so much for the money but for a more evil purpose? And are those officials involved? THINK ABOUT IT????

I hope that you all have a very good week.It should be a very interesting one. Hugs from Angie.x

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