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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello friends,

If you have lived in Oregon for a few years, and you have children, you really do need to read the following and see what some of the officials there are capable of. I, like a fool, thought that the people running the State departments were honest, law abiding citizens, and that the reason that I was getting nowhere with my daughter's case was because the local officials running the Police Dept., The Sheriff's Dept., Children's Services,Linn County Courthouse, the Fire dept., Albany Post Office,and certain local Attorney's that would be fairly well known in Albany,and that you, members of the public, pay massive sums of money to hire in the delusion that they are there to fight for you and your children ( as we are only referring to family orientated cases here), add CARDV in Corvallis,(the women's shelter),and let's not forget the Democrat Herald and KWIL religious radio station.

You could all be forgiven for thinking that I sound like I am paranoid.Except for the fact that I have been in contact at some point over the last twelve years(when I first found my daughter Andrea and her boys at the Signs of Victory Mission run back then by Virginia Maxine Matland, her son George Raymond Matland Jnr. and Maxine's daughter Virginia Gale (Matland) plus several other names from her many different marriages, illegal and otherwise) with all of these people and their agencies.

So what I am saying is, that I have dealt with all of these places regarding my daughter and her children and many more places besides.I have to add here that in the beginning CARDV were marvellous.I am not knocking them, it was much later after sending out hundreds of letters, making masses of phone calls, that one was made to see that these people had all been gagged, in other words my mail stopped, like I already mentioned previously, I had death threats, and a lot of the people that I traced were to frightened to talk, or I was downright lied to.I have already mentioned over and over of the abuse my youngest grandson suffered whilst being in his dad's care and you can see the photos of just a couple of incidents that photos were got, in a very awkward situation, so they are not brilliant.My other grandson was also attacked by him and also my daughter was fed poison, in an attempt to kill her and twice more they tried to kill her.Albany Police did not want to know.Children's Services did not want to know.I am talking about Diane Aspengren,and Peggy Davis.In fact none of the people running these departments wanted to know.So I went higher to the State Offices.

I must make this clear.I am not running down the staff who work in these main offices, there have been some marvellous people who tried to advise me, or tell me stuff and so on,but unfortunately not all those people are there now. It seems that I rocked the boat a bit to much so I was told and that the people were moved on from their positions, which in itself proves that they had something to hide. But that is not the point of this blog. We know for a fact that there is something that really stinks in Albany because of the officials vigorous attempts to cover up the Matlands crimes.Not just one crime, we are talking about 25 years of crimes of a very varied type.That is also what makes this all so ludicrous. It sounds so far fetched that it must be very hard for normal law abideing citizens, to actually believe this. But like I have said so many times, I have the proof.And to my surprise, I am not the only one doing this,so if anything happens to me, this will continue to be investigated. After all, all I ever wanted was for my daughter to get her son rightfully returned to her, but it seems that the powers that be, in Albany, cannot upset the Matlands, so one would have to question the point as to what it is that the Matlands are providing as a service to these officials , whereby nobody will prosecute them for their very many varied crimes on men, women, children and all of the other crimes involving fraud, theft, arson, forgery, and in other words, working these scams and more right under the noses of these officials and in their full knowledge that this is all going on.

Now regarding the following article,let me wet your appetite,

Multi Agency Collusion and Racketeering Exposed.

Judge orders jury not to read the constitution.

State multi judicial attack by Oregon Supreme Court Judges.

Court and Govenor refuse to intervene.

Note also:

Chief Justice Wallace Carson assigns Judges Donald Kalberer, Paul Lipscomb, Robert Walberg, WHO HAVE NO LAWFUL OATHS, along with Attorney General Hardy Myers, DA's Dale Penn and Stephen Dingle. Now read the article.

I will add the next article in my next blog. I hope that you find this interesting.Talk to you all soon. I hope that you all have a great day.

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