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Saturday, October 3, 2009



Well, one can dream I suppose.You see from what I have seen of Oregon, it is a beautiful place.So why is it then that when it comes to Albany everything changes, especially when one is walking around the Lyon Street area where' The Signs of Victory Ministries' are and the duplex on Seventh Ave .just backing on to it, with a notice stuck up saying 'The Roadside Cafe', both places which are run by the Matland family amongst others.That's George Raymond Matland, his girlfriend/wife Priscilla and George's sister Gale Armstrong.Just what is it that makes this family exempt from paying for their many crimes of violence, fraud, theft, breaking law after law, without a second thought because they simply can and have been doing so for thirty years in Oregon alone.

This is the family (not counting Priscilla in this part) that sat and discussed over Christmas dinner, along with their mother Maxine (prior to her death) and in front of my then 7 year old Grandson,and another couple, plus the then to be victim, as to how they could cause her a serious accident because she dared to say that she wanted to leave their shelter and get a place of her own.But that did not suit them because she was a very hard worker and looked after the other homeless people, cooked for the Mission, had a job outside the mission, often had to purchase toiletries out of her own money so that the people staying there had soap and deodorant and other necessities, because the Matlands were to mean to provide them.So they did something so evil and cruel that it is hard to believe what happened.George was trying to think of how they could hurt her, so as to get her back for dareing to try and get awayfrom this cockroach infested slum that they call a homeless person's shelter.So an accident was arranged and set up by George and Gale's boyfriend back then, and this lady was left crippled for life after this accident. George wasn't satisfied that she had suffered enough so he got another man to punch her consistently in the base of the spine so as to make sure that the nerves in her spine were shattered even worse. George himself ran up behind her another time and punched her full force in the back in the same area.Still not satisfied that she had suffered enough, he got my 7 year old grandson to punch her time and time again in the same place at the base of the spine until she was nearly screaming with pain, and goading him on asking him if he was punching hard enough.Now if that is not sick, then I don't know what is. That surely is a crime that a father would teach his son to treat a woman like that and praise him for doing it.And to this day this lady is spied on, followed in the street, listened in to in her apartment and never far from George's men who do this for him.And this is the man George) that raped and very severely beat an ex. spouse of his because she tried to escape after seeing him molesting her child.All three Matlands, Maxine, Gale and George went in their vehicles and hunted her down to get her back to the Mission and that is what George did to her.It was another couple of weeks before she escaped because she was so badly beaten that she could not even make it up the stairs.It took her two weeks to get over that beating.

Any of you who follow this saga will already know about how he kept my daughter doped up and gave her poison,took her new born baby (little George) and hid him for three days as punishment for dareing to talk to me on the phone when I called the hospital after hearing that she had just 15 minutes earlier had given birth.She was still in the delivery suite and George had gone for a cup of tea and saw her on the phone when he re-entered the room.He accused her of trying to phone me and had an almighty go at her in front of the nursing staff still clearing up.I need to add here that phone calls are not allowed to be made by the people at the mission or into the mission unless it was allowed by the Matlands. In other words contact is severed if they can pull it off.That way, what with their mail being stolen also, people outside don't know if their relatives are there or not and neither party knows if the other has tried to make contact.It is run like a prison without bars.Matlands have to have total control.That's why he surrounds himself with his drug dealing and drug abusing friends and paedophiles instead of decent people, because he could not relate to them or control what they do.

I have only mentioned a couple of crimes here which if reported to a proper Police department, would be investigated.But in the case of Albany, something very sinister is going on.How could my daughter for instance, ever get justice and get custody of her little boy after she escaped after George attacked her other son,if the case is set up in Linn County Courthouse so that she had not got a hope in hell of ever getting him in the first place.Why would I be told that the District Attorney was a very worried man,by a close friend of his, because I was looking into what the Matlands were doing? Why would somebody tell my daughter that if I carried on doing what I was doing, then many people would lose their jobs? What the hell does it matter so much to Linn County Courthouse as to whether my daughter did or did not get custody of her son? Why would Children's Services ask to be withdrawn from the case when they knew full well about all of the abuse going on at the Matlands on my little Grandson? Why would George Matland's attorney, Edward Daniels go to such great lengths to see that George got full custody of little George, and knowing that the paperwork which is sent in to the court for that case, was REMOVED FROM THE FILES SO THAT IT APPEARED THAT MY DAUGHTER HAD NOT BOTHERED TO RETURN IT???Now I can prove beyond doubt that not only was that paperwork handed in and filed, signed appropriately,and removed before the case was first heard but that on top of which there are two people absolutely bricking it in case they lose their jobs,knowing ten years later that this took place.I was asked if perhaps we could just wait until little George was 18 years old and then IF HE REMEMBERED MY DAUGHTER he could find us if he wanted. Now to normal law abiding citizens, doesn't that somehow slightly give one the idea that there is something seriously wrong going on in Albany, and I haven't even touched the surface yet because a lot more has also gone on.I am just mentioning a few bits and pieces because there is no sense in all of this covering up of so many nasty, vicious crimes.And that is not even counting all of the scams , and don't let us forget the arson cases which also do not get prosecuted.It is amazing how many fires can be attached to one family isn't it, especially when normally most people have none. But then I suppose one has to pay off these people or buy another property out of something, doesn't one? That is why fires are started, so as to get the money from them.

Let's take Oregon State Bar.I reported Edward Daniels, Attorney for George Matland for the divorce/custody case because he took the case and filed the paperwork and before the first hearing he was in the full knowledge that this marriage was not worth the paper it was written on because it was a case that Maxine was only posing as a pastor so as to be able to run a lot of scams and avoid tax and claim grants and all the perks one gets if running a church and helping the homeless people.Which is exactly what they are doing now, scamming the homeless and the government and anybody else stupid enough to give them money, food ,clothing and so on.But back to Edward Daniels.I thought in my naivete that Oregon State Bar were supposed to be a group that dealt with attornies who had caused injustices to clients.OK, so I was the fool.They took one whole year writing back and fourth to me, mincing over details (which was fine by me)that I took to be serious. However for a long part of that time I kept bringing up the date that I let him(Edward Daniels) know that the marriage was never legal to start with, and asking them how Edward Daniels did not know that this marriage was not worth a light, because it was ME who contacted him in the first place after my daughter had read the paperwork over the phone.I knew the marriage was illegal because I checked out the validity of the paperwork lodged in Josephine County Courthouse,Oregon with the pastor and witnesses whose names appeared on this document and with the place stated as having done the ordination.(Hence I get enormous phonebills)There was not one word of truth on this paperwork. It has been proved beyond doubt that Maxine Matland was a liar through and through. She never was a pastor.She was a lying, cheating, blackmailing, terrifying old cow posing as a person who loved God.She was evil personified.She was an insult to humanity for what she did and the crimes that she helped organize with those two lame brained things called her son and her daughter.They are the lowest form of life possible and would rob the eyes out of your head given the chance and sell them.But she was quite happy to sit and plan other people's demise without giving it a second thought.

But then doesn't it make one wonder as to why Linn County Courthouse would go to the extremes of moving their own staff, and there are others in key positions also who had to move on from their jobs, because they helped me or had something to hide,or were a bit to honest if the truth be told.So they were moved on.There is one name that I haven't ever written about yet, but I am saving him because he does not have a clue that I would mention him.It suits me to keep him on the back burner for the moment, but his time is very short now before I say what he is guilty of.

But let us just take the present time.The District Attorney Jason Carlile, and the Linn County judges know full well what the Matlands have done and are up to.So no justice there then, because if there was, they would have put right the wrongs that they are covering up.And I wouldn't have to be sitting here day in and day out trying to get justice for my daughter and grandson.But now things are coming to the crunch.The Matlands are still not paying for their properties but just running them into the ground and turning perfectly decent buildings into slums right in the heart of Albany. They haven't even been using a dumpster because they are dumping their trash in the shed. I mean to say, can you believe that?The smell from the trash is so bad that one can smell it from across the road.That is what I was told just yesterday.They are making a holy show of Albany and still nothing is done. They turn a blind eye to Matland's properties, and the state of the houses inside is just as bad so I am told by different people.So what does that say about them? And that is what my grandson lives in with those lunatics called George and Priscilla and Gale, the boyfriend and other family members,and the dogs, and the people paying rents for what they call apartments,so it is one big dumpster that they live in. And as the saying goes, 'History repeats itself' they owe massive sums of money on their Thrift Shop, their duplex and they are awaiting eviction again from the Mission.When are people going to get it into their heads that the Matlands will not pay for their properties. They never have paid a penny more than they have to, nor ever will, but they sure as hell will charge people rents for living in them and charge the homeless people for living there also.And claim every penny possible from grants and so on.

So I suppose that I had better bring this to a close.Three buildings are in jeopardy, so perhaps the Matlands are going to be homeless themselves alongside the homeless people.And this man George is the person that the Judge gave full custody to and allowed all of the abuse on him to go unmentioned.The Police and Linn County Courthouse and all of the other agencies have known all the years that I have been doing this, what has been going on and how my grandson has been hurt and they have done nothing.I wonder how they would feel if it was their families who had fallen foul of the Matlands. I bet that they would have seen that they got justice, and named who was to blame.So I wouldn't get to comfortable in your jobs if I was you.Because I will get justice regardless of however I have to do it. But legally of course!!!

I wish you all a good week .Take care. God bless. Angie.

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