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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Crunch.

The Crunch.

Hello Friends,

I just have to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day from Co.Meath, in Ireland. I was just watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade on the television, and it was absolutely brilliant.Some of the marching bands were from different parts of America as well as other parts of the world. They were marvellous ,and did not let the grey ,cloudy skies, rain and cold weather put them off. They really should be congratulated for their professionalism, as should all of the participants from all different nationalities.Ireland really has become a very multi cultural country and that has to be a great thing.

Anyway today's blog entry is called ' The Crunch' and I have called it that because the time has about come to really set this whole case that I have been writing about for the past weeks, in full motion. There are so many more facts that have surfaced as to why my daughter lost custody of her youngest son 'little George', and the planned attempts to kill her, plus George Matland's latest wife (number 10) who also underwent an illegal marriage, has to have been set up also, because it would be to much of a coincidence that George would meet and marry(illegally) a girl ,who although resembling her (my daughter) slightly when first arriving at the homeless shelter with her children, would, over the months change her hair and size and now is the living image of her. So much like my daughter, is she, that my stomach jumped when I saw her Profile photograph, which is shown in my Photostream and pictures. It really is uncanny how they have got her to look so similar.

The hair was bleached up, the curls all disappeared, and she now is wearing smooth, light blonde hair and her size has increased.Her make up has changed and I already know for fact, that dirty dealings have been taking place which are now being looked into. So George Matland and his family were not content with all that they did to my daughter whilst still with that family, but now, ten years later, they are still trying to ruin her life. No wonder, when I have found and contacted other ex. spouses or people that they pulled scams on, that each have asked me not to let the Matland family know where they are now living. They are still terrified of them. The Matlands cannot leave people alone. Perhaps that is because in George's case,he takes out Life Insurance Policies on the spouses and because they are still using certain people's Soc. Sec. numbers and names in their scams.

Anyway, no doubt in the next few weeks, we shall learn a lot more about some of the crimes that they have been committing more recently.I know one thing for sure though. Looking at the latest bunch of photos for George and his latest wannabe wife, they are most certainly not as they are made to appear. They are only to fool those looking at them and to make us believe that everything in the garden is rosy.When in reality, it is very far from being so.Why else do you think that the photos of George, are only of when George was asleep? It's because he has not got a clue that they were being taken. He would go mental if he knew.

Well, I am going to close for now. Keep looking at this blog because things are going to get very interesting over the next few weeks or so. God bless you all and even if you are not Irish, have a really great St. Patrick's Day. There are none that can celebrate like the Irish, and you will never meet friendlier people. They are absolutely the best in the world.And I am English!

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