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Saturday, October 3, 2009



What sort of statement is that to come out of the mouth of a child? The same child I hasten to add, who was listening to a conversation one Christmas dinner time, about how his daddy (George Raymond Matland Jnr)and his Grandmother Maxine Matland wanted this lady at the mission hurt, because she dared to suggest that she was thinking of leaving the shelter and getting back on her own two feet in the outside world.That last sentence sounds really awful because the accident that was arranged by George Matland, left this lady crippled for life.And that is a fact and there is medical evidence to back that up.I have already gone into that in another blog.But she is left in permanent pain and suffering.Some Christian George Matland is.

But back to this incident of attempted murder, because someone who undoes the lugnuts on all of the wheels on a car, has to be serious about what he is doing,but to knowingly let his son 'little George' travel in that same car with his mother, knowing that they could be killed is beyond belief. What daddy hadn't remembered to tell his son was that he knew that he was letting him go on his weekend Visitation in the car that he had rigged.That is insanity but knowing George he probably has life insurance policies on their lives and that is why he doesn't care if either of them die.

I have mentioned before about how my daughter was in the car driving along, not realizing that the wheels were already tampered with.But on picking up little George and driving out of Albany, the car was really bumping and it was just getting worse and worse.In fact they were sort of making a joke out of it saying that it felt like a milkshake and little George was laughing. Little did he and Andrea know just how near to having a terrible accident they really were. So Andrea pulled the car over to the side of the road and called the garage. The garage man sent his son out to pick it up and he let Andrea and the child take his car.He drove the car a short way and all four wheels shot off. He could have been killed, but I don't suppose George Matland considered that, and really could not have cared a jot anyway.But hey folks, this is Albany in Oregon that we are talking about and nobody there is going to prosecute good old George or his family for any serious crime.And not only did he not get prosecuted for this, even though his own child told his mother about how they knelt and prayed that she would die on the journey, but he never got prosecuted for the 'ACCIDENT' (my eye) that he planned to happen to the lady who was made permanently crippled for life.

Now having said that, this psycho freak of an animal was not satisfied with leaving her crippled, he made sure that she had to receive yet more terrible pain and he, during the following weeks, got one of the men at the mission to punch her full force in the base of the spine so as to damage her nerve endings even worse.Still not satisfied, another time George Matland himself ran up behind her and punched her full force in the same place. Now if you want to hear something even sicker, this devoted and loving father (I am now being sarcastic) got little George, then aged seven years old, to punch her time and time again whilst he praised him for doing it. This was in the same spot as the others had punched her.I don't know about you who are reading this, but to my way of thinking, isn't this a serious crime????HOW ON EARTH CAN ALBANY POLICE DEPARTMENT GET AWAY TIME AND TIME AGAIN WITH COVERING UP THE CRIMES THAT GEORGE MATLAND AND HIS FAMILY HAVE CARRIED OUT FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS IN OREGON ALONE ???? That's not counting the fires, the time when all three Matlands attacked a young lad with shovels, leaving him nearly dead, the poisoning on my daughter, child abuse and murder threats on other spouses, the fella who was hanged in their old print shop (a shed in the back garden now used to fill with garbage because they are to mean to get a dumpster) then there was the rape and child abuse and all of the other crimes.

But what about this, I have said that Children's Services in Albany has something very sinister going on.Between Diane Aspengren, Peggy Davis and a couple more that I could mention, I now have seen paperwork stating that they did see photos of abuse that had taken place on my grandson and agreed that he had been burned on the sole of one of his feet, and they admitted to the bruising and another mark on the head,and other stuff and so on and so on.But the Judge in the court also knew this.This was never an ordinary divorce/custody case because it was fixed from the beginning. That can all be proved.So I don't want to write more here on that because other paperwork was also taken from that same file and consequently it can be proved that my daughter never stood a chance of getting her child even before she ever entered their courtroom.

Take the case of where George Matland gave Andrea poison, and the Albany Police refused to collect the evidence, then refused to send the file over to the District Attorney's office, and three weeks later when I called his office I was told that the Police department had still not sent the file over so (get this-and me living 3,000 miles away)could I phone Albany Police department and request them to send the file over. Now to any of you who know about Police procedure and that of the DA's joke of a department proceedure, doesn't that seem a little bit strange that I would be asked to do that? Well, I did phone and nearly got my head blown off by the woman (I could think of a better word) answering the phone and she said that it was sent off that morning. Now if it was, then the blame lies in the DA's office, but if it wasn't then why again are Albany police dept. playing silly buggers.The Matlands have to be doing something serious for them not to be prosecuting the Matlands for each crime that is called in.I know before you send comments in that the crimes on the crime sheet are not what they are called out for.So someone is getting something out of this. Then when one takes this whole saga to State level and realizes that they know what also is going on, (and I can prove that) one would have to look at this whole case from a wider point of view.But again, thank God, I can prove that they too knew what was going on in Albany.But it is not just Albany is it, this is much more to do with the Matlands running this farce of a shelter under the guise of being a church.I can't say more here because I don't want to divulge what else is happening.But one thing I can say is that Albany officials want to watch out because BIG BROTHER IS DEFINATELY WATCHING.

Now let me tell you something else.I am hopping mad over something else that I found out.I again tried phoning the mission to see if I could speak to my grandson, little George. The phone always gets slammed down.So no difference there.But this one time in particular a woman answered, I asked to speak to little George and she got in a bit of a panic, went and fetched a man who said he wasn't there, so I again phoned and this woman came on the line and again I asked and it was like they were getting flustered and talking between themselves and she came back on the phone and I was told not to call there again and besides that this was a bad day to ring because he wasn't even in the State. Now, if I wasn't worried before, I most certainly was worried then.Now I was thinking allsorts and what best to do next.I knew that little George's three step-sisters were on holiday (Visitation)for the Summer, but being as we are not allowed any contact whatsoever with little George, not even a phone conversation because George Matland will not allow it, regardless of what the court says,I could not begin to think where he could be.

Is it not bad enough that George Matland has caused so much harm to so many people,and nearly destroyed my daughter's life, and taken her child from her and all of the times on top of this, that he hid this child when just a few days old because she dared to speak on the phone to me, and had hidden him when he was in a bad mood with her,now he has sent 'little George' away, out of the State to two people who have this notion that they are his Grandparents.So my daughter and family can have no contact, nor I, his real grandmother, but he can go to these two people who are nothing whatever to do with him. Right, so one would say that at least he is getting away from the Mission and his mental father and equally mental step-mother.But hang on until you hear this next bit.I tracked down where little George was and rang and said that I was little George's grandmother.All nice and friendly, polite and so on, but I was told that he had been flown back the previous day along with his three step-sisters who had gone to visit after having their time with their dad.So they all came home on the plane together.So at least I knew where they all were.

Anyway,just a few days ago I heard from people in Albany that nobody had seen the children around. Now they normally are not seen hardly at all because they are not allowed to go to school but had Homeschooling. Then Priscilla, their mother and George Matland came up with this scam to open a fee paying school in their so called church building.I mean to anybody halfway normal, you would know that there are all sorts of laws to protect the children and their safety and there is masses of things that one has to do before taking on something like that.Here is a good bit. They are charging the people in their own Homeless shelter (whom they make pay for beds) pay for their children to go to this fake school.So this is not a Mission run to help the Homeless families, it is a mission run to help keep them in alcohol and whatever else they do with their money, because it is certainly not for the rents on their properties or to help buy things for the people there.The only charity cases there are the Matlands themselves and what they can scam from the government and get every other grant going for the homeless, but to keep for themselves.But then there has to be some way of shutting the cops up and the other places so I'd say that there are a few kickbacks going on there to keep their mouths shut. Hence the Matlands can get away with all of their scams.

But anyway, going back to the children and them not being around. I have done a lot of phoning around this week and last week trying to see what was going on. In the course of that time I again spoke to the people where little George stayed.Now get this!!! He and his wife put me on speakerphone, and had the audicity to say that I might not be little George's grandmother. Anybody can say that they said. Anybody can write blogs and make up lies. I had no business asking about my grandson.And these two lunatics went on and on.And all I asked was if they could give me a YES or a NO as to whether my grandson was in Albany with his dad.I guess that they had contacted their daughter Priscilla and she had done a great job of what she does best. LYING!!!!I don't think people realize just how much all these phonecalls and collecting paperwork and keeping up with finding out what happens to my grandson actually costs me.All that fool of a man and his wife had to say was a simple YES or NO.How dare they talk to me like I am a stranger when they pretend to be little George's grandparents.They did say that George and Priscilla and little George and her three girls were a very close contented family.Perhaps Priscilla hadn't thought to mention the affair she had within weeks of marrying George,the attempted kidnapping of her daughter just a few days after the marriage (which wasn't a real marriage) The money she stole from George. Posing as my daughter and lots more.Also of course, the fact that as Maxine Matland did the marriage ceremony,and that she was not even legally able to marry anybody, that also was a scam.But one good thing did come out of that telephone conversation. It decided me on my next course of action.So I can thank them for that.

I hope that you all have a really good week. Take care, stay safe.Angie.

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