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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,

Well I have been tossing and turning like I do nearly every night wondering what to do next regarding this awful situation with the Matland family and their crooked church and homeless shelter, or so they call it.This is the same for nearly every morning from about 2.30 am until I get up.My stomach burns and churns with the anxiety of it all wondering how to bring this situation to a conclusion and get my little grandson returned rightfully to his mother and get those bastards (The Matland family) put in prison to pay for all the many,many sadistic and violent crimes that they have carried out on so many innocent people, (that is men, women and children over a thirty year period )and just let me add here, this thing that they have for trying to collect children,plus all the rest of the crimes that they have done to get money anyway possible by robbing, cheating,forging,arson,and all of the other scams that they do and which are condoned by Albany Police Dept. and Children's Services, and all of the other authorities involved in hiding what really goes on at the ALBANY MISSION, as they now call it.They had to change their name for their church from "The Sign's of Victory Mission", as the name they had been using STINK'S of nothing but corruption and crime.Mind you they also called themselves, "The Sign's of Victory Albany Mission" and in Cave Junction, "The Sign's of Victory Bible School".All of these names are just a front for crime, and that includes the children. It's all one big scam.

Then this morning I was thinking how strange it all is that no sooner do people contact me, then all of a sudden they don't.Now I have been through all this for years and years but in all honesty I am not quite sure yet of what part the authorities actually play in all of this or what it is that the Matlands are actually doing so as to make people in authority put their jobs on the line to cover for them.There has to be something in it for them.OK, so take the children.Why are the Matland's so hell bent on stopping all communication between the children and the outside world? Well, I suppose that they might tell the wrong person something that would incriminate the Matlands.We know that children are worth money in several different ways and most of them are illegal. Also, if it is so hard to get to see one's own child, (nearly five years in my daughter's case)and that is with the court granting her access(not that that means anything to the Matlands) then something else has to be going on.I got an e-mail telling me that the children do not go to school because to many questions were being asked about the bruises that they had, so the children were taken out of school and that solved that situation.No school, therefore nobody asking questions.But then what job does Children's Services do??? Now there is a loaded question.They will take your kids with nothing more than a rumour, but not if they are to do with Matlands or their shelter.Not only that, they tell you that the Police would have to tell them to take them.Or as in Supervisor Diane Aspengren's case, she would tell you" Go tell his mother".That is what she said when George Matland was seen physically abusing 'little George ' in the Soup kitchen one night and it was reported by two women who were there and saw him grab the child by his leg and use his foot to raise him up and carried him by his ankle,after he was seen not eating his meal from a plate on the floor and was crying, (he was only a toddler then).Also like I have mentioned before when he was seen with a great big lump on his head, a lady reported this (she was a councillor) and this was when my daughter had actually been allowed a rare visit with her son supervised by Matland's( in the library)and this lady saw his head.Children's Services took ten days to arrive, did the interview in the early evening, in the dark, on the pavement outside the Homeless shelter when George Matland took 'little George' out to this woman's car.The lump had nearly gone.Am I being stupid or what!!!!! Isn't that a funny place to look into an investigation of child abuse????This was witnessed and the two people who watched this were so surprised at what they saw, that they told my daughter what had happened.Isn't ten days a long while to wait before going to investigate child abuse???? I somehow think that Children's Services did that on purpose so as not to find this lump on the head. But then again, when 'little George' had been punched full force in the mouth (as a toddler) and had other burn marks and bruises and so on to his head, wasn't it Peggy Davis and Diane Aspengren again who covered this up.Not only did they cover this up, Peggy Davis looked at the photos and said that the film could have been tampered with.Considering the fact that if one exposes a reel of film in the light, it is ruined so how would one tamper with photos that were very obviously good quality photographs?

You know and I know that there is something very bad which has been going on with this family, and is still going on with this family, that is very, very wrong.Let's just step back and summarize this a bit.

We have a family that came from Texas.George Matland Snr., his wife Virginia Maxine Matland, George Raymond Matland Jnr., born in 1951, and Virginia Gale Matland, born in 1952.Maxine and George got divorced and he re-married, but he already had three children by another woman, and their ages would be quite close to those of his two children by Maxine.So consequently this was not a happy marriage.If one reads the divorce papers they read very similarly to the divorces that come up in this family many times over, since back then. Almost like a blueprint.We know that Maxine and the children also lived in Beaumont,Texas, that they moved around and that George was taken out of school before he graduated.They moved around quite a bit.They were in California, a few more marriages took place between all three of them. I mean that they married other people, not each other LOL!!! These were marriages that took place officially, not like in the latter years whereby they performed marriages on each other, the one officiating and the other marrying someone usually from the Mission. We know that Maxine worked in a bank (I had to laugh at that one) that her and Gale sold gemstones, that Gale worked for a sweatshop which was Mafia owned and was taught the art of forgery, of which she became very good at.This was a clothing factory and she wanted to do better for herself, and so they taught her how to forge paperwork and she helped them with their book-keeping.And that talent she has kept going ever since because she does their paperwork at the Mission and all necessary documents that need her skills, if you see what I mean.And what better place to do it than in a Shelter where there are homeless people all needing funding and Food Stamps and as all these agencies know, there are many grants available for these homeless people, plus on top of which, a lot of the checks all go to the Homeless via the church mailbox. And not to many of these letters and checks made it to the real owners.Like I said, Gale was good at forgery.

We know that in most of the marriages that took place, violence was a very big part of them. Also we know that they were on the run from California, we know also that a man had his skull cracked open when George attacked him and that that was most definately covered up by the instructor of the Rollerskating rink where that attack took place.We know that George was a drug dealer back in California.We know that George's first marriage was very short lived and he crept away in the middle of the night because he couldn't pay the rent and that when this lady was left high and dry, Maxine came after her in the street to reclaim the wedding ring. How desperate is that? They left this girl with only the bus fare to get to her parents place after chasing her down and screaming and yelling at her on the street.

The next marriage for George lasted even less time. It was only one month and a few days.The next one was a bit longer but that was only because she was pregnant and George hung out the divorce because they were waiting to see if the child was his.Not that they were together, it was simply that the court held it over until the baby was born.Now as it turned out it wasn't his child anyway, but he was desperate for this child not to be his.He actually does not like children, he himself said that fairly recently, but not to me.That's probably why he treats them the way he does.The next marriage broke up because he was caught by his wife, abusing her child and she wanted to get away, but as you know from previous blogs, the Matlands do not let you get away from them without threats to one's life.And in this case, when you have 'heavies' to help do the Matland's bidding, it is not that easy to escape.There was the incident of the fella who was beaten up by all three Matlands using shovels. It was one of Gale's husband's. There was the kidnapping also when he was rescued by his brothers who knew something was terribly wrong and although they got him out and as far as Crescent City, the doctor who had heard this news bulletin which Matlands made out to the Sheriff, had taken place, rather than it being a rescue attempt,actually drove to Crescent City and took this fella back to his attackers, ie. The Matlands. And do keep this in mind, once these marriages take place, it is one hell of a job for family members to get to see their sons/daughter's relatives/whatever.One family lived up the road from Matlands and didn't get to see their daughter and grandchild for a year and only then because she had managed to phone her family in hysterics as they had threatened to kill her and had gone into town for something.Now this family took guns to rescue her and the child but she had managed to get out somehow and hide in amongst the trees. The sheriff even caused trouble over that with the girl's family.But then again, here is where it is strange. No records appear on these crimes either whereby the Matlands can be brought to court for same.There was the cabin that was burnt down, courtesy of George Matland,there was the hanging of a young lad in Matland's print shop (really an old shed where they kept a printing press for their literature) there was the brutal rape of a young woman who caught George abusing her child and she was again in one of these illegal marriages, and although they escaped, George,Gale and Maxine all jumped into their vehicles and hunted them down. George found them and he viciously raped and beat her so badly that she was unable to go anywhere for a couple of weeks and all Maxine could say was that if George did that to her, then she must have deserved it.These are very sick minded evil people.Maxine has had her share of husbands, the last one lasting no longer than ten days because he had to escape her violence whilst on their honeymoon and he hid in California in the hopes that she wouldn't find him.

I mean to say, does this sound like normal behaviour to you, and yet what with these few crimes that I have mentioned along with the fraud and forgery and other scams on anybody and everybody, plus the times that they tried to kill my daughter, plus George hiding the newborn baby for three days as punishment for dareing to speak to me on the phone, and he did it several times more when he was displeased with whatever, plus the attack on my grandson (not 'little George in this instance') plus all that he did on little George and fixing the divorce/custody case so that she could not get her son anyway and he made damn sure that he did everything possible to cause her major problems just visiting him, which was hardly ever because he pulled every trick in the book.Then (and I have only written a few of their crimes)don't you think that this is all very strange that the Police are purposely not writing out the correct reasons for them being called to Matlands when somebody reports things when they have been attacked.On top of which, just take my daughter in this instance, when her son was attacked, and when she made the call and when the Police turned up, it was George that they talked with and the incident re child abuse was totally ignored. Take the case of the lady left crippled for life, where is that report Albany Police department. Where are the other crimes Albany Police dept.? And what about the fires? George had had the police called out 282 times up to a few months ago and where are the serious crimes, they are not in print.

Now I could go on and on adding crimes that this family have committed.George has his latest wife there now with her three children, along with the son/grandson belonging to my daughter and I.Now how true this next bit is, I cannot say, but I was told that the attorney for the girl's family did a bunk with the money and all the relevant paperwork.How strange is that? George Matland and his latest so called spouse, are working really hard to make it impossible for the girls father and family to be in touch with them and as for us, we cannot even get a phone conversation, let alone send presents or have outings and so on, because that cowardly little wimp George Matland can't handle reality, and his wife is just as bad.She is as well in there with the Matlands and their scams and consequently doing their lying and their bidding for them, thinking that she is great and working to help the homeless.How stupid is she, they will make her pay in the long run.But she cannot see that when this all comes to a head, that they will turn their crimes on her and let her take the fall for them That is how they work.

Now take the properties that the Matlands have had. There was fourteen properties when I came on the scene, some rented out as apartments ,some church properties,som thrift shops, some tax exempt, most were lost because the Matlands do not pay for them and so go into foreclosure but then if they rent these places out, that is how they make their money. It doesn't matter if they lose them or burn them down, there is always another property to be got by fair means or foul. Gale is quite clever though because she is buying property herself and now has 118 Seventh Ave., 120 Seventh Ave., 515 Fourth Ave., so she is doing very nicely thankyou, then of course they have that big shop in Corvallis as a Thrift shop.That would be worth a lot of money and it is well stocked. Isn't it great to be able to get all this property and only be running a non-profit organization.Now here is a funny bit, because Matlands do not pay for their properties (I am not talking about Gales own properties) they all got evicted for non payment.So you could nearly say that they were homeless except that they are in one of these properties already mentioned.Anyone reading the Democrat Herald for March 1st 2008 will probably have seen the article headed "Making everybody count" written by Bennett Hall.Social Service providers decided to conduct a survey of homeless people .Quote: The Signs of Victory Ministries recently began operating again after temporarily shutting down in a dispute with it's landlord.The organization currently houses about 70 people in two buildings at Seventh Street and Lyon Avenue.

Now let us look at this paragraph again.118 and 120 Seventh Ave. is owned by Gale or as she called herself, when buying these properties, Gail Armstrong-Cabrera. She has a very fertile imagination when signing her name to legal documents.Anyway the Matlands themselves told the reporter just a few months ago that they were going to let some of the homeless people rent apartments in return for proper rent.Therefore they are then not homeless are they.That means that Gale can live at 515 Fourth, in one of her properties and collect the rents from the so called homeless to pay her mortgages on and give her an income.Add on top that they sneaked a family into the basement of 705 Lyon Street, the shelter from which everyone was evicted from,because of major non payments, means that they are living there illegally.Now who is kidding who here. Take the figure of 70 homeless people, where are they???? Add also the fact that Gale and George have their own families living in these properties and according to somebody who contacted me just very recently, another man and his two children are hiding in one of these properties, I can smell something more than fishy going on here.And guess what? Those kids are not allowed to go to school either. Seems to be a bit of a pattern here, doesn't there.I think somebody from Social Services or those in groups to do with homeless people, should take a look at what is really going on in these properties because it certainly is not and never has been the numbers of people who Matlands claim to live their and get money for.It is a big scam folks.Unless of course they are hiding people in the closets or up the chimney.Nothing would surprise me.It needs somebody from one of the authorities who act for the State to go and see what is really going on there.Preferably nobody from Albany or surrounding districts, because who would you trust? Not one of them.I have more that I could tell you but we must save that for another day.

I want to wish any of you who read this who is Irish or has relatives and so on here, a VERY HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY ! And to everybody else, I hope that you all have a very good week.

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