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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Friends,

I spent the whole of yesterday searching the Social Security Death Index, and I was very surprised at some of the names that came up of people who over the past years that I have been doing this investigation, are now on that list. It is so sad, because some of those people were so decent and tried to be helpful, but in each case they were still so terrified of the Matlands, that in one particular case, the lady that I first spoke with, still believed that they could not only listen in to their phonecalls, but would actually kill them if they found out that they had been talking to me.

We are talking about in one particular case, a time period of 25 years later and their relative is still in hiding, like several others that I have contacted. Have you any idea how hard this is trying to find people that move time and time again, who have other names for one reason and another,and who simply don't want to be found for the fear that the Matlands will get them.WHY, for God's sake, do we give that family so much power??? They are from the dregs of society. They are nothing but common thugs, who rule by fear, manipulation, brainwashing and violence.We mustn't of course forget blackmail in some cases.It gives a whole new meaning to those baby monitors, doesn't it?And reel to reel tapes.But several times I have been told not to say where they live because if the Matlands found out, then they would be killed.

Now let us just remind people that we are talking about a Pastor, ministers and whatever else they choose to con people into believing that they are pretending to be, so as to milk them out of their money, possessions and whatever else the Matlands are after at that particular time. Pastor Virginia Maxine Matland may well have passed on in March of 2006, but her daughter Gale and her son George Raymond Matland Jnr. are still carrying on the tradition of scamming all that they can, from anyone that they can, official or otherwise, and the local rag, is still printing articles asking the public to send them money because their family got evicted recently for non payment of their lease and so lost their church and apartment and thrift shop and so on, because YOU, the public, did not donate enough money to save their properties.That sounds sort of sad until you realize that that is exactly how they , the Matlands, play things. They are happy enough to use the money from their three shops (now down to one thrift shop in Corvallis) to keep themselves in money, but will they use it to help pay what they owe on their properties, or to help eleviate the disgusting conditions that they let their homeless shelter deteriorate into? Of course these conditions are not helped by the odd fire or two or more, that seems to happen to their properties in times of extreme hardship, (or should I say, when there is not enough alcohol to keep them going for that day). Not likely, they live in filth, (which is exactly what the Matlands are) and the Public, through their generosity, keep them going one way and another by donating money,food, clothing, furniture and so on, and in some cases their time and labor and the odd cases of their lives.And yes, you did read that last bit right. I did say "Lives".

And talking of lives, going back to the late seventies and early eighties, I wonder what secrets the logging areas of Cave Junction could reveal. Oh boy! that place must harbour a few big secrets.Well, may they rest in peace. The Matlands ran a sham of a Bible School there and that is where Maxine lodged her fake paperwork in Josephine County stating that she was an Ordained minister.She was an Ordained minister of nothing!!! It was all made up.The Pastor that she said on this Ordination paper who was supposed to have done the Ordination ,and who has since passed on, but not before making a statement to the fact that not only did he not ordain her, his church was never set up to do Ordinations in the first place, and on top of which it was never in any way affiliated to the Independent Assmblies of God, to start with. And as for Maxine pretending to have attended Oral Roberts University, that again was a pure figment of her imagination. Plus the Pastor pointed out that there were no written signatures on this paperwork, nor was there a seal.He also said that if she used this certificate to obtain a tax-exempt status then she is in violation and has represented herself under false pretense.Also that her son George Raymond Matland Jnr. should also have his credentials verified.

Now regarding Pastor George Raymond Matland Jnr. (that's what he calls himself now that his mother has passed on to a much warmer climate, or should we say fiery climate LOL?) I have paperwork whereby George himself made a statement saying that he became a Pastor in 1972, this is on paperwork that Linn County court used as part of the divorce/custody case (that was fixed) regarding where my daughter got stitched up by the Matlands and so lost custody of her son.It would have been totally impossible for him to have been an Ordained minister back then, because Maxine only thought of this scam around a year or two earlier, because she discussed it with her Pastor(and she had her two children with her) and said that when her husband died, she would then become a minister in the church.It was the Pastor himself, in one of several conversations that we had, who remembered so clearly her saying this, because he thought that it was such an odd statement to make.He also said that he knew that she had a husband somewhere around, but he never saw him. Well this husband, who had the exact same name as George Jnr has, and as does little George, my grandson, never died until July 28th 1998 , and the reason that the Pastor had not seen him around, well he had been divorced from M,axine and married another lady in 1970 and after which time he had had an affair shortly after marrying Maxine and has three children nearly the same ages as George and Gale,(so no wonder he wasn't around for that Pastor to see)and it was in November of 1998 that Maxine sent in the fake paperwork stating that she had been ordained on June 30th 1965. So what I am saying is, that this conversation took place in the very late '60's saying that Maxine intended to become a minister in the church, approximately 5 years after she was already Ordained. LIES OR WHAT !!!!! Now George Jnr. is doing the exact same thing and the officials in Albany (Linn County) Oregon are going along with it, because it has been several years since I first told them in Linn County that Maxine was a pure fake. So why would they not only pretend that they never knew, but went along with it and still let them carry on all of their scams, let alone all of the other crimes.And give it a few weeks, and I will tell you something even more ridiculous that will enrage the honest people of Albany. I am telling you, CRIME MOST DEFINATELY DOES PAY.

Just a thought before I close. If any of you are thinking of getting an attorney in Albany, Oregon, for a case that is to be heard in Linn County Courthouse, regarding anything that is Matland related, so I am not just talking about a case whereby George Matland is coming up in court, I am talking about in the case of a Respondant, or something Matland related, I can name you three attorneys who have gone to court with relevant information from their files, conveniently MISSING, and in one case another attorney has stolen the complete file so until another attorney is hired, that particular case cannot happen.Am I being thick, or does this go on in all courthouses? So my message to Linn County Courthouse and these attorneys is: Whatever are you all hiding? You are each supposed to represent JUSTICE. And yet JUSTICE is definately not seen to be done. Who is paying you to protect the Matlands, or doing something on your behalf so that they don't have to pay for their crimes? Or did I hit the nail on the head when you put the phone down on me Mr District Attorney Sir?

I suppose that I had better close now. I wish all my friends a very good week and I will talk to you all soon.

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