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Saturday, October 3, 2009



I am referring to the buildings that the Matlands have rented or have been buying and especially the Homeless Person's Shelter that is at 705 Lyon Street SE.Albany, Oregon.Well they may have not paid their payments for a very long time and had to leave this particular house of horrors for a while due to that and the owners trying to re-sell it, lo and behold, like the Phoenix rising, the Matlands pulled a deal and are back in possession of this building yet again.But this time it is not a shelter for the homeless but instead everybody is paying rent to the Matlands.Let us hope that the tenents are better payers than what the Matlands are, because woe betide anyone owing them money because these are just scum landlords.They will take your vehicles, belongings, whatever they can sell so as to get their money back.And you don't have to be at home when they do it.You could come home and find your stuff gone.How else do you think that they manage to collect so much stuff, apart from donations, to fill their Thift shops up? Well they lost two shops, again because they don't pay a cent for anything that they think that they can get away with.But they always seem to find fool to rent them properties and they certainly are collecting them at the moment.More about that later.LOL!!!!Why the Matlands would be so desperate to get their hands back on this disgusting property yet again, would leave one asking the question, if it has something to hide.But then like some of the properties that they have had in the past, look at what has taken place there.Look at the young black lad found hanged in the Matland's print room. (it was really a shed with a printing press where they printed their religious material) I actually obtained some of this material from a man in California who was starting to look into what this family were up to and I was reading about the Matland's Mission to India.Talk about interesting. They have more front than Harrods. But that is for another blog.

Let us look at the basement section of 705 Lyon Street.How many men, a lot were Veterans, were kept in that basement.How could anybody treat these men the way that they were treated, and yet they were the ones who went and fought for their country to protect scum like the Matlands.Shouldn't they have been treated with the utmost respect? Not with the Matlands running this shelter.This dark, smelly, dirty hole, infested with cockroaches, is where they spent a lot of their time. Their mail containing their Benefits were stolen, no bright and airy well decorated rooms for them. NOPE!!! The windows were nailed down.Pastor Maxine Matland , when she was alive (probably still haunting the place) used to make the excuse that the windows were nailed down so that people could not break in. How mental was that statement.You would have to be mad to want to break into that place.Then take the door leading to the basement.This led into the hallway.At night that door was locked with a hook and eye fastening and I believe their was a bolt also.Doesn't this break the Fire Inspection regulations.OH!!! forget that. Maxine had something going on their so nothing was reported over the years.Sex is a great way for solving life's little problems, isn't it? So is blackmail.

What about the fire in that building in 2003.That was clever. All the people in the house. Men, women and children.Now this would have to be the most dangerous fire that the Matlands had because all of the others very conveniently did not involve people as in the case of 532 Baker Street, the fire setter made sure that nobody was in at the time, even though it boiled down to being two fires because the first didn't work.Obviously the Matlands no longer have that house.But back to 705 Lyon Street, this was started also by a non incendary device, ie. a pile of cardboard conveniently placed at the back of the house.This pile of cardboard must have been very unhappy because it suddenly decided to commit suicide and set itself miraculously on fire.And who was the first on the scene, there to save everybody (and this was at 5am in the morning and he was conveniently dressed and had to get from Seventh Ave. and after people at the Mission phoned the Albany Fire dept. and George made it there so that when the Fire Brigade turned up, he was able to act the hero and say "I nearly had it out".(We are talking about the fire here folks) Oh my God, wouldn't you have to admire this man's bravery?? And didn't the good people of Albany turn up with help and food and offered shelter in a local motel and yet again, the Matland's got away with it and there was $23,000.00 worth of damage.And conveniently, when questioned, George didn't know who did it and three years later when looking for more handouts to do this place up, he had a sudden vision and told the Democrat Herald that it was caused by a person whom he had kicked out.Now how stupid is that? But then how stupid were they to print it, but as they print all of their other lies, I suppose one shouldn't be surprised.

But looking at this fire, what if George had tripped up when running to save everyone?What if when pulling on his trousers he had got caught up thus delaying him.But of course he had them on already so that couldn't happen. Ask yourselves this. Why on that night, when the Fire department checked everything, was the door to the basement left unlocked and there were new batteries in all of the smoke alarms.Matlands will not pay for anything that they don't have to.They more than likely used some poor sod's Food Stamps to buy the batteries.After all, they used everything else these poor homeless people got, well, stole a lot of it would be more to the point. I mean to say, how low can people stoop than to rob the Homeless? You can't sink much lower than that, can you? Well actually, yes you can. They used to hang a garbage bag over the shute in the basement and rob the people's belongings by dropping them down it. That way they were not caught with the stuff on them.Then they would go down to the basement and collect what they had stolen.They trained their kids to do that as well.Plus they made them beg for money from these same people.It makes one wonder what else they get these kids to do to get money, doesn't it?

Now one can stoop even lower than that which is already mentioned. You can physically harm the homeless people and those helping out there.More especially if you dare to say that you want to leave the Mission.Well then your life can be very much in danger.Look at the man who was ex. Air Force and handy with DIY. He was given poison to keep him from leaving so as to hang on to him long enough to do the work that Matlands needed doing. And this man knew what they had done to him and did the work and got away because it is not as if Albany Police would have done anything about it yet again.You have to remember that you are not dealing with a normal family.They may pretend in their deluded, sick world, to be people of God, and making you raise your hands in the air to praise the Lord, but they belong in much hotter climes and should be gazing downwards.Probably that is why nobody in Oregon touches them because they are simply scared to death that they are dealing with Matland's horned friend.

But doesn't anybody stand up for what is right? Isn't leaving a person crippled for life a crime? Isn't giving poison to somebody a crime? What about rapeing someone and beating them so badly that they went nowhere for two weeks because they simply were unable to .What about abusing children, it's not like it is just once, other people can testify to what George has done over the years, and we all know how vicious Gale and Maxine were.So this is a family traite.Remember that this is the family, who when living in Cave Junction, each took a shovel and beat a boy half to death.Now I am not even touching on the types of crimes that took place there.Or the names of the people there who helped the Matland's do their evil tasks.Some of that is already in a blog.I am very surprised that nobody has ever dug up parts of the forest there where George used to work on the logging.He and his two friends knew that area backwards.A little trip down there just off of the logging paths might really bring up a few surprises.

Now think about this.George is renting units up on Old Salem Road, building pallets using the people from his 'apartments' and local druggies, plus he has rented a shop for making trailors and selling them.Plus they have their church building for whatever other scams they have going at 1125 Dale Street.SE.Albany. So Matlands have planty of scams going which enable them to get several various benfits. Plus they are again calling themselves" The Signs of Victory" they seem to have dropped the word Mission from the title.BECAUSE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NO LONGER A SHELTER. I suppose that you could however look on it as a mission because it is their mission to part you from your money, labor, services and whatever else they want. OH! I NEARLY FORGOT!!! THEY WANT YOUR CHILDREN!!! They are into collecting them at the moment.But as you all know that they have my grandson, George Raymond Matland III who was twelve years old on the 7th May.Again we were not allowed to talk to him to wish him a Happy Birthday (as if that was likely to happen anyway.He was more than likely too busy working) Mind you, he was trained by the master.George trained him from not much more than a toddler to hold a hammer and bang in nails.Gale's son was treated the same.All the children have to work so their childhood is lost.You thought that Dicken's times were dead and buried. Don't kid yourselves.I am surprised that the Matlands don't have them cleaning the chimneys.They make them do everything else.

I honestly think that George sees his miserable little weasle of a self as some sort of God running a mini WACO.He is over controlling, he uses women like punchbags, he trains my grandson to beat up on women and only then will he be praised.And he treats other men as his slaves/workhorses and under his total control.You can read further on that in another blog.He, Gale and this so called latest wife Priscilla, believe that the three of them are invincible.I think that they are going to get a very big wake up call in the very near future.Oregon might be scared of them, and for what ever reason will not prosecute them, but other States (which shall remain nameless at present) would love to do something.It's not as if Oregon is the only place where they have done their crimes.I am not counting Priscilla for outside Oregon re. Matland crimes because she is fairly new to join the Matlands, but a great little scam artist, never the less.She'd knock spots off of most others.No good as a mother however, but then she can't be good at everything, can she.If she had half a heart, she would have let me talk to 'little George' but as her own girls can't also communicate hardly at all with their dad, well what can I say. The Matlands dare not let communication take place because they would simply say to much to the wrong person and that is why they are also prevented from mixing with outsiders or going to a normal school, but instead are locked up with those psychos.under their control.

Well if anybody happens to read this and sees my grandson, please do tell him that we love him to bits and tried to wish him a very happy birthday.But as usual, that Matland scum wouldn't come on the phone.To all of my readers, I wish you all a really good week. Take care. Talk to you soon.All the best Angie.

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