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Saturday, October 3, 2009



This blog is more of a forerunner regarding what could happen if George Matland again decides to turn any crime around, whereby he uses his own son to carry out the act that he himself does not want to get put in prison for.After all, the law looks differently on crimes that are committed by children, than they do on adults.But what if the child commits a crime because that is the only form of feeling that he has some sort of worth, in the eyes of his father, and because he is forced into doing it, knowing that his father will be proud of him?

In my last blog, "THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLES" I was telling you how sickened I was to think that my grandson was forced into pounding time and again with his fists, an already severely injured person in the spine because George wanted to make them suffer yet more pain, after it was he himself who instigated the crime along with another man in the first place, and which I told you was discussed over Christmas dinner by both George, Gale his sister and their mother Maxine.But George, being the wimpy little piece of child abusing scum that he is, made my grandson do the punching whilst he goaded him on telling him to punch harder and harder and this person nearly screaming in pain and begging for him to get 'little George' to stop.He was only a baby, just seven years old and abused over and over again since the occassion when George had given my daughter poison and two weeks later had attacked her other son by beating his head into a wall for daring to leave work.He was five years old and this was at night.

So from then on after the police from Albany had been called by my daughter (who had barricaded herself into the bedroom with the child), and then it turned out,these same two policemen wrote a false reason for the call so that George did not get prosecuted yet again, my daughter escaped with the recently abused child, whilst George ran off to his mother's with the baby (little George) which these same two police officers told him to do.

George had not only given her poison (in yet another attempt to kill her) just two weeks earlier,but he took her baby. That is so sick , one would find it hard to believe that this same man, who pretends to be a Pastor and had committed more crimes on women and children and other men, than most of your hardened criminals who are serving many, many years in prison.That is all in the blogs but what I am trying to get across here today is that if George can turn a crime around whereby he get's his young son to punch somebody in an already damaged spine so as to make it even worse and leave this person in such terrible pain, and then later got another man at the Homeless shelter to do the same, on top yet again that George got this other man to not just punch and slap this person around but to laugh at them whilst writhing in agony on the ground, just like George did when he got 'little George' to do what he was ordered to do.Now what in heaven's name is that teaching a young child?Isn't that child abuse or against the law to teach a child to commit crime like that?

But as Albany Police department are to busy covering up the real crimes being committed by the Matland family, ie George Raymond Matland Jnr., his sister Virginia Gale "Matland" Armstrong, Cabrera, Russell and whatever other names she is using for her crimes, plus this latest so called spouse of George's, Priscilla (Hiaasen)Matland, it is a wonder that Albany Police department have any time left to actually deal with any crime taking place elsewhere.I'll bet you that their crimes are not being covered up.It is not alright to kick your dog or cat in Albany, but try and commit a murder, abuse your kids, rob and beat people, give them poison, use and abuse the Homeless at Matland's shelter (which no longer exists) then as long as your name ends with Matland, that's fine because Albany Police department are quite happy to turn a blind eye to that.Whilst we are just talking about this latest, so called spouse of George's,has anybody ever looked her up? Anyone would be hard pressed to actually believe that she exists because on all of the printed records, her name does not exist.One is made to think that my daughter is still married to George (even though legally she never was-but didn't know at the time) so who then is registering her name as my daughter??? It doesn't take to much guessing does it? I can think of at least one of Gale's husbands who also after donkey's years is still down as being married to Gale.It makes one wonder what people they are claiming to have living in one or other of their properties.On top of which, another so called 'husband'of Gales appears as being the age of her son, and the son appears as being the age of the so called husband. I could take the records of many people who have stayed at the Matland's properties whether as Homeless or in these farces of marriages and I am sure that the IRS and welfare offices and all those who give money for one scheme or another, would find that in reality they are paying out time and time again, for people who simply do not exist in the forms that the Matland's pass them off as.But then I suppose that the Matlands have to have money from somewhere to pay for their properties, drugs, alcohol and everything else, don't they otherwise what is the point of being a criminal.One has to get their money from somewhere don't they.

But that is not the point of this blog. Today's blog is to warn people who care, that George Matland Jnr. turns crimes that he does around to point to other people because he is a cowardly little piece of scum that would be terrified if he was sent to prison, because it is known in prison what these prisoners do to child abusers, and so George and Gale obviously are not wanting to be exposed and will go to great lengths to save their skins.

However, working on this way that the crimes are turned around to point to anybody, barring the Matlands, what if George wants somebody bumped off, which is a very real likelyhood.He probably has me at the top of his list.We know from previous blogs that 'little George has been taught to commit violence so as to please his father, we know that he has been trained to use a gun.We know that there were several weapons including guns kept at the Mission.That is definate.So as the Matlands no longer have the homeless shelter at 705 Lyon Street, SE.Albany, because like all of the other buildings that they have had, they were kicked out for non payment, Gale still has her two big properties and her third property in which she resides.For a non profit organization, she is doing very well for herself, plus she has several rents coming in also, and the church still has their big Thrift shop in Corvallis.So I would imagine that the Matland's are very grateful that the people in Albany love them so much that they give them money, goods for their Thrift shop, free food to feed the homeless that no longer live there, and all of the Welfare and Federal help and Food Stamps and all of the other perks that the Matlands get, plus the free labor to keep these places going (sorry, I meant their children)so they are on a nice little earner there, aren't they, on top of which the authorities in Albany all turn their backs on all of their crimes.No wonder the Matlands love Albany.Of course, I forgot to mention that there was the question of all of the blackmail. All one has to do now is work out who in the Matlands slept with who in the offices that control Albany.I'll bet there are quite a few very obvious candidates.I must make a list.

But going back to the guns and my little grandson being taught to use a gun. Now according to Albany Police, children are allowed to use a gun.Well, knowing what we know about Albany police, that's no surprise is it? But what about this!!! Supposing George wants somebody shot for reporting him for some crime or other, or who happens to upset him, which being as he is a mad, sick minded man anyway, and George fears that he will get in trouble, well supposing George sets up 'little George' now eleven years old, to do the shooting, or George himself does it and turns it on 'little George', are the Albany police again going to turn a blind eye if somebody gets killed? I mean to say, they have not given a damn so far over all these years have they? And isn't there one official in Albany, whether it be in the Police department, the Sheriff's office, Children's Services, the Linn County Courthouse, or anywhere in Albany, or Oregon, that actually is there to protect the children and the people that the Matlands go out of their way to hurt??? Is there not one person all the way up to the Govenor's Office, The Attorney General's Office, the Children's Ombudsman, who actually adhere to the law and want to put right the very many wrongs done by this family???Are you all so wrapped up in covering up the Matland crimes and their blackmail and so on, that not one of you will stand up for what is right??? Are you all going to carry on letting the children live in these precarious conditions knowing that they are living with three people who are intent on committing their crimes of one sort and another and actually don't give a toss about the kids. They represent money, claims, anything that a child is worth for gain and free labor. That is it.They have a baby and another child got from whatever means they got it, and still nobody gives a damn.I think that Oregon has to be one of the strangest, most corrupt States in America.At least elsewhere they try to protect their children.I think that Oregon and especially Albany will be the laughing stock of the whole of America and elsewhere when this all comes out.

I hope that you all have a good week and that somebody in America stands up to the scum that runs Oregon and especially Albany

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