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Saturday, October 3, 2009



The date is April 8th. 2008.Take note. Pastor George Raymond Matland Jnr.what kind of miserable little cowardly wimp are you, that you can use the scum that you order around to do your bidding, to terrify people whom you think might get you put in prison for causing them actual bodily harm. I notice over the many years that it is mainly women and children that you use and abuse and in one case cripple for life, and in another raped and beat up to excess, and in another you poisoned and tried to kill on another couple of attempts, and I could go on and on with the list of crimes that you have been the cause of on women and children, and that is not even bringing up all of the other crimes that you have done and then add those that your family have done also.So many crimes that it took nearly three and a half hours one day for me to write them down.And they are only the ones that I know about or people have contacted me to tell me about.

I know that you used to terrorise my daughter when she was living in both Albany and Lebanon, and you broke every rule in the book when it came to her trying to see her baby, and that has already been covered in my blogs .I know that you used to use the people at your Homeless shelter to follow her in the street and keep you informed of what she was doing and where she was going and you tried to kill her on more than one occassion.You have terrorised each of your spouses because you are to much of a coward to face up to a prison sentence and pay for the consequences of your crimes and you are using the Homeless people to hide behind because you are gutless.

But you are not content with that are you George,you and your family are making sure that they do not have their crimes written down on Police records because your mother slept with half of the town and blackmailed them and that is how you are not getting to pay for your crimes now.However, you are about due for a wake- up call.

Certain Police in Albany Police department we know for fact are not putting down the crimes for which they have been called out to investigate. THAT IS FACT.I am not even saying here that Chief Boyd even knows that this is happening as he has not been there that long, but nevertheless, it is happening and has been going on for all of the time that the Matlands have lived in Albany.

Now we know also that regarding George's last attempt on my daughter's life (that when she was living in Lebanon), and all of the lug nuts were undone on her car wheels,that yet again when Lebanon Police dept. were informed, and this was after a young fella happened to be in her car as she realised that there was something drastically wrong and he came out to help her, he himself could very easily have been killed because the wheels actually shot off on the highway.That case was also lost from the records and believe me, I know the name of the policeman also and isn't it strange that he said that as it happened in Albany, that he would send the case there so that they could deal with it. Well, isn't it strange, more disappearing paperwork.Nothing on Albany Police files and nothing on Lebanon Police files either. BUT WE KNOW YOUR NAMES. So isn't this a very strange coincidence that for all the call outs to the Matlands for crime after crime, that they do not appear on the records.George himself had 282 call outs and that is not counting the last few months.Doesn't anybody think that that is strange that he and his family are prosecuted for nothing? And this makes me so mad also. The police say to people who have had crimes committed on them that they are trying to get something on the Matlands but can't. Of course they can't. It is the Police who are not recording the crimes. They are just fobbing off the innocent members of the public, letting them think that the Police are working on their behalf.Well, if you believe that then you are fools. Albany Police are just covering their butts and don't want to be found out.

Are the Police and all of the Federal and Government offices, and State departments, staffed by people who are so utterly stupid that they have lost the power to be able to do their jobs that they are paid to do and detect crimes/criminals, frauds,scams , abuse and so on.Wouldn't one think that Linn County Courthouse, for example, and their DA and their Judges, might think that it was slightly odd about all these petty crimes that the Matlands come up for,for foreclosures and other silly stuff, but never any serious crimes. After all, do not let it be said that they do not know about the Matlands crimes because every single one of those Judges, most definately does know what the Matlands are at and have been at for donkey's years.The exact same thing happened in Cave Junction, just different officials, so this thing where the Matlands use blackmail and bully boy tactics definately works well in their favour doesn't it?

Now the reason that I am so very angry today is because George Matland is having a friend of mine followed, spied on and every bit of info. on where they go, who they speak to, and being listened in to, and so on, because he is so scared that he along with his friend who helped commit a terrible crime on this person believes that if he keeps up this threat to them, that they will not pursue a case against them.But he knows that this is my friend and this has got George really rattled. So rattled in fact that he is trying to trace yet another friend of mine so as to put the frighteners on that person also.

Now let me make this very clear to you and your so called co-conspiritors that you have helping you do your dirty work. If one hair on either of these people's heads is harmed, everybody will know that you are behind this.It is bad enough that you have all of those children (my grandson included)who are supposed to be in your care and which Albany Police dept. don't give a toss about,but I know what you are doing and so do a hell of a lot of other people who are watching this case.I'd say that very soon there are going to be a good few job vacancies in Albany and elsewhere when this all hits the fan.

Oh and by the way, a message to the Matlands and those gullable enough to believe the crap that they preach. I'd say that the power of three, which you preach, definately is not working for you is it? After all, you do not even have a Homeless shelter now do you, so let us hope that you are not still trying to pass your selves off as running one, because that is more fraud and deception.So you can send your hired mob home to where they really live, can't you.

That's all for today.Have a really good week.

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