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Saturday, October 3, 2009



Now we know why they are not prosecuted.Blackmail is a very serious crime, well it is if you are the one being blackmailed.But then so is terrorising certain people so that they do not go to court or do anything against you even though that person/persons have caused irrevocable damage to one's health, life or whatever.

This Matland family have been getting away with crime after crime and never once have they been arrested for anything serious because they have such a hold one way and another on certain people in positions of trust, that a blind eye is turned for fear that one of the Matlands will give their 'dirty little secrets away'. I have known for quite a while that certain people were being blackmailed by Matlands, in fact I even traced certain people so as to talk to them about this. I just didn't realize how serious this actually was.I thought that it was just the odd person here and there.But really, in reality it was much bigger than I thought. So no wonder there is such a hatred of this family.And them posing as church people.Well if that isn't hypercritical, I don't know what is.That is the biggest joke of the century.

Next week is a very serious week for them as they want to get control of the old Mission building again but so that nobody will want it, or is afraid to try and buy it, it seems that the Matlands have brought in RENT A MOB!!! These are not actually homeless people, these are the local drug dealers and users from around the area and they are hanging out at the old shelter to scare away the punters. About thirty were hanging out there on Monday and there were several loose dogs in the yard and that can be a very intimidating experience for normal people walking down that road on Lyon Street.It is a total disgrace that this family can let a property become so dirty and disgusting on purpose, purely to frighten people away.This shelter was illegal to start with and should never have been allowed to carry on housing homeless people.It breaks all the City laws whatever way one looks at it, but then again, we are talking about the Matlands.They are a law unto themselves. How many people around there are actually going to stand up against them because they would cause that person so much hasstle that their lives would not be worth living.

Just round the corner is the house that Gale owns, two houses actually, but that one was also swarming with druggies and those with nowhere else to go. A sign on the building calls themselves 'Human Resources'. Did you ever hear anything so stupid? There are eight children live there surrounded by people on drugs.One is a dealer and good friend of George's and who wears a big knife hidden under his clothing.These are the people that George hangs with and uses for his tasks that he is to cowardly to do for himself.Or frightened that he will get arrested for, like harrassing people on the street and following them so as to keep them in a constant state of fear so that he is not reported for any thing that he does against the law.Just like he used to do with my daughter. He would have people from the Mission follow her in the street, cycle around her and her child or George himself would drive up and down past them with her baby son standing in the front of the truck with no seat belt or anything. He could be drunk or sober, he would just do it so as to torment her.It was like he was waving her baby under her nose so that she could not get to even talk to him.Then if she got the occassional visit, then he would have several men at the property so as to intimidate her.

So in the amount of blogs that I have written, we have established many of the crimes that he (George Raymond Matland Jnr) and his family have carried out and got away scott free with over the many years that they have lived there.. That's where blackmailing certain Oregon Officials allows them to get away with crimes time and time again.Now I would imagine that certain people that I have found out recently that read my blogs, must be wondering what the hell I am going to write next.It must make some of them in the State offices also, very, very uneasy.HEY FOLKS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! I know that you are avidly reading what I have to say, for fear of what I am going to say.But to be honest, I am actually a very nice person.But when I see the amount of crimes that you are turning a blind eye to because of 'YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET'S and I know how my grandson has been so abused time and time again,and I know what George Matland did to my daughter, thus ruining her health for the rest of her life and what he has done to other people thus ruining their lives forever, I can't help wondering why you are sitting so smugly in your big posh offices and getting away with what you have done.Perhaps I should take the advice I was given by somebody at the Govenor's office, and believe me I very well might.

NOW YOU ALL NEED TO TAKE VERY SERIOUS NOTICE OF WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY NEXT! I have spent over ten years of my life doing nothing but checking you all out and it is surprising what one comes up with.All I ever wanted was for justice to be seen to be done. But no, you would rather hide there behind your big desks pretending that all was right with the world and that hopefully I would disappear in a puff of smoke.But you were wrong and all these years later I am still here.I know for a fact that my daughter was not only scammed out of having the full custody of her son, nearly losing her life on several occassions on top of that, and this has all been covered over so that the precious Matland family can carry on committing their crimes with you all pretending that this was not happening, so that you could keep your secrets safe.

Well, think on this.How easy would it be to put right the wrong that was done to my daughter and give her her son back? Let her start living her life again and me mine.And you can carry on keeping your dirty little secrets.I am asking for nothing that are not her rights.I have learnt a lot in the last few weeks because I will not be doing this much longer.I have plans to get this sorted once and for all.I am not allowing my grandson to remain with those animals (Matlands)any longer.Those children are kept away from outsiders shut up in that house for month after month.Forget the Homeschooling.I am sure that George's wife can tell a good enough lie to kid the authorities that she is Homeschooling them, but what about the other two children. Why are they allowed outside the building to attend school when the others aren't. And get this!!! They will be attending a fee paying school and because their father is in hiding, the MATLANDS are going to pay their school fees.Now if there isn't something wrong with that scenario, I don't know what is. Especially considering that my little Grandson used to attend this same school for a short time until George Matland had to take him out of there because of non-payment of the fees.So why weren't George's wife's three girls allowed to go to this lovely school? It would seriously make one wonder why they would then pay for two children belonging to a stranger. More especially as the Matlands can't afford to pay for their properties thus which is why they are nearly homeless themselves.STRANGE OR WHAT!!! Or perhaps they are going to pull another blackmail scam.

I hope that you all have a very good week.I think that I have left some of you something to think about because I am not hanging around wasting time on people who are so intent on covering up the Matland crimes.If the Matlands can so easily allow Gale's own child to have sexual relations over such a long time with Gale's fella, then who knows what else these children are being led into to help boost the family income.Especially when they can afford to buy more properties and to send a stranger's children to a fee paying school.Anybody with a brain the size of a pea can see that there is something drastically wrong with that story.

So I will close for now.Take care.Talk to you all soon.Angie.

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