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Saturday, October 3, 2009

'Liar,Liar.Tongue On Fire'!!!

Hello Friends,

' Liar Liar, Tongue On Fire' is a saying that the kids used to use when I was at school.But in this case I am referring to Albany Police Department in Linn County, Oregon 97321. No wonder George Raymond Matland Jnr. and his late mother Maxine and his sister Gale do not get prosecuted, it is because the Police go to where they have been called out to, but they do not write down the crime that they have been called out for. In other words, they are writing a crime of such a minor incident that there is no need for it to go to the District Attorney, or Children's Services or to any of the offices where a crime would be prosecuted that applies to the Matland family.Now what on earth are the Matlands doing in return for the kindness that Albany Police dept.are extending to this family,who have thirty years of crimes that they have been involved in?Why would they bother to put their careers at risk so that the Matlands do not get in trouble? It has to be something pretty serious.But then look at the other offices that are also protecting the Matlands.

The Fire dept. have never prosecuted George for his little sideline when they get hard up .After all, it is not like they only had one fire is it? And the way things are going, each fire gets more serious.The last one caused $23,000.00 worth of damage and there were people in the building at the time.Now that is serious, but like the other fires, which all started with non incendary devices, he never got so much as arrested.But you can guarantee that at some point George is quick enough to bring up the name of a person that he accuses of having started the fire, so as to make himself look good.Except in the case of 532 Baker Street, he gave the name of a man that could not have possibly started the fire because he was not even in town at the time, on top of which George had a very narrow escape to get back indoors in time, as the house was blazing.And if one is told that one's house is on fire, doesn't one get a bit upset, putting it mildly? Daaaahhhh ! Not in this case.The Matlands sat and had their tea as if nothing was happening. They did not even discuss this phone call that came just seconds after George rushed into the house.What better alibi could he have than his own family who are the best liars and cheats going.Now I would say that that was a very strange way of going on, wouldn't you?Wouldn't anybody halfway normal, on hearing that one of their houses was on fire, jump up and run round to that house out of concern incase any of their tenents were hurt??? Nope!!! Not the Matlands, because they made sure that nobody was in to start with.

But the latest fire was a much bigger risk because there were people there with children, but the fire very conveniently started all by itself nearer the back wall where the people were not sleeping.The basement door was not locked as normal(that's where the men slept) and the smoke alarms had new batteries, so that was convenient wasn't it? That cardboard that they have in America is very clever you know. It can set fire to itself it seems.And although George had a terrible lapse of memory when he so bravely ran to the burning building fully dressed and got there before the Fire Department even arrived(from only one block away) and told them "I nearly had it out",he could not think at that point as to who set fire to the building, but strangely three years later he suddenly remembered when asking the help of the Democrat Herald for money to do the building up (now there is some brass neck for you) that it was a drunk man that they had thrown out for being under the influence of alcohol.Just a thought. If he suddenly came up with who started that fire, even though it was three years later, doesn't that surely still count as a crime and that man should have been arrested???? Who the hell do the Matlands think they are?

For example.There are no people that get more drunk every night than the Matlands do.Take the number of times that people have phoned the Police because George was driving in a dangerous manner from drink. Not only was he under the influence,going back to when he had gained Custody through trickery, of my grandson, he used to have little George (my grandson) standing in the front of the truck whilst driving. He never once got prosecuted for either offence even though the law arrived and questioned him, he always was allowed to proceed with his journey.Anybody else would have been taken to court and banned from driving.

Now get this! I have been saying for years and years that the marriages that this family were doing, were illegal because the ones that Pastor Maxine Matland performed were not real as she was using false paperwork which was lodged in Josephine County Courthouse.So she was in fact never a Pastor to start with. The only reason that she wanted to pose as a pastor was because it means that there are a lot of benefits to be gained by pretending to be one. Such as tax exemption for the properties, feeding the poor comes under charity work, so that also has it's benefits.Also running a shelter for the homeless has even more benefits because the Matlands use PO Box 186 for the homeless people's mail and they used to rob the letters re. Welfare Checks and Food Stamps and so on and so on.So this is quite a lucrative business when you take the Matlands operation apart piece by piece.Lucrative because they don't pay any bill whatsoever that they can get away with.Take 118 Seventh Ave. Gales latest house that she is buying for herself, but like the others is tax exempt and now she is renting it out in apartments to people who were once homeless and now they are paying her rent.This in turn pays her mortgage. Now there is a crafty one. They are paying for Gale's house and Gale has moved into her other house.Being as 'The Signs of Victory Mission' is a non-profit making organization and Gale, George and his latest spouse Priscilla and the kids are all working to keep it all going, it is amazing that Gale can afford to buy herself two properties and that The Signs of Victory Mission (which is George and Gale themselves) can afford to buy such an expensive shop in Corvallis. This non-profit lark is great isn't it? But then let us not forget that since December '06 the Matlands have been evicted from four different properties.So now ask yourselves where did the $12,000 dollars disappear to that was donated by people who were begged to help the Matlands save their church and Thrift shop and their property on Cleveland Street? The money was got from different means but never used for what it was donated for.So I would imagine that they will have a good Christmas because it certainly isn't going to be spent on helping the Homeless people, because they don't have a homeless shelter either ,( I wonder if they have let the relevant authorities know that?) just a property that is rented as apartments.So the Matlands made a nice little earner there then, didn't they? And they say that crime doesn't pay. It certainly does in Oregon and especially Albany or wherever the Matlands are living at the time because it was the same back in Cave Junction also.They got away with all of their crimes there .And believe me, there were some very serious crimes that had you or I committed them, we would have been put away for many years.

But I was talking about the many illegal marriages that Linn County Courthouse turn a blind eye to.What does that say about the head of that department? He knows full well that these marriages are not worth the paper that they are written on.This man wrote me a very nasty letter telling me to stop defiling the character's of his colleagues.Now think about this. Why would he get his knickers in a twist if he was not doing something bad himself.He is after all the one responsible for keeping the marriage records section and election section going, but I never verbally attacked him, so I would say that he was getting very uneasy(putting it mildly) as to what I was exposing.Why else would he be so worried otherwise? And why would Jason Carlile , District Attorney )make out to me that he never knew the Matland family, in a recent conversation, when he himself knew full well that these marriages were not only not legal but he told another attorney that they were not legal. So Priscilla (George Matlands latest wife) take note dear, you are not legally married.Not only are you not legally married, by ignoring our requests to talk and have proper contact with my grandson, YOU MY DEAR ARE EQUALLY AS BAD AS GEORGE and as guilty as George of going against our rights as set out by the court.You might think that you are pulling the wool over some people's eyes, but please don't think that you are fooling me.And take note, prison is not a very nice place, surely you do not want to be dragged down to the Matlands level because they will use you for as long as it suits them for their scams and then spit you out when they have finished with you.Or give you poison like George gave to my daughter. And that is not even touching on all the other crimes he committed on past spouses( and some of them were not legal either), and their children and everything else that they have done.

I am going to end this entry here before I say something that is weighing very heavily on my mind and has been for a few weeks since hearing it. It will sicken every normal person reading it, but I just need a bit more info. before telling you this.Then let us see what the officials do to protect George then.I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving.Take care. God bless you all.

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