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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog entry, but when I am confronted with some of ,what must be, the most ignorant fools going, then it makes one wonder why one should actually bother trying to find one sane, law abiding official in Linn County, Oregon. For God's sake, why are you all so keen to protect the Matlands from being prosecuted? What are they doing for you except showing you up to be the very opposites of standing for law and order.

How much plainer do you want me to put it. THE MATLANDS ARE OUT AND OUT CRIMINALS.They are everything that I have said on my blogs and more.Now let me get one thing straight before I go any further.I have put the Judges photos and the Matlands photos on my blog because each one of them is part of what I am writing this whole blog about.But I would also add here, that just because the Judges photos are on my blog, I am not saying that each one of those Judges is bad, but I am saying that each one was presiding over the court at different parts of all of the hearings( and believe me, George thought up reason after reason, to get yet another hearing, and another and so on ).So there are at least a couple who would be very questionable, especially as you each in Linn County knew what injuries were inflicted on my grandson from when he was a toddler and you can't deny the fact that you knew what was happening to him because I sent you the photos..And as I have already stated previously, that case was fixed before it ever got it's first hearing.The original paperwork was stolen from the file whilst in Linn County Courthouse . Also the letter with the date of the original hearing was also stolen, but this time it was from my daughter's mail box so as to prevent her going to the court and although she did get to go to some other parts of the case, because she never had the original date to start with, she did not know that the divorce/custody case had even started. She thought that she was there because she was under such pressure from threats by the Matlands and not being allowed to see her son,and that the hearings were for that.

George Matland and his family made her life hell.It is about time that the Judges actually learned the Oregon Laws.Judge Holcombe in Benton County knew the laws of Oregon which state that the one who abused the child is the one who loses custody.But although she knew the process and was going to get the police to pick up little George, the day after my daughter and her 5 year old son (who was viciously attacked by George Matland the night of their escape),Linn County jumped in and gave George Matland a Restraining Order just hours prior to my daughter getting hers(as Benton County wait 24 hours before giving one out)and George therefore got Temporary Custody using his false statement making out that it was Andrea who had attacked her own son and George Matland himself, and remember this, it was she who made the 911 call to the Police dept. who took George Matlands false statement that night.Now it does not take much of a brain surely to work out that Andrea would hardly call the Police to tell them that she had not only attacked her own son, but had attacked George Matland as well.But of course, if you have two policemen who do not possess a brain between them, then of course they will believe George Matland.After all, how many other people including children, has that man hurt?And how many times was he investigated, or his family? Never!!!

But in Linn County, Albany, the Matland family can do this time and time again, (not just on Andrea) but to other poor innocent people for whatever reason suits the Matlands at the time, and they again give false statements to the police to get that person into trouble.So what does that say for those policeman??? Exactly what it says for certain Judges (not all) whose photos are amongst those on my blog.It says that there has to be a reason why the Matlands are not brought to justice.In fact, I would be very surprised if certain of those judges actually knew what the word JUSTICE actually stood for.Then add an attorney Edward Daniells,working for George Matland at the time, who would have done anything to help George, including going behind the Judges back and against their wishes, giving him the address where Andrea moved to, so that he could carry on harrassing her and nearly killed her, and lying through his teeth in the first place because he knew that there was no legal marriage to start with.But knowing this he still went ahead and filed for the divorce, and then changed it to consolidate the custody and divorce case a short while after.Then he had the nerve to lie yet again to Oregon State Bar.

Here is another odd thing, why were the rules changed in the courthouse whereby people could not get a file out and take it to sit and read it, after it was known that Andrea's paperwork was stolen??? One has to read these files at the counter now.That is the gospel truth. And why were the laws changed regarding the rules as to who could perform marriages in Albany/Oregon??? I can't say about the whole of Oregon, I can only speak as I know. And the reason I say that is because Albany seems to be a law unto itself. Now add a District Attorney, who is supposed to investigate crimes, but if the Police can't be bothered, why should he bother??? He made out to me just recently that he hadn't hardly heard of this family by the name of Matland. Well what does that say about him? It says that he is a liar, it says that he does not read the Democrat Herald, or talk to the Police or the Sheriff who was their back prior to Sheriff Mueller,who I hasten to add, I have had absolutely no contact with, just the same as I have not had contact with the latest Chief of Police. After all, one can only contact so many of these people and when they are so plain ignorant or refuse to reply to one's concerns, or investigate any crimes carried out by the Matlands, one would have to ask oneself WHY!!!

WHY !!! WHY!!! WHY!! would no official all the way up to the Attorney General do anything that would bring a case against the Matlands? I read the Democrat Herald on the odd occasion, and they print stories about different crimes of nothing as serious as what the Matlands have done.So why not print what is really going on and has done for twenty-six years in Albany. OK, so they do print some stuff about the Matlands wanting money, which seems a bit stupid as the Matlands only want people to donate money, food, clothes, utensils and so on, so that they can run their scam of a mission, when in reality the Matlands use the money for themselves and towards getting property.But do the officials ever look into that side of things? No they don't. You can pick a name out of a hat and use that if you want, call yourself anything that you like (if you are a Matland)and buy a property in that name.For anybody else doing that, that would be fraud.

My point in this is to say, that something in Albany really stinks and has done for many years, and the good and honest people of Albany are being hoodwinked by these officials running that city, and who for whatever reason, that tight knit little clan are allowing the Matlands to get away every time with their crimes.And I would say that whatever reason these officials have for covering for that family and the cruelty that they inflict on people, men, women and children, as well as their many other crimes,perhaps the fact that they do not investigate the Matlands , is Matland's reward for whatever benefit these officialls get by turning a blind eye to each of their crimes.

I need to add here a comment to the gentleman who left me an e-mail just a few days ago.I could not reply as a notice said that you were not accepting messages, so if what you said was true about the children at Matlands, wouldn't you or your friend report it to the Police or go to a reputable newspaper outside Albany and tell them what really goes on at the Signs of Victory Mission?. I thank you for taking the trouble to leave me that message. It was very good of you.

Well I suppose that I had better close this blog entry for now.I really must thank those people who have contacted me to give me support for this gross wrongdoing on the part of Linn County, but let me just say a word to the officialls of Albany and Oregon State Offices, this is by far not resolved.I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about making each and every one of you who have been informed over the years ,of the abuse and other crimes that have taken place, that you have all so fervently continued to turn a blind eye to so as to protect the whole Matland family, and I will name you all.Until my grandson is rightfully returned to his mother, I will not let this rest.So if the fact of having your photos on my blogs alongside the Matlands embarrasses you, then believe me, I am sure that that is preferable to the newspapers and the television.If you can't put right this terrible wrong, I am sure that they will be only to pleased to investigate YOU also.

Just a thought that keeps coming into my mind.If Oregon make laws that apply to the whole of Oregon, why then can Linn County Courthouse have different laws on the time that a Restraining Order is given out? After all, if Linn Co. give theirs out more or less as soon as one applies,(the same afternoon in George Matland's case) and Benton County make one wait 24 hours,(and Andrea had applied early that morning before George) then that obviously puts the person applying for their Restraining Order in that county, at a great dissadvantage.Which my daughter is living proof of.But also, the Women's shelter is in Benton County and look how many women in there also have children.Aren't they the very people who need protection? Or is there a deeper reason for this, so as to prevent them getting the custody of their children? After all, we all know only to well what Albany thinks of it's children, because of what Children's Services cover up alongside the Police. Think about it!!!

To my friends , let me wish you a really great weekend, and I will talk to you all soon. And please do spare a thought for the children belonging to the Matlands, who are now living in a sub standard building that I believe is not safe,(with a family who is not safe) all because the Matlands refuse to pay the leases on their properties, even though they beg you all( via the Democrat Herald) to donate money to them for this.No, they would rather get evicted yet again, instead of using your hard earned money for what they requested it for.

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