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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello my friends.

Unbelievable is all I can say about the latest info. on the Matlands.They have aquired a new property and they are using it as their church now.They are calling themselves "The Signs of Victory Faith Center".It's a fair sized building and only around the corner from the Cleveland Street property.Nothing wrong in that, one might say.That is until you hear the next bit.

The Cleveland Street property is now "Emergency Social Services, Signs of Victory Albany Mission". Who are they trying to kid? Are they actually going to try and pretend that they are the Social Services? They are not even Pastors, so that sort of puts doubts in one's mind about the validity of why they would call themselves this name.Their church is not a church, it is a farse.The pastor is not a pastor. He just got cards printed to pretend that he was, as did his mother, except she lodged false documents in the courthouse in Josephine County to make her appear as if she was Ordained. Anybody going there and not knowing what crimes this family commit, are going to be very sorry if they fall for what lies the Matlands are going to tell them.And if they think that they are going to get any money from this church, they had definately better think again. The Matlands will be collecting their names and Social Security numbers and using them for their purposes, probably to pay for the new church and to keep up their lifestyle and alcohol intake.

It really is amazing that this family can pull all the scams they want, and not get challenged on them, let alone prosecuted.It is a total farse. And this is the family who don't allow the children contact with school, or outsiders and no contact with family outside their four walls.This is all illegal in every other place except Oregon.Because Oregon does not care for it's children, or it's laws, or anything where they can all make a few bucks.Not even the Children's Ombudsman could do anything she said. Which then would make one question as to why she had the job in the first place and who in the State Offices was preventing her doing her job.Those are my thoughts for today, that I will leave you with.That subject goes a lot deeper.

Think about it.I hope that you all have a really good day and if you want, could you please pray for the children who are with the Matlands that they will be kept safe from harm and not have to suffer all that my Grandson and other children had to suffer at the Matlands hands ,as did my daughter and other people who got involved with these very sick minded criminals.Thankyou.

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