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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

It is bad enough being thousands of miles away from my daughter and family, but have you any idea what it is like to phone her to see how they are doing, only to hear her on the other end in the middle of what turned out to be a stroke.She had already had one heart attack from the stress her first husband had put her through, only to land up with the lunatic family by the name of Matland. Being that they were church people, she thought she would be in a safe and loving environment.As it turned out, that could not have been further from the truth.

Whatever poison it was that George gave her, her health changed, then with all the stress of the way he and the Matlands treated her, not only whilst she and the children were still living with them, but after she had got away, he never let up. Consequently she was under terrible pressure the whole time. Even when she left Albany to move to another area a few miles away, he would not leave them alone. What with all of his hasstle and her not being allowed near her baby, because Matlands did everything to stop her seeing him, it made for such heartache that she was going downhill fast.It was as if her heart was being ripped out, she wanted to see him so badly. Plus she started getting bigger, bloating out. Then it turned out that she had many, many tumours growing and getting bigger.She has over one hundred and fifty and they go all the way up her body up as far as her jaws. This all started since he gave her the poison, and when it was reported, the police refused to retrieve the bottle that had it's cap on it, and the District Attorney's office had a hell of a job to get a copy of the case report and I was asked to call the police department (this was after about three weeks of them not being able to get this report) and this bitch of a woman who answered said that it had gone to the DA the previous day.She talked to me like I was the criminal. Now, don't you think that that is crazy, asking me to phone and the police ignoring the DA's office? I found that very strange. And also strange that they would not get the bottle back and test it for what poison was used.On top of which, I was reading the letter from the deputy DA, over again just the other day, who says that the doctor found no trace of poison in Andrea's blood. He would have to have been a very clever doctor to say that, the simple reason being that do you think for one minute that George rushed her off to the hospital when he gave her that??? Of course he didn't. That was the second week in January when George gave her that, and it was two weeks before he attacked the middle child, for leaving work early and after verbally attacking him, he kicked his chair from under him and grabbing his head, bashed it into the wall. AND ALBANY POLICE ,Chris Carter #44 and Kevin Manske #120( listened only to what George told them, whilst holding baby George, and Andrea was the one who big George got the Restraining Order against, even though it was her who dialled 911 calling for help. And George lied to the Judge the following afternoon and got Temporary custody until the case was heard, whereby George fixed it that the paperwork with the date and time was stolen from the mailbox.Even though the morning of the same day that George got his Restraining Order, Judge Schoenhard Holcomb in Benton County(where one has to wait 24 hours) had told Andrea that her Restraining Order would be ready the following day and she would write a note for the Police in Albany to go and pick up little George.Now tell me that that was not fixed.Oregon are fine at writing out laws, but it seems that they have no bearing at all on what goes on in Linn County. Time and time again, they ignore their own laws.But whatever way you look at it, Jason Carlile DA knew this was all going on and cocks a deaf ear.And still the Matlands carry on doing their crimes.And George and his latest "spouse" now have four children living with this madman.He is nothing but a sicko pervert who is a wannabe Pastor and has had ten wives, most of which were not in legal marriages and all mainly from the shelter, or their apartments.These kids make for a good tax rebate, that's for sure and whatever else George sees them as serving a purpose for. Let's hope that he doesn't abuse them like he has done other ex "spouse's children".And still Diane Aspengren at SCF and the idiots that she works over, that must hate children or "get off on hearing what these kids suffer", turn a blind eye and let him get away with it.How many lives are going to be ruined before these people take responsibility and do their jobs.I bet that they would soon implement Oregon laws if their own kids ended up in the Matland's clutches.

Then over the months and into years and when Andrea actually got Visitation whereby she could take little George home unsupervised, George then made damn sure that she got no peace and she had a total of four strokes, leaving one side of her face lower and her foot dragging. But she worked hard on doing her exercises and got it a bit better.But although she got to see her son, little George for home visits, but only sometimes, George and his mother could not stand that. Also as little George got to speak more and more clearly, they were frightened I suppose as to what he was going to say. It was little George who told her about the room in Maxine's house, where he was kept, so she didn't have to look after him.Not only were they praying with little George, that Andrea would get killed, and the wheel nuts on her car were all undone, and other stuff happened, but they used to give him verses out of the bible to show her. Now believe me, these were not loving words, these were ones about evil, something about being lower than a snakes' belly, was one I remember, as though they were talking to Andrea via these scriptures.Fancy a father giving his little child such evil verses.That just shows what a loving father and Pastor that he is, doesn't it?

There was the harassment from the visits from the police, whom George sent to the house regularly, on any silly story that he could think up. Sometimes she had not gone more than five minutes up the road after picking little George up, and he would call them and they would be waiting on the doorstep practically, for when they reached home.But do you know what really pissed George off. And really, boiling it down, caused him to stop allowing Visitation altogether? This will amaze you. Little George was having a real fun time and George could not take that at all.I have some lovely photos of him where he was playing with his brother and laughing and kissing his mom, and just enjoying himself.You see, he was not used to just playing and being happy.I am not kidding you here.Matland children are not like normal children. They are more like something out of Charles Dicken's days. They earn their keep.Little George used to work on the palletts.A little kid with a hammer.Can you believe that? And on top of which, even though George fiddled it so that he got full custody, it wasn't him that was always looking after him.Different people did.One man used to take him on bike rides and watch him, he told me.He was passed around.Little George went to work with his dad right enough, but then in the evenings, the Matlands were into the booze, and if it was one of the Soup Kitchen nights, then the children were working there.So it wasn't as if they came home to fun and laughter.

Here is something that always stuck in my throat. In the summer in Oregon, it can get really hot and lots of people put on a pair of shorts to lounge around in, because they are more comfortable.I mean people all over the United States wear shorts in the warmer weather.But not the Matlands because they would be working.On one of little George's few visits, his brother was wearing his shorts and little George never came with any clothes, so Andrea used to buy stuff and keep it at her house especially for his visits. Also she needed to keep a supply of clothes for him because anything he wore was from the clothes that were donated to the mission.But they didn't give him clothes that fitted him properly, they gave him stuff that was way bigger, like the shoes I mentioned in another entry that were so big that he kept tripping up and the sock heels were halfway up the back of his leg.They wouldn't spend their own money on clothes, they came from the thrift shop or would be on one of the accounts in somebody at the mission's name.They had a very good living when you think about it.They did not pay a penny for anything that they did not have to.But I am going off of the point here.Anyway, this particular day, Andrea wanted little George to wear a nice pair of shorts like his brother had on as they would be cooler than jeans. Well he nearly had a fit because they were not what he was used to as he always wore jeans for work.He could not understand why one would wear something for play. In the end, he did put them on, but only because his brother was wearing them also.But he actually thought that it was wrong to wear them. I mean, I cannot imagine the damage that has been done to him mentally, by all of their brainwashing and strange ways.

Visitation ceased altogether over three and a half years ago now. George made up an excuse that they had to travel somewhere and promised to make the time up, and Andrea was trying to be decent about it, and as he had a witness, she believed he would stick to his word and let him return for the rest of his holiday, and George never let her near him again.And if you are thinking to yourself, well why didn't they just go to get an attorney and go back to court. Well, we are talking about Linn County. How would one ever trust an attorney in this situation with Linn County. Having said that, in Oregon.It would be fixed.When you read some of what is going on in Oregon, and who is involved, especially in this trade using children, however would anyone trust any official in Oregon ever again? I hope that you all have a really nice day and God bless you all.

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