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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,


I would think that probably there would be quite a lot of people who would be very sympathetic towards the plight of the homeless people in our society.And I hate to see people begging on the street, and when it comes to seeing children begging, well that is definately very wrong and would tear at anybody's heart strings. I know for a fact that little George Raymond has to beg for money, and I can't say for nowadays, but he definately had to work a full day, every day making palletts as well.And as we are not allowed to have any kind of contact with him, because for whatever reasons, the Matlands are above the law, I can only say that he was working full time up to four years ago and he is only eleven years old now.At that time he was attending school, but of course that has not applied for a whole year now as he was taken out of the education system altogether, so after his years of using a hammer, he probably is a great little pallett maker.

They used to call this slave labor in the old days, like something out of Dickens, but although Oregon has offices in the state capital, to stop this, I wouldn't bother reporting any child labor, because they again DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.I should know because I phoned three of their offices.But that is not the point of todays blog entry.But just one thought, with the three girls that Matlands now have, isn't that a great little workforce.Isn't slavery something that went out in the old days? Not in Oregon it seems.

Let's move on.The homeless people have little enough to get by on. OK, so the homeless shelter should be a place where they can get a nourishing meal, perhaps some better clothing than they arrived with, a shower or bath, and a decent bed to stay in? But also a feeling of having a bit more security than if you were sleeping in the park or in some shop doorway or under a bridge somewhere.And if this homeless shelter was run by a church, then wouldn't that sort of make you think that the homeless people's shelter would be just a bit better, than one run by people who were just doing this as a way of helping the more unfortunate in society, but nevertheless doing a great job?But with the thought that "God" was behind this shelter, just sort of makes one think that they would be safe.WRONG!!!!

Just before I go on, I need to make it very clear that I am only referring to "The Signs of Victory Albany Mission" or as they are calling it also, "The Signs of Victory Faith Center", oh !!! and let me add also their other name that they recently came up with "Emergency Social Services, Signs of Victory Mission" Doesn't it all sound great? This fine upstanding family by the name of Matland, are certainly very inventive in the names that they call their church, they are also very inventive on the figures that they say regarding the people that they feed and house and give Food boxes to.The Matlands are very inventive in a lot of other ways also.Shall we use the word 'Creative' , that sounds about right. They are creative when 'cooking their books'.I am not referring to recipe books.

As you know if you are following this saga, they got the Editor of the local rag to put in an article saying that they were $12,700 dollars behind in their payments for their properties and that they would be evicted if the money was not in by the 21st. June.Well it is now the 1st. July and there was another article in this same paper whereby they said that they had collected only a couple of thousand dollars. But hang on here, isn't there something wrong? This supposed $2,000 may have made it to the Matland's pockets, for which I am sure that they are thanking those people who donated it, for being so bloody stupid, because that is where it stayed.So I expect that they are saying "Thankyou very much MUGS " Because anybody giving money to that fund has to be a mug, stupid, or whatever else you want to call it.

Of course people are willing to donate food, clothing, money, and so on to help the unfortunate but you are only lining their pockets. They just got themselves a new church building, they have three thrift shops, all full of stuff which also was donated, plus a Soup Kitchen, whereby a lot of that food is donated, plus they have got the homeless people's shelter, and do not let us forget that Gale has got herself two houses, one small one and one big one.How many people can afford all this property???? Well they can because if they are not paying the payments on their properties (which has been well advertised in the local rag for many years now) well of course they can get themselves more property.So why would good honest decent people keep this family from losing their properties, when it is their own faults that these payments are not made? Now to my mind, that is a great scam. And on top of which, (and I will never let this one drop) if they are really desperate, why not just set fire to a building of theirs, and if you watch, these fires are getting bigger.The last one had people in the building. You can read about the fires in entries that I have already made. But believe me, I find it so strange that even though there was an investigation, and I also made my point very clear about these fires in a marathon telephone conversation to the Albany Fire dept., that still nothing was done to bring this family to justice and the investigating officer who happened to be off work on the day that I called, never even bothered to phone me back regarding all of what I had said to his colleague,( who did seem very concerned), and on top of which, wasn't it a coincidence that he was about to retire.Now I think that that is bloody strange.And three years later in another article on behalf of the Matlands, George Matland suddenly has this miraculous flashback of memory and said that it was a fire set by a former resident that they had thrown out of the mission for being drunk. EXCUSE ME!!!! George himself is drunk every night of the week. Now coincidentaly I may also mention that when 532 Baker Street went up in flames that George also had this revelation that it was started by another disgruntled person from their mission. And I hasten to add, was actually two fires and not one. The first fire did not take off like it should (George must be losing his touch) so a second one was set and that never was mentioned in the local newspaper.But the person that George accused was not even in Albany that day.So I think that he got his wires crossed, because the only one from the mission that was around at the time of that fire, was George himself.WHAT A COINCIDENCE !!!!

Now, although I do tend to ramble on, let me get on to the point which this blog is actually about.I am sorry that I tend to get carried away but I get so mad to think that it does not matter what crimes this family carries out, they get prosecuted for none. I called this blog entry "A NICE LITTLE EARNER". I was sitting down all day yesterday, working out all of the crimes that I knew of and have followed all these years.I am not now referring to all of the crimes of violence on men, women and children specifically, I was looking mainly at another angle involving money and pure fear of what this family instill in people, and I don't mean just their many spouses and their children. I am again talking about the people who are unfortunate enough to end up in "The Signs of Victory Albany Mission". I can't put here the names of the people who were affected, for obvious reasons, as if the Matlands knew that I had these people's names, then not only would these victims be made to disappear, I reckon that they would see to it that poor old Angie would 'digging up the daisies' as well, after all , it's not as if I haven't been warned already.But I am buggered if they are going to keep on flouting the law and making a mockery of the ordinary decent people of Albany.

I will just refer to these peope as Mr A, or B and so on.

Mr A. was staying at the Mission and the Welfare sent him a check for $300 dollars. Maxine Matland got this check and kept it.This money I believe back then was the amount paid to a homeless person towards them getting an appartment.I have told you previously also that all resident's mail was vetted for anything useful to Matlands, and stolen. Well this check was definately known about by this Mr A. and Maxine simply would not let him have it. So he went to an attorney and George Matland saw him and ran after him and threatened to murder him, if he ever went back to the attorney again.Two years later, my daughter ran into him at the shops and he was still so frightened of George, that he was in tears talking to her.The incident whereby George had threatened to kill this man had a witness, my daughter. But she could not report this, as she would have been killed for doing that.

Mr B. had his Welfare check taken also.Another $300.00.

Mr C. got injured on the job whilst staying at Matland's shelter, and Maxine witheld his check so as to keep him there working longer as she needed stuff doing. She did however let him have his welfare check in the end.

Mr D. was staying at the mission and the Matlands instilled such a great fear in him, of them, that he was to terrified to tell them that he wanted to leave and so he left his key in a local shop.

Mr E. upset Maxine in something he must have said or did. Maxine (as with all the Matlands) would sue you for anything at all, and so Maxine filed charges against this man.The Matlands have a way of turning a mountain into a molehill, and on top of which, they will plant stuff on you or in your room, and you would not know what you would be going down for.It's one of their ways of getting you, if they have it in for you.They often say that they found Satanic material, but they would plant anything to get you and I am talking about far worse than Satanic material.Anyway this man , like my daughter, was given poison.Not enough to kill him, but enough for him to know and NO, he did not report it, because look at the strife you would then bring on yourself. If the poison didn't kill you, one of the Matlands most certainly would.There is no way that you would be going to court on something like that. You would need an armed guard.

Now I would still like to know more about the young lad who was found hanging in the Matland's Print shop.(it was a shed really), but they called it their print shop to make it sound better.They used to print their religious material there.I am sure that somebody out there must be able to tell me something.

Mr F. This poor man was released from hospital. He was getting on in years.He was supposed to be there to recouperate.The Matlands worked him so hard that he died a couple of days after getting away from the shelter. The FBI and a tv programme actually took an interest in this case. The man was so shattered from all the work that they made him do that he slept for the first two days, before dying.

Miss G. arrived at the mission with $200 on her which was towards her deposit on an apartment.On her first day at the shelter she was robbed by Matlands.

Miss H. only had $30 on her when she went to stay at the mission.Unfortunately not only was she robbed of the $30 dollars, but Gale's latest boyfriend/spouse , disliked her and so kicked her down the stairs causing her internal bleeding.Now I would have to say that she must have been having a run of bad luck because she got killed in a street accident .

Mrs I. caught George molesting her daughter and so tried to run away. The Matlands all got into their vehicles to hunt her and the child down, George caught her and dragged her back to the mission whereby as punishment for trying to leave, he raped and beat her so badly that she went nowhere for a couple of weeks. She did escape in the end however.

OK, here is another thing that was witnessed.Maxine and George trying to coax a man whom they had working with them as a general dogsbody, to see how much he would charge to murder Gale's fella, as he was so violent.They quite openly discussed this.

I have already told you of the times that they tried to kill my daughter and of the attack on my grandson, by George, but this entry was really more about the money that they rob off of the homeless and their possessions, if they want them. And still to this day, they are trying to get the people of Oregon to bail them out, by getting grants and robbing people and so on, all to enable this family to fund their lifestyle and not that of the homeless who are supposed to be the ones who benefit by having a better place to stay in.They don't even buy the paint or wood so as to restore the damage that their own fires cause.For goodness sake, they get people to donate that also.And re. the people who were in the building at the time of the fire, it was the people of Albany who brought food and payed for some to stay in a local motel,and so on.And provided materials to help make the place habitable again.Where the Matlands are concerned, this is a win, win situation.

So in closing now, I should like to say " Are you, the people of Albany, going to donate more food, clothing, and money to keep this place running?" or should we say, to keep this family running this gigantic, very lucrative scam that they have been running for the past 25 years in Albany alone? I hope that you all have a great 4th July.

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