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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,

"Totally Crazy" is the title of todays blog, and let me tell you why.Isn't it crazy enough that this Matland family are calling their building at Cleveland Street, "Emergency Social Services, Signs of Victory Mission" in order to scam Federal Funds, on top of which they don't pay the due payments for their properties which they have, and then when threatened with eviction beg the local people and businesses to help out with donations, for all $ 12,700.00? That wouldn't even be so bad, but they forgot to mention that they just got themselves yet another property at 1533 Seventh Ave., and are calling that their Church, which was in the Cleveland Street property.But they are now calling their church "The Signs of Victory Faith Center".

Out of seven properties which they now have, three thrift shops included, wouldn't one suppose that they would make enough money to pay the payments on their buildings? But I suppose that that is a bit much to expect, after all they have a very large alcohol consumption problem between them, so I suppose that that is more important to use the money on.I mean to say, these scams that they run,they live off of donated food, donated clothes, donated money, and in certain cases property, so what I wonder actually do they use their own money for? They claim from everywhere that they can get money from, they rob the homeless and have done for years now.They repossess anything including these people's vehicles, if they get behind on payments due for the Matlands for the properties they run.They did have a load of apartments but most were foreclosed on, again for non payment, but then again if the tenents didn't pay, God help them.They lost their belongings .So we are seeing double standards here.

It's bad enough that this church was set up with the purposes of carrying out their crimes. Even worse that there was so many people (men, women and children) who have gone through hell at this extremly violent, sadistic family's hands. But then in Albany, Oregon, this has all been condoned by every authority that runs Albany.Not only have the Matland crimes been condoned, the State offices turned their back completely on what was going on in Albany.Now one would definately have to question their motives, wouldn't they?

For instance, why have a Children's Ombudsman? Whatever is the point of Gin Dennison having that job, when in her own words she said "These crimes may well be taking place,as bizarre as they sound, but there is nothing I can do".That made a mockery of her job, didn't it?

The FBI agent said that he would look into the theft of the mail from PO Box 186, Albany, Oregon, as I had said that the Matlands were stealing the transient's mail and at that time, my daughter's mail also. The reason Matlands stole the mail was to get their hands on any payments and so on, intended for these homeless people, and in my daughter's case and other of the many spouses that they have had's case, so that relatives or friends no longer believed that they were at this shelter.By cutting all outside communication meant that nobody would be questioning where these people were or how they were being treated.Then Matlands could work these people as hard as they wanted and nobody outside would know what was going on.But this FBI man did not look into any of the bigger crimes that the Matland's were running.And in the long run, what mail did this man prove was stolen? He did not prove anything, even though the case was hung out for months and months and in the end it was I who collected my own evidence.So much for his job.I tell you, if you want anything doing, do it yourself.You cannot trust any of these officials

Take the Child Labour Offices.I called three in Oregon.Would one of them go and investigate what was going on at Matlands? Would they heck.So there is no point in having those offices either.

And we all know about Children's Services in Linn County and how Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davis openly covered up all that was going on with my grandson and three other children belonging to George Matland's sister Gale.They went through absolute hell. And when I told Diane that I was reporting her to the State offices, she called me back begging me to not do that. This call went on for three quarters of an hour and then she said that the next time anything was reported about little George or the other three children, then she would investigate it.Like hell she did.That next incident was when little George had had a bang to the head which was so big that it was noticed and reported by a lady who was in the library one day which happened to be when my daughter was having one of her very rare Supervised Visitation meetings with her son.It got reported, but Children's Services took three whole weeks to go to see how he was doing, and like I have said before, this meeting was arranged to be done on the pavement outside where little George was living and it was done in the early evening when it was dark.Now come on folks, doesn't that sound strange. So again, in this case, what is the point of Diane Aspengren and Peggy Davis having their jobs.You would think that instead of being there to protect the children, that she instead hated them.

Now here is a funny one for you, and to be honest, I cannot fathom this one out.We know for a fact that the Matlands are out and out crooks.Will scam anyone.But they still are parents.Now we know about the many, many people that the Matlands have gone through marriage services with, and that many of these unwitting spouses have come from their homeless people's shelter.Now I would feel sure that when whichever Matland is intending on getting a new victim(sorry! I meant SPOUSE!) that they treat that person fairly well for that couple of weeks or so that they are wooing them, because otherwise nobody would marry them, but from the homeless person's point of view, it could be like an attractive offer because they have properties and appear to be doing fine, that's especially if they have travelled to Albany from well outside the area.So that homeless person might think that they are on to a winner.In other words, each would be using the other for their own gains.Little do they know what fate is awaiting them once that Marriage Licence is signed and the Certificate issued.So I can understand the crimes that then take place, by Matlands using the new name and if that innocent spouse has children, then even better for Matlands.Because there is good money to be made from children.

But what about this. Why on earth would Gale let her three children all get married within just a few weeks of each other, knowing that these marriages were never legal to start with, as George who is a Pastor/Minister of nothing, performs them..Each is on Linn County Marriage License records, each is on a proper Marriage Certificate. Each has copies in the Linn County Courthouse and of course it is all recorded on Oregon Viatal Statistics.But like in all of the other fake marriages on people who have all had a Matland to do the ceremony, why do they then have to go through a divorce which costs a small fortune? And Linn County know full well that these marriages are taking place.Now I only found out about the third of these three of her children's marriages just a few days ago.I just thought that I would make a call to see if by any chance, this was another done by George.I could hardly believe it when I was told that this marriage was yet another done by George.Now what I am saying at this point, is that I do not think that the three of Gale's children had any idea that all was not right.One marriage is already over and divorce has taken place, and my heart absolutely goes out to the young fella who married the eldest daughter.Whether or not she knew her Uncle was never ordained,I don't know.Whatever way, they had to pay for a proper divorce.The middle marriage seems to be going OK, but number three again is a bit odd.The boy was underage and therefore had to have consent from Gale.That's fine, she signed as Gale Armstrong.That was a surname got from one of these illegal marriages, but she does at least use it, along with others for her scams. But on the Marriage cert., same woman, different day,she put her name as something nobody ever heard of. It's a made up name.In the newspapers recently she is calling herself Russell.She is no more a Russell than I am.But the name of the girl her son married is also a Russell.How on earth can Linn County Courthouse not realize that the Matlands are using so many different names when they already know that these marriages are a totall farse?

Now I have mentioned loads of other crimes in these blogs that I write.All done by the Matlands.All reported, and all whereby the Albany Officials turn a blind eye.But I wonder why the local newspaper also covers up these crimes. I mean to say, they are sitting on a story that any normal newspaper would give their right arm to cover.Why also do they print their articles for the town to read, begging for money for this Matland family? I mean to say, the Matlands love money, why pay it on their properties, like normal people have to do, when the newspaper will do it's begging for them?Why don't they as a newspaper, print the truth?But then it seems in Albany, non of the places dare to reveal the truth or would print it anyway.

I do hope that you all have a very good weekend.And if you are passing by "The Signs of Victory Mission", please spare a thought for the poor little children living their who are not allowed to go to school or mix with other children, or are not allowed out except after Soup Kitchen and Church, to play like other children do, or are allowed any contact with their non-custodial parents and families.Just another set of laws that mean nothing in Linn County.Well, not where the Matlands are concerned.Anyway, take care. Talk to you soon.

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