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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bare Faced Robbery !!!

Good Morning Friends,

Here we are once again with the weekend upon us already. Doesn't time fly? I do hope that each and everyone of you are in good spirits today and will have a really super weekend.

As you can see above, I have given this blog entry the title of 'Bare Faced Robbery!!!. I actually mean that title in a very open ended way, because I am not meaning to make it sound as though I am referring to the Matlands going out in their posse type manner, that I have mentioned before and robbing banks or anything like that. It is more like when realising that one of the homeless people have got away, or one of their spouses has had enough of the violence, or their children have been hurt by one of them, and so they try to escape, or when someone staying at the mission has been expecting money to arrive and the Matlands have found out and pressured that person into promising them a chunk of it.That has happened on many an occassion and they definately chase one down if trying to escape.I won't put names but they have put the fear of God into certain people after trying to get that person's donation and that person has had to go into hiding for fear of his life whilst they are all out in their trucks or cars trying to hunt that person down on the streets of Albany.Who the hell do they think that they are?

Things can be robbed from one in many different ways.And it is these ways that I am referring to. I am talking about the few possessions that a homeless person owns. God help them if they don't keep a hold on their precious few belongings 24/7, because if you turn your back they will go through your gear and rob what they want. And so that they are not seen carrying the goods on them, they send it down the shute into the basement whereby they have put a trash bag at the bottom, especially for it to slide down into, and then they collect it at the bottom.That way nobody can accuse them of taking their stuff.They often used to get the children to do that. As mentioned before, the Matlands do a lot of their crimes by making somebody else do it on their behalf.These are clever people. They are fully conversant with how to do different crimes because they have been at this lark for so long.They twist it around so that somebody else gets the blame.And later on in this blog entry, you will see just how serious it can get.

OK, so we have talked about how the homeless people can be robbed, what about how the Matlands, totally behind your backs, put utilities in homeless people's names for places that they have never even lived? Take a dumpster for example, and the reason I mention that, and it sounds trivial but actually is not, well! not to that homeless person anyway, is because right behind Andrea's back, they opened an account in her name, for one of their properties (Matlands had fourteen properties at that time) for a dumpster that she knew absolutely nothing about. It was put in her name for one of their houses ,which were run down, squalid,rat infested buildings and every room rented separately so as to make more money. Andrea did not have a clue about this, even though George Matland was trying to get her to marry him at the time. But Gale actually did tell Andrea one day that she had just been and bought $200.00 worth of clothes which she had put in Andrea's name. But what could she do about it? That is how the Matlands are. But as she loved George and this was his sister, it would be very unwise to take her on, because the others would join in. But at that same time it turned out later, that the Matlands had done the same thing to another fella staying there, and as in Andrea's case, they knew nothing about the utilities being put in their names until they were served legal papers which said that they were being sued. And these papers said that they owed a damn site more than whatever they could imagine.But the matlands did not bat an eyelid.

Now let us look at another type of robbery. The robbery of time. The time one spends being a wife or husband to a Matland. The violence, the trickery, the out and out use of your name, your Social Security numbers, anything at all that Matlands can use you for or con you out of. In other words, your time,your life, your heart (because I think that these spouses do definately fall in love with that particular Matland, otherwise they would never go through with the ceremony) your children and the abuse they receive and the long hours that they are made to work, like something out of Dickens and in certain cases it is worse, and kids have been robbed of their innocence.That is the type of robbery that can harm a child for the rest of it's life. Not that George would care about that, and nor would Gale or Maxine, afterall, look what Gale's daughter suffered and all three Matlands were fully aware of what was happening to her and she was the prettiest,small framed child going. Almost like a little angel.But like neighbours have said, she always looked so sad and worn down, but it was common knowledge in Albany by both the people at the mission and ordinary people around the town and still talked about.That is robbery big time.And on top of which they were abused physically. But it sort of backfired because the two girls got married as soon as they could and the boy and eldest sister went into the military to get away.So that leaves their mother on her own, can't keep a man, can't keep her kids,can't keep off the drink and whatever pills she is popping nowadays, can't keep her legs shut and is fast turning into the evil old, money grabbing, property owning,sour faced cow that her mother was.Can you tell that I don't really like this family?

Then we have another type of robbery. The robbery of one's life. How many people have had their lives robbed by the Matland's. I am not necessarily saying just deaths, I am saying that they rob ones life by drugging them up, by terrorising them, by poisoning them (as in Andrea's case and a couple of others whom I am thinking of) and now Andrea's body is blown up, she has over 150 tumors, has had a heart attack, three strokes and all of this is what the Matlands caused by gradually drugging her meals, the stress of being terrified a lot of the time, the poisoning which George did just two weeks before her escape, the tampering with her drip whilst in the hospital which nearly killed her. They have robbed her of her health.The tumours have worked their way throughout her body and up into her jaws now. That is the Matlands for you. And do they give a continental fuck? NO THEY DO NOT.And on top of which, George was doping little George up as a toddler and older, so as to keep him quiet.Keep him oblivious as to how he was being treated, and it was little George who told his mom one day about all the medicine that he had to take each day, when she got suspicious about the medication that he brought with him.And it reminded her of when George gave her poison via ordinary medication.So she refused to give it to little George as he was not ill.And then you could ask, did George put poison in that bottle also, so as to make it appear that Andrea had poisoned him?? I would not put that past George.

Now take the Matlands final blow, or maybe not. The robbery of her son little George. Out and out robbery. Not only was he stolen from her and hidden for three days by George, as a newborn baby because she dared take a phonecall, he was taken several other times when George Matland or his maniac family decided that she had displeased them.But after he had poisoned her, beaten her five year old son's head into the brick wall for dareing to leave work, but after they escaped, he GEORGE RAYMOND MATLAND Jnr. saw to it that the paperwork from the court case for Custody of little George and the divorce hearing, was STOLEN FROM LINN COUNTY COURTHOUSE so that it appeared as though she had not responded in the hearing, on top of which when George and Andrea were sent the court date hearings, George robbed her mailbox so that she had no idea that the case was even being heard. THAT IS ROBBERY.And he has done everything to make sure that she has no access whatsoever to her son.Plus he tried to kill her yet again to prevent her even having or going to Visitation, by loosening all the wheels' nuts so that the car wheels would come off whilst travelling.It was a miracle that she copped on that something was bumping, and it was a garage mechanic who was driving at the time when it happened.George could have killed this innocent man, just doing his job.

Now this next robbery is pending, shall we say. At this precise time this is perhaps coincidence, we are not just quite sure at this moment . Robbery of one's identity. I have always said that it is very strange how Matlands marry people with similar or the same Christian names. Just the alteration of a letter can make the name appear in a different part of an index, for instance. But now we are wondering if the Matlands aren't up to their old tricks and in the middle of doing a different type of robbery on Andrea.Her identity.George's latest spouse, wife number ten, photos added on blog, is the living, spitting image of Andrea in the photo with her straight, light blonde hair. The same height, and the same blocky build.Just one inch difference. Now is that a coincidence or what? And although I can't write that here, there is a lot more coming on that story.So just keep watching this blog because that will be a juicy story.

I hope that you all have a really lovely weekend and that the weather stays really nice for you all. God bless. Hugs to you all.

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