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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Forget the niceties for the moment because I am shaking with temper yet again, reading the small print and so on on some of the court documents and letters that my daughter recieved via Linn County Courthouse, Albany,Oregon 97321.I am putting the full address because I want the people reading this to know what a complete farse that courthouse is. And let me make sure that you know the names of the two Judges in this particular blog entry that I am talking about. We are talking about John A. McCormick and Rick J. McCormick who both signed the Restraining Orders which allowed George Raymond Matland Jnr., to not only have Custody of George Raymond Matland III .but to allow him and his family to abuse him from when Andrea and her other son escaped after George Jnr. had attacked her other son ,who was just 5 years old, and as mentioned in yesterdays blog entry, for not working hard as it was late at night and he left the Soup Kitchen where the Matlands were on a drinking binge with people from the Shelter that they ran.

The reason that two Judges names are mentioned on the Restraining orders is because John A. McCormick signed the first one that George Jnr. applied for, by stating OUT AND OUT LIES.He swore that Andrea was the abuser, he told the Police lies and they believed him, after she was the one who made the 911 call and those two stupid idiots by the names of Chris Carter # 44 and Kevin Manske # 120 of Albany Police dept. called to the house and George told them that it was Andrea who attacked him. Why the hell would she call the Police on herself, for attacking George Jnr., when it was the child who had had his head bashed into the wall.Why was she begging George Jnr. not to beat her whilst trying to hide her little son behind her to protect him and to stop George Jnr. from hurting him even more. To shout at a child or scream at them is child abuse. But not if you live in Albany.

Do you have to be totally void of having brains you stupid, stupid people? How you two Judges ever got your jobs I will never know, and as for those two policemen, don't you have to recieve some sort of training to become a policeman? Or, as it appears, are they just taking pieces of crap like you two, because Albany Police dept., can't get anything better, to make up their numbers, because one has to hate people so much to get a job there, that whatever part of the gutter you were brought up in, it really does not matter.Because it is very obvious that the law does not even come into it. Nor people's rights.Nor that you might be saving a child. So let us hope that you are all satisfied that you have left that child deprived of having a loving mother and family, to leave him with a bunch of psycho's who would not know a loving relationship, if it jumped up and smacked them in the face, because their own mother was so evil and sick in the mind.And like I have said before, the American term "motherfucker" couldn't be more apt in this sick, perverted family.

And the reason that I mention Rick J. McCormick, as being the second Judge, is because George Jnr. not only did everything to prevent any Visitation taking place, but on the very rare occassion that it did, Andrea was harrassed and threatened by people from the shelter, coaxed by Maxine, George and Gale, but also by her extremely violent, sex abusing boyfriend (who actually thought that he was her husband) whose name she used purely for bank accounts and fraud and who she and the Matlands allowed him to have sex for years with her youngest daughter.And, regarding the Restraining Order Judge (JOKE) John A McCormick, not only did George Jnr. lie his arse off to you in court, so as to get his restraining Order, did you ever, for one minute think about the address that Supervised Visitation was to take place in???It was a broken down squat at 131 Sixth Ave., Albany, which stood between two of Maxines many slums.It was so bad, that it was far worse than the slums that Maxine (The pretend Pastor) was already renting out, which your courthouse has had so many cases over when ordering them to clean them up.DO you actually have any idea as to the harm that you placed that toddler into? Do you actually give a damn??? Do any of you at Linn County Courthouse actually give a damn or are you so busy making money and scamming the public, that a child's life means nothing to you? I mean to say, that it is very, very obvious that the law means absolutely nothing to any of you, because you know yourselves that I have written to all the Judges in this case and most of the officialls in Albany and Oregon, telling you of what goes on at the Matlands, and you also know that you have stonewalled me on nearly every step of the way.These comments are in no way meant for the ordinary court staff , I am only referring to the heads of the different agencies in Oregon and Albany.

If you actually took the trouble to read what is written on your legal documents, you would see that taking an Oath is supposed to mean that one is swearing to tell the truth. Not only was George Jnr., lieing to you, but you made his sister Virginia" GALE "(as she is known) Cabrera,(another of her false names and a violent child abuser herself, who thinks nothing of punching her kid in the mouth for dropping a frozen bag of peas !!!! and punched the children up and under the rib cage so that the schools could not see their bruises) the one who was to Supervise Visitation. Which she did, along with several men from the shelter and Donovan and George Jnr., and Maxine. So isn't that called harrassment, intimidation, threatening??? Surely, according to your court papers, that is illegal? And do you know what else is funny, you stupid morons, one year later, George re-applied to get the Restraining Order renewed and Judge (Joke) Rick J. McCormick renewed it? All because George Jnr. said that he was worried that Andrea would be abusive towards little George.How and when would she ever hurt a hair on any child's head? And yet HE is/ and was the abuser. On top of which, being as Matlands did not take any notice of the court regarding Visitation rights from day one, even though a lot later on, she did get an Attorney, which got her nowhere,and the question of Visitation came up several times again, the Matlands had it sewn up . They wanted the child for themselves and that was all there was to it.I am not sure how much money he was worth regarding what one can claim or use a child for, but it was not for the sake of loving him that they wanted him .

What the f--- is the matter with you in Albany???? You should be down on your knees begging God's forgiveness for what you have done to Andrea and her little boy.Judge Holcomb had already sorted it that she was to have Custody BECAUSE MORONS ! ! ! , GEORGE JNR., WAS THE ATTACKER.In words of one syllable, GEORGE RAYMOND MATLAND JNR is a child abuser. A spousal abuser. A person abuser. He does not give a toss who he is going to abuse, if he feels like abusing them.And don't think for one minute that I am sitting here making this up, I know some of the people that he and his family have abused.I have spent thousands of dollars?euros ,over the years investigating the Matlands, and I am sure that you all have a good laugh over it. I don't have qualifications or a brilliant education, and if I can do it from here, I am sure that some of your so called idiots that you employ could do it also.Doesn't the District Attorney have to earn his keep, or is he just there keeping his seat warm, to make it appear to the public that there is justice in Albany? Because there most certainly is not any Justice in Albany where the Matlands are concerned.

For fear of repeating myself, don't forget that George Jnr., took and hid the newborn baby,little George, as punishment for Andrea taking a phone call from me, when in the Recovery Room just minutes after giving birth by C-Section.When she was released from hospital, George took him and hid him for three days. What sort of person would do that? This is the man who forced her and her five year old get on a bus to Seattle, on a one way ticket and refused to let her take the baby with them, and not giving her a penny piece to buy juice or get something to eat, and George got flustered and bought the ticket to the wrong place, and on the pretence that there was a man arriving in Albany that they didn't want her to meet (incase she blabbed) as he was there on serious business, the sort whereby somebody was going to disappear forever. But as if that wasn't bad enough that he forced them to leave Albany and leave the baby, I tried phoning the Matland's because I had been asking around the neighbours as to her and the children's whereabouts. I got so worried that I spoke to the Police and a Policeman went to Matlands and George again lied to the Police and said that Andrea was on holiday having a rest( isn't that nice of the Matlands? Sounds lovely) and that all three children were with the Matlands. The truth was that the eldest boy was with his dad, Andrea had the middle child, in Washington, and little George was in Albany with the Matlands as they had refused to let her take him with her.So WHY would the policeman not check on the children? It's called Police work, that is what they are supposed to do. He took Matland's word yet again.But unknown to the Matlands, Andrea had managed to get a note to a friend of hers, stating that she had not abandoned her baby but was being forced to leave Albany by them.Matlands win again.It's like I have said before. Matlands turn their crimes onto whoever is around and that way the Matlands come out looking like it was nothing to do with them.Like with all the arson, and other crimes.Matlands are not stupid people, how do you think that they have got away with so many, many crimes, for so many years?

But in all honesty, why is it so importent that the Matlands don't get prosecuted for any crimes that are serious, that endanger life, whether it be on men, women or children, or the fires, or the fraud, or the illegal marriages,kidnapping, blackmail, or the other crimes that Maxine carried out, or Gale or George Jnr., or dealing drugs as they have done, what is it that prevents them getting prosecuted like other Oregon citizens? Is it because they have a mission for homeless people and being as nobody really has to much in the way of family to keep tabs on them, that they are almost disposable.THINK ABOUT THAT WORD ' DISPOSABLE ' !!! After all, George definately tried to murder Andrea on more than one occassion. And look what he and the Matlands have done on other so called spouses! So it is not just Andrea that we are referring to. And why would relatives of other people who have been unfortunate enough to fall into Matland's clutches, have been so outraged at the treatment that their relatives received at Matland's hands, that they got together as a group to get this all brought out in the open.I just happen to be the latest of several people who has been affected and will not let this drop.The evidence is all safe, and sitting in a safe place in America.And I have made sure that not even Andrea has seen it or had any contact with these people, because when you can't trust the authorities, who knows what they will do to stop people naming them for the crimes which they so obviously are covering up.

After reading about who was involved in the sale of children in Oregon, and about certain Judges not being sworn in, (so are therefore not proper Judges, and cannot be blamed for wrongdoings) it makes one wonder if Matlands homeless shelter is perhaps used for more than just being a shelter for homeless people, and what of the young girls that were there, all underage, all Mexican illegals, and each was pregnant.I am referring to a few years ago regarding these girls.I can't say for now. And each lived in one of Matlands apartments together, kept out of the way of the shelter.And for a non profit making organisation, how do the Matlands manage to get so much property and keep it as the slums that they are, and none of the money hardly being ploughed back into the shelter.That money is for the Matlands.WAKE UP ALBANY!!! How many more people are you going to let them hurt?? Because in reality, you are far worse than the matlands themselves. The reason being is because you are in jobs which are supposed to mean that you are respected and honourable, upstanding citizens. Well, that is about as far from the truth as it gets, because if you were just one tiny part honest, you would be convicting them of their crimes, not protecting them.

I hope that the honest citizens in Oregon and all of my friends who read this blog, all over the world, have a perfectly wonderful weekend, and as for the others, why don't you crawl back into the cesspool that you belong in, along with the Matlands. Have a nice day.

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