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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Regarding the title that I have given this blog entry called "Andrea Who?", might sound a bit odd, but you have no idea how much those words ring in my ears. As you know ,if you are following this blog, I live in Ireland. We are eight hours ahead of you in Oregon, meaning that it can be awkward trying to phone certain places with there being such a difference in the time.Consequently when phoning the Matlands to try and speak to my daughter, that in itself was a bit of a feat.

When Andrea first rented an apartment from Matlands, she had no phone , but for a short time, I didn't actually know that she was living there. When I first traced her and the children to Oregon, I only found out about this church mission via a Social Worker.In fact it was she who organised the first phonecall, because until then I had had no contact since they left Arkansas. So as it turned out , Andrea had been married four months to this wannabe minister George Raymond Matland Jnr. by the time I had traced her.As the Matlands consisted of just three people, Maxine (wannabe Pastor), George (wannabe minister) and Gale his sister, (wannabe anything she could lay her hands on, that got her money)it was hardly a big family.So in a family of three, one would think that they would remember that living with them was George's new wife and two children,especially as they saw each other every day, and Andrea and family were living over the Church that they ran and running their Thrift shop.

The first time that I spoke to her everything was polite, because the Social Worker organised the call, so they could hardly deny Andrea and the children's existence.When I asked Andrea why she had not written to tell me of the marriage and all that had happened, she told me that she had sent a couple of letters. Of course it turned out later that she really had written, but as George and family were the ones dealing with the mail at PO Box 186, for The Signs of Victory Mission, and it was they who also took the mail to be posted, we soon found out that it was the Matlands themselves who were not only taking her mail, but that of anybody in the shelter that had anything of interest, money from family, or Food Stamps and cheques and so on, so that they never got their mail either.And if on the odd occasion Andrea did get a letter, she was encouraged to open and read it in front of the family, so then I could not tell her anything that I didn't want Matlands to know. And when I tried to phone, if Maxine picked the phone up it was always the same. I would ask for Andrea and she would say "Andrea who? " in her long Texas drawl, as if she never heard of her.If Gale picked the phone up, she would be more polite, but would always say that they weren't there and to phone back in a couple of hours. Then I would walk all the way home, go back again to the kiosk and try again. Gale would pick up the phone and say the same thing.So with the eight hours difference, meant that I was walking all the way into town and back perhaps as late as three thirty sometimes in the early hours of the morning, just trying to get through.Which certainly was not very often. They would do anything to fob me off and as it was forbidden for anyone to use the missions phones, whether that be for incoming or outgoing calls, life was very difficult to get to talk to her.

But what I am actually saying is, if the Matlands were in any way honest, why make out that they did not know her? And why could the people in the mission shelter not use the phones? Well as it turned out, it was because the Matlands did not want outsiders knowing the conditions that these homeless people were living in and in my daughter's case, she was thousands of miles away from home. They made damn sure that there was hardly any contact between myself and Andrea and in fact, very soon banned me altogether from having any contact whatsoever by brainwashing her into believing that I was evil.Until you meet this family, you have no idea what a strong influence they have on one's mind.I have spoken to people from twenty and more years ago, still too terrified to hardly talk about them , let alone do anything about them.So no wonder I feel like I am banging my head up against a brick wall sometimes trying to get this case dealt with.

But that is only mild.They are just out and out con artists. But doesn't that then make one wonder why the rest of the Albany officials, well! the Josephine County officials also, are so quick to also cover for them? Why would my mail also start to be affected. Why would two Registered letters, sent on separate occasions, after Andrea had escaped from the Matlands take 40 days each to arrive to her. When questioned, they said that one had fallen down the back of the shelf in the office. How stupid are these people? There were no shelves, because I made a point of finding names of postmen who worked there, then traced them to their homes and questioned them that way.

Why would the Fire Chief, who inspected their homeless shelter, not mention that it was against the law to lock veterans into the basement, and to have those windows nailed down with four inch nails? Now he liked Maxine. She was nothing more than a hoare and she had rigged up a baby alarm so that she could get evidence to hold over the men's heads for blackmail.Those that she had sex with, I mean. It was all recorded you see. And these men had not got a clue.They soon found out when she needed money though.That brought them to their senses pretty quick.So every fire since, that has happened whereby the Matlands are involved, never ever produced the arsonist.Now don't you think that that is very strange, especially as George has always been around each time, and always manages to blame it on whoever he could get away with blaming it on, who had left the mission. But surely, just because one leaves the mission, wouldn't any normal fire investigator simply get that person's Social Security number and trace where they went after living at the mission.Matlands took everyone's Social Security number if they stayed at the mission. That's part of what they deal in. But it seems that that is not the case in Albany. VERY ODD!!! So doesn't that make one wonder what the next fire is going to produce. The shelter already had several people living in it when the latest fire happened, causing $23,000.00 worth of damage.Is the next fire (being as they are getting progressively bigger and bigger) going to kill somebody? How much insurance money will the Matlands get then?

Another thought. If this family is so innocent of doing any crimes (I say that very tongue in cheek) why then have the four children been prevented from attending school? In my grandson's case, for the past six months, and in the case of his three step sisters, for a year that we know of, but God knows how long before that? And don't say that they must have been Homeschooled. In Oregon, the law is that every child is registered for Homeschooling or proper school.Now I could see that that would seriously take up Matlands time trying to teach them, and it would be an awful inconvenience also, because how would these children ever get their work finished? Yes folks! these children all work!. Little George, my grandson, now aged ten years old told his mom that he got a dollar a day working making palletts with George.Considering Andrea has not seen him in well over three years, that means he was six years old and using a hammer.These kids do not have a childhood, they are just their for Matlands gain.And as for Gales kids, you can see why they left home the minute they were old enough. And if you have read any of my previous blog entries, you will already know of some of the disgraceful and disgusting things that happened to one of Gales' daughters.It makes me want to cry everytime I think of what hell those kids have suffered.

You only have to think of SCF, and their supervisor Diane Aspengren and her co-conspiritor Peggy Davis. How could Peggy Davies look at photos from an ordinary camera,( I mean the type with rolls of film that you take to the shop to be developed) of little George showing the state he was in as a toddler, whereby in one photo he clearly had burn marks, photos with bruises, another where he was punched so hard that his lip split right open and Peggy herself said that for the cut to be so deep, that it had to have been done by a fist with a big ring on it. And then regarding the photos she said that Andrea could have touched the photos up. How the hell would you be able to get the film out of the camera, unroll it, mark it, roll it up and stick in back in the camera to take to the shop. And this woman and Diane Aspengren are still there working at SCF. And what about this. When part of the courtcase was being heard, SCF withdrew from the case, early on as they didn't want any involvement.And yet, later on, when Andrea got to get little George for weekends and some holidays,(now this was ages after the split) George would do everything possible, on the odd occasion that she actually got to take him for a weekend, to get the Police to turn up on her doorstep, or SCF, even long after George had banned her from having any visitation whatsoever. He still not only hounded her, but sent other people to hound her at her house and on the street.In any State, other than Oregon, there are laws stopping behaviour like that. GEORGE RAYMOND MATLAND Jnr., his sister VIRGINIA GALE MATLAND (and goodness knows how many other surnames), and VIRGINIA MAXINE MATLAND,(and a few other surnames), all were getting little George to pray with the Matlands ,just before she arrived in the hopes of being able to pick him up for a weekend visit, that she would get killed on the journey. George even sneaked round to her house one time and undid the wheels on her car so that when she was going to pick him up, the wheels would come off. And the only reason that she knew that George did that was because he was seen in his truck.And the week prior to that episode, he asked Andrea if she had good insurance cover. He was a great runner, that is also how he was never caught setting the fires.But also looking like he had just arrived, if you see what I mean.Big hero, come to save the day, George will put the fire out. I am surprised that the City of Albany didn't give him a medal, with their mentality, or make him a Freeman of the city. I cannot write any more of this now because my blood is boiling.

But just before I close, just one thing that has really been bugging me.Who can prove that Maxine died of Altzheimer's Disease???? They say it came on over two years. She was fine not long before she popped her clogs.If I was the Coroner, I'd be doing an autopsy, or as she is buried, I'd dig her up and see what really happened, (if I was a Coroner that is).Have a good weekend and God bless you all.

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