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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

I do hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.Well, I really do not know what to make of what is going on with George Matland and his 10th wife. We will refer to her as his wife, but of course unknown to her it seems, she is not legally married, which also was of course the case with my daughter, who was wife number nine.

Now I have mentioned before about all of the crimes that this Matland family have committed and that they have continued doing them, unhindered for the past 25 years in Oregon alone, let alone before that in other States.

It was bad enough that Pastor George Raymond Matland Jnr. gave my daughter poison, kicked her in the stomach when she was very pregnant, drugged her up via her food, and did countless other things to her even when ill in hospital, and he got away with all of that.Then the court case was fixed so that when she had finally escaped all his abuse and after the attack on her 5 year old son, on that last night, George kept the baby and as you know from the photos, he was very badly abused and again, this time it was SCF who protected him from being prosecuted.Well, protect him from prosecution I suppose is not quite the way it was, they simply ignored what was happening to the child belonging to George and Andrea and the attack on her 5 year old, and as the divorce and custody case was fixed anyway, so that she did not stand a chance of getting her baby, George kept him.

Wasn't it bad enough that they abused the child, kept him filthy dirty, neglected him in the worst ways possible. Left him with anyone they could and at one time left him in a room on his own, with a bed, tv, a pot to pee in and brought him a meal in there. In other words, this was like his own jail cell without bars. Oh! and did I forget to say, he was only a toddler.On top of which so as to keep him quiet , George was gaving him cough mixture, and trebled the dose so as to keep him 'dopped up'. Actually you can see the state he was in if you look at the photos.He was like a zombie and it wasn't until later that we learnt why he looked so dopped up.

Now on to this latest 'wife'. Number ten. Andrea, my daughter was number nine. She is the image of Andrea, does her hair the same for the profile photo, is the same height except for one inch difference. Is chunky build like her, and in fact the photo of her is so like my daughter that my stomach turned over when I saw it, because I actually thought that it was her.As George allows there to be no contact whatsoever between little George and his real mother Andrea or any of his family on Andrea's side, and not only is there no contact, no phonecalls, no birthday or Christmas presents, forget what Linn County Courthouse said. At least in this custody and divorce case that was fixed, they did allow Visitation, but that means nothing whatsoever to George, he ignores their rules completely.And still they let him get away with all of these marriages, over and over again, and with the divorces for the marriages which were never legal to start with. NOW WHAT SORT OF COURTHOUSE IS THAT AND WHAT OF IT'S JUDGES AND DISTRICT ATTORNEY WHO IS FULLY AWARE THAT ALL OF THIS IS GOING ON????? YES Jason Carlile, Linn County Courthouse, Albany, Oregon 97321, you know full well, as do the Judges on this blog, what you are covering up.You are all as bad as each other.You know full well of the crimes that the Matlands have been carrying out for all of these years.You are a disgrace to society.You are supposed to represent justice. You do not know the meaning of the word.

But now it seems that little George does not even know that his mother is his mother because that has consistently been brainwashed out of him, and this new wife seems to think that she had little George and now I believe is trying to commit crimes in her name.And I have a very good reason for believing that, plus on top of which when my daughter was getting a credit report done, it seems she has been in two different places at once. So now we are waiting to see what is going to happen next. Looking at her profile on My Space, one would think that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Believe me, I know a lot more about her dubious and illegal activities, than she will ever know.So no wonder her and Pastor George Matland get on so well. They are an ideal pair of partners in crime.The four children are not allowed to go to school because I suppose George fears that they would let some of their secrets out.So the kids are not mixing with anyone except George and his latest pretend spouse, take absolutely no notice of the courts rules on Visitation, regarding any of the children, and carry on regardless laughing at authority.It means nothing whatsoever to either of them.

When are Linn County Courthouse and the Police, Sheriff's dept., and SCF going to wake up and realise that they are going to be the laughing stock of the Internet and everywhere else that this story can be taken. Because a serious miscarriage of justice has been done here and there is no way on this earth that the people in these depts. are going to get away with this and keep their jobs.

So I am going to close here for today and wish all who read this a very happy Sunday, from Angie in Ireland.

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