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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Supervised Visitation


Let me just tell you a bit more about this family by the name of Matland and what they are like. I mentioned already about the tricks that they used to pull ,so as to stop Visitation from taking place, and how they would bring men from the mission to hang about round the squat where Gale and her boyfriend and three children were living.And little George was with them for a good part of the time because George didn't want to look after him, but just to make sure that Andrea didn't get him. Also, the kids all perform some sort of purpose for being there.But let's just talk about Supervised Visitation.

It was to dangerous for Andrea to keep going to the squat to visit her son and in the end, the case went back to court to revise the rules because apart from the danger that her and her other son were in, so was the friend who said that she would accompany her.It was just to frightening.So the court made an order that Visitation would take place in the local library in the children's section.This was overlooked by a balcony from the main part of the library.So even though they used a room off of this section, it was definately better than being at Matlands.

Gale and Maxine or one or the other would turn up with little George and go off to this room.This one day however Gale and little George arrived.As usual his hair was gelled down tight to his head. He was dirty, but on this occasion, he had a diaper on that was so full, that it was running down his legs and into his shoes.It just so happened that Andrea had that day bought him a new pair of shoes as the ones he had been wearing were way to big and causing him to fall.When Andrea saw the state of him and remarked to Gale, Gale whisked him off to the bathroom to change his diaper, Well, that is what she said. But when they came back, all she had done was to remove the diaper, so he then had nothing to protect him. Let me just add here to make it clearer. These children did not wear new clothes or have money spent on them. Everything came from the donations made to the thrift shop.Sometimes clothes were way to big, heels of socks halfway up the leg, and sometimes little George would be wearing the same outfit for several weeks on end and thus it just got stickier and blacker and just plain mankey.

This day however, little George could not any longer walk in the shoes that he had come in as he had diarrhoea in them.So Andrea said that she would put on his new shoes as there was nothing else for it.She then put the soiled ones in the bag belonging to the new ones.Then the visit carried on as normal.At the end of the visit, Matlands left and Andrea finished chatting with a lady there and left the building. Now this was lunchtime in broad daylight in the middle of Albany.As she went to cross the main road, Maxine and Gale must have driven off and then realized that the shoes could be a problem and gone back and waited to see where she was.They spotted her and started their car up and drove at her, shouting and screaming that they wanted the shoes back. These are the old ones full of mess.But luckily Andrea had put the bag into her bag and they could not be seen.Matlands turned in the street and drove at her again.Straight on as if going to hit her. But stopped and Andrea said that she no longer had the shoes on her.The reason behind Matlands wanting these mankey old shoes was because they thought that Andrea would show people the shoes because they were so awful and it would look bad on Matlands.

Well she did take them to George's attorney's office because he was also the mediator and his Notary Public woman took them. And she was absolutely disgusted at the state of them. It didn't matter what one did, nobody would do anything on the Matlands to upset them.In fact, it was very obvious that where Linn County Courthouse was concerned, and anything to do with the Matlands, you would have been far better if the case was held in the local zoo by a bunch of baboons.You actually might have stood more chance of getting justice.Now I know that blackmail was part of what Maxine was into and that certain men in Albany would be shitting themselves if certain info. came out. Each Matland had their own scams, all of which were different, but if you take on one, you take on all the family.But that is just the way things were.They were a law unto themselves and judging by the crimes that are still going on, still are. Anyway, more on this tomorrow.

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