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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

Well Easter is over once again. My how the time does fly. I do hope that you all had a lovely Easter and did not overindulge to much by eating to many Easter eggs and making yourselves sick.Our weather seems to have taken a turn for the better, but I won't shout that out to loud, otherwise it will start to rain again.

Going through paperwork again and press cuttings, it makes one wonder about the mentality of the people preparing newspaper articles. I know that one should not believe at least half of what is printed in the papers, but when you get the same newspaper printing stories in their own paper which contradict what they have previously written themselves, it would bring into question the state of their minds and what sort of mentality they have.

Rumours get around, we all know that. Fairy stories get bigger and bigger and bits get added on, we all know that, but what would happen if it was against the law for newspapers to print lies? We would not find that the stories were mostly then worth reading.We all love a sensational story, don't we? But when my story of the truth all comes out in public, at least I will be able to prove what I am saying.

Going back a little while, Maxine Matland seems to be under the delusions that God was telling her to move from Southern Oregon to Albany.She says that God told her to give up her home in Southern Oregon and start a mission in Albany. Southern Oregon folks is where Maxine opened up a Bible School. A bible school whereby the Matlands pretended to be ministers and bought two properties. What bible school needs a "heavy" working for them. In fact it wasn't just one heavy, they had two.If this was a straight foreward honest family teaching religion, why would one need to make sure that the pupils (for want of a better word) did not escape? This is where another of George Matlands marriages took place. Plus child abuse, a kidnapping, whereby a young chap tried to escape and made it all the way to Crescent City only to be brought back by the local sheriff after Matlands reported him as being kidnapped, whereby he escaped at a later date, only to nearly die in the process. Let's not forget that one of Gale's husbands was nearly beaten to death one time by all three of the Matlands, (Maxine, Gale and George)when each one of them took a shovel each and beat him to within inches of his life. Excuse me for asking, after all I am just a stupid English person, but isn't that illegal in America and do the laws not apply in Josephine County? That Cave Junction is a seriously strange place.So what do we have? We have a bible school which was anything but. Ministers who were anything but. A kidnapping which never was. A fella getting beaten nearly to death but the culprits never went to prison for it.Illegal marriages and child molesting, and I have hardly even started.And don't forget also, George burnt down a man's cabin, because he pissed him off. So if it was God telling the Matlands to move to Albany and open a Mission for the homeless, and let us not forget the sheriff from back then, who unfortunately died,what does that say about God and that sheriff? And then you find this inquisitive English women comes on the scene and tries to discover what crimes the Matlands carried out there, and gets threats to have her killed.And like I already said, I haven't even hardly started on what went on there.And non of this is on record, which tells me that the authorities there were no different because it is the same thing all over again, which means that there is a lot more being covered up than what is written here.

So the newspaper that printed the article on Maxine and family being told to move to Albany, is a newspaper that prints exactly what the Matlands tell them to print.And don't forget also that it is this paper who also said that Maxine and her son had heart bypass surgery, when the hospital that Maxine later attended laughed at when I questioned them on that.The only reason that the Matlands moved to Albany, which was a very good choice for the Matlands, as the authorities there are as bent as they were in Josephine County, because the Matlands to this day are still getting away with all of their crimes.But somehow I cannot see that that was God, as we know him, telling the Matlands to move. I'd say that it was Maxine's very close friend called Satan.With whom she resides now.And Maxine would have you believe that she started a bible school in India and twice took religious material to Africa.It sounds impressive doesn't it? I'd say that that was yet another figment of her imagination.

This same newspaper went on to say that Gale (then calling herself Russell)told the newspaper that just four days before Maxine died, that she was insistent that the mission continued.Well she would have to say that, wouldn't she, how else would they keep their scams going? And how would Gale pay for her two properties? And the Matlands large intake of alcohol. After all, the mission might be a non-profit organization, but really that is sort of true. The mission gets bugger all,non of the profits, it is run to keep the Matlands in the style to which they have become accustomed.And every time something at the Mission happens, like a fire, or whatever, and the people of Albany rally round, I always have a good laugh because you are keeping the mission going and not the Matlands and what they scam off of the State and it's people.And don't forget, there is the Insurance money also to help keep the Matlands going, so your donations must go towards that also.On top of which, all of these divorces and attorneys cost the Matlands a lot of money. So no wonder the Matlands don't want to leave Albany. They have that place sewn up tight and your citizens are keeping them going.

This is a quote from Maxine that always makes me laugh. She said "I guess that I will just have to keep working. I'll probably drop in the trenches because there will be no retirement".Well, she was right there. There was no retirement, there was no autopsy eirther.More's the pity.

So folks, I had better close for now.I hope that you all have a great week.God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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