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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roller Skating

Hi Everyone,

Well as the title suggests, I am going to talk about roller skating today.No! I am not going to go into the ins and outs of how to do it.But I must mention this. Our friends the Matlands, being such a very 'close' family, used to love to go roller skating together,wherever they happened to be living at the time, over the years.

Going back to when they were living in California, this delightful family(only joking) used to go to this one particular rink a lot. Give them their due, they were good at it, but it is also a good place to meet other people, especially when George was dealing drugs .He had a few people that he hung around with,but his skating was that good that he even assisted others as the coach thought that he would be great doing that.So whatever way you look at it, the Matlands were pretty well known at this rink and several others.

This was also around the time that George married a young, very innocent girl.She was only eighteen and they were only married for a total of three months.Maxine told her that a Pastor friend of theirs prophesied that they were to marry, like it was from the Lord.As if the Lord would ever tell anybody to marry into that family, knowing what they would be in for.Well, he didn't pay the rent(nothing unusual for them in that, after all, hasn't he and this latest family , along with my little grandson,just got evicted for the same thing, just before Christmas). But anyway, evicted they were and then he bought a trailor but then one night he simply never returned home. This marriage lasted three months from beginning to end.One day when the girl was coming home from work, Maxine showed up, ranting and raving like the evil old bitch that she was, screaming at the girl on the street, saying that the same minister had said that she was possesssed and that George had to divorce her. As if this was not bad enough, and the girl scared half out of her wits, Maxine threatened to beat her up, on the main street, if she did not give back her wedding ring.So she had no option but to hand it over.Then one day George turned up and took her to a lawyer and got divorced.George then married another young girl and that marriage lasted I month and thirteen days.Now with eight more wives to follow, and these are just what I have found so far, doesn't something tell you that there has to be something very drastically wrong with this man?

However, let me continue with the skating story.As I said, George was definately dealing drugs here and he got on very well with the coach there and they were good friends. Whatever happened,this fella one day must have upset him really badly, and George waited until he was on the rink skating. He came up behind him, wrapped his arm across his body bending him foreward and hit him headfirst straight into the wall surrounding the rink. The man never stood a chance.The coach saw what happened, barred Matlands from the rink and saw that this fellow went to hospital, but with the understanding that they never came back again.The fellow that George attacked was really seriously injured with a cracked skull, but he did not die.But yet again, this is a clear case where he has just got away with another serious crime that he has never had to pay for.He has totally no regard for anyone's life except for protecting himself.Men, women and children. He just does not care.And that is how the Matland family are.And so that is my article for today.Have a good weekend.

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