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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Friends,

How are you all doing today? Well the weekend is upon us once more and here in Ireland, it looks as though it might be a lovely sunny, but cold day today.I do hope that wherever you live, that your day will be absolutely beautiful and your hearts all filled with sunshine.

Today, I thought that perhaps I would write something slightly different and this really did happen. I was thinking about this a lot last night and then when I awoke this morning I was going over it in my mind,but Andrea and I were going over the events that I am writing here today,and thought that it would make for interesting reading, being that it was a bit different. But taking the vast number of years that the Matlands have been in Oregon, not only were there several fires but also near deaths and actual deaths.And I am just writing about a couple of them here today.

I mentioned in a couple of my blog entries about the man who was on the verge of crying when all I had done was to phone him and ask him about Maxine Matland.Also how he had said that it was as if she walked with a black shadow and that he was terrified of her.Also when my daughter Andrea was married to George and was working in the Thrift shop on Cleveland Street,(the photos are on this web site) she had said to me several times about how, when she was in the shop and Maxine had come in, how the lights used to dim and Andrea knew that there would be no more sales made once this had happened. And Andrea, being Andrea had said also, that if only Maxine realised that that happened and sales stopped because she had entered the building, being the measly, miserly old cow that she was, she would have thought that Maxine would have copped on and stayed out of the shop, because she was losing business and we all know about the Matlands greed for money, don't we? It was as if Maxine was one of the Living Dead.As if she had come to this Earth from Satan himself.Having said that, I'll bet she is helping him keep his fires burning now.Perhaps that is why they were into having so many fires, they (Maxine, George and Gale) must have been missing their Spiritual home in the bowels of the earth.Ha! Ha! Ha!

I mean to say, take the case of the young black guy who was found hanged in Matland's 'print room' at the Mission.It sounds good, doesn't it? The print room actually was a shed and the printer was the size of a couch and had been donated to the Mission. However, what I can't understand is how this fella who was staying at the Mission, got into the Print Room to start with as the Matlands kept it well and truly locked and used it to store stuff. Not one person, going back to when this fella is SUPPOSED to have hanged himself, ever believed that that is what really happened.I will leave the rest of that to your imaginations, because I want to tell you this next bit.

I am not, by far, the only one watching what the Matlands are at, or curious about their past history in Oregon(as that is my topic for today), other people are also curious but just don't want to go stirring up problems for themselves or their families.As for me, I am past worrying.This has taken so many years of my life, in which my mind has been consumed by what those bastards did, I am past careing who I take down, this is going to get sorted once and for all.Until my grandson (little George) is rightfully returned to his mom, I will not let up.And Linn County Courthouse will have a lot of explaining to do because Andrea never stood a chance of getting little George, from day one. And as for Albany Police dept., well what can I say? Policemen who write false reports, which caused a lot of these problems in the first place, could well be looking for new jobs because I am far from letting that go.

But talking of deaths, another man that died at Matlands hands was a fella who was getting on in years and had been sent to the Mission to stay whilst he was looking for a place of his own. Now Matland's basement is in itself like a prison ,because the windows were nailed down(that's against the law to start with as any decent Fire Inspector should know, unless of course he was 'very' good friends with Maxine.After all, men never could keep it in their pants, could they, especially when it is on offer? So Fire Inspections aside, the basement stayed like a prison and the older men were kept down there and most were on medication and so on, and nobody was really encouraged to visit because then it would be discovered as to how bad the conditions were that these men were kept in.Plus, I hasten to add that at night, the door to the hall was locked (against fire regulations again) by a hook and eye type catch, and that was confirmed, not only back then, but also after the fire in 2003, when miraculously it was left unlocked and new batteries were put into the smoke alarms. The Matlands aren't silly are they?To think that they had to spend all that money on new batteries, that must have broken their hearts. Oh !!! and of course, big brave George Matland was on the scene before even the Fire Brigade arrived, and they are only one block from the Mission. And when they arrived George said to them "I nearly had it put out". Yes, great, but not until it had caused $23,000.00 worth of damage.And three years later, George had a revelation(it must be because he is a Pastor,) just joking, and he told the Albany Democrat Herald that the building was set on fire by a man that they had thrown out because he was found drinking??? Excuse me, but the words, POT, KETTLE and BLACK !!! all spring to mind, if you get my meaning. And him and his family some of the worst alcoholics around.I mean to say, you have to laugh at their nerve, don't you? Wouldn't George have surely remembered that man at the time of the fire, or was it another lie like they had said when 532 Baker Street went up in flames.The man that they named then whom they blamed that fire on, was not even in Albany.(And that was two fires that had been set, because the first one did not do enough damage. ) It was just another figment of Matlands imagination, and again, George was on the scene and had legged it back to Cleveland Street, knowing the building was in flames.

Well, that about the fires is all food for thought and anyone with half a brain can see through their lies, and it always happens when the Matlands are looking for big sums of money for something.Such a coincidence! But I was saying about the fella that went to stay there and his friend was very concerned about him.He even took him out for coffee and so on, and couldn't get over how ill this man was becoming and so tired.He even took him to his home and he slept for three days from being so exhausted after Matlands worked him so hard.But the man died and there was no reason for it and his friend to this day would tell you that he was simply worked to death by the Matlands. Now that was sort of taken seriously by a television company and there is still footage of that incident locked away in the archives .

But what I wanted to tell you today was something a bit different regarding the dead and the Matlands and it was this.Whilst Andrea was still with George and the two boys were there, they were sitting drinking coffee in the apartment where they were living at 610/620 Cleveland Street, which was above the Church/Soup Kitchen and Thrift Shop.Andrea was sitting at the table facing the door onto the landing and George had his back to the door facing her. She noticed a man standing at the doorway and assumed that the front door downstairs was left unlocked. He was tall, had shoulder length hair, wore an earing in his left ear, had a black, western type trench coat and western type boots on. Had stubble almost like a beard and a moustache, a silver buckle on his belt and was staring at her as if trying to get her attention. Well her face must have drained and her expression changed and George asked her what was wrong and she told him about the man standing in the doorway.

The man, once he had caught Andrea's attention, walked back onto the landing but telapathically he told her to come with him.George and Andrea jumped up and he walked away and when she looked down the stairs, he was standing there, still telling her that she should go with him.But he also said that he was at Maxines' house and Gale's house as well.And Andrea told George. On looking out of the window he was then seen standing by the pile of junk that you can see in the photos.George had no doubt whatsoever that Andrea had seen this man because when she told him that he was at Maxine's and Gales properties also, and George was worried and phoned both, and both Maxine and Gale said that somebody was with them, watching them. Now they could not have made that up as they were in separate addresses. Maxine was at 208 Seventh Avenue and Gale was at her place.

That incident took place before George tried to kill her with the poison and before he attacked her 5 year old child, and we were only discussing this just last night and again this morning, and Andrea has never, over all those years, ever said anything different. She absolutely believes that he was there trying to warn her of the danger that she and the children were in, but as she did not realise quicker that he was a ghost, and her being so loyal to George, she refused to go with him.But he actually did give her plenty of time to decide because it wasn't as if it was a case of 'there he was gone', because he hung around on the upper floor before appearing downstairs and also out by the junk, as he looked up at the windows on the upper floor where Andrea was watching him from, and he was still asking her to leave with him.

Not long after this had happened and when Andrea was again working in the Thrift Shop, a man was in the building and happened to go upstairs for something, and Andrea said that this fella suddenly shot down the stairs like a bolt of lightening, freaking out because he had just seen the ghost himself, and Andrea was just busting herself laughing, knowing what he had seen.I do wonder sometimes, if that man (the ghost) is watching over George's latest spouse and her three girls and my little grandson George? I do hope so because I believe that this man is good and not evil like the Matlands are. Things have happened in my life also, and also equally strange, but that is not what this page is about, but would be equally mindblowing and very, very special to me and the man who appeared to me was as solid in form as a human being is. But he was in fact a Spirit.And twice he came to me when I actually saw him.An experience that I will never, ever forget and on a third occassion was seen by a friend of mine when he suddenly appeared behind me and this woman's face totally lit up with an awe inspired look and she was at first, totally speechless. But there was no doubt that it was the same man in Spirit form that I had seen twice before.

So I think that I will end on that point for now, but if anyone is looking for a ruggedly handsome young man, wearing an earring and western type outfit, then who knows, he might turn up at Matland's church service.That would boost their congregation numbers, wouldn't it? Every ghost hunter in the area would be visiting. I do hope that you have a very happy and restful weekend, and may God pour down His blessings upon you all and keep you all safe.

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