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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oregon Laws Are A Joke.

Hello everyone,

How are you all. I am sorry that I have not written anything in the last few days, but I have been wading through more paperwork on my daughter's case regarding Divorce, Custody, Visitation and so on, and to be perfectly honest, what is the point?

If one reads Oregon Laws, regarding who can perform Marriage Ceremonies, in the State of Oregon, it all sounds fine on paper, but it means absolutely sweet FA. So OK the person who is performing the ceremony has to be ordained. That means one lodges ones paperwork in the courthouse of the State which you want to perform services in.The person is nominated by their church body to do the ordinations, that is fine, very understandable, and then one can perform the marriage service and the couple getting married are all legal and above board.But that person should have studied to become ordained.Thus gaining a certificate that legally allows them to get ordained in the first place.Maxine Matland did not.Daughter Gale just forged it herself using the name of the Pastor that they had at church going back in the 60's. They used the name of a woman in the congregation that had died, and made out that Maxine had studied at Oral Roberts University, which she hadn't,and that the ordination took place at The Church of The Good Shepherd in McAllen, Texas, which under any stretch of the imagination, could not have possibly happened because, as they will tell you, their church is not set up to do ordinations. Oh! and I forgot one other little matter, the Pastor named as doing the ordination was moved to Michigan, way before Gale put his name down as performing the ceremony in Texas. He was totally gobsmacked when I told him about the Ordination that he was supposed to have done. A slight faux pas on Gales part don't you think.

In Oregon however they write down the laws but in actuality it means nothing. Because you see, if these laws were to be upheld, and I am only referring to Linn County and Josephine County Courthouses, Maxine Matland would never have been allowed to become a Pastor in the first place and run a church mission.Why would I be told when contacting the courthouse, that this paperwork is not checked up as it is taken that the person requesting to be registered to carry out marriage ceremonies is telling the truth.Oh well! that must make it alright then!!!! Excuse me, how stupid is that???

Have you ever thought of the perks that one gets for pretending to be a pastor.? Well for a start, the properties belonging to the church are tax exempt.There are donations to that church, if you run a Thrift Shop also there is the money coming in from the stock that you sell which has been donated.Then if you keep the food storage there also, you have all the free food that you can eat and leave what's left to the poor/ homeless or for the Food Boxes.

Now a church mission such as ' The Signs of Victory Mission' in Albany, being a non-profit making organisation, then gets more properties which are left to decay and rot, even worse than when the Matlands purchase them, and they rent them out as squalid little apartments and have all the money coming in from each tenant.This in turn is used to purchase more propety so that they can do the same thing over again. More money for the Matlands.This money is not being ploughed into doing up the disguting conditions that the homeless people are living in.Add on top of this the pallet business that they run and the sale of wood and so on, plus the sale of Christmas trees, and the Matlands are doing very nicely thankyou.

Now add on top of this the people who stay at the Mission and them having to work for the Matlands, for next to nothing in wages, and believe me, they do work hard, and Matlands are doing very well.And who does the bookkeeping? Gale ,or they get someone who is a volunteer to do the books the way that Matlands want them done. COOKED is a better word, because volunteers have left over this because they did not agree with the way that the books were kept.Well actually, it's because had they have done them the way Matlands wanted them done, they'd have ended up in prison.You see the Matlands would have blamed the person actually keeping the books as being the criminal and say that they knew nothing of what was taking place.Crafty or what!

Now when a non-profit organisation such as we are discussing here, can have up to 14 properties, doesn't one ever get suspicious that perhaps the Matlands are getting an awful lot of money which is definately not going on the homeless.Then rent these out as apartments, thus making the Matlands fatter and fatter with money, wouldn't one person in Albany think to themselves that they have a nice little number going for them? Add on top the money from the fires, which were all started with non incendiary devices. Isn't that a coincidence!!! And as in the last fire in 2003, who came to the rescue of the homeless people, it was the people of Albany offering food and shelter and so on. And then they had a drive to make money to do it up. SO!! this was still not out of Matlands pockets.

Add on top of all this the illegal marriages to the Matlands, for yet more gain, because they use these people's names and Social Security numbers, plus they have two more Thrift Shops, one in Corvallis and one in Lebanon, Oregon. Now here is something to think about.The one in Lebanon is rented property. The one in Corvallis is not.It cost $650.000.00 and bought by The Signs Of Victory Mission and guess what?? They don't have to pay tax on that eirther and do you know why??? Because it has come out in the open that the Matlands are not church people at all, so this is how they got round that little law. They call it a CHARITY, because they feed the homeless.And whose name is down as being the money behind it? It is themselves, using a coded title.Put the title into the computer and it is the Signs of Victory address in Lebanon. Clever or what!

Now also, for a non profit making organisation, wouldn't one think that the Matlands would take a modest wage and keep as much money as possible to plough back into the shelter? Well, in normal circumstances with people who cared, that is what would happen, but no, Gale has Maxine's lust for money and property, so was not content with her one house on 4th., she bought herself a 6 bedroomed, 3 bathroomed house using two names of which were her past spouses surnames, except of course they were illegal marriages.And would I be thinking that there was a bit of a coincidence here. The date of purchase of this large house was 8/25/03, just 7 months after the Shelter conveniently, all by itself, set itself on fire, when conveniently the Matlands had made sure that there were fresh batteries in each smoke alarm and the door to the basement was conveniently left unlocked, so that the men kept there could get out, unlike under normal circumstances. Do you know something, Gale has more property than the District Attorney has.

So I think that I have more or less made my point in showing you what a farse the laws of Oregon are.It is just a shame that District Attorney Jason Carlile and Judges at the courthouse, cannot work it out for themselves that they and the rest of the authorities in Albany, have been had, right under their noses.Or if not, why are they covering up for them?

I hope that you all have a really good day today. God bless you all.

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