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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Thought For The Day.


I will keep this short and sweet today.This is more or less just to ponder upon.The weather being cold does turn ones mind to heat, then fire, and it doesn't take much of a guess to know that I would be leading up to my point about how strange it is for one family to be around so many fires.

Let us talk about the latest that I know of, and that was at 705 Lyon Street, the homeless person's shelter owned by The Signs of Victory Mission.This was started by a non-incendary device, around 5 am in the morning. There were families there at the time and with children.This was in January 2003. A pile of cardboard mysteriously caught fire , which the mission had been planning on selling.The shelter had eight smoke detectors.Better still, all of them worked, according to fire officials.This fire caused $25,000 in damage.That's a handy bit of insurance to come back.

Everybody got out safely because the fire started up the east side of the building.Well, I'd have to say "Thank God for that".So that was very convenient that this fire did not start anywhere where there were people around.I wonder how much insurance would have come back then? There were people on each floor including the basement. I wonder if the windows were nailed down that day. I bet they weren't, but they bloody well used to be.Maxine said that it was to stop people breaking in to the building.Is she mad or what! Who the hell in their right mind would break in to a run down hell hole like that? Nobody would, but going back not to long ago, the nails were definately in the windows and that was to stop the Veterans (who stayed in that area) from leaving. And please do not think that they just had to climb the stairs up to the hallway, because that door had a hook and eye shutting it at night.But Maxine said that that was so these men could not get up into the main area of the house.UTTER TRIPE!!!!

These people were not intended to be going anywhere.And that can be proved, like the rest of what I have written.The veterans were worth money to the Matlands and visitors were definately not encouraged,so I find it very strange that on the day of this fire, there were fresh batteries in each of the smoke detectors and this door to the basement was not locked, on top of which this pile of cardbord was able to set itself on fire and was in a position so that nobody got hurt. Now apart from the lady that heard one of the smoke alarms and woke the other people, guess who was first on the scene, to make sure that this fire got put out? Come on now, it's not a hard guess.You've got it. Dear old George Raymond Matland Jnr. himself, bless him.He had it put out before the firefighters arrived.He said "I almost had it out".Now being that it was cardboard that started this fire,by setting alight to itself, and George living in his mother's house in Seventh Ave., who I wonder was phoned for first??? Was it George? did he still have his clothes on at 5 am in the morning? or was it the firebrigade, who are only one block away and used to rushing to fires??? George got there first and put the fire out and then the fire brigade turned up.Isn't this just the biggest load of crap that you just read? Do they all think everyone is stupid? Nobody on that day or during the fiasco of an investigation, had a clue as to who set fire to the Mission (so they say).How then was a story printed a few months later when Matlands were looking for more money, did George tell the reporter that the mission was set fire to by a drunk that got banned from the mission? Excuse me, the main drunks at that mission are the Matlands themselves and how did they come up with that person when on the day of the fire, nobody had a clue as to who started it.It must have been psychic intervention. And once they came up with this man, was he arrested? Not bloody likely.

The next fire was 532 Baker Street,That was March 1996. One fire set in one place which did not do enough damage, so another was set. And who came home not 5 minutes later from being out, George Matland, and the one subject that was not discussed, was the fire at 532 Baker Street. I don't know about you, but if my house burnt down, I would most certainly be discussing it. And Matlands told everybody that it was one of the people who had been staying at the Mission. Well, should I be surprised? He was not even in Albany that time and Matlands were pissed off at him because he had gone off to be at another church.You see they always blame someone at the mission for everything, because they move around a good bit.

Then take the fire again like the first two, started by a non incendary device, but this time at 200 Pacific Blvd., where Matlands had their pallets.Rolled up newspapers were stuffed into the pallets.This was clever. That paper also caught fire and of course, up went the pallets.And who walked in to the house not minutes earlier, puffing and blowing, George Matland.This is a very nifty runner.Did he get done for that fire? No he did not.

Fire number four that happened was on a neighbour of theirs cabin in Cave Junction.They fell out, so his cabin got burnt down.Did George get done for that? No he did not.

Now there is a fifth fire, started again by a non incendary device, and was fairly recent, and in a building that Matlands had occupied.But I won't put that one here, for reasons best kept to myself at this time.

But all I am pointing out is, this is to much of a coincidence surely to be real. And why did the fire brigade officer at the time when I called regarding all these fires, chat for ages, and passed it on to the Batallion Chief who was investigating the Lyon Street fire and unfortunately, it didn't go any further because he happened to be retiring. What a coincidence all this is, don't you think? He didn't even bother to phone me back. Talk to you soon.

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