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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Well as you can see from the title of this blog, I have called this entry "A Trilogy of Evil". This actually describes the Matlands very accurately.Even though now the Pastor is dead.She is now back with her Maker keeping the fires burning.Hey, I just thought of something funny. Perhaps that is why George is so attracted to fires, perhaps he has past life memories of their pre-existence.But regarding this title, I have to admit that as good as it sounds, I cannot take the credit for thinking of it. I can tell you however from whence it came.

This title came from a very respectible man and his family, whose daughter got involved,quite innocently with the Matlands. Like all of the other spouses belonging to all three of the Matlands, (except Maxine's original husband pre. 1970) Maxine and George Jnr., passed themselves off as Pastor and Minister of their fake church.A wedding ceremony was performed by Maxine and gradually this families daughter was kept more and more isolated from them, as was her child. Considering that they lived in the same area, one would definately surely find that strange. For a year this went on, and the family grew more and more concerned about their daughter and their granchild. I can't put here what took place, but one day they received a phone call with her in absolute hysterics saying that they were going to murder her.The only way that she got to use the phone was because they had gone into town and she felt that this was her last chance of escape.This is awkward writing this as there is so much I could say, but at this point cannot.However, several members of the family went to get her and were armed, and they found her and the child in the forest, and they told me that never had they seen anybody so terrified.Matlands don't just give up, they carry on well after the event trying to terrorize people so as to make sure that you don't report them.When I finally found this family nearly thirty years later and spoke with them, the mother was so terrified that she thought that Matlands could have had the phones rigged.You see, they play on one's mind.By breaking you down, and keep on chasing you down, and following you or getting others to follow you, or like they did with my daughter, kept on sending the Police to her door, followed her, undid the wheels on her car in the hopes that she would get killed, all that type of thing.That is why these spouses would rather get away and not be found (hence no court cases) just to get a bit of peace of mind.But Matlands still go for the divorces even knowing that the marriage is not real.But then that brings up something else. Doesn't it surely prove that by having these illegal marriages, which most have documents lodged in the courthouse, and which have to be payed for, and then to go for a divorce which costs thousands, that there has to be a large sum of money or some big scam going so as to make it worthwhile. Otherwise whatever would be the point?With morals the way they are today, anyone can have sex with anyone and not have to get married, and it needn't cost a penny. So that alone surely shows you that the "spouse" is worth far more than just the few thousand that it costs for a marriage and divorce.And on top of which, doesn't that bring into question why the Judges knowingly do these divorces, knowing that the marriage was never legal to start with.

This next bit is comical, but nevertheless true. I got talking to an attorney in Oregon, asking him about certain facts and so on, and I was telling him of my daughter's situation.He had already done a divorce for one of Matlands spouses.When he found out that my daughter was also one of Matlands ' spouses, he begged me never to call him again as there was no way, he said, that he would ever get involved with them again.Another attorney I found by sheer chance, who I saw when reading a newspaper article about a case that he had been involved in, and who came across as being a decent fella, was so pleased to think that I had been reading about him, here in Ireland, and that I should pick him over all of the other attorneys, was very interested in the case and even said that he would not take any money upfront, so as to help me out. I sent all the relevant paperwork, did exactly what he asked, and was delighted with myself for having found a big attorney and one who was eager to get into this case. Two weeks later, and he couldn't get rid of the case quick enough. It's a bit of a coincidence isn't it???

Today in my mail I received eight photocopies of Marriage applications of some of the past spouses.On every one, the ceremony was done by the Matlands, six done by Maxine and two done by George who is openly signing himself now as Pastor on one and Minister of the church, on another.All eight came from Linn County Courthouse. Wouldn't one wonder why, when they are in the full knowledge that this is not only a fake church, with fake minister/Pastor, and so on, but why as recently as last year, would they accept these marriages, knowing that this church mission is just a front for crime and allow these records to go to the Vital Records office for the State of Oregon, knowing that they are not worth the paper that they are written on? I mean to say, if one reads the laws of Oregon, it says plainly in black and white that that is against the law, so why the heck do they allow Matlands to carry on doing this? Is it me who is stupid or what? And then these spouses have to pay for a divorce! A divorce from what????

Now let me get another bit off of my chest.The Matlands are big into vehicles. Not just their own,but anybodies.They will scam you out of your vehicle if you owe them money or for any reason.I am not talking about brand new cars here, I just mean any vehicles.Now tell me this? After Andrea had escaped and moved from the Women's Refuge, her and her other son ended up living back in Albany.All legal and above board, but nevertheless they were back in the same city as her spouse, for want of a better word.Like I have said before, the Matlands are out and out alcoholics, the laws in Oregon state that you cannot drink and drive, and that people(including children) have to be belted up in the car, for safety.That seems very reasonable. That is the same laws that are in force in most cities, countries and so on, all across the world.Having said that however, and more especially if you who is reading this, lives in Oregon and especially Albany, what do you reckon on this. George goes every evening to get his booze. He goes in his truck. Going back to when Andrea was living there she would very often see George driving the truck with little George (then a toddler) standing in the front of the truck.People had reported him, Andrea reported him.This is her sons life that he was putting in danger and she was not allowed near George or the baby because he had a Restraining order against her, again from Linn County Courthouse, and again falsly got, because he was the attacker, not her. Then every evening he would go for his wine already drunk which he puts in a soda bottle so no one realises, but to get more, and little George would be there still not strapped in, and the Police would come and talk to him, and NOT ONCE DID HE GET A TICKET.The policeman or Sheriff would talk to him, but never book him. And we are talking about this going on for donkey's years. Now if you ever got a ticket for either of these offences, I expect that you are well pissed off reading this. Especially if you got fined. Perhaps you should change your surname to Matland. You could get away with any crime in Albany then.After all, the Matlands did back then and sure as hell, still are.

If anybody reads the link for A Voice For Children, which is on this blog roll, and reads the Supreme Court hearings and other links on that web site, it shows only to clearly the disregard for the law, for the citizens and especially the children of Oregon, and what happens to them.And these very people are the ones running that State.It is beyond comprehension! How any of those people mentioned will ever face their makers, I do not know.And I have only put a very few names here on these pages. I hope that you all have a very good day.

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