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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends,

How are you all doing? I expect that you are all planning surprises and romantic meals and bunches of flowers for your loved ones for Valentines Day tommorrow.Let us hope that it is a lovely sunny day there as that makes it all the nicer, doesn't it?I hope that you all have a really special and romantic day.

Well, as you can see, I have called this blog entry 'FIXED ! FIXED ! FIXED !' the reason being that there is concrete evidence that my daughter never stood a chance of getting custody of her son, from the very beginning. I just thank God that I have one of those inquisitive minds that likes to dig in to proving stuff that niggles at me.Mind you, it doesn't make me very popular, but you know yourselves that when something just doesn't seem right, (like from the reactions I got from ordinary people, in ordinary jobs) when asking what I thought were fairly normal questions, there must be more to this family than one first supposed. Like the man who sounded as though he was going to burst into tears when I mentioned Maxine Matland's name, and he said that how he felt that she walked with a dark shadow.Well, that sort of remark from a complete stranger within seconds of first speaking to him, does sort of set warning bells going off in one's head.And then on the same evening when calling elsewhere and the phone was slammed straight down when I enquired about my grandchildren and Maxine Matland, with this person saying, "We are not allowed to talk to you".And bang went the phone.

But now that we know how the case was fixed, (sorry, but I can't put that here at this moment in time) I wonder how Judges John and Rick McCormick, Glen D. Bassinger and Carol Bispham will come out of this? Isn't there one Judge out of these four, who had the tinyiest grain of intelligence to think that there was something radically wrong with this entire farse of a case, which George Matland as Petitioner, was claiming? These people are supposed to be fine upstanding characters who uphold the law.People that the members of the public should trust.And I have not even mentioned the two idiotic excuses for policemen who took George's complete joke of a statement as being truth.Yes, I am referring to Chris Carter and Kevin Manske of Albany Police dept.,yet again, who wrote the false statement that George Raymond Matland Jnr. made on the night that he attacked my 5 year old grandson and my daughter called 911. on him. Then they turned up and her and her son had locked themselves into the bedroom after begging George not to hurt them anymore.And George had the audacity to say that it was Andrea who had attacked him. Now what does that say about those two policeman? I don't even have to say, do I? They are absolute bungling idiots.Laurel and Hardy would have done better.

So now we have a child who was abused, as described in other blog entries, by George Matland, he then gives a complete farse of a story saying that Andrea clawed him and threw knives around, and there not being one mark on George or one knife on the floor, so in other words, there was not a shred of evidence. Then George goes to get a Restraining Order and John McCormick gives him one based on George's lies. No evidence supplied, just George's lies.And don't forget that he had grabbed the baby so that Andrea couldn't take him .

Andrea filed for a Restraining Order in Benton County to protect her and her son(that George had attacked the night previous) and was told by Judge Holcomb, that a note would be given to Albany Police to go and pick up little George as GEORGE WAS THE ATTACKER!!!! Under Oregon law, if one party is the attacker, then custody automatically goes to the other parent. But what did they do? The case was turned over to Linn County Courthouse and poor Judge Holcomb's case, went out of the window. Her judgement did not mean a thing.

Not only did Andrea not get temporary custody, but George got himself Edward Daniels as an attorney. And this man definately knows how to play dirty and boy oh boy, is he some piece of scum? And knowing that his client (George Raymond Matland Jnr.) had lied to him, he still went ahead and filed for the divorce/custody and so on.And from then on George did every trick in the book so as to make sure that the case was held out month after month, and year after year.And on top of which, he was saying that Andrea was dangerous, towards himself,(and him being the man with the machette), the man who poisoned her, who had committed so many other crimes on men, women and children,along with Maxine and Gale, was an arsonist, rapist and child abuser, and all of the rest of the crimes that he, and his family have done going way back to California. In other words, early 1970's.

It is illegal to make and swear false statements, do they get in trouble for it? NO they do not. To tamper with Visitation is illegal. Does he or Maxine and Gale get in trouble? No they do not.To open bank accounts and run up debts in other people's names is illegal.Again, do they get in trouble? No they do not.To forge documents is illegal. To commit fraud, to steal other peoples Food Stamps and their mail, to harbour underage illegal immigrants, to threaten, harasse, feed tablets and poison to people, to perform illegal marriages whilst charging for the service, to evade tax on properties whilst pretending to be a church pastor, is illegal.To buy property using false names is illegal.Blackmail is illegal.Arson is illegal. Kidnapping is illegal.Keeping children from going to school is illegal and even worse if they are not even registered as being in the district.To cause suffering to an animal is illegal, and although I am not accusing the Matlands of hurting animals, because I simply wouldn't know about that, I am damn sure that if you or I kicked our dog or cat, we would get chastised at least or a heavy fine, but again, is this perhaps more serious, because the rest of the crimes that I have listed,that took place in Oregon, obviously are not?And the Matlands did every one of those crimes except for cruelty on an animal,which I couldn't say.They could have well kicked the dog or fried the goldfish, but I can't say about that.

So, what does that make you wonder about the people who run Albany.Forget the boys at the top in Oregon and what they get up to in the State Offices. Just take Albany and that little band of men who have that city tied up tight.Perhaps before you go to vote them into office again, you might just take a few minutes to ponder on the fact, that this bunch of idiots who have absolutely no regard for the law whatsoever, who can ruin your life by them being in office, perhaps should be 'outed publicly' to expose exactly what they are covering up and ask WHY !

I hope that you all have a really super Valentine's Day and God bless you all.

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