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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marriage & Divorce,Oregon Style


How are you doing today? I have entitled this blog entry "Marriage and Divorce, Oregon Style", because for whatever reasons these people have, Oregon laws are written more or less the same as all the rest of the other States, but in practice it is a very different kettle of fish altogether, especially if the Matlands are involved in either doing the ceremonies, or the courthouse for Linn County are doing the divorces.Or yet again, if it is one of the many marriages that the Matlands are actually participating in, when being the new spouse.

So let us look at this a bit closer.There are obviously both men and women at the homeless shelter, and being normal and having the need to be loved or feel wanted, some meet and fall in love.Then they look towards the pastor or the minister to perform the ceremony for however much it is that Matlands charge nowadays.This is supposed to be the happiest day of one's life.By taking money for doing the ceremony,and they most definately do, and the Matlands not being ordained, that alone is fraud.One marriage ceremony whereby the people are charged, can be prosecuted.Think how many have taken place over thirty odd years.

So OK, Matlands will do nearly anything for money.I can understand that.They know that this is fraud, but choose to go ahead anyway.Now I am only referring to people/couples who meet up and fall in love, who either live at the shelter or in the area and think that Matlands really are genuine, and therefore ask them to perform the service.That is fine.Those people are innocent to the crime that they unwittingly get embroiled in.The records of that union are placed in Linn County Courthouse and Oregon Vital Statistics, or when Matlands were in Cave Junction, they were kept in Josephine County Courthouse.

But what when it is one of the Matlands themselves who find a new victim, who usually comes from the homeless shelter and there is perhaps no family that seem to know that that person is perhaps even staying there? Whichever Matland is on the prowl , they chat the unsuspecting person up, letting them see what good church people they are, and impress them with tales of all of the properties that they own, and in general, give them the full spiel, and perhaps that person thinks that they are on to a good little number anyway.But having said that, they still have absolutely no idea of course that this is part of a big scam.So the paperwork is filled out, lodged in the court and the Marriage ceremony goes ahead.Then just weeks or months later, that person is seeing that not everything is as it first appeared.Matlands will work your butt off, open bank accounts, put utilities in your name, steal your mail, and if you have children which came with this new spouse(for want of a better word)put them to work, use and abuse them, and they will do that to the spouse as well.If there is any money to be got from welfare, Food Stamps, or anything that gives Matlands more money, then Gale would be the one to sort that as she is the one who deals with the paperwork because she is a trained forger. She was trained by the best when in California working in a clothing sweat shop.She wanted more money, so they trained her to do the books and the art of forgery.And believe me, she is good at it.What she doesn't know, isn't worth knowing.And you only have to look at what she is doing today, to know how good she is.Right under all of your noses.

So we have the illegal marriage. We have the new spouse sort of getting an idea that not is all as it should be. Nobody perhaps is contacting him/her and they are feeling more and more isolated from past friends and family and 'their mail' and they are not allowed to use the phones.So alarm bells have to surely be ringing in their heads.On top of this there is the violence, plus they have to work their socks off for the Mission, in one capacity or another and therefore have no time to think hardly, let alone cop on that they are just being used for whatever Matlands had plans on using them for.

Then comes the time when they have to leave this situation and find that the Matlands are not wanting that to happen and so do everything to make sure that that person is going nowhere.I have already described some of their tactics whereby they will chase you down like they are a posse, whereby they use their vehicles instead of horses,then God help you if they catch you, then see what happens to you.But that is not the subject of this entry.One man who married Gale had three children. The paperwork went on file, however it was not worth a light.The situation for him became so intolerable that in the end, he had to escape in the middle of the night.But had to leave his children behind with the intention of returning in the daylight to pick them up when he had found a place to take them.Matlands refused to part with his children and things got so serious that he had to go to the police to get a 'Writ of Assistance' to get them back.Now you would think that that was quite straight foreward.The children were only two, three and five years old when this illegal marriage took place.Surely wouldn't the police simply go and knock on Matlands door and pick the children up. It's not as if Gale gave birth to any of them or that Gale had been married to this man for any length of time. But NO! Matlands wanted those three children for their evil purposes.Money being one.To get those children back, the police had to trick the Matlands and when they were out of the way on the street, other police went in and grabbed them back.Had Matlands have not had to part with them, according to Gale, they would have been counted as orphans and were worth far more to them.But doesn't it make one wonder if perhaps there was not a more sinister plan and were they perhaps going to sell them on like a lot of other children were in Oregon, which of course you can read about on the 'Voice for 'Children Website, listed on my Links section.And be sure to see the names of who is featured on the Hall of Shame, pages and read the Supreme Court Hearings and listen to the video recordings and read "The Truth is on Trial" pages and then if you live in Oregon and are reading this, you will see so many of the people whom Oregonians are supposed to look up to.They are the very same people that are running your State offices and courts and SCF and in the Children's Ombudsman's office.

So I am going to close this part of the blog and return with some more food for thought following the divorces that took place with Matlands as Petitioner.

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